taliban afghanistan firearms
Taliban fighters patrol in Wazir Akbar Khan neighborhood in the city of Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021. The Taliban declared an "amnesty" across Afghanistan and collected civilian owned firearms a day after deadly chaos gripped the main airport as desperate crowds tried to flee the country. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)
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By Lee Williams

On Monday throughout Kabul, teams of Taliban terrorists started going door-to-door searching for our former allies, young girls and, of course, personally owned firearms.

Our allies were disappeared. Their fate was sealed. Some have been shot, hung and beaten to death. Their bodies usually turn up on a dusty road several days after they were taken for their families to bury.

The girls — including many under 12 — are forced to marry Taliban terrorists. That’s rape. Today, the streets are completely devoid of females of any age.

All personal weapons the terrorists find are confiscated. Anyone who balks receives the Taliban’s usual response to its critics: 7.62x39mm.

The Taliban justified their weapon confiscation policy by claiming people no longer need firearms for personal protection, an Taliban official said.

“We understand people kept weapons for personal safety. They can now feel safe. We are not here to harm innocent civilians,” the official told Reuters.

The Taliban are not the first gun-grabbers to cite need as a reason for firearm confiscation. Joe Biden has been citing it nearly every time he mentions guns:

  • “No one needs an AR-15 – period. We have to get these weapons of war out of our communities,” Biden tweeted in February last year.
  • “There’s no reason someone needs a weapon of war with 100 rounds, 100 bullets that can be fired from that weapon. Nobody needs that. Nobody needs that,” Biden said April 8, during a speech in the Rose Garden.
  • “No one needs to have a weapon that can fire over 30, 40, 50, even up to 100 rounds, unless you think the deer are wearing Kevlar vests or something,” Biden said June 23.
  • “Those who say the blood of Patriots, you know, and all the stuff about how we’re gonna have to move against the government. If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons,” Biden said June 23.

Throughout history, one of the first acts every oppressive regime makes after seizing power is to ban personal firearm ownership. It’s a standard tactic that prevents an outraged populace from fighting back and deposing their authoritarian overlords.

Gun bans and firearms confiscation were the rule in the Soviet Union and its satellite countries, Communist China, Germany, Cuba, Venezuela and more.

President Joe Biden walks from the podium after speaking about Afghanistan from the East Room of the White House, Monday, Aug. 16, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

In the United States, the Second Amendment prohibits the government from seizing our firearms, at least for now, but the Biden-Harris administration is waging an all-out assault on our gun rights. They want to ban ARs and other popular means of self-defense, in addition to outlawing common accessories. These actions will turn millions of law-abiding gun owners into felons, overnight.

As you watch the horrific images coming out of Kabul, keep in mind that this is what can happen to an unarmed populace – any unarmed populace.

atf agents
(AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

The Second Amendment doesn’t mention hunting, even if deer are wearing Kevlar vests, and it certainly doesn’t mention need. It was written to ensure that what’s happening in Afghanistan can never happen here. It’s meant to protect Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

When you see the pictures of young Afghan women shot to death for not wearing a burqa, or girls forced to marry terrorists four times their age, or former Afghan soldiers hanging from street lights, you should thank God we have the right to defend ourselves and our families, and you should consider why any politician would want to rob us of that God-given, constitutional right.


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  1. Tyrannical governments disarming it’s citizens… It seems as though we have heard about this behavior before and it didn’t work out well for the people.

    Theres’ another lesson here.

    • they made a movie about what happens when only the military and police have firearms
      its called schindlers list
      we see it as a cautionary tale
      the democrats see it as a how to manual

      • *With white straight men as the undesirables to get rid of. It’s no coincidence that group happens to vote for their opposition more often than not. It’s all about power.

    • “Tyrannical governments disarming THEIR citizens…”

      “Tyrannical government disarming ITS citizens…”

      Singular vs plural. Don’t get defensive and attack the messenger, please.

