The NRA’s Latest: We Are America


  1. avatar anonymous says:

    If this is the NRA’s best public relations campaign, God help us.

    1. avatar Jim L says:

      I will be the first one to say it: The NRA can go shit in their hat. While this whole SAFE act was brewing in NYS, THEY DID NOTHING!!!!!! Fuck them!

  2. avatar Mark N. says:

    I rather liked it. It was a reminder–or should I say a lesson–that the Second Amendment is a fundamental right that we have not ceded to government control, that we the People are sovereign and the government answers to us. Stand up for freedom. I can dig that.

    1. avatar anonymous says:

      Oh, I like it too. But I already agree with the message.

      I don’t think that Susie Soccermom or Lefty Liberal is going to say, “I thought gun control was a good idea — especially after those kids were shot — but this NRA ad made me think gun control might be a bad idea.”

      1. avatar Charles Turino says:

        The only thing that will every make Susie Soccermom embrace firearms is when something bad happens to her or her loved one. Then when that feeling of helplessness sets in while waiting for LEO to arrive, she will wish she had a gun or some means of protecting herself or her family. That is the liberal AH HA moment. Anything short of that is a waste of time. I stopped arguing my views because most of them are so far gone in their ideology it is a waste of time. I think the NRA has to rally up its base and not try to convince people that will never be convinced. America is worth fighting for and we have foreign and domestic enemies right now. They want my guns, COME AND TAKE THEM.

        1. avatar LongBeach says:

          She will wish that she had a double-barreled shotgun, with which to fire two warning shots into the air outside her home, so that Joe Biden will come flying, cape a-fluttering, to reason with the nice but confused person who, in a bout of poor judgment, mistakenly chose to enter the woman’s home. The would-be criminal will then realize his/her honest mistake, thanks to Cap’n Joe, and return to his/her otherwise peaceful, productive, law-abiding life as a member of the wonderful utopian society we all very clearly live in.

  3. avatar Backyardsniper says:

    Justin Moore does a better video, it’s called NRA Country, pretty good song too.

  4. avatar Rokurota says:

    I suppose it’s too much to ask for the NRA to show one nonwhite American.

    1. avatar Kyle says:

      I suppose it’s too much for you to look past race and just see Americans?

      1. avatar Rokurota says:

        If every single person in the video was a woman, would you tell me to “look past sex?” Or would you think the video did not sufficiently represent what “We Are America” means?

    2. avatar EagleScout87 says:

      that was the biggest downside to video. Still a strong video.

    3. avatar Kevin says:

      Well it is kinda like the“No More Hesitation” targets the Government is buying. They are all white. White kids, white old people, and white pregnant women. I guess we are the target (pun by accident) audience on both sides of the argument!

    4. avatar In Memphis says:

      More young females is a good start. I dont mean that in a sexist way but its not all OFWGs. But I agree, we should have more non-whites. I talk to so many shooters if different ethnic backgrounds and can easily say they are not hard to come by.

    5. avatar Larry2 says:

      I noticed that as well. Like it or not, they need to get the same demographic coverage as America represents, else they are fighting a loosing battle.

    6. avatar Ash says:

      Look closer. The guy in the barbershop at 0:41 is black.

      1. avatar Rokurota says:

        If you have to look that close, then what’s the point? I watched the video twice before commenting.

  5. avatar Nate says:

    Wow, powerfull. will definatley piss the elite off 🙂

  6. avatar Larry2 says:

    I hope we aren’t the only ones who will see it. They need to buy National Advertising spots and get the message out.

    1. avatar EagleScout87 says:

      Remember, viral is more powerful than MSM for most demographics under the age of 60, (if it wasn’t, advertisers wouldn’t bother with it) Spreading this via social medias is arguably just as powerful as network television.

      That being said, yeah, some national air time would be nice.

    2. avatar Mr aNINNYmouse says:

      They may decline to air.
      Remember that it was St. Reagan The Magnificent that did away with the equal time requirement for media.

      (…thus giving rise to much of the polarization we see in the media).

  7. avatar Bob says:

    Meh, it’s not bad. But I kind of expected something more significant from the leading guns rights org. Something that could go viral on youtube. Something with more emotion. Some kind of father/son/daughter moment passing down grandpa’s rifle.

    Maybe old Wayne-O could squat a loaf onto a picture of Obama and Feinstien? I’d forward that on.

    Really I don’t know how you get the message to the sheep. Maybe show a guy with a gun in one hand and a shiny ball in the other? Man shakes ball, sheep forget about guns?

    1. avatar Mr aNINNYmouse says:

      I have a perfect one:

      It’s 2050-something.

      Grandpa is handing his young grandson a banged up Henry.

      The intro to Nugent’s “Fred Bear” fades in softly…

      “Does it still work?”, asks the boy.

      “Oh, no… ” says grandpa “Soon after the 2013 Assault Weapons acts, the gun grabbers found yet another pretext to confiscate semiautomatic rifles – a century-old design at that time. Then, they further regulated firearm ownership, requiring people to turn in what they had or permanently disable what qualified as a historical firearm… this one had the bolt removed and the breech welded. The lever works, though….”

      [The boy looks confused at grandpa’s wistful, distant gaze.]

      “When I bought this, when I was young, I looked forward to going shooting and hunting with your dad and then you…”

      “People used to hunt?”

      “Yes…before they outlawed bows and crossbows, too…”

      “They ate meat?… what was that like?….”

      “It was good…..”

      [fade to black]

      1. avatar Mr aNINNYmouse says:

        ….or, for more dramatic effect:

        “People used to hunt?”

