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Our contact on the border invites you to read an article in that makes mention of Democrat and U.S. House Homeland Security and Agriculture Committee member Henry Cuellar. The Texas pol—who agrees with President Obama that the Mexican border is now secure—is busy pimping for Mexican presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto [above]. “I do not meddle in the politics of Mexico,” Cuellar lied to the paper. “But I think the next President [of Mexico] will be Enrique Peña Nieto. And we hope to have a good relationship.” Better the devil you know our guy writes . . .

“The PRI is a crooked as it gets. The nearest U.S. equivalent would be Chicago/Cook County Democratic Party. The crime cartels and smuggling system were set up under their administration. Calderon and PAN rose to power because the cartels had become too powerful during the PRI’s tenure, threatening the ruling class for control of the Mexican state.

“In an attempt to stay in power and prevent a successful revolution, the PRI instituted the excessive gun control the Mexican people suffer under today. The PRI getting back into power will be a disaster, for both Mexico and us. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, the PRI is the problem.”

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  1. A lot of stuff happened under the PRI’s administration. Such as everything in Mexico from the formation of the current constitution in 1917 to 2000 when Fox became the first non-PRI president in 80 years. And they still hold on to a lot of power outside of the executive.

  2. PRI don’t know the Dignity Face. Otherwise should no longer exist as a political party.
    PRI Just know the Face of the Money for Their own benefit, that’s all what They looking for.
    That’s is the reason They don’t care about the criticism because there is money involved.


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