Jason Blum The Purge Trump Derangement Syndrome
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“If every time there’s a shooting in the United States, the government’s answer is put more guns in people’s hands then what ‘The Purge’ is showing doesn’t seem all that crazy. Donald Trump keeps saying ‘give teachers guns.’ I could see him saying, ‘let people shoot whoever they want to for 12 hours a year.’” – Jason Blum in Film’s Sharpest Mind Succumbs to Trump Derangement Syndrome [via hollywoodintoto.com]

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  1. Yup. Might have something to do with Democrats calling on their constituents to harass Republicans and Democrats writing articles calling for fire bombings and riots.

    But it’s totally the NRA’s fault. If Republicans and gun owners would just lay down and die the bombings and rioting would be over much sooner.

    • Its not a question of wanting the Republicans / Gun Owners / Conservatives to lay down and die. That would eliminate too many worker bees / tax payers / etc… They want everyone else to unconditionally accept and submit to every cause and whim they create. Of course, once you accept and submit on one item, they add 3 more so you can never truly be in compliance. Its a power trip base on group think.

      • The politicians would arrange to be out of the country for those 12 hours. Risk their sorry asses? I think not.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. As the owners of Hollyweird, the Left should stop the PSYOP, engineering society to normalize violence.
    ANTIFA should stop their terrorism.
    The left should stop lauding actions of the Weather Underground.
    Big Boy words are more effective long term then violence, Prog-Tards.

  3. The left needs to keep up these talking points! This is excellent commentary from delusional leftists that think that republicans are inherently immoral people-killers. This is just great! They keep this up and every representative in congress will be GOP in no time at all!

    What a bubble. Someone trapped in a Hollywood bubble that relates more to Hollywood produced garbage than the common man.

    Like it!

  4. The Purge could not happen in any human society, ever. No psychopathic killer is going to choose the one night out of the year that everybody else will be spending huddled in their living room with guns at the ready, to stage a home invasion, notwithstanding that it’s temporarily legal. The kind of people who kill other humans for fun don’t care if it’s legal, they do care about getting shot.

    What would happen if you had a twelve-hour window when “all crime is legal?” Bank accounts disappear electronically. Corporations dump the toxic waste they’ve been hoarding all year into the ocean.

    • I’ve only seen previews for the movies, but they show people who were out when it began trying to get home past roving gangs, and people out partying.
      If that ever happened for real, sane people would organize neighborhood militias to protect themselves. And normal people wouldn’t be out when it begins, they’d be home and prepared.

      • You say “normal”, but I think you mean “sane and rational”. While they may be similar groups in most of the country, there’s a lot of places where they don’t overlap much.

        And most of those places are run by liberals.

      • The whole premise of The Purge is so stupid it makes my head hurt.

        The only part that comes close to making sense is the possibility that a sufficiently “progressive” leftist government might try to isolate a city and tip it into utter violent chaos just as a social experiment. That, I can almost believe.

        • **cough** Chicago **cough** “WE NEED TOUGHER GUN LAWS!!!” **cough** Baltimore **cough**

      • This happened already during the LA Riots of the 1992. The small business owners in Koreantown decided not to take it anymore, mobilized and defended their businesses with guns.

        Parts of Koreantown were looted and burned, but not where they came together to defend their homes and businesses.

        • Yup. Always a historical fact why firearms are needed as well standard volume magazines. Heck, the LAPD needed the same equipment during the BofA North Hollywood incident! Thank God for the local gun store that helped by handing out ARs to the cops.

          The radicals that create these Kalifornia Bans time and time again, never learn.

          These sheeple need to wake up and smell the covfefe!

    • “The Purge could not happen in any human society, ever.”
      That would be an accurate statement pre-6.5 CM. But, NOW (post 6.5 CM) we must never ALLOW it to happen! Just 12 hours of unregulated 6.5 CM use would completely depopulate the lower 48 states and render all arable land usless for thousands of years. Also, the stray bullets flying in to high, low, and geo sync orbit (which is impossible with .308) would obliterate our global communications network and wipe off the map any country unfortunate enough to receive a single rentering round down wind… although this scenerio is highly improbable because 6.5 CM has such an awesome BC that it maintains escape velocity past 1200 yards.