    • Yes. He can eat ice cream as fast as he wants without worrying about brain freeze. We are ruled idiots. The latest proof the announcement from the State Dept that the US will be watching to make sure the Taliban respect gender rights of the LBGT People of that country. This is same idiots who flew the rainbow flag over embassy in Kabul, the same idiot who pushed this crap on a bunch of Pashtun tribesmen. I wouldn’t all be surprised if a huge majority in Afghanistan are glad the Taliban came back on account of this stupid policy pushed by howling moon bats in a continual state of mass psychosis. The moon bats have put America under siege with their morally bankrupt demands. They tried that in Afghanistan, but it didn’t work.

  2. History confirms you can’t have easy peasy racism and genocide without defenseless citizens.

    And it all starts with the kind of politically inept history illiterate morons who stand for nothing and fall for anything like Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe.

  3. pc crap and wars don’t mix. losing 7,000 good men there for nothing just sucks. sad day when the u.s. armed forces aren’t allowed to defeat a bunch of sand slime. it’s time the koran was banished from the planet.

    • Banishing a book, any book will not stop terrorists, ban books & ban guns are the same.
      1a as important as 2a & people like you are what makes it okay to bypass the Bill of rights.

      • oh fu – if you pretend to ponder too much existentialist bs for too long you just end up with what you spouted.. be

  4. Someone needs to photoshop a picture of Taliban terrorists at a door confiscating guns with ATF/POLICE/BIDEN/HARRIS/DNC insignia on their Pashtun dresses.
    It would be so… appropriate.

      • I’m making the suggestion in hopes that a computer-literate graphic artist-type (read: younger person) actually does it- it could go “viral”. Personally, I’ve never even been on the internet with my “smart” phone- everything on it is turned off because I only use it as a cell phone, to text, and to take pictures. The only computer I use is this 10-year-old Dell desktop that I’m typing on now.

        I gladly took the red pill… without a doubt nor a regret.

    • Or… when the government force us to wear masks, we show up on the street dressed like a Taliban fighter with only eyes blazing, and carrying a rifle.

  5. Keep in mind boys and girls this administration and others turned tail because of Body Count. That will always be the case whether in a foreign land or at home. That lesson was learned in Korea thru Vietnam and all Conflicts since. Once Body Count especially Civilian became a driving factor in War. The nations of the Civilized (sic) world have not Won since and never will again. Learn well from what the V. C. and Charlie taught to the likes of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Guerilla Warfare will always win the fight when the attacker fears the Body Count and plays by the”Rules of Engagement” dictated by Politicians.

    • Did you just now come to this conclusion? I mean, I’m thinking you might just be a genius…… genius….. 😉

    • The difference with our lengthy stay in Afghanistan is the the mission changed from defeating the Taliban to defeating a culture ingrained over centuries.

  6. In other news it was reported today that Nancy Pelosi is seeking fifty billion dollars in federal funds to implement Gun Buyback programs in Afghanistan.

    • That’s pretty much been the case here in CA for many years. So many of our recent gun control laws (passed by Democrats who have been in supermajority control) exempt LEOs and “agents of the State”. Standard cap mags, purchase limits, cartridge/caliber limits, guns deemed to be ‘unsafe’ for the general populace…all these are not applicable to law enforcement.

      Our own version of “guns for me, but not for thee”.

  7. Biden spent his new conference today talking about masks and COVID and completely ignored the embarrassing clusterfuck of a disaster he created in Afghanistan.

    Someone should have asked him if the Taliban is going to make young girls wear masks when they let them go back to school.

  8. I thank God for soldiers who fought to keep My country free.
    I certainly hope American citizens do not experience having to use their private firegunms in defense of their country. That just dont sound like no fun at all.

  9. If the dems ever had a moment of honesty, you’d find that their ideals parallel the Taliban’s more than the founders of our country!

      • Probably comes from accidentally shooting one of their new sex slaves.

        Have that happen to you once or twice and you learn your lesson.

