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Georgia’s Democrats aren’t taking the passage of a constitutional carry bill well at all. They’ve released a new video featuring someone described as a former police officer. The video — produced by the Democrats and approved by Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams — is intended to spread fear in the public mind over constitutional carry. And demonize Abrams’ opponent, Governor Brian Kemp.

In the ad, our oath-breaking alleged expert tells us all that permitless carry will make it easier for people who shouldn’t have guns to get and carry them. Thanks to Georgia’s constitutional carry bill, people like domestic abusers, violent criminals, and the mentally ill will be able to pack heat…when they somehow couldn’t do that before. These ne’er-do-wells are then going to take their new guns into places like movie theaters, churches, and even schools!

The punchline that the video’s producers think will drive their argument home: “Mr. Kemp, I call that criminal carry!”

Assuming the guy in the video really is a former cop, he should know that all of the dangerous people he mentioned are already prohibited from owning and carrying guns. Getting rid of concealed carry permitting requirements won’t somehow suddenly make it lawful for them to carry a gun.

Domestic violence convictions, even at the misdemeanor level, are disqualifiers for gun ownership or possession. Violent criminals? Same thing, if they’ve committed and been convicted of a felony.

As for the mentally ill, “Dennis” should know that people who have been involuntarily committed to a mental institution are already federally prohibited from owning or carrying a firearm. People with mental health issues who didn’t rise to that level generally aren’t a threat to the public anyway.

But, let’s be real for a minute. As a former police officer, he should know that somewhere between 20-40% of cops are domestic abusers, but that departments actively try to avoid sending such cases to court so it doesn’t ruin careers. So yes, there’s no current shortage of domestic abusers running around with guns, even in states with the strictest gun laws.

“Dennis” should also know that there are plenty of every other types of prohibited persons already carrying guns. Perhaps he’s heard of what happened in Sacramento this past weekend. As a cop, he has no doubt arrested plenty of felons who were carrying guns.

You see, it all boils down to one simple fact: criminals don’t give a damn about laws.

The reality is, for the kinds of prohibited possessors this guy mentions in the video, nothing changes. They couldn’t legally get permits before, not that legal niceties every stopped them. Criminals and other prohibited persons have always carried. Sorry to break it to you “Dennis,” but Georgia has always had criminal carry.

No matter how strict the laws on the books are, criminals will carry firearms. And not just in the US where we enjoy the benefits of the Second Amendment. I’ve seen people carrying guns in Mexico with my own eyes. Even in Taiwan, an island that’s far harder to sneak guns into, I’ve seen someone pull a gun while committing a crime. Name a country and you’ll find at least some criminals carrying guns and using them against innocent people, no matter what the law may say.

So no, constitutional carry won’t bring about criminal carry. We’ve always had criminal carry and we always will. Instead, constitutional carry will lower the burdens law-abiding Georgians have to deal with in order to ensure they’re equipped to defend themselves and their families. Legally.



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  1. Still counting on at least 50% of the people see this garbage are dumb enough to believe it! That’s what they do!

  2. MUH THIN BLUE LINE #pigs and their boot-licking-badge-backers are as anti-2A as any bleeding heart leftist snowflake.

    • Wow. While I have NO illusion that all police are “good”, that rant was more than a little over the top. “THIN BLUE LINE #pigs”??? You sound like a 60s hippie in a time warp. Yes, the profession of policing does have a tendency to attract people with an authoritarian mindset. Yes, cops violate civilians’ rights regularly. Yes, other cops cover up for them. And your answer is???? “Defund the cops”??? That’s so stupid, I would have expected it from dacian.

      How about we (i) improve and increase police training, (ii) eliminate “qualified immunity”, and (iii) make damage awards against departments or individual officers payable (to the extent the individual is bankrupt, which they would be in most situations, if qualified immunity were eliminated) to be satisfied out of the police pension fund, giving their fellow officers a REAL incentive to police their own? Eliminate the ATF, the Fat, Bald, and Incompetent, and all the other alphabet soup federal “bureaus” and “agencies”, start over, police our own police, and stop fulminating stupid slogans??? Wanna give that a try???

      Makes a whole lot more fricking sense than “eliminate the pigs”. Or, perhaps you don’t do actual thinking.

    • Nathan Freeman I call “BULLSHIT”! The majority of police do not oppose constitutional carry. It is the Chiefs of Police Assoc. the membership of which are political hacks serving at the pleasure of their leftist masters who oppose civilian concealed carry.

      You might want to get your facts straight.

