Greg Abbott Would Like To Remind You He’s A Pro-Gun Governor

Greg Abbott School Safety Second Amendment Gun Rights


“The reason I pushed for & signed open carry & campus carry wasn’t for hunting or sport, it was to ensure Texans can DEFEND themselves. I will never sign a law that limits self defense. My school safety plan can make schools safer w/o infringing #2A rights.” – Texas Governor Greg Abbott [via]


  1. avatar Ogre says:

    Actions speak louder than words, and this is just political speech and hence it is worth nothing. Gov Abbot’s actions will tell the tale to the 2A folks.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      True, and both the good and bad things he’s done so far have been only speech. Well, except for the committee he’s put together to draw up bright ideas for gun control. That’s slightly more than only speech, at this time.

      People better not be surprised if he ends up taking their suggestions under consideration, however.

  2. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    At the moment his word is better then the knucklehead we have in Scott.

    1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      Same for yet another Scott,Benedict Scott RINO of Vermont.

  3. avatar Ken says:

    Let’s see what he thinks about a constitutional carry bill in 2019.

    1. avatar Kevin says:

      I’d be more impressed if he called a special session to get Constitutional Carry passed.

      One of the issues was Straus. He’s gone now.

      1. avatar m. says:

        straus is scheduled 2 leave in jan. 2019. waiting for a frog-marching out of the TX capitol.

  4. avatar jwtaylor says:

    The fact that he has to “remind” us is a good sign. After all, he is virtually guaranteed re-election, and the primary is over. The doesn’t have to pander to win.
    Still, he’s treading on very thin ice. It appears he knows it.

    1. avatar LKB says:

      +1. I think Abbott tried to appear “statesmanlike” in the wake of the Sante Fe tragedy and sent some very mixed signals. This has led to understandable attacks from the pro-2A community that he’s going wobbly (a-la Fla. Gov. Scott). The TSRA has been quite vocal in defending him, but I suspect they and/or his advisors have reminded him of the old Darryl Royal epigram that one needs to “dance with who brung ya” and thus have pressed him to clarify his position.

      Another issue in play is the continued behavior of our RINO Speaker of the House Joe Straus (who, thankfully, is retiring and won’t be in the chair at the next session). Straus has always been, at best, a squish on 2A issues, and recently he appointed a liberal anti-2A *democrat* to chair the house committee that will consider post-Santa Fe bills. Abbott’s recent strong pro-2A statements could be a warning to legislators not to waste too much time on bills that he’ll never sign. (Because the Texas legislature only meets for a few months every other year, scheduling and time management during the session are of the essence, and legislators typically don’t want to waste valuable floor time on bills with no chance of becoming law.)

      To date, Gov. Abbott’s 2A actions have been fine. We’ve gotten open carry, campus carry, decreased fees for LTC’s, etc. I was at the signing ceremony for the open carry and campus carry bills (held at a shooting range, where Abbott afterwards showed he does know how to shoot), and from his comments there I think Abbott would sign a constitutional carry bill — determinative factor on that remains who the next speaker of the house will be and whether he’ll let such a bill get to the floor.

      1. avatar Mike says:

        I would laugh my head off if Jonathan Stickland was elected Speaker. He would be great.

        1. avatar Kevin says:

          Yup! I would like to see him Governor some day.

      2. avatar Ed Schrade says:

        The part that concerns me is the red flag law that has been discussed.

    2. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      WhyJon? I’ve not been following your state’s internal politics very closely. What’s the “thin ice” issue(s)?

      1. avatar LKB says:

        In short: Texas ain’t Florida.

        If Abbott actually goes wobbly on this issue, his base will turn on him. He’ll be toast in the 2022 GOP primary, and he can say goodbye to any senatorial asperations he might have.

        1. avatar jwtaylor says:

          In my experience, and I think you know I have some, at this point in a Governor’s career they are more considering their legacy than their next office.
          And his legacy would be dogshit.

      2. avatar jwtaylor says:

        DG, LKB answered the question well.

        Now when am I going to read the first edition of your book, Firearms Manufacturing with Hand Tools?
        How much do you need me to put down to reserve a first edition? Is there a PayPal account I can send this to? Wiring instructions? Passenger pigeon pickup address?
        So. Not. Kidding.

        1. avatar Andrew Lews says:

          I’m with jwtaylor.

          So not kidding.