  10. By the looks of it, seems like actually it’s the 5.56×45 that is becoming the most common round among the jihadis, all thanks to uncle Sam and the American taxpayer’s money. 😮

    • There will be no peace, they will run Afghanistan like Iran runs Iran.
      It’s going to be full blown unchecked bloodshed over there.
      It’s a heavy mix of extremist religion and politics, they will retaliate against us.
      They are extremists, the Koran isn’t really much more violent then the Bible.
      IOWs it isn’t all Jihad this or that, any religion can be taught and learned out of context.
      It’s very much like the Old Testament angry God and not the New Testament forgiving God.
      It really isn’t bad or evil per say, just taken out of context by extremists.
      Before anyone asks, I am a Christian but I’m not killing anyone in the name of God.

        • While that may be true you are always going to have extremists in any religion. All one has to do is look at “The Troubles” in Ireland. Two factions of Christianity killing each other in the name of God.

          It wouldn’t hurt Islam to undergo a reformation but the Koran is really not all that different then the Bible. A lot of people look at the Koran as a book of violence when in fact it’s really rather peaceful.

          Any religion is going to have extremists and a lot of that is what you are taught when you are young. It stays with you until you either come to your own conclusion or do bad things in the name of God.

          Apples to Oranges but find someone who is a “Born Again Christian”. Talk with then and see how much nonsense they say is in the Bible. Half of what they say is either not in any version of the Bible or taken so far out of context that it is meaningless.

          OTOH these people aren’t killing each other or me at the waffle house. They might ruin my breakfast but it’s amusing to get a you must be born again tract and then the question that usually follows. “Do you know Jesus or Have you been Born Again”?

          As a matter of fact I have been but right now I’m eating breakfast, we can talk later if you want to.

          I have read the Bible many times and only when I got older I read it by myself a few times. I didn’t need and still don’t somebodies else’s interpretation of it. I read what it said and came to my own conclusions.
          I didn’t need someone else to explain it to me with their twist on it.

        • RobS, very good points.

          Having read the “Koran”, one difference that stands out to me is that the Bible becomes more “peaceful” in the latter half, while the Koran becomes more violent in the later verses.

          Many studies have contributed this to Mohammad’s persecution and treatment in his later years. He became more war-like and it is reflected in the verses.

        • “The Troubles” were about ethnic separatism, with the last few generations (especially the leaders) being secular socialists – democratic on one side, revolutionary on the other – just like most Europeans.

          Did you think that the Soviets funded the IRA to spread Catholicism, or that the Anglicans were deploying Cromwellian Puritan fanatics in between churning out gay priests? The CoE is not only the most secularized, least fundamentalist denomination, but also the closest to Catholicism – the biggest disagreement being the secular power of the Pope (which hasn’t existed outside a few Roman blocks for 150 years).

  11. Having spend my childhood in what was then-soviet Russia, I will not be disarmed any longer. I do not care what Joe and the Hoe (or any RINO) has to say about it. I do not care what the nine, unelected, gods-in-robes (U.S. Supreme Court) has to say about it. I have been there, done that, I already know first-hand what civilian disarmament is like. I have no problems putting my money where my mouth is, when I say that they are going to have to kill me first before I give any of my guns up. I will be dead first. To be a serf and slave again to these monsters is not something I am going to go back to-I do not care what language they speak.

  12. I’d be willing to bet the results for the Taliban will be similar to Australia or what we could expect here — they’ll get maybe 20% of the guns. The way Astan has been flooded with weaponry for the last 20+ years, I’m sure there is nothing even close to a registry.

    • On the other hand, the Taliban will handle those who do not cooperate slightly differently than did Australia.
      We’re not talking fines and imprisonment, we’re talking summary executions. If there is no restriction on Government (which is now the Taliban) ability to perform house-to-house searches without warning or warrant, and no compunction against taking lives to enforce their version of order, gun confiscation has a VERY good chance of success–especially if one performs such confiscation by first kicking the door in, shooting everyone inside, and THEN searching for the weapons to be confiscated. If, as might happen, no weapons are found, Nothing of Value Was Lost; Move on to the next house.
      Think of it as Red Flag Orders being carried out to their logical conclusion.

    • I’ll try this one more time tonight. Keep getting thrown down a memory hole. Maybe it’s my colorful metaphor for Democrats?