    • Roads would be fixed by private citizens, construction proects would spring up with no oversight, basically anything requiring a permit or hampered by government regulation would happen- not mass murder or crime.

  5. Liberals are actually the side that likes to propegate anarchy. Literally ordering police to stand down and “give those who wish destroy, room to destroy.”

    • Like this: [?] http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-florida-school-shooting-medina-school-board-20180626-story.html

      Security Resource Officer/teacher doesn’t warn of Parkland shooter entering campus, except to radio ahead to the other SRO, who then hides in a closet.

      Shooter goes on to target a group of students, two (of several) of whom were involved in an ‘inappropriate conduct’ incident with one of the SROs and one of those is a dead girl who alleged inappropriate sexual statements from the SRO.

      • Ironicatbest would say, ” hmm ,that’s interesting, explains a few things. And the Hogg hero who wasn’t there for the party. Very interesting.”

      • Yes. But I was referring to the Baltimore riots, where the Democrat mayor literally ordered police to stand down and let the city burn, and said on tv “those who wish to destroy, will be given room to destroy.” I remember watching the riots live that night. The police literally cordoned off a huge swath of the city, and within that zone they literally stood there and watched buildings and cars burn, people beaten and killed right before them. I’ve seem a lot of things in my life, but that right there, really confirmed every belief I’ll ever have about relying on the government.

  6. Somehow, the phrase “Film’s Sharpest Mind” didn’t inspire the awe and respect in me I think the author was aiming for…

    • I love these parts:

      Blum explains to Variety how the horror genre can send a message without seeming heavy handed.

      He thinks he isn’t being heavy-handed.

      Blum continues, describing how a previous “Purge” film tackled gun control in a way that wasn’t obvious to the casual observer

      He thinks his agenda isn’t obvious.

  7. I strong suspect that in the unlikely event of a “purge” there would be a whole lot less red bandana or guy fawkes mask covered faces by the next morning. Hunting in packs, just means that transition from one target to the next is quick and easy.

    • In the morning they’d still be there, just scattered all over the bloody ground, with the buzzards having the greatest day of their lives.

  8. Every day is the Purge in Baltimorgue and Chiraq. A few other places as well. And, yes, the police are corrupt and are doing some of the Purging.

  9. I’m not going to lie, I would totally be into a Purge. Instead of a set day it should be randomly picked a week ahead of time. Be totally badass to purge during a Nor’easter.
    I’m sure it would bring out the “Fire Enthusiast” in all of us. Probably make society better. Folks might be more respectful and polite to each other knowing that once a year it could be payback time.
    I recommend the book Beyond this Horizon by Robert A Heinlein.

  10. Every day is the Purge, whether you chose to, or were compelled to, participate in it. That’s one of the reasons we stand up for the 2A.

    • Everybody would murder. Some would murder a lot, and some just a few people, but nobody would murder no people…

      • That hasn’t been my experience. I’ve lived in a couple of societies where, even though murder may have been illegal, there was no recognition of that legal authority, no presence of it, and no way for that authority to actually enforce its laws. Because there were still repercussions to murder. Usually very severe ones.
        In these societies, crimes were settled between families and individuals. Although murders did occur, they were no more prevalent than here in the US, and less prevalent than some locations in the US. In societies where it is simply expected that a hot-headed murder will result in your entire family being tortured to death by the offended family’s tribe, people more often than not take a breath and walk away.

        Of course, when they didn’t, blood feuds last generations.

  11. Just watched a Biography of Josef Stalin. In some sequences ordinary Soviet “workers” were shown in archival film clips standing up in front of their peers calling for the capture and summary execution of “enemies of the State” and receiving loud cheers of approval from the crowd. Now, the Left in the US is essentially doing the same thing, while simultaneously calling for civilian disarmament. But WHO is the legitimate “State” in the US? America is a house divided…deeply, irreconcilably divided. Both sides see themselves as absolutely the only possible correct point of view and the other as absolutely wrong. This Jason Blum fellow has got it all wrong. Maxine Waters will call for the “purge”. She moves closer and closer every time she goes on one of her rants. Trump will only be left with the choice to call for a “counter-purge”. Insanity is on the verge of running amuck in the United States.

    • The Dem party has LOVED the Russian communist party for 101 years. That in the last few months they pretend to bash the Russian and tie them to the President, is just their expression of disappointment in how poorly the current crop in Moscow has been doing in spreading their totalitarian antihuman ideas.

