Dallas Safari Club
Courtesy Frances Arnold
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It’s important that we hunters keep in mind that our passion for the pursuit of game animals – whether small or large, birds or mammals – is not shared by everyone. However, we also need to remember that those people who don’t hunt may not be anti-hunting or anti-hunters, and yet still not be interested in pursuing our passion.

This is the case for my wife, Frances. She is definitely not interested in hunting, yet she accepts my desire to do so, and from January 9th-12th she [willingly] became the videographer and photographer for our articles appearing in TheTruthAboutGuns.com.

Frances, as a non-hunter, took a solo wander through the Dallas Safari Club Convention and came back with what captured her interest, and reflected her passion as an artist.

I was amazed at what the eyes of a non-hunter revealed.


[Video and photos courtesy of Frances Arnold.]

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  1. I’m not into the hunting aspect of it all but I understand the desire. For me, there are two maybe three things in this. There is the self defense, defense of country, 2A part of it. There is the physics of it involving the mechanical machinery and chemical makeup of ammo. Then maybe the skill in being able to hit what your aiming at.

    Not everyone gets into cars, computers, or even fixing things in general. That’s part of what makes life such an adventure. Everyone has something. There are even some people that get into politics to the point they feel that the world can’t do anything right without them. It’s all just different facets of the same diamond.

  2. The brass work blue jay was a hell of a work of art.

    I’m a meat hunter, but can appreciate not all people have an interest in hunting.

  3. Absolutely stunning. I have at least as much wildlife art in my home as taxidermy work. A lot acquired at Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, etc. Some just bought in galleries. Nice change from what we usually see here.

  4. The artwork is terrific!

    Use to hunt but lost interest around 35 years ago. Target and self defense and just enjoyable plinking are my thing really. Just the same, no complaint at all with those hunting for the meat, or whacking pest animals like coyotes and feral hogs. No problem here with taking the venison for the freezer and sending the hide and such to the taxidermist for a wall trophy. All good, normal, healthy outdoor sport.

    Mixed feelings on the African big safari trade. Just find it difficult to trust that government corruption isn’t screwing about with good game management practices to maintain healthy populations. Plus the poachers of course, big problems with those scum.

  5. The majority of people today do not eve realized hamburgers come from a slaughter house. To make things even more difficult its estimated by the end of this century half of all animals and creatures on earth including even insects will become extinct. None of this bolsters images of hunters doing anything good. The bulk of the population know nothing of conservation and that certain animals like deer do indeed become too numerous as man has slaughtered off all the dangerous predators that were a danger to himself and his livestock.

    Many people I know have given up hunting as there are so many slob hunters out there that do damage to farms and woodlots that it has resulted in an avalanche of no hunting signs on posted property, this has led to an overcrowding on many Eastern State owned public hunting areas that often are so overcrowded one veteran told me he felt he was in more danger the first day of deer season than he was the entire time he was in Vietnam and he said “That was more than enough for me forever on public hunting areas”. The result of all this is many people have just given up the hobby of hunting altogether.

    Others who have not given up on hunting live in a world that gives them no vacation time and no holidays off and even if they got that many now only work at part time shit jobs in Trumps Utopian economy with almost full employment of worthless low paying shit jobs not enabling them to even afford the hobby of hunting anymore.

    Yes the Safari Club is for Rich Capitalvanian C.E.O.’s that make millions in stock options every year while their employs have not seen raises in decades. If one looks at the cost of such hunts it would take most people a life time to save enough for a “canned safari” in exotic places.

    • *Gasp* You’ve failed to worship at the altar of the orange messiah! Don’t you know that failing to slurp on his scrote here is tantamount to heresy of the highest order?

    • Rich capatalvanians? Like bernie sanders? bloomberg? The clintons? george soros?

      You live in a fantasy world, vlad. Only folks unemployed or working part time are doing that because they want it. Only reason you’re working for minimum wage is your lack of education and lack of mental stability.

      And Trump just gave your gunsmith dad a tax break. Way to bite the hand that feeds you.

      • Well, at least George Soros didn’t make his fortune by cheating his employees with low wages and no benefits.

        He is not a vulture capitalist, unlike Wilbur Ross (trumps secretary of commerce) George Soros has never cannibalized companies for their assets, putting thousands of workers out on the street.

        He didn’t use mortgage bankruptcies to take peoples homes, like trumps secretary of the treasury, Steve Mnuchin the mortgage king.

        George Soros didn’t make his billions in gambling casinos, taking advantage of peoples’ gambling addiction in order to enrich himself like Sheldon Adelson, Trump supporter and multi million republican donor.

    • as someone who sees Hunting more as a lifestyle than a hobby I disagree vehemently with your opinion that those posted signs are the result of “slob” hunters. I’ve met those people and they are few and far between. Those posted signs are there for two reasons in my humble opinion. 1. Liability, in our current litigious society its a safeguard against someone doing something stupid on your property and then being able to extort you for damages. 2. Leasing, once the farmer realized that he could make money by letting Jim Bob have sole access to his property a lot of signs started going up. Its turned into a pay to play sport on private property. This is one of the reasons that although I lean to the right on almost every issue I’m a strong proponent of public lands.

      • Got that right bobinmi. 1. liability: If it’s open hunting, you don’t know who on your land. 2. Income: Since the taxes have gone up (a lot), it makes more sense to rent to a few hunters that can pay the taxes. Also, you get to know those few hunters and they’re now friends. Their children will have fond memories and a love for that piece of land. Maybe even buy it and continue that relationship with someone new.

  6. I’m cool with hunting however I can’t see someone spending $7000 dollars and telling me it’s for the meat. Get real, it is about the power of life and death and I the mighty hunter process that. Humans are a weak and pathetic species

  7. I’m strictly a trophy hunter. Yesterday, I shot a two medals, a participation trophy, and a walnut wall plaque.

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