      You’re right about one thing—Afghanistan was flooded with guns and there were records kept only on U.S. provided small arms (along with anything else from OUR inventory).
      However, that’s not the REAL registry that’s most concerning. No—the one that’s truly useful to the Taliban is the BIOMETRIC registry. You know, the one that tells you everything about all of the detainees, their crimes, family info, and bars them from entry into the West. It also happens to contain all of the same information about our former allies. Both ANA and ANP had to be enrolled too. It just HAPPENS to make it easy for the Taliban to know EXACTLY whom needs to be “re-educated” through Sharia law. It’s funny—because I happen to remember hearing some “Democrats” discussing a mandatory re-education plan for anyone who voted for Trump too. Interesting.

      • I guess Demoncrap is too objectionable to make it past the moderator. Yet plenty of colorful language seems to flourish on this blog…usually from the paid-per-word types trolling the regular posters. Whatever.

  13. As the fallout intensifies it will be grade A hilarity to watch this Administration’s response. Doubly delicious the rest of his party.

    How many full fledged crises do we have now and/or are we edging towards? Lol.

    The iron’s getting hotter. You sorta have to wonder if anyone notices.

    • All you MAGAts take joy in watching America go through a tough time. You’re all traitors, and deserve the fate reserved thereto…

      • No joy. But we warned you morons that putting joe xiden in the office was the dumbest move in history.

        Now, reap the whirlwind.

      • This isn’t about politics. It doesn’t matter who anyone voted for.
        It’s not like we actually had an election, the outcome was predetermined.
        What matters is the senile POTUS did not listen to his own intel.
        He now has a worldwide fiasco going on because he is brain dead.
        His ability to lead a country is being questioned worldwide.
        With his colossal screw up taking place, he wants to talk about Covid.
        “Get your booster.” Time for article 25 so Kamala can finish his term.
        Then we can elect someone who is competent. Enough of this BS.
        Say goodbye to the Dems in the midterms and 2024 over this.

        • the senile POTUS has never been in control. He is a figure head, some one is pulling the strings.That is far more evil, then he could ever have been.

        • To further explain what I’m saying is that just because someone has a political belief, that isn’t necessarily “politics”.
          I don’t enjoy this nonsense at all but it isn’t about my political beliefs.

          It’s about a man, a man who isn’t fit to be the POTUS making bad decisions or whoever is really in charge making bad decisions.

          I watched this puppet man totally ignore what he had done in an neutral interview. He wasn’t being attacked, just being asked some questions, no snowball questions but questions that dealt with the fallout of what he had done. He responding with Covid and ignored his large mistake.

          He basically said that he would break a treaty and had no clue what the ramifications of that would be. He was totally out of touch with reality and had no actual concept of time, how long his fiasco had been going on.

          That isn’t politics, it’s insanity. Then somebody posts the implication that it is Trumps fault and I enjoy watching people getting killed and take joy in watching my country going through a tough time and I am a traitor.

          That isn’t politics, it’s ignorance and trolling.

        • We need to take the house and senate next year, elect Trump Speaker of the House, then impeach, convict and remove Biden and Hairass before the end of Jan. ’23. Remember, Nasty Pelosi has demonstrated that no actual reason is necessary.

      • You seem to confound ‘America’ with its present government; There is your mistake.
        ‘America’ is going through a tough time, and we are not in the least joyous about it. On the other hand, the Democratic Party Junta is also going through a tough time, and we are, indeed, joyous about THAT. Those two things are completely different entities, with no relation to each other.
        One can feel shame and disgust at the United States making an unforced error due to the totally incompetent-yet-diligently nefarious Democratic regime in power; At the same time, one can revel in seeing a hated enemy brought low and its awfulness laid bare for all to see.
        There’s nothing ‘traitorous’ about Schadenfreude.

  14. The greatest joy is when my liberal neighbors like yourself come and ask if they can buy a pew pew or some ammo for a 9mm cause it’s getting crazy. This is Biden’s moment, like it or not. And you are not prepared for what’s coming. That, my friend, is my joy.

