Guns Save Life photo by Dale Lock.
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For those unable to attend today’s Virginia Citizens Defense League rally in Richmond, VA, there are some streaming options available to watch remotely.  Already, YouTube has taken down some live streamers, citing violations of their community standards.  So, keep that in mind if some of these links fail as the day progresses.

Breitbart has a YouTube video streaming live here (after the first one was pulled down) from the Breitbart YouTube channel.

Ruptly has a live stream as well from their YT channel.

The Virginia Department of Transportation traffic camera at 8th and Broad Street in Richmond will likely continue to broadcast, even if YouTube and other big tech companies squelch other streaming coverage.

Here are some others.


American Joe Show – YouTube

BANNEDdotVIDEO – Periscope


CJ Grisham – YouTube

Fincastle Underground – YouTube

GBTY Team – YouTube

HighImpactVlogs – YouTube

J. Owen Shroyer – Periscope

New World Order of the Time Broadcast – YouTube

Mrgunsngear Channel – YouTube

Open Carry Texas – YouTube

Portland Andy – YouTube

Scott County VA Gun Owners – YouTube

Seb Green – YouTube

TheDelawarePatriot – YouTube

The Man Spot – Instagram

TheMindUnleashedTV – YouTube

TiborasaurusRex – YouTube

VALobbyDay2020 – Twitter

Agenda Free TV – YouTube | Twitter

Pete_MAGA_Santilli – Periscope

Trumpet News – Periscope

Hat tip to AR-15’s OFFICIAL VA Second Amendment Rally Streaming Thread.


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  1. Thank you. The first piece of media I read this morning was from a Richmond NBC station. It was awful. Trying to lump VCDL in with white supremacy.

    “Groups planning to come to the rally include Virginia Citizens Defense League, Gun Owners of America, Oath Keepers, Three Percenter Movement and White supremacists”

    • “Backing Governor Blackface are the Screaming D’s, Antifa, VA n US State Media, n various of Bloomie’s paid bots … but u can’t tell who because they don’t declare themselves.

      Activism so good, people only do it on the sly.

      It does appear that our VA legi-critters stay bougbt, so tbere’s that.”

  2. “Already, YouTube has taken down some live streamers, citing violations of their community standards.”

    In most of Virginia, the 2nd Amendment IS a community standard.

    YouTube can go piss up a rope.

    • Google sux. I know there isn’t yet a good YouTube competitor, but try not to give those communist censors any more business than you have to. They’re ruining YouTube.

    • You tube takes down racist comments and those advocating violence and murder. You cannot blame them from acting civilized. You should try it some time.

      • It’s pointless trying to talk to the troll.


        • ד̷̩̾̅͋͘א̷͇̝͍͌̋͛ס̷̱̎̔̀͒ ̶͓͙̓̂ב̵̲̓͛̄͘ע̷̭̃̍͠ס̴͍͍̾̒̾͠ע̸̜̹̐̈́́̍ר̷̦͉͌͝?̷̣̯̩̂

      • You make racist comments on here all the time and advocate for violence against gun owners. Are you saying you should be censored too? TTAG please make that happen.

      • How are left of center far right white supremist.Lol ,what a misrepresentation of Americans protecting their GOD given rights from peeps like you ! 💩 TRUMP 2020 and clowns need not vote. We got this ! Lecture yourself turd 💩

  3. YouTube-community standards? Those are two items that don’t go together! “We’ll tell you all WE think you need to hear”! Sound familiar?

    • Most civilized countries prevent Right Wing racist comments even in newspapers or on radio or TV broadcasts as well as on line. Its about time the U.S. became civilized as well. Freedom of speech is not unlimited when it promotes hate and violence and death. We let the Far Right Hitler get away with that and we all know the world lived happily ever after right? (Sarcasm)

      • Remember. vlad. Trump is going to be our next president. You have already accepted censorship as the norm with your ‘civilized country’ bullshit. I’m guessing you’re going to be the first one to scream rape when he plays by the rules you’ve made.

      • Wrong again, Vladdie boy. If people want to say or write hateful things then you let them do it right out in the open. That way everyone can see the ignorance for themselves. It’s actually more dangerous to try and keep it hidden away. Never mind that the 1st Amendment exists precisely to protect unpopular speech. The popular needs ni such protection.

        • Your as ignorant as Trump . Racism has soared under Trump and his racist rhetoric but every one knows racists like you love it and promote it under the false flag of freedom of speech.

          sorry Herr Hauptman try again.

