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Tomorrow, New Jersey will pass a package of civilian disarmament legislation that will limit ammunition magazine capacity and ban modern sporting rifles. Amongst other things. The only barrier: the signature of Republican Governor Chris Christie. Whether Christie sacrifices his presidential aspirations on the altar of gun control or not,  the lights are going out for firearms freedom at state houses around the country. New England, for sure. But Colorado? That is scary. This morning’s is outlining the strategy by which Texas—Texas—could turn blue. Even if you’re living in a ballistic bastion, the more gun control at the state level the greater the chances of civilian disarmament passing on the federal level—and heading your way, anyway. Is nowhere safe?

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    • I say, let’s let this thing come to blows already. Are they willing to do what’s really necessary to truly take my guns? I don’t think so. When it comes to the gun grabbers actually experiencing pain as a result of their efforts they might rethink their steps. Until we start really fighting back; they will keep pushing. Let’s do that in Congress – go on the offensive and push for expanded rights, let’s do that with our wallets via boycotts, and then if all else fails do what we all know may be required.

    • So, Congress won’t enact an AWB even after a school massacre, most of the country is now “shall issue,” gun ownership is surging and you think we’re losing?

      You’ve been listening to Tokyo Rose on the radio again, haven’t you?*

      Look, Iwo Jima and the Battle of the Bulge sucked for us too, but it didn’t change the fact that we were winning.

      I live in Cuomostan, and it sucks. It really does. But like a kamikaze attack they’re win weakens them. Cuomo is not going to be president. Nobody can say with a straight face “nobody is going to take your guns.” The nation points at MA’s gun control laws and says “but why is your State one of the few where crime is up?”

      When things are calmer folks will say “well, CT’s AWB didn’t do much good, did it?”

      So pity those of us in Cuomostan, Colorado and Kalifornia. But don’t doubt that we’re holding on for the day when we’re relieved. Don’t doubt that we’ve lost a battle, but the war is going very well.

      *Yes, yes, Tokyo Rose is pretty much an urban legend, but work with me here.

    • I think your wrong. We will loose some battle, which may be won in the courts, i.e.. New York’s safe act. However, there will be no AWB on a federal level. If you live in NY, California, New Jersey, your used to the Nanny State and it will only get worse. My suggestion, is move. If you can’t join every grass roots organization you can afford. Fight for your rights or loose them. Now is not the time to give up.

    • You are out of your mind. As Lemming touches on. Look at this gif of conceal carry states. We went from few to all in the past few decades.

      In 2005, 13% of women were gun owners. In 2012, the number of women gun owners was 25%. So it basically doubled in a 7 years span and the biggest growth right now is still women. They are growing in numbers by A LOT.

      Robert above is over stating things. Look at New England. Some Democrats in Vermont introduced gun control and the leadership had to shelve it, it was so unpopular with even Democrats and they control EVERYTHING in VT and are VERY liberal, there will be no gun control in New Hampshire or Maine, both are free states. Almost all the MN gun control garbage is DOA and the D’s control everything there.

      What this comes down to is NY, MA, CT, MD, NJ, CA, RI and CO. The rest of the states are strong 2A. CO isn’t that strong D in the legislature and this is not going to be good for D’s in ’14 when the Gov and many seats are up.

      There isn’t sh!t getting through at the federal level. Biden can make an a$$ of himself a dozen more times, it’s DOA.

  1. With the passage of the gun laws in New York, Colorado and this latest nonsense on the way its time to reflect on what we’re doing about it. Up till recent times the main defense of us gun people has been the preservation of the natural order, a population that has always been armed, self reliant and independent. There are many – mostly rural – areas of this vast and lovely land where this is still true and the population lives in the afterglow of a bygone age of state militias, frontiersmen and cowboys only confined by a few “there ought be a law” regulations of varying silliness – largely ignored.