    • “But WHO is the legitimate “State” in the US?”

      History from cavemen, to the Asyrians, to the Romans, the Mongols, Soviets, Chicoms, Revolutionary French, and the American Civil War has shown that the people who weild the means of life and death are the “WHO”. Like minded armed Americans are the state. We ALLOW these people to exist, speak, breath, and reproduce. We indulge and tollerate their defensless, intoxicated, superfluous, and childlike lives in their cloud coo coo land. If they wanted to put an end to us, it would end badly for them. If we wanted to put and end to them, it would end baddly for them.

      • While I can agree with most of what you say, I think you need to consider some expansions to what Americans have indulged and tolerated in the past 73 {or more} years.

        The political Left has reshaped the American Public Education System into an institution of Marxist indoctrination for American children, severely infringed Americans’ right to keep and bear Arms, eroded and destroyed wherever possible our Christian-based societal morality [upon which the American Constitutional Republic was founded], expanded the reach of the Federal Government intrusively far beyond the Founder’s vision, funded and sheltered the essentially Marxist-controlled United Nations with American Taxpayer’s money, encouraged and allowed the scourge of recreational drug use, enabled the unfettered slaughter of millions of unborn children through ‘legal’ abortion, allowed hundreds of thousands {likely millions} of illegal immigrants to enter our Country [then rewarded those persons with State and Federal ‘assistance’ money, gave them driver’s licenses and registered them to vote in many States], seized control of the National News Media and made it into a Leftist propaganda instrument under the protective umbrella of the First Amendment, contributed significantly to growing America’s National Debt and Unfunded Debt to over $134 Trillion, built Federal and State Bureaucracies that willfully ignore ‘the rule of law’… the list could go on and on, but I am sure you see what I am saying by now. The Left considers itself the “legitimate State” because they have had decades of unchallenged opportunity to alter the American Constitutional Republic to their agenda, while the “Like minded armed Americans”, who also believe they are the legitimate State, indulged and tolerated this subversion. Hence, we are at an impasse.

        Yes, this will end badly…for everyone…because we have two diametrically opposed factions in the United State of America, one wanting to destroy the American Constitutional Republic and the other wanting to preserve it. I am fairly certain the time for indulgence and tolerance of the Left is coming to an end. I am not certain that violence on a mass scale is the answer, but History does seem to support a dark specter of inevitability. Maybe our only choice will be to recreate “the killing fields” in America. I cannot relish the vision of mountains of Human skulls as America’s legacy.

        BTW – You do realize your first sentence is an expanded paraphrase of Mao Zedong’s 1936 statement “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”. Mao was exhorting the Communist Congress to embrace violent revolution, while you are making an observation that is Historically supported, as I read it.

  12. Is anyone else seeing the sheer idiocy of this? Why would you even promote this as an idea? Ive been in a defensive gun use. Fortunately i didnt have to shoot. Ive also been on the wrong end of a 12 gauge. Trust me if you have a shred of humanity in you, you do not want to be in either situation. Unfortunately sometimes you dont have a choice.

  13. I can see it but it has little to do with Trump and more to do with the broken society being raised (or not raised) that hold little value in life or other things of importance and are completely unable to see larger pictures like who raises the kids of those you just killed?

  14. This is ridiculous. The Purge is fiction. The president couldn’t order such a day under our Constitution. Every state has their own criminal code that the president has no authority to change. Fake news.

  15. Ironicatbest would think ” shoot whoever you want for 12 hours a year.” Is not long enough, they need to extend that hunting season, more like hogs and coyotes, year round, night vision, from moving vehicles. However ironicatbest would change that to full auto and you must eat what you kill or you get a large fine for wanton waste..

  16. Statements such as the origianl post just prove that the Utopians don’t really have any touch with reality, nothing more. They desire life to imitate “art”, if one can call cinema “art”. They should all move to one location, even an entire state if there are that many of them (which there aren’t) and cut themselves off from all of the rest of us. They’d be back soon enough. Even they themselves, in making such statements, know it’s all BS.

  17. I don’t get it. What does lawful self-defense in a peaceful society have to do with committing random acts of brutal violence with wild abandon in a dystopian fiction?