        • Racists like me? My two sons are biracial you one dimensional parrot. I guess you hate their white half. Fuck you.

      • How is a fight for gun rights racist? In fact we are lobbying extra hard for our guns of color…. I support guns of every color!

      • Says the tard who loudly proclaimed the he can’t wait for all of us to be killed or rounded up and sent to camps by his lefty candidate of the week.

      • It may not have been anyone’s speech or comments that got the live streams pulled from YouTube. YouTube has recently passed new live streaming rules that forbid anyone from handling a firearm on a live stream and there’s tons of firearms at the rally. It was put in place to try to stop people from live streaming murders.

        • No, no, you’re ruining the narrative!

          When you provide pesky facts showing the reasonableness of the YouTube policy, it just erodes the joy of the conspiracy theorists.

          Only by propagating conspiracy theories can Breitbart, info wars, and fox stay in business and harvest ad revenue from their sponsors.

  4. At the event. Just thousands and thousands of well-behaved people telling their government what they think about gun control. Everything from a guy with Barrett 0.50 cal to a very lone man carrying a sign that says “Gun laws save lives.

    • Yeah sure the riots at Charlottsville come to mind as to how peaceful the Far Right is specifically the two Storm Troopers with Assault rifles that threatened a whole Synagogue of Jewish Worshipers who were told no cops were available to come and arrest the Nazi thugs that were terrorizing them with loaded assault weapons. We all know how violent the Far Right Can be when they follow Hitlers credo and his book to the letter.

      • Well, clearly these fine folks in VA aren’t this “far right” of which you speak … they’re doing none of that. Makes sense. Citizens trying to get heard is hardly “far right.”

        Which is what makes P O V censorship a problem for “platforms.”

        Getting the platforms to shut out facts on the ground — say unfiltered live streams of political events — is worse yet. What’s the word for that … oh, right, fascist.

        • Wrong they have already caught 6 Neo Nazi’s and for every one they caught there is probably hundreds more they did not catch.

  5. Reality

    The crowd will mostly be people who do indeed want to preserve the right to won a firearm but the Feds have already caught 6 White Racist Nazi Extremists who have already confessed they were going to the rally to kill Liberals and people who support the new gun laws which by the way are supported even by many gun owners who are fed up with the fact that anyone who wants a gun can get one without paperwork and then shoot up schools and places of work. This is the reason for the new Virginia universal background check law. In all honestly although it is a noble gesture without a Federal Law its doomed mostly to failure as States with lax laws will funnel in deadly weapons to Virginia to be sold to anyone who wants one to shoot up a school or place of work. Such is life in the insane world of Capitalvania where money is more important than human life. Yes life is cheap in Capitalvania.

    Like all proposed laws the Dems have gone to far on some of their proposals especially the one gun a month bullshit which is only designed to destroy gun shows (it will not prevent people from buying more than 1 gun at gun stores as the stores will simply put them in lay away). It will also make it very difficult for the gun collectors who often buy entire collections although admittedly few people these days have that kind of money anymore except rich C.E.O.’s that have enslaved their workers and steal all of the companies profits rather than investing in growth, expansion or workers benefits or wages. Its Capitalvania at its worst.

    Make no mistake there will be dangerous people there at the rally and if they come in contact with people of opposing anti-gun views they will murder them in cold blood. The idiot cops at the Charlottesville riot actually pushed the two opposing groups together which created even more violence but it was the Far Right Nazi’s that brought guns to that rally not the Liberals.

  6. And also

    Many Liberal groups and even gun owners supporting the new laws have chosen to stay away from this rally since its not about Racist Traitor Monuments, rather its about weapons and their will be plenty of them at the rally, a real prescriptions for disaster.

    No Cop is looking forward to facing down a bunch of hot heads armed to the teeth with deadly assault weapons. All its going to take is some careless hillbilly who accidentally fires of his gun with the safety off to get a return of mass fire from the Cops mowing down dozens of people. Remember what happened at Kent State decades ago and the Students were not even armed. Image how easy it will be for the Cops to panic when faced with thousands of armed angry people as hundreds could be gunned down in an instant as the Cops will have automatic weapons everywhere. Snipers and machine gun nests are now on top of buildings with thug cops itching to pull the trigger.

    In conclusion if Northam did not have his head up his ass (as he did when he dressed in black face) he could have just said that they were considering some sort of gun control and then in just a few hours introduced and passed his laws which would have come so quickly that there would have been no time for any opposition from the proletariat

    As I have said before the Stalinist’s are now in control of Virginia and the rally a total waste of time, nothing good will come of it and it will only further divide the country. Trump has already stirred up the pot by deliberately promoting violence at the rally with his inflammatory rhetoric designed to help him get reelected a a cost of human life. I guess 176 people dead in the air plane shoot down was not enough reelection bloodshed for him.