    Unfortunately the overwhelming urbanization, collectivization and regulation of all modern societies is rapidly overcoming this pastoral idyll and some real industrial-strength strictures are on the way, driven by an self-styled, social engineering elite voted in by a largely urban mob who only know guns from some dopey shoot-em-up movies, leaving us gunnies twisting slowly in the wind

    We, who style ourselves as stalwart citizens, battling off criminals, bringing home game for the family or fighting the enemy in desperate combat while limiting our destruction to overripe fruits and tin cans, simply cannot fathom why anyone would want to bother us – we don’t bother them. We cannot see that a good piece of the population regards us as a remnant of the old evil white power structure of beer-soaked bullies indulging in reckless behavior at best while periodically freakin’ out and slaughtering the innocents in orgy of murderous rage at worst. We must be controlled to protect society and for our own good.

    What do we do about all this? Glad you asked.

    While upholding the traditional values of an armed population is a valid and noble effort, the real way to go is to follow the lead of various minorities and DEMAND OUR RIGHTS as a put-upon minority of victims, which is exactly what we are at this stage.

    The latest decisions from the Supreme Court have confirmed that the right to “keep and bear arms” is indeed an individual right and seems to be ready to do more on this subject. Let’s go with this, get on the offensive. Anyone who tries to hamper our efforts is obviously a self-defense bigot – not caring that women, children and the elderly in particular are left defenseless. Instead of trying to hold on to what traditional rights are left we must demand new ones. Both the Heller and McDonald cases were brought by citizens living in urban areas where these efforts were considered hopeless by the “experts” – God bless them. We don’t need to equivocate or make sleazy deals – they’ll be made for us. Rather than bemoaning the latest legislative outrage we need to get on the stick and lobby, de-elect traitors and sue, sue, sue!

    Black-Americans, women and various religious groups have shown us the way, we should do no less. All the modern techniques of PR should be used including shameless appeals to emotion. The good guns do must be shown at any opportunity. The character-building and enjoyment derived from recreational gun use celebrated. The gun community must stop acting in a defensive manner – as if we are suffering from some disease – and welcome all newcomers while resisting the snarky temptation to pick the various nits of gunology – gonna be hard for me.

    Remember, we are simply practicing a time honored activity so important as to be included in the Bill of Rights, we have nothing to be ashamed of. Without an armed populace there wouldn’t be a United States
    The bottom line though is in the courts, nothing gets the attention of various little local emperors running their little empires than paying out huge damages or actually facing jail-time for disobeying a court order – I think some of these critters are about to learn this lesson.

    In the end, it’s not the numbers that matter, its dedication to the cause. The race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong; .It’s not the dogs in the fight that wins – it’s the fight in the dogs. Ruff !

    • This I can support. As a (very) liberal friend of mine laughed, “if you can’t figure out how to be a victim you just haven’t thought about it long enough or hard enough.”

      It’s antithetical to how most gunnies think. We ask for little and take even less. We are independent. We guard our privacy.

      I agree that we need to change the terms of engagement, we need to think like our enemy and we need to adopt new strategies.

      • A very perceptive comment, if I may say. That is indeed the vulnerability of us gunnies today, we tend to be “rugged individualists” – sticking to ourselves and our immediate family and pals and being picked off one by one. As you say – and I would urge – we must overcome these natural instincts and press our case using all the latest tactics available. To borrow a phrase from the “Dear Leader”, Forward!

    • +1 Some Guy…. Thank you Sir…. My general take on your comment is that we need to fight fire with fire and break something off when we win… I completely agree… Gentlemen’s rules are a weakness when dealing with the kind of tactics we’re seeing from the grabbers. If we bloody their nose enough they will run. Just like a Bully….

      • Agreed. Let’s take off the kid gloves. I’m done discussing this with any of the anti-gun folks. No more discussing negotiation. They are not negotiating, they are demanding. Well screw you! I’m done talking about better background checks, closing loopholes, etc. I’m not accepting anything other than expanded rights! Period. If they want a battle, they’ve got one. Let’s see if they are willing to go as far as I am to take my rights. I’m wearing my NRA hat and gun gear proudly. You want a fight you liberal hippies? Step up to the plate partner.

