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TTAG’s been ragging on the undead firearms and accessories thing since the industry’s marketing mavens’ brains first went all spongy. We’ve brought you countless examples of stupid stuff painted bio-hazard green to go. Here’s one zombie-branded product I actually like: the CaseCruzer Zombie Shooting Range Universal 5 Pack Handgun Case. For one thing, there are no zombie-related markings. Secondly, who doesn’t want a gun schlepper where you and four of your ballistic BFFs can draw from the case? [Void where prohibited by law.] Like all CaseCruzers, the 5 Pack costs a bomb: $265 plus S&H. But it would probably survive one. As for the zombie marketing under which the 5 Pack labors, it’s obvious that CaseCruzer was kinda going through the motions. “Sportsmen and handgun enthusiasts probably will never face an alien invasion,” the exotically-named Tatiana Briceno opines, cleverly changing the subject. “But that doesn’t mean our new case isn’t designed for every situation.” Double negatives aside, I’m positively psyched about putting one under my X-mas tree.

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    • For less than the cost of one you can protect five. Also, the better the guns are stored the safer the extraction. Just sayin’ . . .

        • I see what you did there. I also see a lot of guys come to the range with disorganized cases. Reaching into a bag/case filled with guns, ammo, cleaning supplies, hat and other random stuff is not my idea of firearms safety. YMMV.

    • Actually a descent case for a pistol is what like $30 maybe. I have seen than as high as $99. So in reality take $50 times 5 that is $250.. yippee I can do basic math.. All kidding aside though it sort of pays for itself really.
      Sure it isn’t a cheap cloth case, but look at how neatly organized it is! Given the layout, organization, etc I would say this is something you should get.

    • Yea but this dosnt have any green paint or actualy say zombie on it as far as I can see. I actualy kind of like it, might look good in a reloading room or something.

      Otherwise, I agree with your statement.

  1. It is a rebadged Pelican 1550 case with some fancy foam and pumped up price. You can purchase a Pelican case without any foam and get some cell foam and glue up the same type of rig at about half the price. Or, even better, there are several Pelican competitors with the same specs for their cases at a much reduced price, for example Seahorse. Also, if you go to they can custom make inserts for you as well.

    I had an issue with Pelican earlier this year and found out that their lifetime warrenty means very little unless you are a LEO/Firefighter or have a contract of some type with them. Regular Joe’s need not purchase from Pelican unless you like paying 50% of the case price for replacement foam.

    So, I started to do some of my own investigation of alternatives, and if you do a little digging you can find the same sepcs, quality and flexibilty at a reduced price with a company that will stand behind their product.

    I use a Seahorse case like this when I teach firearm safety/shooting classes because I use 5 or 6 different pistols in class and it is easier to lug around and secure than bags and pistol pillows especially if I have to leave the room/shooting line for some reason. With one of my inserts I can hold 9 pistols with 3 mags each. For normal range day, it is over kill but for when I am teaching classes it rocks because it is easy to grab a pistol and put it back and visually count that everything is in the case.

    If you have a small apartment and a little imagination, you can use these cases to secure and lock your firearms to the floor in a closet because you cannot easily break into these cases unless you come with bolt cutters or sawzall.

  2. Even tho the Zombie Craze has gone way overboard this is a nice case!! Wouldn’t mind having one myself.
    Hey RF… Why don’t TTAG buy about 10 of these and give them away for Christmas!! Just randomly pick out screen names somehow and hand them out.
    Hell if I won one I wouldn’t mind paying standard shipping myself for it to get in my grubby little mitts by Christmas or soon after!!!
    Just a thought you know!!
    “Wink Wink Nudge Nudge!!”
    ” Know what I mean, Know what I mean!!”

  3. Maybe it’s just me…but as soon as the word “zombie” comes out of someone’s mouth, it’s like instant zero credibility. I’m thinking go back to your video games.

  4. $265 + S&H? No thanks. It’s not in my budget for non-priority fun gear. Let’s see; being the good frugal shopper that I am, for less money I can buy a red-dot scope for my Browning Buckmark .22 pistol, four mags for the Buckmark, ammo, and a holster for my Ruger LCR. Afterwards I will still have money left over for a good BBQ beef brisket sandwich (topped off with coleslaw).

  5. Zombie carp is overblown and since there is no such thing and could never be a Zombie its retarded to market real gear for it.

    As for the pack looks nice if your into BIG pistol shooting that’s the case to get.

  6. I’d rather it was a three gun case with more magazine slots (more efficiently laid out as well) and room for more ammo. Who takes 5 different guns to the range with 2 magazines each and a single box of ammunition? Next!


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