    The new laws are already preordained and written in stone and will last for an eternity. The gun hating corrupt Courts will make certain of that. And if you are at the rally take a copy of 2A and light it on fire to warm your hands because that is all 2A has ever been good for anyway.

    • What is an “assault weapon” Vlad?

      And, please take some refresher classes in basic Engish. Your idiotic errors tell me you had a hard time passing sixth class English.

      “to” and “too”
      “their” and “there”

      You, sir, are a blithering, idiotic moron and provide much entertainment here. Nothing more though.

      • Too chicken shit to post with your own moniker???

        It takes some guts to stand up for what you believe in and identify yourself. You lack that.

        • Which is why you post under multiple names.


        • Oh, wait, you mean your actual real name is “Vlad Tepes” ….. right, got it, and thanks for proving the point that you are truly a Class-A idiot.

      • He absolutely refuses to use the correct spellings of to, too, there, their, they’re, your, you’re. He misspells those common words on purpose just to get people to comment on them. It’s all part of his gimmick.

        • Oh shove it up your ass. If you cannot debate the subject knock off the grimmer Nazi stuff Your like a kid playing in a school yard yelling Nah, Nah , Nahna. Grow up little boy.

        • You just proved my point. I really don’t care that you misspell all those words and I’ve never once corrected your spelling. Follow the thread and you’ll see I wasn’t even replying to you, unless your other alter ego is Vlad is a Moron. I’m simply pointing out to others why you do it. Like I said, it’s all part of your gimmick to get people to respond.

    • Vlad, seriously, you literally say the same thing EVERY response you make. I’m willing to bet about 95% of the people on here just scroll past your nonsense and don’t even read it anymore. Give it a rest. All it does is clutter up the comment sections of these posts.

      • The truth hurts does it not. And remember if you tell the truth often enough even Far Right retards will finally see the light.

        • Stay safe, stay ignorant. Its the reason the Far Right are to terrified to watch anything but Foxy News the State Run news outlet. I think they would faint if they ever watched the plethora of accredited news outlets world wide and guess what they are all on the side of MSNBC News and yes even NPR. Of course you never heard of them I am sure.

        • Vlad, you sub-literate bozo.

          It is “it’s” not “its.”
          It is “too” not “to.”

          Do you even have a GED?

      • I mistyped but couldn’t edit. The reason is that these people want to show how law abiding citizens they are but then commit a federal crime by not being compliant by existing laws

        • The law is the crime in this case not disobeying it. Explain why you think vertical fore-grips are a crime, that should be interesting.

        • @dr Gabriel – The law is a bit more complex than that. Yes a vertical foregrip is illegal on a pistol, but a firearm without a stock over a certain length (I think it’s 26″) is an “other” rather than a pistol. A vertical foregrip is legal on “other” – so if the firearms you are looking at are long enough, then they are legal. I prefer to avoid likelihood of confrontations caused by police ignorance…

        • I wasn’t debating if the NFA is good or bad just stating that under the NFA pistols can’t have a VFG.
          The pictures you see online are no AOW but clearly AR Pistols with braces.
          It’s just contra-productive to argue against gun control that the laws in the books are sufficient and then not abiding by them. It gives ammo to the anti gunners.

        • None of us has the same agenda and or same opinions. (For instance, I have never owned a VFG and probably wouldn’t demonstrate with rifle in my hands.) It is unrealistic to expect monolithic messages or behavior. I don’t even think it is wise to try to get everyone on the same script. I can think of lots of things that would/could go wrong.

  7. No one has to use You Tube. The Hong Kong freedom fighters are using computer game systems to put out their message. This is not jammable by the tech companies.

    But google is working at the request of the communist Chinese to find a way to cut off the people in Hong Kong.
    Thank you Libertarians for your worship of internationalist tech companies.

    • Sadly I think the Hong Kong Protestors are vastly more adept at this stuff having had some more experience with tyranny than we have had here in the states.

      • Bingo.

        When your back is against the wall politically, you fight back. No way would anyone want to be under the Chicom system

  8. Why is ttag obsessed with trannies? Of all the pictures they could have shown to represent the rally , they pick the the lefties with a rainbow flag. Gross.

    • So now your telling us you are so racist and bigoted you hate people who even support gun rights. Your really demented.


