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Opposing gun-related groups duel at close quarters at Democratic convention

Way to go, TSRA . . .

The gun debate was front and center Friday at the Texas Democrats’ state convention.

In the middle of the exhibit hall, volunteers for Moms Demand Action, a group calling for changes to gun laws, found themselves running a booth right beside one for the Texas State Rifle Association.

By midafternoon, there had been one confrontation at the TSRA booth, which a passerby reported to the police. The Moms Demand Action volunteers reported no problems at their booth.

“I’m not here to change hearts and minds,” said Odie Hitt, a second vice president for the TSRA. “I’m just here to give information.”

That’s what he was trying to do Friday when a delegate came up to talk to him.

That man soon started yelling.

Comey Gun Control NRA FBI

 Comey Calls for Stricter Gun Regulations, Accuses NRA of Lying to America

The man who considers himself America’s conscience, someone with “a higher loyalty,” wants to restrict your gun rights . . .

Former FBI Director James Comey accused the National Rifle Association of lying to the American people and called for lawmakers to pass stricter gun regulations.

Comey criticized the NRA in an exclusive interview with iNews on Friday, urging people to see through their “lies” in order to pass so-called life-saving gun legislation.

“One of the worst things that goes on in the U.S. is the current voice of the National Rifle Association because it sells fear in the wake of any incident,” Comey said. “The reason gun sales spiked to incredible rates after [the Sandy Hook, Connecticut, shooting in 2012] is the NRA turned around in the wake of that and said, ‘They’re coming for your guns.’ They sold fear to the American people.”

IKEA Store Gun Fires Kids
courtesy theindychannel.com

Child fires loaded gun found inside sofa at IKEA

But IKEA stores are gun-free zones. How did this happen? . . .

No one was injured when a child fired a loaded gun that he found inside a sofa at the IKEA in Fishers on Monday.

A man went into the store around 2 p.m. and sat down on a sofa. He did not realize that his handgun fell out his pants when he got up and walked away.

Some children later sat down on the sofa and found the gun.

According to Fishers police, one of the kids pulled the trigger, and the gun went off.  The gunshot did not hit anyone.

Police say the man did have a permit to carry the gun.

The case will be turned over to the Hamilton County Prosecutor for review.

$76M Lawsuit: Marc Stephens vs City of Englewood Docketed with the Supreme Court of the United States

Did a court really rule that it’s acceptable for police officers to fabricate evidence? . . .

Stephens is requesting the Supreme Court to reverse the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit erroneous decision, and send the case to trial.

The 3rd Circuit ‘affirmed’ the District Court’s opinion that Police Officers are allowed to fabricate evidence against black criminal defendants.

District Court Judge William J. Martini stopped the case from going to trial by stating in his opinion, “Second, even if Tyrone did offer such evidence, “[i]t is well settled that police officers are absolutely immune from § 1983 suits for damages for giving allegedly perjured testimony…”

Delta CEO Didn’t Check With Board Before Cutting Ties With NRA

Were his employees scared too? . . .

“At Delta, our values are everything,” Bastian said at Fortune’s CEO Initiative conference in San Francisco on Tuesday. “It’s the culture of the company. It allows us to be who we are.” He said that “the tone of the commentary from the NRA and seeing Delta’s name in the midst of the discussion going on, we just couldn’t be there.”

In fact, Bastian was so certain about the decision that he didn’t give his board a heads up. “The board read about it as everyone else did the next morning,” he said, adding that he “got nothing but support” from his directors.

Pedal to the metal, southsiders . . .

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  1. Comey would tout that BS line “they aren’t coming for your guns”. He’s personally the seen the deep states agenda to disarm America.

    • Comey is minus in the friends dept these days so I suspect we will hear more of his virtue signaling attempts. I imagine it’s hard to accept not being relevant anymore.

    • Comey looked at who was going to support him (the Democrats) and who was going to hold him up for ridicule (the Republicans). Based on that he is of course going to dump on the NRA since that buys him support from the radical leftists of the Democrat party.

    • Comey is a poser who knows nothing about law enforcement. He’s never put cuffs on a mope let alone gone hands on. He’s been Mr. Director, pushing papers, never doing a real investigation and living on the reputation of street agents.

      • Given the way Comey handled the Hillary investigation during the election, you have to wonder what sort of dirt the Russians and Chinese had on him.