  15. the reichstag fire was in 1933
    the first death camps in poland were built in 1941
    so in which year was the point of no return
    the point at which there was enough momentum
    that the final solution became inevitable no matter what
    if thats the case it becomes exceedingly difficult to overstate the importance of the 2022 midterms

    • Realistically the ascendency of Hitler in a major way goes back at least to 1930, probably the Horst Wessel.

      Regardless, the unnoticed watershed at the time was the federal election of that year which catapulted the Nazis from a backwater party to #2 in the country.

  16. Joe is serious about the military protecting the government and abandoning The Constitution. They own the cities, now they need the rest of The Country.

  17. The current leader of the Taliban was let out of prison in 2018 by Trump and yesterday recommended all Americans vote for Trump in 2024. Has the dim light bulb in the heads of the Far Right went on yet? Not a chance.

      • Biden only wants you to own the firearms he wants you to own.

        And guess what I do not agree with Biden on this one.

        Except on ghost guns he was correct on that one. Only criminals and psychopaths and people like the Proud Boys who are Nazi’s want untraceable guns. No law abiding citizen needs one or wants one.

        Think about this one for a moment and let it sink in.

        Suppose your daughter was raped and murdered and the cops found the gun. If it had a serial number on it there is a GOOD chance (with universal background checks) that there is a high degree of probability they would catch the killer. If it was a ghost gun or a second hand gun that had never been vetted there is very little chance the murder would ever be caught. NOW WHEN IT GETS PERSONAL THE SCREAMING ABOUT NOT HAVING UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS OR OWNING GHOST GUNS SUDDENLY CHANGES INSTANTLY.

        • Maybe you should move somewhere else, Dacian, where you would feel more comfortable with a government telling you what you are allowed to say, do, think, believe, and oh yeah, where and how to sh**, too, while you are at it. You are supremely arrogant to think that you speak for the entire country where ghost guns-or any gun law, for that matter-is concerned.

        • quote————— You are supremely arrogant to think that you speak for the entire country where ghost guns-or any gun law, for that matter-is concerned.————–quote

          There is a difference when it comes to being educated on a subject and arrogant. You need to educate yourself with the facts and that is every poll taken shows the majority of people, who by the way are sane, do not want people building guns with no serial numbers on them and guns that were never vetted (universal background checks). Even a Moron knows about the rise of crime and mass murder with them.

          Polls show even the majority of Republican Congressmen support Universal Background Checks and agree selling guns without vetting is just plain insane. That dear genius includes ghost guns as well.

        • quote—————Maybe you should move somewhere else, Dacian, where you would feel more comfortable with a government telling you what you are allowed to say, do, think————-quote

          Now dear genius tell us what happen to the rights of all the people killed with ghost guns. Or are you saying “Who cares, it did not happen to me and I am too cheap and stingy to go through a background check with a serial numbered gun”.

        • Nobody can be that stupid. Please point out ONE (1) daughter-raper/killer or other atrocious monster who has EVER been brought to justice by a firearm registry! Just bullshit. The only practical function of a registry is confiscation, and the only practical function of universal background checks is to mandate a registry. Claiming otherwise is a fool’s errand.

        • China has no welfare so that country is ruled out. Unless dacian want to make CCP approved YouTube videos to show how great things are over there.

    • And you are even dumber than I thought if you think that there was ever a dime’s difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. who the hell cares what Republicans support?
      They are every bit as evil as the Democrats. They will just take your rights away a little at a a time, rather than all in one shot like the Democrats do. And if you think that there was a difference between the crook on the street, and the politician in the halls of Congress, you really are a special kind of stupid. Cheap and stingy has nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with government having no business being in my business where my Second Amendment rights are concerned.

    • LarryinTX August 19, 2021 At 15:06
      quote——————-Nobody can be that stupid. Please point out ONE (1) daughter-raper/killer or other atrocious monster who has EVER been brought to justice by a firearm registry! Just bullshit.—————quote

      You really made an absolute fool out of yourself on this one. It was because your paranoia over registration but we were not even speaking of registration per se. To claim police do not trace down and solve crime because of serial numbers is ludicrous. They do and have done so for decades. The two Chicago Studies as well as numerous News Broadcasts have revealed police tracings of guns by serial number often do indeed solve many crimes.