        But seriously, what’s your obsession with trannies? You see a picture of people supporting your right to bear arms and your first concern is what’s between their legs? Or what kind of flag they have? Or WHO they believe should have a right to bear arms?

        I guess it’s good to know that you hate trans people more than you love your guns. And that’s fine – it’s just good to know.

      • “So now your telling us you are so racist…”

        Since when is tranny a race? See what happens when you have an automatic reaction to everything?

    • We’re supposed to be talking about trannies. That’s what the Libertarians Liberals and the Left said. They support Tranny Story Time. Like when the trannies expose their sex organs to kindergarten children. Certainly Cory Booker who was running for president was talking about them. He said we don’t talk about trannies enough.

    • Jacob,

      I feel your priorities are FU(K€D. I’m straight but have even donated a small amount of money to the Pink Pistols.

    • Gun rights are trans rights.

      What’s so hard about that? Frankly, I think it’s delicious how gun rights activists are fracturing the supposed bases of the gun controllers.

      Personally, I was nearly attacked in 2018 counter-demonstrating with a message that “Armed Gays Don’t Get Bashed.”

      A hard-core gun hater came over and screamed at me, “How F****** dare you take our name in vain!!!”

      She scared her dog enough that it started crapping right there on the sidewalk next to her. So I helpfully pointed that out to her (and the two cops in a squad car beside me).

      This woman really, really wanted to tear me limb from limb by now. She looked in a nearby trash can, picked out a cup and scooped up the dog crap. Then she looked into the cup at the dog crap, then back at me and back into the cup. I took a step to the left so the cops would have a really good look at her if she threw the dog crap on me.

      In the end, she put it in the trash and continued her profanity-laced tirade against me for several minutes before taking her dog home.

      • Despite hearing gays say “guns are for straight white people” in the 1970s while growing black up in California. I knew that statement was false. Made by intolerant white homosexuals. The first white person I heard say blacks needed guns for protection was a member of the Log Cabin Republicans, in 1980. And they were attacked a pride parades because the rest of the gay community where Socialist Progressive in their political orientation.
        Gun rights are for everyone. But gays and trans with guns, need to tell that to other gays and Trans.

        “Outcasts within the outcast community’: Seattle’s LGBTQ gun club upends stereotypes”

  9. Trannies can be a big problem if not taken care of, I like synthetic oil’s , they last much longer.

  10. Vlad is partially right. People ARE dangerous. He conveniently does fail to note the difference between “people” and inanimate objects. That is the extent of any logic or truth on his part, as doing so shows the fallacy his position(s) is/are based upon.
    The strawman is dead! Long live the strawman!

  11. If the gun rights people didnt want their live video feeds scrambled by FBI/Antifa they should have declared this as a march for trans mans rights to free tampons. Then it would be broadcast in crystal clear 5G instead of half of these feeds being fuzzy and disrupted on a clear day in VA.

  12. The Virginia DOT traffic cam at Grace St @ 9th St, the only one overlooking the capital area, is also the only one that I can find anywhere which is now “inactive”. Hello, Deep State, what are you planning that you have to shut down this camera?

  13. Well, when the oppo’s making a point, disrupt them. When they have some media, pollute it up with yr blather. Try to bait them into reacting, so that can be the story. (Agents provacateur.) Make fake reprehensible crap, then point out the poo you flung. (False flag.)

    If it wasn’t clear before tbat Vladdie’s paid n takes orders, today’s escapades clinch it.

    • That’s what I’m beginning to believe too. That he’s a paid planted troll put here to incite outrage and generate site traffic but as Vlad is sure to point out that’s a FAR RIGHT conspiracy.

      • Lies,lies,lies from a small commie 💩! More than ya know, he’s prolly a paid cop. I respect a few. But not the commie turd.

  14. The Periscope website video streams did not work very well for me. I have no idea if their servers are unstable, if they lack server capacity, if they lack Internet capacity, or if hackers are attacking them.

    Regardless, I refuse to support YouTube who has declared that a large group exercising their First Amendment rights violates their standards.

    Note: YouTube opposing our First Amendment right to free speech, peaceable assembly, and petitioning government for redress of grievances DEMONSTRATES YouTube’s COMMUNIST AFFECTIONS LOUD AND CLEAR.

  15. Folks, just ignore Vlad Tepes. He’s a button pusher – and he knows very well how to push your buttons.

    The threads would be much more readable, if people would not respond to his comments which are intended to provoke.

    He’s truly living rent free in many poster’s heads on TTAG.

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