        Speaking of Hillary, the title of Slick’s new book is a phrase that Hillary shouted hundreds of times at aides and Secret Service folks while Slick was off showing his cigar tricks to any gal he could find.

    • Comey is a good canditate for treason charges along with the hilderbeast and obummer…. there are quite a few more i could list but the list is not as long comparatively as it is in australia. here it is almost the entire parliament and a good many in the bureaucracy as well

    • ’ They sold fear to the American people.”

      No, Comey, the NRA told the truth. Ask anyone from Colorado that witnessed the anti-gun circus in the Summer of 2013. They only got >15 round mags and UBC, but they wanted it ALL.

      • Well…. in the Utopian paradise he’s trying to make:
        Truth (they want your guns) = selling fear
        Selling fear (their guns will kill you!) = truth

      • A buddy of mine and I are about to order some mags for some family out of state. They really do love magazines, these family members in states that allow 30 rds. I always feel it’s a nice gesture. It’s especially nice when it’s magazines that I personally really like, work with everything I own, and are exactly what I would want to have. Before anyone mentions kits, it’s cheaper to buy whole ones vs the markup people around here charge.

        Where they ultimately end up is anyone’s guess.

        • YOu should always buy gifts that you would want to own, those are the best. However, I would recommend buying these gifts years, or decades in advance, just in case they stop producing them. Also, never gift things unless you know 100 percent they work, giving a broken gift is just crass, and lets be honest, there is only 1 way to make100 % sure they work.

          I used to want to live in CO… hope utah doesn’t go that way 🙁

        • Most online dealers won’t process orders if the payment is tied to a Colorado address.

          I tried to order some stuff for my dad and ended up having my mom do it because online vendors wouldn’t deal with me even if I ordered the stuff gift wrapped and shipped to NM.

    • Message to Comey: You are a posterchild for the reason that the forefathers of this country created the 2nd amendment. They were men who were well aware of what a “deep state” and the tyranny that always follows could do to its people. You attempted to usurp the Constitution and overturn a lawful election by the people of this country, which makes you – Mr. Comey – a traitor and a domestic enemy of the people. Again, you and your type are the reason that We The People are armed. What? Did you (Comey) think that you were going to be the next Hiemlich Himmler? We were on to you pretty early, so I suspect you didn’t have a chance.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if Mr. Comey had a clue that most of America sees past his “deep state” lies and tyrannical ambitions, that his life will never be the same. Even for those on the left, eventually, they will throw him under the bus to deflect blame.

    • Somebody correct me if I’m wrong – I don’t follow Connecticut politics closely – but didn’t Connecticut pass laws after Sandy Hook against certain firearms?

      • Connecticut prohibits any person from possessing an “assault weapon” unless the weapon was possessed prior to July 1, 1994, and the possessor:

        • Was eligible to apply for a certificate of possession for the assault weapon by July 1, 1994;
        • Lawfully possessed the assault weapon prior to October 1, 1993; and
        • Is not in violation of Connecticut General Statutes §§ 53-202a to 53-202k (assault weapon regulations), and Connecticut General Statutes § 53-202o (affirmative defense in prosecution for possession of specified assault weapon)

        Of course, only 50K (of an estimated half-million) were actually registered (and only 40K mags) so the vast, VAST majority of so-called AW owners in CT are now evil criminals of the state, a veritable powder keg of mass shooters just waiting for their moment to wreak havoc across the state (or, at least, that is what progressives would have you believe…wankers).

    • It is neither a lie, nor ‘selling fear’ when they really are coming for your guns.

      They can dither and make their own lies, however, they’ve been caught, time and again, saying they want them gone. And, yes, banning “AWs” is ‘coming for your guns’.

  2. I am glad to see that the Texas State Rifle Association. We need to make sure that gun owners rights does not become a single party issue. We need allis in every group.

    • I’d like to see leadership that aren’t cops willing to sell us plebes out for a change, but despite that handicap they’ve mostly been okay.

    • I am a proud life member of the Texas State Rifle Association. I became a member years ago when the NRA would not allow a person to pay out their membership but the TSRA would.

    • In the screaming idiot’s defense; he wasn’t arguing politics with the TSRA guy. He was just a .308 guy who hadn’t come to the light…. yet…. and the TSRA guy was 6.5 CM guy who was just there to “give information”. The future of politics isn’t democrat and republican, or conservative and liberal. It’s going to be .308 and 6.5 CM….. either that or Sea Otters and Humans.