        [camera focuses on grandpa’s distant, sad gaze. holds for a few seconds as he looks through and past the camera. then: fade to black as a tear begins well up in his eye]

        1. avatar JuanCudz says:

          Don’t forget to add a packet of Soylent Green in the background.

        2. avatar Mr aNINNYmouse says:


  8. avatar Jeff says:

    Regardless of the efficacy of the message, there’s some great gun porn in there

  9. avatar Pro Gun Brit says:

    First reaction to the overall message of that vid: F-ing right on!

  10. avatar Gladstone Payton says:

    So…better than that presidential protection farce, but still lacking the punch that says what it intends. Yes, “Obama, blah, blah, blah, Democrat gun-grabbers,” is the easy boogeyman, but there is no appeal to those who may support blue state ideas but not gun control. It still feels they haven’t rounded up the entire “us” for “us vs. them” to work…That and it wouldn’t kill you to put a minority or two that aren’t white women (yes, that guy in the barbershop might be black…). I see the gun ranges full of NRA-supporting minorities and it would help marginalize the fringe element attack that the anti-gun left always uses, and seems justified by commercials like these. Spoken as a African-American NRA Member in the interest of full disclosure.

    Colion Noir needs to be in every NRA ad.

    1. avatar Greg Camp says:

      Let’s replace LaPierre with Noir.

      1. avatar Davis Thompson says:

        I’m in.

    2. avatar JoshinGA says:

      Right on! I would gladly let Mr. Noir speak in defense of my rights any day.

  11. avatar NS says:

    I’m not a big fan of “patriotic” commercials, but this is a pretty good one. Maybe the NRA is finally getting with the program

  12. avatar Don says:

    They really need to cut this heavy music graphics and voice-over shit and get with the millennium. Maybe learn about what someone can do with a simple camera and the free editing software that comes on any consume laptop and youtube. Hickok45, MrColionNoir, Sturmgewehre, AmidsTheNoise, etc, etc, etc.

    People relate best to a personality that they know and trust. A face and a voice. Being real. The message needs to lead with what YOU CAN DO, and the message should be showing people where to find information themselves, where to go to do something themselves. Help people to fight on all fronts. NOT telling people what to think directly, trying to toy with their emotions with scary music, or just trying to make them angry. That stuff may go over well with the cold war crowd but I find it totally useless and not worth my attention.

    1. avatar Davis Thompson says:

      How about TTAG sponsors a pro-second Amendment commercial contest. Come on, everyone, get on board with this. TTAG can probably get some gun manufacturer to offer a firearm as a prize, we can all whip up some genius and Robert and the team can pick the winners.

  13. avatar BLAMMO says:

    When someone says ‘it can’t happen here’, the only reason it can’t is because there are people with guns to stop it.

    1. avatar Anonymous says:


      I suspect that most “people with guns” would be just as happy with some type of dictatorship as your stereotypitcal Leftist.

      1. avatar Robert Farago says:

        I doubt it.

  14. avatar PPs43 says:

    So, I guess this won’t be showing on Comcast. Unless, of course, their capitalist instincts outweigh their socialist beliefs. My bet is money talks. Maybe GOA, SAF, and Cato can co-ordinate a big-budget blitz campaign along with the NRA to really push this down the Antis’ throats.

  15. avatar Nazgul says:

    This is much better than their previous efforts.

  16. avatar PYROhafe says:

    Decent ad, but I don’t like the fact that the girl shooting the AR near the end doesn’t have a standard (read “high capacity”) mag.

    1. avatar Nazgul says:

      She may be preparing for life within the People’s Democratic Republic of Colorado.

  17. avatar Davis Thompson says:

    As an industry professional, that’s a damned good ad. (Though some of the graphic treatments bordered on cheesy.) I like it because it isn’t subject to the kind of attack the “President’s Daughter’s” ad was. Finally the NRA seems like they’ve stopped shooting themselves in the foot.

  18. avatar Davis Thompson says:

    Hey, TTAG, drawing on the wisdom of Don who posted earlier, how about sponsoring a pro-second Amendment commercial contest? Find a sponsor to offer up some gun goodies as prizes and set up a youtube channel for submissions. What fun!

  19. avatar rybred says:

    This is a rallying cry for gun owners. I think it does a great job of that.

    NOW we need an emotionally charged one for the people in the middle/average non-gun owner.

  20. avatar Flubnut says:

    My suggestion: Show defensive gun users (not actors, the REAL people) saying “I used a gun to save myself and my 2 children from a home intruder”, “I used a gun to scare off a rapist,” I used a gun to stop a mass shooting”, etc. Maybe even throw in a couple “I lost my husband to a repeat felon”. You can throw in some sort of tag line at the end, which includes the “most-agreed-upon” number of DGU’s last year. Ex. Last year, an estimated XXX,XXX people defended themselves and their families from harm, using guns.”

    End with a link to a website that provides expanded stories to all those in the video, as well as links to news accounts (for proof, of course.) Also use the site to offer counter-arguments (with proof, of course) to all the anti-gun FUD out there.

    Hook them with the emotional stories, and while they are there, present them with a even-keeled, vetted set of facts and logic. Perhaps split the page: one column is the DGU’s story, the other is a debunked myth that relates to that story: I used an AR-15 to defend my home, and look: even the Obama administration admits that an assault weapons ban will do nothing to deter violence.

    I’ll even volunteer to build and host the website.

  21. avatar Aharon says:

    Too much focus on AR type weapons being shot and not enough on Joe and Jane citizens walking down a dark spooky street or defending their home with more basic guns.

    1. avatar Mr aNINNYmouse says:

      Yes, but ARs are under attack, errr…. assault

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