  3. I cannot begin to imagine any way that the content of that video is even remotely accurate. Saying it another way, that video appears to be a complete lie.

    It sure would be nice if our nation’s Fourth Estate (the Press) would call-out such garbage when a major political party foists it upon the uninformed masses.

    Of course there are two huge implications to that video. First, when Democrats resort to flat-out bald-faced lies, that demonstrates that they have no actual substance to their position. Second, when the Press fails to call them out on such bald-faced lies, it reveals that the Press are Democrat Party supporters rather than anything remotely resembling impartial journalists.

    • Impartial journalism is a misnomer and akin to unicorns. I have been watching the Ken Burns documentary on Benjamin Franklin. Even as far back as then, impartial journalism didn’t exist. Including Benjamin Franklin who understood the power of the printed word to not only inform, but to influence the citizenry in a desired direction.

      • Darkman,

        As long as journalism is performed by humans, “impartial journalism” is impossible. EVERYONE has a POV and biases. All that I ask is that people (i) admit their own biases, and take them into consideration when reporting, and (ii) be honest about their POV/biases in reporting.

        I’ve NEVER believed “Uncle Walter” was giving me the straight scoop – I knew he was a Leftist idiot. And I kept that firmly in mind when listening to/watching any of his reporting. In some ways, I blame him for all this, in that he TRIED to pretend he wasn’t biased, and his reporting was completely biased. Ditto Dan Rather. Ditto Chris Hayes. Ditto Don “Rotten” Lemon. Ditto all of them (yes, including Fox anchors). My b**** is not that they are biased – I expect that – but that they are not “up front” about their biases.

        Anyone who accepts ANY POV without examining it is . . . probably dacian the stupid, or maybe MinorIQ.

    • Stacey Abrams and co should get little taglines in social media saying they are spreading false information. Maybe get kicked off, or any article mentioning them should include verbiage calling them a liar. But media/social media is on their side, isn’t Stacey now the President of Earth in Star Trek? You can’t argue with the fantasy leader of the whole world.

      • rt66paul,
        The press absolutely supports Democrats above all else. Studies have even shown it to be 90%+ but it’s painfully obvious to anyone paying attention. Where have you been? Remember Afghanistan? The press doesn’t. They were forced to give some negative coverage because it was so bad, then they dropped the story like a hot potato. But they were talking about Trump’s inauguration crowd years later. Priorities.

    • The only accurate about that ad is the Manatee is still a useless piece of shit that thinks rules do apply to her.

    • uncommon_sense,
      Everyone here sees the implications (though some won’t admit it). I don’t have the same level of faith for the good people of Georgia who aren’t educated on subject of firearms.

  4. Guns cause people to become criminals.

    Guns thus cause crime.

    Prior to “constitutional carry”, criminals could not buy guns (it’s the law). “Constitutional carry” frees criminals to buy guns on the black market (“the street”).

    Prior to “constitutional carry”, police knew who was a “bad guy”, and who was not. Now, police must fear that a person who was once a “good guy without a gun”, will suddenly have a gun, and mentally snap; shooting up the mall or school.

  5. The cool thing about “Constitutional”/permitless carry is that it provides the same rights/priviledges (wtf ever) to the law-abiding that criminals and crazy people have enjoyed for 125 years.

  6. The squealing from the Karens will subside. Been down this road a few years ago. Best to ignore the noise, and carry on.

  7. Another example of “facts” getting in the way of “feelz.” Was it Huxley who said something about ugly facts slaying beautiful theories being the tragedy of science?

  8. That ad! I can’t believe what an outright lie it is, and Mrs. Abrams id dumb enough to support the lie!

    • Not that I disagree with you, Daniel, but . . . how much is “dumb”, and how much is “evil”??? I know the saying is that you should never attribute to maliciousness what can adequately be explained by stupidity or incompetence, but . . . sometimes it’s both. The Tank IS stupid and incompetent, but she is also an evil liar.

  9. Having been raised by one and having been one I personally could really give a rip about what the police want. If they don’t like what their bosses tell them then they are free to go find another job. Police officers are not drafted, they are subservient to the citizenry, and they’re free to quit anytime they are no longer happy with their working conditions.

  10. Carrying a gun with no permit will not last long as an outraged public will demand it end when the mounds of corpses start to pile up because of people who were not trained in the laws of their state in regards to the use of deadly force or trained in how to safely handle and carry deadly weapons in public. This is only common sense, something the Far Right are sadly deficient in. To Far Right, life is cheap and expendable.

    • Fake dacian. See how he writes and argues like an uneducated 13yo.