  3. Blow me Comey !!!! Not really blow your brother. I don’t want you or your kind anywhere near me. I don’t want any chance of catching whatever you have.

  4. Was Comey in charge of the FBI when they decided not to stop a school shooting after they were told the entire plan?

  5. “Why all the red, moms? You Republican, or just communist?”

    BTW, the best response when these communist pukes shout in your face (and they increasingly will if you are “outed”) is to burst out laughing at them. Point and laugh until they become bored or embarrassed and leave, or follow through with the threat they made by getting in your face and escalate physically (at which point do what seems appropriate)

    • The perfect response to the MDA crowd is to hand them a business card printed front and back with a list of “Moms” who abused, neglected and killed their own children.

    • In Utopia: YOU triggered them, so they bare no responsibility for their actions and everything is always your fault.

  6. Mr. Comey, before you make any more statements like these, how about you respect the right for elected representatives to get what they are legally asking for. Remember what was taught in law school; law against you, argue the facts, facts against you, argue the law, law and facts both against you…call the other lawyer names. 30

  7. Wait…so according to the District court, the poleece can simply fabricate evidence and arrest a black person without due process?! Well damn! This just gives the race baiters more blood to drool over and argue for the continued victimization of black people, who the people u r next. I’m so very tired of this crap! What happened to the rule of law, civil war here we come.

  8. “…one of the kids pulled the trigger, and the gun went off.”

    Isn’t that how firearms are supposed to work? (Asking for a friend.)

    “Carrying with an empty chamber is like saying “I’ll have enough time to put the seat belt on before I crash.””

    People always say that the IDF trains that way. I suspect that they are usually not encumbered with a spouse or a child or something that ties up their off hand. While I have trained to use one hand when my other hand is injured, I wouldn’t want to enter a fight already one step behind.

    • I have never heard of the IDF training this way. The Isreali revolutionary army, but that was because most of the handguns they had weren’t safe to carry. Never seen any evidence this has occured in the past several decades.

      • I have spent quite a bit of time in Israel, and I have helped train members of the IDF. Beyond that I happen to have a current IDF soldier sitting next to me right now. Lucky you.
        As with all things, it is a little more nuanced than chambered or unchambered.
        In general, if your rifle is chambered, your pistol is chambered.
        But often, like guarding a checkpoint or an entrance to a building, your sidearm will not have a round chambered. If you are just walking around on duty it will be unchambered.
        The reasoning is that you are surrounded by people all the time. It would be pretty easy to get your firearm away from you.
        Even so, many IDF soldiers hate the practice, and can point out successful assaults against soldiers because their pistol was not chamber.

        • Tim at Military Arms Channel has a video of his tour at IWI. They demonstrated clambering a round into a unloaded pistol. They were very quick charging the weapon, but my takeaway was that it’s great only if you have two free hands. Of course I defer to you and your IDF compadre.

        • Beyond that I happen to have a current IDF soldier sitting next to me right now.

          It’s a Marshall McLuhan moment!

  9. Throw the book at the guy who lost his gun in the couch. Incidents like this can set our cause back years.

  10. RE: The person who left his gun in an IKEA display couch… Has anyone checked the whereabouts of the FBI agent who dropped his gun on the dance floor in that nightclub?

    • He’s being prosecuted for that incident. The Denver D.A. charged him with second degree assault with more charges possible pending a blood analysis.

      • I’m sure he was arrested but prolly bonded out in an hour.

        The guy who got shot has been promised free drinks for life by Mile High Spirits. No nightly or lifetime limit/cap on price as I understand.

        • Man, I sure hope that poor guy lives within walking distance of that bar.

          Because a promise of free drinks for life could prove dangerous for him…

  11. Mom = A woman who got knocked up and carried the fetus to term.
    The word mom does not denote anything else. A mom is not necessarily intelligent, honest, knowledgeable, hard working, admirable, faithful or a good parent.

    Judging by the large numbers of selfish, lazy and uneducated youth infesting the Nation these days, a lot of “Moms” are derelict of duty.

    • My comment to ‘Mothers Demanding You Do What they Want’ is that a mother is somebody who can claim to have had both functioning ovaries and unprotected sexual intercourse.

      Somehow, neither of those things scream: “This is enough for me to agree to put her in charge of the world”.