      Remember Criminals are usually not the brightest people on earth (sarcasm). I might further add they are usually much more intelligent than the Far Right though (sarcasm at its most satisfying)

      In my own town we had a gun that was used in a robbery and found at the scene after it was thrown out a window of a car.

      The serial number was traced back to the original owner who shit his pants when the cops showed up at his house. He told the cops who he had sold it to. Person number two told the cops who he sold it to and person number 3 told the cops he did not know who the guy was that he sold it to while drunk on his ass in a bar but it turned out he remembered what the guy looked like and that he often patronized that bar. The cops then described the guy to the bartender who knew the criminal very well and the criminals finger prints were still on the gun but had never been taken by the police before because he had no a prior arrest record.

      No this was not a rape murder but anybody that watches crime stories on TV can remember many murderers that were caught by tracing down serial numbered guns. I remember just this year I watched one crime show that traced a home invasion that resulted in the murder of the husband and wife with a .25 caliber automatic. It took the cops a year to finally trace down the path of the sold and resold gun but in the end they found the guy who did it and his partner admitted to being there in the robbery.

      Your ridiculous claim that serial numbers do not matter or are never traced down in crime is totally asinine. This is why Universal Background checks are so very necessary. There often would be no need to go door to door and previous owner to previous owner when a gun was found at the scene of the crime because people would never sell a gun that was not vetted to another person with a paper trail that would protect them from being accused of being involved in a crime because of the serial number on a gun being traced back to them.

      And if anyone’s gun was stolen the owner would have no choice but to immediately report it to the police if it was papered through Universal Background checks. Today many a time owners do not even report stolen guns because they erroneously believe that since they bought it with no paper work why get involved reporting it to the police. Famous very famous mistake as tracing by word of mouth or even residual finger prints often gets them in serious legal trouble.

      And happenstance catches them too. One guy in my city sold a gun to his buddy who took it to the police just to be safe and had the serial number traced and guess what it was stolen at one time and the seller who was his buddy was up to his neck in hot water even though he did not steal the gun but it could have turned out far worse for him. Again happenstance nails innocent people as well. Again Universal Background checks would have saved his buddy a lot of legal trouble. But when could you ever convince a Right Wing Moron that it could happen to him. When he is dumb enough not to wear a mask or get vaccinated he is just as dumb when it comes to thinking a gun with no paper work is the best way to go. In other words it will never happen to me whether it be a disease or police trouble. Famous last words. Proof of Right wing Darwinism. The graveyards are now full of Right Wing unvaccinated covid victims and the jails are often full of innocent stupid right wing people over gun crimes they never committed. Some get out of jail quickly and some rot in jails for a long time if they indeed ever get out.

      • The Universal Background Checks you love so much give gun grabbers a list of exactly whom and where to find the people who own guns. Ghost guns will give us a chance to defend ourselves after the guns are taken.

        • “after the guns are taken”

          When they come for the guns is when everything changes- that’s when the ship is righted. POTG should fully understand what’s expected of them in the defense of our Constitutional Republic.

          I’ve never contemplated how I’d defend myself “after the guns are taken” because that scenario is not an option for me- either my participation in the solution will have solved the problem… or I won’t be around to notice.

      • The only fool(s) in here are the paranoid liberal idiots who think any sort of background check is the answer to firearms problems. I hope such people’s family along with themselves are those that fall prey to such stupidity. Believe me those clowns will be sacrificed far in advance of those that heave the common sense to know better and refuse to comply with this stupid communist bullshit.

  18. President Busch sent us into Afghanistan but the Far Right are pointing their fingers at Biden. As usual the Far Right could not find their nose if they were given a mirror.

    • So we just pull out and leave the country in chaos? Makes perfect sense. The majority of us here are not for getting involved in the affairs of other countries. Here is the deal though once we are in there is a basic human duty to leave them in a good position to defend themselves. While most here agree we should leave Afghanistan this was not the way. Your lack of common sense shows with your leader, but did you have your ice cream today?

