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In the United States and around the world, minorities of all kinds have been, and continue to be, oppressed, marginalized, attacked, and discriminated against. This oppression takes many forms, some on a macro institutional level, some on a micro individual level.

While we work to slowly but surely make progress on the institutional level, we need to be realistic about the need for personal defense and force equalizing options on the individual level.

Many minorities (people of color, LGBT, etc) are largely on their own when it comes to defending and protecting their lives and the lives of their loved ones.


While the average response time for law enforcement varies from city to city, even the most efficient, best-funded, metro police departments have response times that are often well over eight minutes.

Imagine yourself in a scenario that many individuals live every day. You and your partner are going to be violently assaulted with no more than 10 seconds of warning. Now let’s assume you or a bystander are able to call police and, through some act of divine intervention, don’t wait on hold and are immediately connected to a dispatcher.

Let’s also assume that you know the exact address where you are and that there are no other major active calls that are tying up police resources. Now count out 480 seconds (a full eight minutes) while imagining yourself and your partner being assaulted by three adult men. That wait will seem interminable.

The reality is that calling and relying on the police for self defense simply isn’t enough to protect your life or your family’s. Like the pastor in the recent Washington state parking lot incident, you are your own first responder and you need to prepare accordingly.

Many people today have become soft, comfortable and complacent living under an illusion of modern safety and security. Thankfully, others are more inclined to fulfill a ‘sheepdog’ role in our societies. More often than not, individuals who undergo training and take steps to protect themselves and others have already been victims of violent crime or experienced frighteningly close calls.

We need to understand lessons these prepared individuals have learned and strive to prepare for the worst so we can relax and hope for the best. Armed self defense training and preparation gives the individual the confidence and ability to handle situations when they are their own first responders.

The smallest minority will always be the individual, and when it comes to defending your life, it’s truly up to you.

Piper Smith is the founder & executive director of Armed Equality.

Armed Equality National Discussion Group

Armed Equality SoCal Training Group

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  1. There was almost a school shooting in Japan yesterday. The attacker murdered a police officer and took his gun to a school………dumb luck that this didn’t turn into a school shooting…….
    A 21-year-old man attacked a police box in the city of Toyama on Tuesday, stabbing a police officer to death and fatally shooting a security guard at a nearby elementary school with the gun he took from the officer, police said.

    Keita Shimazu, a former member of the Self-Defense Forces, was arrested at the scene after shooting the construction site guard near the front gate of the school, where teachers and students were on alert.
    When Shimazu, a resident of the town of Tateyama, Toyama Prefecture, entered the school, students were warned not to leave their classrooms.t around 2:30 p.m., the police informed the municipal board of education that a man holding a knife was roaming around the school.

    Teachers then escorted all the students to the gymnasium and they stayed there until the crisis was over. The teachers were guarding the entrances to the gym with brooms and sticks in their hands, according to the school.

    • When I was in Japan back in 2011, I saw cops roaming around Harajuku with stab vests and S&W 37s with lanyards. They didn’t have fancy retention holsters beyond a thumbsnap. I don’t know if they carried any ammo beyond what was in the cylinder. A 5-shot aluminum revolver in the hands of a newb isn’t going to get him very far. Chinese and Koreans frequently smuggle guns into Japan, and the Yakuza and cults like Aum Shinrikyo are known to have smuggled in real assault rifles, so it’s possible one day there could be a mass shooting by organized crime or terrorists there.

      • There is no advantage for the Yakuza to commit mass murder of innocent civilians. The resulting negative publicity would be bad for their business. There is no advantage for a cult, either, but they are too crazy to care.

    • By the various anti-constitution groups’ standards, this qualifies as a school shooting as it was in close proximity to a school. They will never count it as such since it occurred in Japan and not the US. Their standard is more like any discharge of a firearm (this includes BB or pellet guns) within 1000′ of a school is a school shooting. Which means if I need to shoot a home invader that’s a school shooting.

  2. Roaming around the school with a knife ? So which was it a gun or a knife. Big difference in the two weapons described ??

    • From the article posted just above your comment:
      “A 21-year-old man attacked a police box in the city of Toyama on Tuesday, stabbing a police officer to death and fatally shooting a security guard at a nearby elementary school with the gun he took from the officer, police said.”

  3. A lot of bad things can happen in 30 seconds, most bad things are over with except for the clean up in 8 minutes.

  4. As a law abiding black gun owner I know I’m the smallest minority. But that is changing. Thanks to Black Guns Matter.

  5. ” Harass them wherever you find them ” — The tolerant and inclusive Maxine Waters.

    Member ( still ) U.S. Congress.

  6. I ardently endorse the 1999 book “Dial 911 and Die: The Shocking Truth About The
    Police Protection Myth” by Richard Stevens. Available from JPFO, Inc. at
    JPFO, Inc. is “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization.” Dial 911 is also available
    for viewing at You Tube.

  7. Very well said. This is why the Second Amendment and First Amendment are so important. They empower individuals.

    Any system or law that elevates the collective above the individual — especially the inherent right of individuals to defend their own lives — doesn’t respect anyone at all. I wish more people on the LGBT end of things understood that.

  8. In last pix.. lady student needs to roll her firearm clockwise. Spent brass will eject downwards, and the slide will function properly.

    If she shoots vertical, the slide may hit her in the ribs and fail to function… sticking the spent brass in the chamber..

    My .02

    God Bless Texas..
    Go Dawgs!!

  9. People come in units of one. That they do not come in homogeneous groups is a great source of inconvenience and annoyance to agitators.

  10. This country was founded on the principles of individual rights. We have been manipulated very far away from these principles where even many gun owners accept bigger government, bigger government police powers, total government control over healthcare, just to name a few examples. The more we import from the 3rd world and socialized countries, this will only worsen.

  11. YOU ARE YOUR OWN “FIRST RESPONDER” (caps for emphasis). Police and other government types are “second responders” and are only there to “pick up the pieces” and pass judgement on “first responders”, quite often in error, especially if the “first responder” is a law-abiding citizen…


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