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Imagine someone you love is murdered. The police have a suspect, but not enough evidence to bring charges. At some point, they recover a firearm. The person in possession of the gun is the suspect or a known associate of the suspect. CSI investigators perform a ballistic test. They link the gun to your loved one’s murder. The DA brings charges. Justice is done. Now imagine that the gun is turned into the cops as part of a buyback scheme and then melted down. No questions asked. No checking serial numbers. No justice done. How does that make the streets safer?

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  1. Crazy! I love how someone apparently walked in with a bobbed rifle and got paid for it in cash and immunity.

  2. So I’m not encouraging illegal activities, but $100 for a sawed off gun?

    So…what’s to stop someone from buying a bunch of used, cheap .22 rifles (or stealing rifles!) , sawing them off, then selling them, No questions asked! to this program?

    Cheap .22’s can be had for $50 – $70. Aside from the Massive Federal Criminal Charges one could incur, that’s a money making proposition.

    • Why would anyone bother sawing off the barrel, when they can get $100 for the rifle anyway?

  3. What struck me was that fact that a man would take guns his father gave him and turn them in. Have so many people really lost their minds and fallen for the lies? Does anyone really feel safer in the streets of Buffalo because of this program?

    And what about the asset forfeiture? It feels like the odds will always be further and further stacked against you – both the 2nd and 4th Amendments all in one two-min youtube clip. Amazing how far we have come!

  4. So, would the guy in the video have less pain for a shorter time for someone killed with a knife or having their head crushed by a hammer? Another case of blaming the instrument rather than the criminal.

  5. $10 for a pellet gun? They’re proud of this? I guess the squirrels are happier. I love how they are getting guns “off the streets”, as if they are laying around on street corners. From what I saw, it’s mostly people selling guns that are the law abiding citizens and pellet gun owners. Oh, yeah, you can make another $50 by sawing off the barrel of an old hunting rifle. The criminals in Buffalo are loving this. All the home defense weapons are being turned in and they’ll be the only ones left with guns. Perfect plan mr mayor. What could go wrong?

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