  5. avatar 2aguy says:

    Just saw this…..shooting in Sweden….3 people shot and killed in gang violence, automatic weapon used… others were wounded in the centre of the city late on Monday, when at least one attacker opened fire as the victims left the cafe.
    Police said there was no indication of terrorism. Malmo has gained a reputation for violent crime.
    Monday night’s attack – which occurred near a police station – is being linked to gangs and organised crime.
    Witnesses reported hearing about 15 shots fired by an automatic weapon. The gunman is believed to have fled the scene by car.

    1. avatar billy-bob says:

      Just gangs and organized crime, nothing to see here, move along.

      1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

        Don’t forget this is Sweden. It’s a place where people with a professed desire to rape and kill non-muslims are welcomed into the country with open arms.

        1. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

          Malmo is like Baltimore and Chicago rolled into one…

  6. avatar dph says:

    At least they have a Governor who can talk about guns without clutching his pearls and wetting his pants. Our POS governor (WA) won’t be happy until we’re using sticks to defend ourselves.

    1. avatar Bloving says:

      “You’d better have a permit for that stick, Mister!”

  7. avatar former water walker says:

    All this whining…I wish he was Illinois’s governor. We got crap and much crappier. And a libertarian about to go to jail for child support. Oh and a republitard as a “conservative” to insure a Jabba the Pritzger victory😩

    1. avatar Ironhead says:

      Do what i did… get out of Illinois.

    2. avatar FedUp says:

      Well, yeah, that’s Illinois. Rick Snyder would be a step up for you guys.

      What’s another name for a guy who hasn’t been to prison yet? Governor.

  8. avatar sam_everett says:

    Greg Abbott Would Like To Remind You He’s A Pro-Gun Governor.

    Come & Take It.
    Remember the Alamo.
    How about Constitutional Carry Gov. Abbott?
    Since he thinks it is fine to carry a Bowie knife on the hip now or a sword on someones back in down-town Austin.
    How about Constitutional Carry?

  9. avatar FedUp says:

    If you were unquestionably pro-gun, you wouldn’t have to go around telling people you consider yourself pro-gun.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      You might. A lot of people don’t pay as much attention to gun issues and politics as the folks here do.

  10. avatar the ghost of ironicatbest says:

    Ironicatbest would say,” That’s a cool 1791 Colt .45″, He was hoping to see a 1791 Glock superimposed over the American flag.

    1. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

      Ironicatbest, are you trying to out-Joe R. Joe R.?

      1. avatar CarlosT says:

        Still needs to write a book.

  11. avatar Philo says:

    As noted from antiquity, elements of a problem-solving technique as follows:
    Identify the problem.
    Decide what to do.
    Formulate a plan.
    Predict the outcome.
    Execute the plan.
    Evaluate the results.

    “What is the first ‘tool’ you learned to use?”

    1. avatar Parnell says:

      “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it elsewhere diagnosing it incorrectly and applying all the wrong remedies” – Groucho Marx.

  12. avatar barnbwt says:

    Well, if he’s a pro-gun governor, it’d sure help if he would stop talking about temporary restraining orders (‘red flag’ laws) and tougher (more expensive and legally treacherous) safe storage laws.

  13. avatar Silentbrick says:

    Screw CC carry, he needs to ditch the 30.06 signs. I don’t care so much about 30.07 but if he gets rid of 06, I’d be quite happy.

    1. Better to make the penalty for violating 30.06 a ticket as it is in other states. Get a few (3? 5?) and you lose your permit. That was Missouri law.

      You’re only ticketed if you refuse the property owner’s request to leave, which is a stupid thing to do. Plus, any property owner who spots a concealed gun can already ask you to leave, sign or not.

      1. avatar LKB says:

        Texas already did that. As of 1-1-2016, violating a 30.06 posting is a $200 ticket, and no matter how many you get it doesn’t affect your LTC permit.

      2. avatar CarlosT says:

        Repeal the laws altogether. No guns signs in such pro-gun heavens as Washington state have no force of law. A property owner can ask you to leave and refusal is trespassing. That should be all that is necessary.

  14. avatar Joe R. says:

    There’s a “BUT” coming.

    He didn’t have to get out into the middle of the road to announce it accept that he’s going to suck one on the proposed gun-seizure legislation.

    F em all.

  15. avatar Nanashi says:

    “I will never sign a law that limits self defense”

    So long as you don’t have minor children, a crazy ex, a neighbor that doesn’t like you, an employer that doesn’t like you or someone else that can claim to know you and doesn’t like you.

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