      • Well, my mom had to put up with my crap until I was 19 and I left for college… the fact that she didn’t stangle me numerous times put her in the saint category… no, not the Springfield version.

        • Yeah, me, too, plus my Mom was (almost) always good-natured about my childish crap. She absolutely did not care when I bought my first Python, had me buy her a revolver soon after (I was 19).

  12. Yikes! So much BS tonight…that gat was the best thing in Ikea. Even a Hipoint😄Comey sucks. Damn the po-leece really screwed the pooch in Englewood. Delta sucks…

  13. Here’s a nice idea: when police forge evidence or comit perjury, they get the same penalty that the defendant got or could have gotten, up to and including the death penalty. Same goes for prosecutors who withhold exonerating evidence from discovery.

    • sounds fair to me. personally i am all for double the sentence for corrupt officials in positions of power such as the police or even indeed govt

  14. Comey’s opinion on the Second Amendment and the NRA is worth even less than his now nonexistent FBI career.

  15. Comey really is a piece of work. His book is chock full of excuses for the FBI manufacturing evidence, lying to pressure confessions, acting without warrants and basically doing everything in the book we attribute to dirty and corrupt cops. Sadly, if it weren’t for TDS nobody would have read his book and because of the TDS nobody is going to get the really important stuff that’s in the book.

    He’s a crime boss plain and simple and needs to die in a cell.

  16. The reason gun sales spiked to incredible rates after [the Sandy Hook, Connecticut, shooting in 2012] is the NRA turned around in the wake of that and said, ‘They’re coming for your guns.’ They sold fear to the American people.” – Comey

    That’s total bullshit. The NRA didn’t tell me they were coming for my guns – the loser democrats did! On forums and comment sections everywhere I had to defend my ownership of my guns. Comments like:

    “Why do you need an AR15???? Nobody needs an AR15.”

    “We need more regulations on these types of weapons.”

    “Can we repeal the 2nd amendment already.”

    “Why did the assault ban lapse? We need to bring that back.”

    Etc etc. Sure the NRA says that “they are coming for your guns.” And maybe even to stir up fear and membership. But it was the gun-owner-hating Democrats in forums and comment sections everywhere that definitively proved the NRAs point.

    Comey should get back to looking pretty in front a camera like every FBI director should and stay out of the realm of political policy.

    • EXACTLY.

      I finally joined the NRA in 2016, not because they told me Democrats wanted to take away my ability to own guns, but because I wanted some protection against all the Democrats who kept saying that they really-really-truly did want to take away my guns.

  17. Yes, blocking traffic on an already gridlocked roadway is the best way to get sympathy for your cause. Keep doing it, please!

  18. ” Comey Calls for Stricter Gun Regulations”

    Yeah, I’m the type that doesn’t listen to seditious individuals who attempted to de-rail a presidential candidate, glossed over an investigation into willful compromise of classified defense information, and then partook in attempting to subvert and overthrow a duly elected official….Guess I’m old fashioned like that..

  19. ““One of the worst things that goes on in the U.S. is the current voice of the National Rifle Association because it sells fear in the wake of any incident,” Comey said.”
    And, of course, the gun control does not do the exact same thing. There are none so blind…

    “The reason gun sales spiked to incredible rates after [the Sandy Hook, Connecticut, shooting in 2012] is the NRA turned around in the wake of that and said, ‘They’re coming for your guns.’ They sold fear to the American people.”
    Comey needs to look around a little. There are several communities (even states) that do, indeed, have laws on the books calling for confiscation.

    Comey is just like the rest of the gun control group. He knows very little about the situation, but thinks the little he knows is enough.

  20. “The reason gun sales spiked to incredible rates after [the Sandy Hook, Connecticut, shooting in 2012] is the NRA turned around in the wake of that and said, ‘They’re coming for your guns.’ They sold fear to the American people.”

    comey voiced support for DC in Heller meaning he DOES support bans of even five shot revolver to be kept at homes for persons even if they pass background check and have training.

    And is Comey is trying to say Obama did not, on 17 occasions recommend, voice support for the Australia system which was mass confiscation and which applied to the US would fully disarm the ~2/3 of American gun owners who own a basic home defense pistol?

    Every national gun control group in the US says Heller was wrong and any and every juristic ions, on a 51% vote of the legislature, can ban all guns from law abiding people. A majority of Democrat politicians say they oppose Heller. By any and every rational definition they ARE coming for your guns — yes even your revolver.

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