        • As usual the Dudeally Bug does not understand how the U.S. Government works nor does he understand anything about human nature (he flunked Psychology classes). What the President says, wants, does and pushes for carries a tremendous amount of political weight with Congress and the American people. Trying to deflect Bush’s conduct and hair brained decisions and blame the underlings is ludicrous.

          Come back in 30 years Dudeally Bug when you get more experience in life.

      • With 2 trillion spent, 2,000 killed and tens of thousands of Afghans killed (something the Far Right never mentions or cares about) just like in the Vietnam fk up’s from beginning to end make staying there a no brainer.

        Afghanistan is a 3rd world country, it is not of strategic importance, its people showed that they did not support their corrupt government and neither did its Military. The U.S. Government and the U.S. Military has known this for 20 years. We never had to invade to kill Bin Laden, even before 9/11 /Clinton knew where Bin Laden was and was asked if he wanted to kill him, he declined. Bush knew were Bin Laden was as well but chose not to kill him or make any serious demands to have him turned over to us because Bush wanted an invasion and a war to keep himself in power. The whole sordid story is now out for everyone to understand and as Hitler said, “All I have to do is kick in the door and Russia will fall like a house of rotten cards”. History repeats itself and Afghanistan collapsed completely in only 11 days with over 300,000 armed troops running away. And you want us to keep on fighting there and spending trillions more. Get real. Its over and should have been over 20 years ago before it ever started.

        • Not as bad as your usual crap, but still wrong. You need to know your enemy and fight his war. The Taliban cooperated with Al Queda in setting up an attack on America using means that they could access. The proper response would be landing a large armored force and going through the country like a hot knife through butter, killing everybody you could find for about 6 months, then leaving with the parting advice to behave or we will return and do it again. If Al Queda could have done that to America, they would not have hesitated for one instant. We have to be nice, so we consistently lose.

        • So why is China now entering the fray and Russia is now joining the great game?

          China will discover the Taliban are not Hamas and having their people kidnapped for ransom is a common method of revenue.

        • LarryinTX,
          Exactly! The Constitution delegates the President and Congress fairly broad authority to beat the shit out of foreign enemies of our country, without the slightest hint of authorization to spend a taxpayer’s penny (much less a drop of American blood) to help them.

          It’s as if “nation-builders” saw “The Mouse that Roared” as an instructional video, rather than satire meant to ridicule their position.

    • Neocon = far right? LOL cool story bro have fun explaining that one with how many democrats also fall under the neocon invade for profit umbrella.

  19. Its ironic when the Republicans wail, lament and scream from the roof tops about the Taliban overthrowing the Afghan Government but when the Republicans were trying to do the same thing on Jan 6th of this year.

    The GOP/ Taliban Agenda
    1. Abortion is banned
    2.Gay marriage outlawed
    3.Rejection of Science
    4.No vaccines (against their religion)
    5. A religious caliphate (no separation of church and state)
    6.State Religion taught in schools.


    • The Democratic Party / Taliban Agenda
      1. Free speech is suppressed
      2. Private firearm ownership is banned
      3. Complete control of the media
      4. Elections are irrelevant
      5. Education isn’t about reading, writing or math
      6. Rejection of science

      Your list is horribly false and may only reflect the most extreme views of .01% of Republicans. Republicans never attempted to overthrow the government and the fact that you believe that speaks volumes about your perceptions and sources of information.

      P.S., I am not a Republican.

      • The Democratic Party / Taliban Agenda
        1. Free speech is suppressed————-The Republicans have fought against free speech so many times in the last half century I have lost track of them all. And if you think suppressing the right to vote is not destruction of free speech you need to go back to high school at least.

        2. Private firearm ownership is banned————–Wrong even Biden has not said that.

        3. Complete control of the media—————Wrong again the Dems have always been for free speech and a free news media. Remember it was the great Satan Ronald Reagan who did away with “free and fair “reporting of controversial issues in the news media which then made it legal for the existence of propaganda machines like Fox News who refuse to broadcast both sides of controversial issues.