    • Outstanding! Hope you don’t mind if I post this elsewhere (giving credit due of course).
      Yes, we all need to go on the offensive. Unfortunately, that takes $ to a large degree and economic times can make that a strain. But since ammo is scarce I’m sending that $ to NRA-ILA, RMGO, SAF, NAGR, and so forth. So in a way I’m still buying “ammo” after all.

      • I’m sending that $ to NRA-ILA, RMGO, SAF, NAGR, and so forth. So in a way I’m still buying “ammo” after all.

        Yes you are and very well put.
        Yes, please use the article to your heart’s content and thank you for your kind words.

    • The gun grabbing nanny states are less than 10. The number of gun grabbers is dropping by the day. The gun control movement is old white people, the younger generations are VERY pro 2A.

    • There’s are a large number of free states. However, it’s not about states it’s about population. Time to wake up!!! Take California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maryland. These states have 90 million residents. That’s 90 million people who are or will be living under an AWB and magazine limits. So, the disarming of America has begun with 1 in every 3.5 Americans being affected.

      Explain to me again how our side is winning?

  2. As a politically active Texan, I can say with certainty that the NYT article is sheer conjecture. Stop feeding your fears, and get out there and fight.

    • Amen! Fight, and fight hard. Show up at council meetings, write letters to the editor, arrange counter-protests to “peace vigils.” And inform local reporters what you’re doing so they can cover it. It’s not difficult – it takes just a little effort and the benefits to the cause can be large.

  3. This is why the republican party needs to change its image from the party of old white guys to the party of economic freedom. They can capture those hispanic votes, just not without making some much needed changes.

    • I disagree. This is why much of the membership of the RP needs to abandon it like the crumbling bastion of OFWGs that it is.

      The Libertarian Party awaits your support.

      • While I would welcome this, history shows that losing major parties tend to adopt positions closer to popular third parties. It is thus more likely that the republican party will change to incorporate some libertarian ideas.

      • The Libertarian Party is a dead end and Libertarians themselves have their own vision of unicorns and rainbows. They are as adolescent in their thinking as the left. The biggest attraction of Libertarianism is drugs, not free markets or guns. The left pretty much has monopoly on the pro-drug because druggies are inherently pro free stuff. They have to be because most commited drug users can’t hold down a decent job. That won’t change with legalization either.

        • Way off base, the libertarian party is nothing of the sort. You don’t know much about the libertarians do you? So, you are basically saying you are a far right republican control freak, just like the far left control freaks, as long as you and yours control the levers of power. How has that been working out for you? Judging by the results of the last election and the current gun grabs, not very well at all.

        • Disagree with you on this. Libertarianism is pretty damn close to the original model of the USA, as outlined in the Constitution. On the continuum with Communists and Nazis on the left end and anarchy on the right, Libertarians are about half way between center and right. Much like America was when it started.

        • I was a Libertarian before their was a Libertarian Party. Back then Libertarians based their economics on Hayek and von Mises. They were quite socially conservative. Then along came Ayn Rand and the cult of personality surrounding her and a lot counterculture types sucked her self-centered ideology up and decided that free markets were the best path to better drugs, sex and rock and roll. Today, Libertarianism is more libertinism than about true liberty.

          Ben’s suggestion that Libertarians stand for the kind of government envisioned in 1787 is flat out ahistorical. Today’s Libertarians would have voted no on the Constitution as it provided for a strong central government in a limited number of areas. The Constitution was written that way because the Articles of Confederations failed to provide an effective central government and the Union was falling apart. There is a considerable body of libertarian literature that claims that Articles were working just fine and the Constitution was a ploy by power hunger neo-monarchists to seize power. This view is as warped as the Progressive viewed that the Constitution was written to protect white males.

          Here is a Libertarian view of the Constitution.

          When you finish reading come back and tell if you think Libertarians really support the Constitution.

