SHOT Show Range Day: The Christensen Arms Ranger .22

Let’s see…we have the KRISS .22, the LCP 22, the CP33, the GLOCK G44. Something about 2020 has brought us back to the .22 LR. Maybe it’s the fact there are two twos in 2020 that has inspired the gun makers of the world to design more .22 LR products.

I love the .22 LR round for plinking, and I bet you do too. If you like the .22 LR and you like refined firearms then the Christensen Arms Ranger 22 is for you. Christensen is known for their high-end bolt action rifles and the Ranger is no different.

I love capitalism. A .22 LR isn’t traditionally a caliber you’d pick for a high-end rifle. That’s entirely true, but capitalism says if there’s a market, there’s a seller. Or will be soon.

The $795 MSRP of the Ranger 22 is high for a .22 LR rifle. However, it’s a premium grade gun for those who want a premium grade .22 LR rifle. This bolt action rifle uses Ruger 10/22 magazines and combines them with the reputation Christensen Arms has earned through producing their high-end rifles.

The Ranger 22 has a Remington 700-style match grade trigger with a composite fiber optic stock. The Ranger 22 has a carbon fiber tension barrel and is backed by a sub MOA guarantee at 50 yards.

This is a very comfortable shooting rifle. I find that most .22 LR rifles aren’t built for adult-sized people, but the Ranger 22 is different…as if it was built for adults who appreciate premium-grade guns, even if they are chambered in .22 LR.

The Ranger 22 Weighs Nothing

It’s 5.1 pounds. That’s all this full-sized .22 LR rifle weighs. It’s super light and very well balanced. It’s topped with an excellent trigger and a well-designed stock.

The Ranger .22 LR was a relaxing gun to shoot, too. This is a hard thing to say with the pressing doom of the line behind you at SHOT Show range day. It was nice to get behind a fun .22 LR rifle. It’s remarkably accurate and I had no issues hitting the targets at 160 yards in the head with an optic zeroed for another bubba.

The Ranger 22 proved to be a super fun gun with an absurd level of precision. Do you need this level of accuracy with a rimfire rifle? Maybe not, but capitalism is like your rights…it’s not about needs.



  1. avatar JasonM says:

    What is a “fiber optic stock”? That stock does not look translucent. Carbon fiber? Fiberglass?

    1. avatar arc says:

      Someone had a brainfart. “composite fiber” is what it should be, but the writers brain patterns filled in “fiber optic” because its simply more commonly used.

  2. avatar That Jason says:

    Been wanting to take 22LR out past 200 yards. I thought I’d have to choose between mediocre accuracy and rotary mags, or a CZ with pricey proprietary mags.

    One, please. Got a release date?

    1. avatar JasonM says:

      You could also choose a Vudoo with pricey AICS-ish mags. I shoot 200+ with mine regularly.
      Or a Kidd 10/22 with rotary magazines. Mine isn’t quite as good as my Vudoo, but it’s pretty close for a lot less money.

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        I pick Vudoo with an $800 price tag, Alex.

      2. avatar That Jason says:

        Which is half again to double the cost of this.

    2. avatar Southern Cross says:

      I know someone who uses a customized Tikka T1X out to 200 meters. I’m considering a T1X or the Ruger Precision Rifle for my next .22 purchase.

    3. avatar Chad says:

      I’m curious how it compares to the new CZ 455s… Shot my first NRL22 match with my rpr last month, lots of fun!

  3. avatar Huntmaster says:

    When is an American Company going to step up and make an Anshutz killer.

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      When you find enough Americans willing to pay an Anshutz premium for a .22lr not from Anshutz, that’s when…

  4. avatar Dude says:

    I’d like to see this one tested by you guys.

  5. avatar jason says:

    Cant wait to test this on out myself – have shot the Tikka t1x alot…same with Sako Quad – this looks like a lot of gun for the money!

    looks like you can pre-order here:

  6. avatar jt says:

    I have the ranger on order and cannot wait to see how it does!

    I own 2 cz 455’s one 452 trainer.

    one of my 455’s is the tacticool with a vortex tactical scope. I took it to strong point range in Georgia where we were ringing 18 inch steel at 400 with rws 40 grain ammo.

    I can only imagine the Christensen will do as well.

    also my 455 has spanked many anshutz for 1/3 the price!

  7. avatar 1Merlin says:

    Very interesting gun. Nice look and a good stock. Would love to see an ammo test with 50 and 100 yards groups with various ammunition. If this gun will shoot with a CZ 455-457 it will create a lot of interest. 1″ at 50 yards won’t get it at all as a “premium grade rimfire.”

    1. avatar CHURCH says:

      The guarantee is sub MOA at 50 yards. That means .5″ at 50 yards, not 1″

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