        4. Elections are irrelevant————–No its the Republicans that passed over 250 voter suppression bills because they know they cannot win in free and fair elections where everyone can easily vote.

        5. Education isn’t about reading, writing or math————–That is about the most ignorant statement you ever made. Education is more than the basics it is about the true and honest history of our country which includes all of the horrific murder and discrimination against minorities, something the Republicans are doing everything possible to suppress and prevent students from learning about.

        6. Rejection of science———————–This one really makes me roll in the aisles with laughter. That is one of the primary teaching tools of all Liberals and Democrats, the acceptance of science not religious superstition, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, discrimination, fear and hatred of refugees, and immigrants both legal and illegal (the Republicans hate both).

        And the rants of Republicans against mask wearing and the safety of vaccines which have resulted in thousands dying because they were afraid of getting the vaccine and it was all done to appeal to the their back woods superstitions.

  20. Far Right Joe Biden on gays:

    “My gut reaction,” Biden told Vane, “is that they (homosexuals) are security risks but I must admit I haven’t given this much thought … I’ll be darned.”


    “Look, marriage is between a man and a woman and states must respect that.”


    It’s easy to “change” when you have no principles to begin with. Joe Biden is actually a smart politician. The proof is in the longevity of his career. He just holds his finger up to check which way the wind is blowing and goes with whatever will keep getting him elected. He relies on the media to rewrite history for Democrats, and the sheep to ignore reality and history.

  21. Hypocrite Republicans now doing an about face on Afghanistan. The are screaming ” We do not want those plane loads of people over here”. What hypocrites, what filth. After these people helped us Republican are saying “Who cares we hate them because they are not like us” Yes Adolf would love every Republican.


  22. Keep in mind, when someone mentions JAN6th and a “insurrection,” tell them the fact that the FBI found no weapons inside the Capitol building (aside from the CPD).
    Then point out, if a group of people really wanted to overthrow a sitting government, they bring weapons (as in the above pics of the Taliban).

    • Keep in mind that there were hundreds of armed people outside and they found a bomb planted as well. And only a fraction of the people were searched that broke into the Capital Building. They even erected a gallows and they were all screaming inside the Capital “Find them and hang them”. Get real these Nazi’s damn well did try to overthrow the government and remember the entire world saw the whole thing. I supposed several billion people are all wrong that watched it happen and because it does not support your political agenda therefore it cannot be true. To bad you never opened your eyes and watched it all unfold.

  23. “Here’s to the Army and Navy and the battles they have won; here’s to America’s colors, the colors that never run.”

    Well, some things do change.

  24. Horrific Rumsfield memo revealed on Afghanistan occupation.

    The National Security Archive on Thursday published several documents relating to America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan that include several short memos written by the late former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

    Rumsfeld, who served under former President George W. Bush from 2001 through 2006, penned one particularly prophetic memo in August 20, 2002, in which he argued that it didn’t matter how many troops the United States sent to Afghanistan if it could not build a credible state that had legitimacy among ordinary Afghans.

    In the memo, Rumsfeld insisted that more must be done to shore up the credibility of then-Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who had been struggling to gain acceptance among the country’s many regional leaders.

    “Karzai needs the institutions of government, a budget that is funded and resources from the international community, so he can develop political strength in the regions,” argued Rumsfeld. “He needs to be able to show the Afghan people that he is delivering for them and that it is in their interest to help keep the Taliban out. Only with progress on the civil side will Karzai gain the strength and leverage he needs with the regional political leaders (warlords).”

    Rumsfeld then said that if this didn’t happen, no amount of American military might would be able to keep the country peaceful over the long haul.

    “Without successful reconstruction, no amount of added security forces would be enough,” he said. “The Soviets had over 100,000 troops and failed.”

    As the U.S.-backed Afghan government completely collapsed this month, many longtime observers of the war said that it had never succeeded in achieving legitimacy in the eyes of most of its people despite being propped up by America for the last 20 years.

  25. Q; When do you NEED A firearm?

    A; When you’re Government tells you that there’s NO need to have one. 🤔

    History has proving this to be true almost 100% of the time.


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