        • PA-LEASE

          Gary Johnson was BY FAR the best choice for president in this past election and I do not regret my decision to vote for him for even one second. He’s a self made man, he ran New Mexico by the same standards and platforms the he ran for president on. And if summiting most of the world’s mountain peaks doesn’t say something about his work ethic and commitment I don’t know what does.

          Most of the GOP seem to be just as shady and double speaking as the liberal democrats, and Chris Christie proves it.

          I’ll continue to support and vote for people who speak plainly and directly, then follow through. Rand Paul is a good example of this also…

        • The major two (republican & democratic) plus libertarian platforms have no currently valid definitions. There may have been some valid identities in the past but today none adhere to a cohesive party line. Today they just go along to get along, it’s all whoring and there are few if any that aren’t ground to dust in the banal mill of mendacity. I could mention Paul Wellstone but he’s dead, Ron Paul but he’s marginalized. Gary Johnson doesn’t even register – he wouldn’t call out anyone for the current financial/fiscal shenanigans.

        • We are and shall always be a two party system. You change the parties from within. All else is Hitler, Donald Duck, Gary Johnson, and Ron Paul. It makes sense to put energy in these candidates early on to see how far they go in primaries and whatnot (if you like them), but, voting for them as a write-in or third party during a general election is having a tantrum because you did not get your favorite horse in the final. Nobody has everything you want in a candidate, so you throw your vote away like a moron and get Barry in to take your guns.
          Elections have consequences, as we are seeing in this latest struggle for our freedom (firearms). Mitt was not my first choice either, but I am an adult and made the best decision given the landscape of the general election.

      • The LP is nothing more than a debate society. They’re not interested in winning elections. They’re interested in philosophical purity contests.

        As such, they’re utterly irrelevant in American politics.

        • When the CA Libertarian Party matures to the point where they can say:

          Wait a minute — we should not run a candidate for statewide office whose main qualification is ‘Ferret Legalization Campaign Coordinator’ because that will make us look un-serious…

          then I will believe that they’re a real party. (True story, BTW.) Meanwhile I will continue to define myself as a small-L libertarian and vote for the individual candidates who suck the least.

        • Alpha and tdiinva, I could not agree with you more.

          I also think that it’s incongruous that Republicans don’t attract more Hispanic votes. Hispanic American are by-and-large a prosperous and mainstream minority and by nature they are conservative Catholics. They were born to be Republicans. The red party needs to fine tune its message, give due regard to Hispanic concerns and it can turn this mess around.

        • Hispanic American are by-and-large a prosperous and mainstream minority and by nature they are conservative Catholics. They were born to be Republicans.

          First of all, the term “hispanic” is meaningless when talking politics and voting patterns. Cubans are “hispanic” as are Mexicans.

          The two groups couldn’t be much further apart in political outlook, yet the press and various people (usually not in the southwest US) keep using the term as tho it means something other than “has a heritage loosely related to Spain at some point in the very distant past.”

      • I joined the NJ Libertarian party today, and my party affiliation change goes in the mail tomorrow.

        A big ship takes a very long time to turn.

        • While you can put your energy early on in candidates and ideals you favor, when it gets to the general election, you will have to operate in a landscape that is two party in nature (as your favorite candidate may have to do by joining one of the parties and changing it from within).
          You will then either vote for the best set of ideals between the two parties (hopefully having influenced one of those parties from within), or throw that vote away with no impact because its The GENERAL ELECTION and all you did was have a hissy fit (and therby voted for Mickey Mouse) because none of the candidates of the two party system on the ballot had EVERYTHING you wanted… hoo hoo.
          Because elections have consequences, Barry wants your guns.

  4. Stop with the insults, which shows your true intelligence, and do something. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say it. Just do something.

  5. The problem we Western states have been having for the last couple three decades is that we’ve had a steady influx of lib progressives that, after having ruined their home state with their politics, are moving to red states and steadily effing them up with their politics. Viruses the lot of them.

