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Yes, that’s totally legal! Just not. Or sometimes, just not right now when you use it that way or maybe if you do but didn’t mean to. But also it’s illegal. And totally fine. Just register it. Or maybe not.


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  1. That’s a tough one Jeremy…trust counterfeit mystery crap from China and the third world or trust an Agency who has done nothing to foster credibility or trust, whose greatest accomplishments to date include the wholesale murder of unarmed civilians and random small dog assinations all while undermining the Constitution….gonna have to think about this one during dinner.

      • Naa, yard bird from my chicken coop. This one tapered way off in egg production…so, she becomes dinner.

  2. But it say “Premium Quality” right on the box, so I am POSITIVE that it’s real lobster. 😂

  3. I don’t remember the name of the comedian. But he said the biggest gamble in Vegas was the all you can eat shrimp buffet. Where were they getting shrimp in the middle of the desert?

    • Yeah, insights about current trends make for great comedy, and that guy’s got it nailed. Who trusts all that newfangled motorized transportation and refrigeration technology, amirite? I mean, that 3.5hr truck trip from the nearest seaport? Mind blown!😋

  4. Good evening perpetrators, remember that you should not comment on our attempt to make it harder for you to get those scary Ghost Guns. Thank goodness your time to comment is almost gone!

  5. “Sauce Packet Included AND hand rolled?” Sounds awesome can’t wait to try em…. I’m going to rush right out and get some… Just as soon as they build a Dollar Tree store somewhere around here….

    • First, I laughed. Then, I thought “yuk, that’s gross”.

      Now, I’m actually wondering if the Dollar Tree a few miles from me has some. Never been inside, but now I have a reason…

      • Luck with that… Let us know how it works out for you… If we don’t hear anything I guess that would speak for its self… Maps search shows the nearest Dollar Tree is 90 miles West of here, if I’m ever in the neighborhood I’ll check it out… Until then I guess I can live vicariously through you or anyone else “adventurous” enough to try it, (hoping for some of the “lower” lifeforms to give it a go)…

  6. I trust the ATF about as much as I trusted the ads in the 1970’s comic books I read as a kid.

    I learned the bitter truth about “Sea Monkeys” when I was 9…

      • Heh, my older brothers got my mom with those once. Out came “The Slipper of Death” in response.

        You wouldn’t think of a slipper as being all the intimidating, but mothers of that era seem to have had a knack for improvising tools of discipline…

        • And when you’d really f— up, fathers of that era would fetch the razor strap. Quarter-inch thick leather, seasoned so supple by years of oiling and stropping that it snaps like a whip.

          Household discipline really started going downhill when dads switched to disposable razors. :/

      • I loaded a cigarette, stuck it in my dads pack, he went to work , a guy bummed a cigarette and got the loaded one.
        Dad said dont do that again.

    • Yeah, those x ray glasses never worked. It was back to the sears catalog or trying to steal someone’s dad’s playboys.

    • I ordered the giant two-kid submarine. Never received it. I think I paid $8. From an advertisement in my Sgt. Rock comic book.
      My dad told me it was a scam and waste of money but I didn’t listen. It was supposed to have real torpedoes and a working periscope.

      • If I remember correctly I ordered that from Johnson Smith – Things You Never Knew Existed. I’m pretty sure they sent a book that showed you how to build one.

  7. Wait! Product of USA…mmm! Comes in Shrimp, Chicken and Pork too! Mmmm! I’ll buy that for a dollar!

    Nah, I think I’ll pass.

  8. All I know is that California and Maine have been arguing, about the federal definition of what a Lobster is for decades now.

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