  18. Well if the alt left continues to have these delusions we’ll need at least 24 hours. Ammo’s cheap now. I need to stock up.

  19. Always good to see the regulars posting up.

    We live in interesting times. Remember the old Benjamin Franklin axiom that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?

    We need to learn from history and from other people’s mistakes. The sheeple in this country need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    This is what happens when you don’t take care of business immediately.


    ‘Well, I got to be going. Lots of crime in these here parts. Y’all be careful now, ya hear?”

    Until next time, ✌

  20. So youre worried about teachers- people you already trust with your children -being allowed to carry guns?

    And news flash– im betting all of those guns featured in the purge(s) were legally purchased by responsible citizens. Cool story, bro

    • How about an alternate theory– where every citizen is allowed and encouraged to lawfully purchase and carry a firearm sans criminal record with little hassle. Do you really think the average dumbass is going to roll up on a random house the night of the purge and say, “lets tale a chance on this one!” …?

  21. except the areas that have the least restrictive gun rights dont have the highest amount of gun crime

    america has way more guns per capita than mexico and look whats going on down there vs whats going on up here

    we need to get that wall built

    mexico right now is essentially a failed state

    whats going to happen when a leftist -whos calling for mass border crossings into america- takes charge as president next week

    its not going to make mexico less like venezuela

    its going to make mexico MORE like venezuela

    everybody arm up who hasnt yet

    especially if youre white and live in a border or blue state or city

    its going to get way worse before it gets any better

    this is just the beginning of the birth pains…

  22. Are all democrat Trump haters fantasy merchants?
    I mean dang the only ones screaming for a purge are the democrats.

  23. The purge are a series of shit films that subversively mock out second amendment and our concept of individual rights and our “founding fathers” put into a pretty package because violence sells like sex. Its leftist garbage.

  24. Um … if American gun owners acted like “The Purge” it would be happening already. 300-400,000,000 guns, depending on who you ask; 10’s of millions of households with guns, more that of gun owners. Meanwhile, with no purge, there are something like 2.5 million DGUs a year according to the CDC’s no longer suppressed findings.

    There are many people who, it seems, can be treated with the great power of guns, and even freedom at the same time. Some people cannot. “The Purge” is a fantasy, suggesting otherwise.

  25. Bottom Line Democrats: We ( and there are MANY more than you realize)…are armed and ready. Bring it on and you will see a civil war that makes Vietnam look like a pillow fight. The millenials ( as well as most of the socialist sign carriers) are a group of panty waste, snot nosed douchebags that cant change a tire, let alone fight guerilla warfare in an urban surrounding.
    Keep provoking attacks on our politicians, keep posting your little youtube videos, keep marching with your CARDBOARD signs, keep physically assaulting Trump supporters…….

    Let loose the dogs of war, Dems! We are chomping at the bit.

    • And the RIGHT doesnt need a hollywood fantasy movie to enact an all out civil war in defense of our freedoms…but its so cute the delicate little youngins see hollywood movies as a reality. Aint that precious?
      The Purge = fiction.
      A civil war and as expressed above—“Urban Guerilla warfare” = a close reality.

  26. The Dems are continuing to test the limits of civility, If this comes to a civil war, I pity anyone living in a large metro area, no electrical power, no fuel, Walmart shelves empty in about four days, people eating their neighbors dog in about a week. I’m not a prepper, but it’s smart to prepare. I’m just glad to live in a area /community with fresh water and like minded people.

  27. There is a difference between possibility and probability. It’s possible pigs can fly but not probable. So I’m not concerned about the purge any more than having hog’s wallup drop on my head.

  28. The largest mass murder in US history was committed by an Illegal Alien with a single bottle of gasoline, some doorstops and a Bic lighter(Happyland Social Club).

    Just remember that when you get comfortable with the idea that “most liberals don’t like guns so they aren’t that dangerous”.

    They literally believe in fairy tales and hold grudges against anyone who won’t gladly shell out half their income to support their messed up life choices and laziness. The Purge scenario could be very real and conservatives would suffer a lot of losses trying to not be the bad guy until they realized it was an all out war of attrition.

  29. Who ever wrote this article must be ate up with the DUMB ASS. So they have to be a democrat looking to stir up as much shit as they possibly can. Dems beware, if it ever comes to this you know there are a lot of Republicans or Conservatives that own guns, lol.


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