    • Hey, as a Texan I can’t wait to move west. Once Kalifornia is burnt to a cinder we can all relocate and fix it up with a fresh coat of paint – something other that blue, I’m thinking.

    • Exactly what happened to Colorado. Might be worth noting, though, that New Mexico is actually LOSING population. Worthy of consideration. The south is Republican, the north Democratic, but I lived in the north, and the predominant Hispanic culture votes Democratic, but they are mostly solidly pro-gun ownership, and are themselves armed. If you stay away from Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Las Cruces, they’re mostly good solid people. A bit racist and xenophobic, but solid.

      • I have found that most of the Hispanics i know only vote Dem because of the hardline stance the Reps have on immigration – otherwise I find them to be way more conservative than most.

      • The three you listed are spot on but don’t forget Shitrock errr…Shiprock.

        I’ve been to New Mexico many times over the years and my favorite town was Silver City. Tres Ritos was very nice too.

      • Couldn’t agree more about Colorado. Except for a few local elections (Denver, Boulder) the state as a rule was either Republican or fairly conservative Democrats. That all began to change with the mass in-migration of Californians, and to a lesser extent New Yorkers and people from the wrong parts of Illinois.

        We have been Californicated. . .

  6. Someone should start Grabbing the burgers from his hands instead.

    Continue to Get the Firearms industry to Support bans on LEO’s and Govt’ agencies. Put pressure on the Elected officials!

  7. Nowhere is safe.

    And I hate to say it too, but the war is being lost by sheer demographic. As more and more groups vote Democrat to support their special interests (black, Hispanic, illegal immigrant, whatever) or to get more freebies from the government, those Democrats will keep on voting their usual way.

    Eventually, we’ll have such a population disproportion that we have no hope of “winning” in the ballot box. We’ll call to our reps, but they will ignore us, as they get enough support from all the other minority votes they don’t really need us to stay elected.

    • Your “special interest” is someone else’s top priority, vote-wise. Pretty sure you wouldn’t consider immigration a “special interest” if your family was getting chewed up in the grinder that is our current system.

      If a given party wants to win votes from a particular constituency, then they need to learn what the “override priorities” are for that constituency. Why do you think Rubio is shrieking “IMMIGRATION, YOU FOOLS!” at the top of his lungs to all the OFWGs in the GOP?

      • No it is not. Blacks vote Democrat by 90%+. The facts are that more then half of Blacks are member of constitutive churches. Don’t believe and Gay Marriage and just want a job to take care of there family. However they keep electing people who are pushing for Guy Marriage, Pushing for normalization of illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant who take jobs from black in much higher percentage then whites. Yet in the next election despite likely making things worse for the blanks they will vote 90%+ for the Democrats.

        It not about shelf interest it is about believed self interest controlled by the mostly white liberal media. It is a tough nut to crack. Was hopping the Internet would help but if anything it is making it worse.


    • “..Democrats will keep on voting their usual way.”
      Not always the case. With education and valid information (not MSM agitprop) about our rights and firearms per se, change is possible. I’ve witnessed the benefits of such first-hand.

  8. I agree the NY times is full of crap saying all Hispanics will turn Texas blue…. NOT happening most Hispanics in Texas are conservative. CO is bad but not surprised that New England goes more fascist. No real new news here.

  9. We all need to take a deep breath.
    By all means, we must fight them on every level available to us in the meantime, but I truly believe this is going to be the gun control movement’s Waterloo. The clear oversteps of authority are going to force a case to go to SCOTUS, and SCOTUS is going to give the grabbers a size twelve poop-chute.

    • Not a chance. At least 4 of the justices will side with the grabbers no matter the argument for political purposes, leaving us to try and win the last 5. We BARELY won Heller. Think about that.

        • Remember that John Roberts is still chief justice, and he cast the deciding vote AND wrote the opinion upholding Obamacare. You can’t trust anybody on the Supreme Court except Clarence Thomas.

    • It’s not a strategic retreat if you let them capture you first.

