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The NRA sends out regular alerts re: their efforts to defend and extend gun rights. For example, the NRA wants it known that they’ve decided to sue Illinois to stop the state from stopping law-abiding citizens from exercising the “bear” part of their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Speaking of which . . .

Earlier this year . . . the Secretary of the Interior changed the listing of all polar bears globally to the status of “threatened.” Because of this abrupt change in the status of polar bears, 41 American hunters who completed bear hunts before the listing was changed have been denied the ability to import their trophies . . .

Congressman Young’s bill would remedy this unfair situation by allowing these trophies to be imported, and provide importation fees amounting to as much as $45,000, which would be paid to the U.S.-Russia Polar Bear Conservation Fund. This funding is used to enhance and protect polar bear populations in Alaska and Russia. In cooperation with the NRA, 23 conservation and hunting groups have endorsed passage of this legislation.

On May 12, the House Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs Subcommittee of the Committee on Natural Resources held a hearing on H.R. 991, and heard testimony from supporters of the bill, including hunters who were refused importation permits . . .

This hearing is the first step in advancing this legislation in the House of Representatives. Passage of this legislation [H.R. 991] will redress the immediate problem created by the improper change in designation of the entire global polar bear population.  A related bill, H.R. 990, also introduced by Rep. Young, would address the listing issue on a more permanent basis.


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  1. Love your information, knowledge and humor. Big help in picking a weapon.
    Marine Corps Veteran

  2. I always love loionkg at the collection of beautiful images you compile… they literally fill my heart with happiness (sounds a bit naff, but true all the same!).Have a great weekend x


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