      Wait one. That is the real dacian. My apologies to the fake.

    • So, dacian the stupid, give us the stats on all the piles of bodies in Vermont, which has been “constitutional carry” since . . . THE FOUNDING OF THE REPUBLIC, you ridiculous moron??? What’s the murder rate in Vermont??? What’s the murder rate in Maryland, or Illinois, or California, or New York, or New Jersey??????

      You are literally too stupid to insult, and you are becoming too stupid to mock (witness the ongoing debate over “real” vs. “fake” dacian!). Just go join your circle jerk, you witless UNEDUCATED cretin.

    • Just like the piles of corpses in the other States that have the same law?

      Didn’t we hear that CCW would be that way too?

      Perhaps you are mistaken?

    • Carrying a gun with no permit is obviously lasting longer than we think, since states have begun deregulating the carry of firearms since the 80s, and it has only accelerated since. People don’t necessary need a paywall to exercise their rights for “permits” and “training.” Believe it or not, people are capable of learning on their own, doing the necessary research, and teaching themselves based on readily available resources that can be obtained, even by video, from a pc or phone. This is only common sense, something the Far Left are sadly deficient in. To the Far Left, freedom is cheap and expendable.

    • hmmmm… we’ve had no-permit in our constitutional carry here for over 25 years and no mounds of corpses, rivers of blood, mass carnage, and no apocalypse.

      For every state that has enacted no-permit in their constitutional carry – the same dire predictions have been made by the anti-gun freaks, and it has not come to pass even one time. As far as crime – In fact, although some types of crime bounce up and down in peaks over time, overall, the actual crime rates have decreased in every state with no-permit in their constitutional carry, especially certain types of violent crime. Also, every study about crime rates and violence saying such would increase as it relates to no-permit required and constitutional carry has been proven wrong.

      Go away dacian, your done. You and the rest of your anti-gun freak ilk no longer have your false studies and uncertainty and ambiguous fear base upon which to spread your lies. All of your anti-gun study’s have been debunked for the junk and false ‘science’ they are, all of your anti-gun so called ‘statistics’ have been exposed for the lies based in deception they are, and your intentional ignorance has been exposed for the lies it is. Actual implementation and practice and real science based studies overall show you to be wrong.

    • Mounds of corpses are only piling up in Big Blue Gun Controlled Cities.
      It’s a Behavior Problem, not a Gun Problem.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. Dream on. The vast majority of the American people support Constitutional Carry! Constitutional Carry will not change a thing about illegally owned and or used firearms. A criminal will still be prohibited for purchasing, owning, or using a firearm.

      Nice try.

  11. Just above the video: “70% of Georgians oppose it and law enforcement has major concerns”. Curious minds want to know: Where the heck did that statistic come from?

    • here is where such comes from: They do not poll all Georgians. They poll a sample group but what they do to slew the truth and lie is to only poll a statistically insignificant amount. For example; if you wanted to poll for an “issue” correctly, say there were, for the sake of math, 100,000 people so your sample group to be statistically significant would need to be 10,000 people so you would need to poll 10,000 people and the result of that poll could be extrapolated to basically say that every group of 10,000 in every 100,000 people would poll the same way with the same results, and it works out in the math to be that way.

      The population of State of Georgia is about 10 million. They polled less than 1% – statistically insignificant which means for the population of Georgia 99% of the people would approve of no-permits or had no opinion included in the poll. Their 75% is a lie.

  12. That 70% must be the limousine liberals in the suburbs around cities like Savanah and Atlanta.
    This is all the disarmament crowd has. Fear mongering and feelings/emotions.
    Logic, reason and fact are a foreign concept to them.

  13. the #1 reason to pass permitless carry:
    its what samuel colt and jeff cooper would have wanted
    the #2 reason to pass permitless carry:
    to watch liberal heads explode

  14. Georgia’s Democrats not cleaver – No kidding a coven that has Mammy Abrams as their poster (a VERY BIG) posterchild clearly is a ZERO in clever.

  15. “The last place we’d want more criminals with guns is here.”

    *Cuts to school showing young black girls stepping off the bus. That wasn’t a coincidence.

  16. Color me embarrassed! Florida, the state that got the Shall Issue ball rolling, Land Of Marian Hammer, Legislative Sledgehammer of the NRA, still hasn’t gotten a Constitutional Carry Bill to the Floor to be voted on. Woe is me. Hopefully the Special Session called by Super Gov DeSantis will see it passed, so we can become the 26th Constitutional Carry State!


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