      People have been saying for 50 years that the Left is overplaying its hand. But a lot of their accomplishments stick around, and then what? Then we’re living in their world.

      Fight locally, fight now, fight hard.

        • Fair enough. I wouldn’t want to see anyone pull his punches now, though, because he thinks the Supreme Court will bail us out in the end. Anything can happen. Justices change their minds (especially Republican ones), or they can retire or die. There was a 5-4 majority in 2010. Who knows what it is now, and who knows what it will be in a year.

    • I totally agree with you, from what I understand Scalia is spoiling for a fight. There may well be an approval of some restrictions that we won’t like but on the whole it looks like some grabber butt kickin’ is on the way. Actually they may not mind so much since they can then blame the Court and be off the hook.

      • Yeah I read the same thing (and also that he’s been trying to turn one of the liberal justices- clearly Kagan). I just hope we, and he, are right!

  10. Just told a facebook friend who moved back to CO some years ago that he could come back to AL where the legislature was still sane. His wife and he”liked” it.

  11. We have to fight them in every town council meeting, every county, and every state – in every newspaper and on every radio and television show – every step of the way. There is no other choice. If we turn away, we will find our liberties stripped away. If each of us fights in his own locality, we can stem the tide.

    If people are fighting even in deep blue Bergen County, New Jersey (the county that alone swings statewide NJ elections for Democrats), people can fight anywhere.

  12. You ask, “Is nowhere safe from gun grabbers?” I say, absolutely no, not in THIS country. The people of the States must realize that freedom is a dead letter in the rotting carcass of what once was a bastion of liberty. To think that we will somehow alter this by, once every 4 years voting in a new set of vultures to pick the bones is simply laughable. The only route to true freedom is a NEW country! SECESSION! We must bind together the like minded and make a new country. “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them……………When has their ever been a greater need to “dissolve the political bands” than NOW???? We can continue to try and prop up this “house divided,” or we can build us a new one on a firm footing. SECESSION!

  13. Once again, the RINOs across this nation missed it. You can’t tell me that this is NOT a co-ordinated nationwide effort directed by the CPUSA…I mean the WH. How many HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of Democratic and liberal Repubs have introduced, supported, and voted for these bills? Put on events, done interviews, produced TV segments, written articles etc….And it ALL JUST HAPPENED after Sandy Hook? The old Soviet Union used to call that “spontaneous demonstrations of the Russian workers and peasants.” Yup…

  14. I don’t think we are losing the war. We are getting bloodied up a bit & thats to be expected. We have a lot going for us & need to stay positive. This Saturday I go to the courthouse & peacefully protest, I feel like a hippy, Randy

    • If a reporter won’t be there already, contact one or two in advance. Then thousands of readers can learn something from what you say.

  15. Proud to now reside in the freedom loving state of Mississippi. At the 2nd amendment rally in Jackson, MS last month, our Gov. Phil Bryant spoke on the steps of the capital. As he told the NRA, MS is low maintenance, we get it. There will be no AWB, No, magazine capacity, nothing that infringes on the rights of the people. Mental health and other issues, are always open for discussion and reform. But not the 2nd amendment.

  16. No where is safe from those who wish to disarm people, and turn them into victims.

    I for one, when someone tells me they want to ban guns, I ask them one simple question:

    “Who do you want to exterminate?”

    I’m not going to mince words anymore.
    Every single mass murder by a government in the 20th century (and even up to today…) has been preceded by gun confiscation. So, if they want to ban guns, I’ll ask them:

    “Who do you want to exterminate?”

    Do you want to exterminate homosexuals?
    Do you want to exterminate people with Down Syndrome?
    Do you want to exterminate people with Autism?
    Do you want to exterminate people who were born disabled?
    Do you want to exterminate the elderly?
    Do you want to exterminate women who have had an abortion?
    Do you want to exterminate people with dark skin?
    Do you want to exterminate people with light skin?
    Do you want to exterminate people who speak with an accent?
    Do you want to exterminate people who don’t speak English?
    Do you want to exterminate people who are in this country illegally?
    Do you want to exterminate people who worship a different God than you?
    Do you want to exterminate people who don’t worship any God?
    Do you want to exterminate people who attend Synagogue on Saturday?
    Do you want to exterminate people who attend Church on Sunday?
    Do you want to exterminate people who attend Mosque on Friday?

