Joseph Rosenbaum Rittenhouse Kenosha shooting
Richie McGinniss, Chief Video Director for the Daily Caller describes the fatal shooting of Joseph Rosenbaum by Kyle Rittenhouse during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse in Kenosha, Wis., on Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021. Rittenhouse is accused of killing two people and wounding a third during a protest over police brutality in Kenosha, last year. (Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP)
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The Rittenhouse shootings took place on the third day of rioting in Kenosha. Authorities, including the Governor, had little or no interest in intervening. Police and National Guardsmen had been pulled back while rioters burned, vandalized and destroyed large swaths of the city. And a volatile, mentally ill sex offender had been released from a hospital earlier that day.

None of the shootings by Kyle Rittenhouse would have occurred if Joseph Rosenbaum hadn’t behaved in a deranged manner. Presumably, Rosenbaum would have done better if he had taken his medication, but he couldn’t get his prescriptions filled because the pharmacy was boarded up — closed, because of the riots.

I’m reading more about his condition — here, in The Washington Post — and I see that the plastic bag he threw at Rittenhouse was a small collection of items — deodorant, underwear, socks — that the hospital had given him when he was discharged after a suicide attempt. That’s what he had (and lamely threw at Rittenhouse).

What he lacked was his drugs: “Hours after he was released from the hospital, Rosenbaum stopped by a pharmacy in Kenosha to pick up medication for his bipolar disorder, only to discover that it had closed early because of the unrest.”

They released a mentally ill man into a chaotic city with a prescription for medication that he could not fill. A suicidal man proceeded to get himself killed at the hands of Rittenhouse and to unleash the ill-fated rush to stop Rittenhouse. There are immense and unknowable costs to letting a city decline into chaos.

— Ann Althouse in The government – in failing to maintain order in Kenosha – deserves blame for the Kyle Rittenhouse incident.

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    • A societal Jenga puzzle. The leaders of Leftist cities believe they can continue to pull pieces out and avoid the inevitable consequence of collapse.

  1. A kid that never expressed white supremacist views defended himself while trying to flee the violent, mostly white left wing mob…

    Media: White Supremacist Racist hunting down BLM protesters!!!

    A lifelong violent criminal that expressed hatred and black supremacist views on social media plows through a parade trying to kill as many white people as possible…

    Media: Let’s not jump to conclusions! This definitely wasn’t a hate crime or an act of terrorism. Maybe it was an accident? He was just trying to drive fast and there happened to be people in the way.

    • Here’s the Left’s argument: After the incident, Kyle was photographed giving the OK sign. Since there are 3 fingers raised in OK, they associate it with the 3 Percenters. Since the 3 Percenters are pro-gun and conservative, the Southern Poverty Law Center calls them a white supremacists hate group. Ergo, Kyle is a racist. Also, since the incident occurred at a BLM riot, the media has been implying that he shot black people, when all the attackers he shot were white. By not showing the attackers or the video, they could let that misconception fester, like the purposeful confusion of “assault weapons” and military machine guns.

  2. Thanks for Kyle Rittenhouse i have finally liberated myself from NRA cowards who do not give a fauch for 2nd Amendment and the right of self defense

    • THIS!!!! I don’t know about everyone else, but until the Feds come in and charge Kyle with some “denial of civil rights” charges, I’m letting this crap go and moving on.

      The “real reasons” were laid out in technicolor during the trial.

  3. He died doing what he loved and got what he wanted. En of story. No need to waste more time on this scum. Let’s move on now TTAG.

    • Cruzo1981,

      This is an incredibly important story. Why? The Far Left keeps touting that we don’t need our firearms for personal security because Big Government and Big Institutions will take care of us. This story clearly illustrates yet another of countless Big Government and Big Institution failures.

  4. Very interesting…From the Carlson-Rittenhouse interview and from radio it was a let down hearing lynn wood was less than what has been portrayed. Hopefully KR has dedicated attorneys who will sue for slander and libel and that includes a candidate joe biden.

    Some attorneys have said calling anyone a white supremacist is an opinion in the minds of a court. However an opinion is different from saying something about someone for profit and joe biden’s words in public were for votes which would lead him to fame and fortune in the Whitehouse.

    Most anyone can see KR does not look like Rambo and does not sound like Rambo when he speaks. KR was quite the opposite. The media running to label a slightly chubby typical meathead 17 year old a racist, etc. just does not in no way fit the mold and for that they should pay.

    • Since many of those accusations were made while KR was still a minor, that should prove profitable when he sues their sorry asses…

  5. Long past time to revisit institutionalization.
    Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets without constant supervision.

  6. joseph rosenbaum and anthony huber are dead because
    they had no code
    they had no honor
    >and kyle rittenhouse was watching

  7. Wrong. Rittenhouse was there to show support for the cops, not the people who were protesting the shooting of a black man that was as usual unjustified and an example of police brutality and racism.

    And the Far Right Nazi Judge steered the jury toward acquittal from the beginning to the end of the trial. He dropped the gun charge, refused to let the victims be called victims, he huddled with Rittenhouse in a fatherly manner and even demanded the Jury on queue clap when he ordered them too. Simply outrageous.

    • The gun charge was dropped because the prosecution admitted that it was lawful. They went over this during the trial. Go watch the trial if you want the facts. MSNBC isn’t going to tell you that in their recap. Why would they be victims if they’re chasing someone down and attacking them? I don’t expect a coherent answer so don’t bother.

      • Facts do not matter to kissers-of-leftist-butts; and that one simply spews whatever braindead crap he can find from the talking poinst of the day from the usual socialist/communist sources.

        Don’t waste your time trying to educate his sort.

    • All that time and that’s the best you could do? Weak try the Georgia one you should find some points that stand on their own merit.

      • Lil d lives in an alternate reality of love, peace, unicorns, rainbows, socialist justice, gulags, and mass graves.

  8. Kyle Rittenhouse was and is an immature teenager displaying very poor judgement to have been where he was, when he was with the good intentions he had in his head. He should have stayed home or done just about anything else.

    He was also defending himself, clear as can be, zero doubt of it. The jury reached the verdict supported by a great deal of video and other evidence. It requires a great deal of dishonest imagineering to claim the evidence shows anything other than self defense.

    Now Rittenhouse has gone and posed for pictures with Trump. Proving that he is still too immature and displaying of lousy judgement in his personal life. No crime there, he can act as foolishly and associate himself with whatever cretins and anti-American low-lifes he cares to. Free country, after all.

    Rosenbaum is yet another proof that our country has a ruined mental health system. Incapable of meeting the demands upon it. Worse, there is zero willpower in any political camp, left or right, to fix it. To complain about it certainly, but never to spend the money needed to fix the mess.

    Riots and looting are always a failure of political leaders to act and make the tough decisions, the hard choices. There should never be inadequate numbers of police and National Guard when riots, looting and arson can be easily predicted. This happens in cities and states regardless of the political faction in power. It is always easier for a politician to bemoan the lawlessness, point to all the officers they deployed and claim they did their best.

    Political leaders almost never do their best. Whatever side you are on, do not fool yourself into thinking your guy goes the full distance on leadership.

  9. “White supremacist” Rittenhouse was there to help protect small businesses (owned by Indian immigrants) from the violent, unhinged, mostly white left wing mob. He was there earlier in the day to help clean up the mess left from the Democrat mob from the night before.

    • I’ve been saying it forever. SS/antifa are not attacking their billionaire corporate masters. They are attacking small, mostly family owned businesses. Many of which are owned by minorities.

      The most racist poster we have here is lil’d. He has bragged about being a member of the SS/antifa. And, of course, he denies his racism.


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