    Who is it that you want to exterminate? Let me know now, so if it happens to be me, I can be anywhere but here when the gas chambers are fired up.

    All of those reasons, and many more, have been been used throughout the 20th century to come up with a “Final Solution” for various unwanted groups of people.

    If you want to disarm someone, then I automatically think you are going to do them harm. You are not my friend if you’re trying to take away my ability (and likewise my right.) to defend myself.

    If you were to ask a young Jewish man, say in his early 20s, in the 1920s, if he believed that in 20 years, when he would be in his 40s, that his siblings and parents, nieces and nephews, and any children he had himself, would be gased and burned, along with millions of others just like him and his family, he’d probably laugh at you.

    As it stands now, I wouldn’t laugh at all if someone from 20 years in the future were to tell me that my own government tried to exterminate me and my entire family and all my friends…

    If gun grabbers don’t like being referred to as a nazi, tough. If they don’t want to be referred to as one, then they should stop acting like one.

    I draw the line at my firearms. It is my last line of defense before the gas chamber.

    • I have been screaming about the suicidal nature of the libtards for months now. Ignorant sheeple shuffling into unisex showers and huffing Zyklon-B.
      Why people want to give all of their recources, faith and liberty to ‘Big Gov’ is the great mystery for people who believe in self sufficiency and individual responsibility. I guess it all comes down to the belief in big G (God) or little g (gov as god).

  17. Christe as master of disaster? Is that cover a joke? All he did is beg for taxpayers from other states to bail out people affected by a storm in NJ, and kissed Obama’s ass while doing it. How’s that fair? I think Christie IS the disaster. And now he’ll push for more gun control, because that’s what NJ politicians do.

      • Mr. Cake Boss already acts like a raging liberal. I’m not sure why he ran as Republican. I’m guessing that the state legislators will pass some, if not most, of the proposed gun control measures, and the fat guy will be out there signing it, calling it a compromise and a success for both gun owners and gun grabbers.

  18. Sure, the New York Times dreams of “turning Texas blue.” The rag once believed that it was the greatest newspaper published anywhere until it was forced to sell and lease back space in its own office building, and take loans from all and sundry to stay afloat. And, in an industry where ad revenues need to exceed subscription revenues substantially for a publication to survive, the NYT company now brags about a new model where loyal subscribers are expected to keep the rag afloat. What they won;t talk about is that there is yet another round of layoffs coming – in the three figures this time – evidence of “success,” if you ask them. As successful, I might add, as their pipedream about “turning Texas blue.” Chris Christie will dance to an anti gun tune because he wants to stay the governor of New Jersey. The likelihood of his becoming a republican candidate in the future, though, is as strong as the possibility of Joe Biden getting admitted into Mensa. Take it easy. There is a tough fight ahead for gun owners. Alarmist views riding on the backs of crackpot NYT delusions are not going to help. The fight to keep guns can be won – gun owners need to match anti gun legislative efforts with activism. Just FYI – Bill Clinton continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth just like he did when he was in politics, but, if you read between the lines of his recent utterances, you can see that he is hardly enthusiastic about a gun ban. And, like him or not, the man has a far better record of having done well than the birdcage liner that dreams of a left-wing Texas.

  19. To be fair, amongst all the crap that’s about to get dumped on us in NJ tomorrow, I don’t think there’s a modern sporting rifle ban*

    *beyond the assault weapon ban that’s already in place, of course.

  20. If Christie signs the gun control bills, he will prove what I thought of him. A Liberal in Republican clothing. I still believe that he’s part of the reason why Obama won. Hopefully, I’m wrong about him but I really don’t care for the guy.

      • Agreed. If he signs anything restricting 2nd amendment rights, we will know for sure he has no presidential ambitions and we can focus on other candidates. If he vetoes them, even if it is overidden, I would see that as his intention to some day run for higher office.

  21. SCOTUS is still in our favor so better this happened bow rather than 4 years from now when one of the majoroty votes from Heller or McDonald would probably be retired. Unless the Republican party changes due to current demographic trends gun rights will be doomed if we look at this as a pure R or D issue. Look at Illinois we have solid dem majorities in the state house AND senate yet we have enough blue dogs that the Chicago machine has not been able to force through am AWB.

  22. wrong it has to go through assembly and then the senate, which wont be until mid-March……….hopefully by then people wake up and realize there is nothing on the table that will stop insane behavior or save children………..

  23. Gun-grabbers only spread their traitorous filth because Americans allow them to. If true Americans practiced the instructions of the forefathers and the 2A as it was intended, we wouldn’t have this problem. Politicians would be downright terrified of the people, as they should be in a free society. Just saying. How extreme, dangerous, and sinister does an attack on our liberties and well-being have to be before we treat the offender as we would any other attacker who seeks to harm us?

    But yeah, y’all keep “writing your reps” in the corrupt government. Because using government to fight government always works.

  24. wrong it has to go through assembly and then the senate, which wont be until mid-March……….hopefully by then people wake up and realize there is nothing on the table that will stop insane behavior or save children………..(on article not question)

  25. I live in Massachusetts, and no…nowhere is safe. They passed tons of strict laws here and Sandy Hook gave them another shot to try and pass more restrictive insanity.

    If they pass, I’ll have to move or sell my guns. They’ll force me to pay for insurance to even own them. It’s draconian!

  26. Christie is a fat, treasonous dirigible who shan’t be trusted. He is nothing more than a mid Atlantic come New Englander lib democrat masquerading in conservative cloth. His calculated antics post storm Sandy praising Commissar obama just before the election cost Romney the presidency, or sure as heck was one of the late game changers that did. Christie is aiming for the white house, as the next major party candidate, be it donkey or elephant as his party…he cares not. But he knew is Romney won then Romney was gonna be the candidate 4 yrs from now and so he tanked him. Pure and simple politics. Same reason he came after the NRA about the commercial that mentioned president’s kids, while sitting silent about the president’s own propagandist use of kids in his presser the same day. That sweat hog Christie will sign the Second Amendment away in that toxic land state of petrochemicals, and never look back.

    As a lawyer I agree wholeheartedly with the above notion of taking the fight to the grabbers, getting into the courts as fast as feet will carry us to the courthouse. We need to get into the courtroom NOW so we can get the inevitable adverse rulings from the liberal activist lower courts and have an appeal heard by SCOTUS before the balance and antigun activism shifts upward and hits there. The data are there and we have the four corners of the constitution, as well as so called legislative intent of the framers on our side. It will take years for the cases and appeals to be heard and make their way up – why wait any longer? All we need is a valid and willing plaintiff. The filings and legal work can be done relatively easily and cheaply, if not free. And not sponsored by or footed by the NRA, so we can cut that propagandist leg out from under the communist mainstream press before it even starts. Someone rom NY, from CA, from CO, needs to get on the ball. For the rest of the U.S.-by-God-of-A. Before it is too late!

    • Agreed. And as a reminder “our” guys on SCOTUS ain’t getting any younger. The next four years could see a sea change if one or more needs to be replaced. It could put a dead halt to the momentum we currently have there.

  27. Honestly, our founding fathers would be shooting by now, the craziness we have to tolerate nowadays is just rediculous

  28. The WWII analogy doesnt work.

    During WWII, If any of this BS would have been proposed on the National Level, the population would have voted anyone involved out of office in the next election. There wouldnt have been a doubt. (thus explaining why the pols didnt try it)

  29. Nowhere is safe, since Republicans are the original gun grabbers. The rich do not want an armed citizenry. Stay vigilent, always.


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