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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)
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After some back and forth between the Georgia House and Senate reconciling different versions of constitutional carry bills, the Senate voted 34-22 in favor of the latest version that passed the House earlier this week. That sends the final bill to Governor Brian Kemp who has said he’ll sign it into law.

From The Center Square . . .

“I look forward to signing the Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2021 into law soon and fulfilling another promise I made to the voters of this state,” Kemp said in a tweet. “… Law-abiding Georgians deserve to ensure they can protect themselves and their families, and this legislation strengthens that God-given right.”

It’s amazing how focused politicians become on the priorities of their constituents as election season draws ever closer.

Prepare for the usual primal screams from our friends in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex as Georgia is about to become the 25th state (that’s half the country, for you blue-staters) with constitutional carry on the books.



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    • It does, but it’s not the majority of the GOP that are the problem. My understanding is it’s one guy in a subcommittee that are holding things up. Our neighbors both now have Constitutional Carry. Florida led the way when the big issue was Shall Issue. The way Constitutional Carry has been treated in Florida is an embarrassment. First Alabama, now Georgia have passed it. Hopefully, our neighbors to the north’s actions will put a bit of pressure on Tallahassee. Which, incidentally, sits about 25 miles south of the Georgia line and not a lot further from Alabama. What we should strive for on this issue, and others, is not just a win in an individual state, but blocks of states.

  1. 25/50 Hummm… If the hysterical left is correct, approximately half of the US population is in eminent danger of being massacred in their homes and businesses, on the street, in church, etc. Odd that the most dangerous locations don’t have constitutional carry. I’ll take my chances in a CC state instead of Chiraq, et al.

  2. Sooner or later CC is happening in Florida and Louisiana. Right now the CC ball is in FL with a confirmation DeSantis will sign. When the democRat Gov. Of LA. is soon history chances are good CC will pass and be signed into law.

    • In Louisiana this week for the first time in 31 years the house and senate overrode a governor’s veto. Representative Danny McCormick this year has filed HB 37. HB 37 is a constitutional carry bill identical to bills he filed in 2020 and 2021. This year the author, Rep Danny McCormick, is on the committee of Administration of Criminal Justice which will help it pass out of committee. It is hoped, if HB 37 is vetoed, that the legislators will override the veto. An interesting year indeed.

    • DeSantis won’t have a piss ant’s chance in an ant Eater’s mouth of running for POTUS in ’24–even if Trump lets him–if he can’t make Florida go CC after the appropriate midterm final ‘adjustments’.

  3. So with the aquisition of Georgia, according to US census data, over 112 million Americans will now live in constitutional carry states. If we just get Florida and a couple of other states, it could very well push CC as the norm for over 50% of the American population.

    • I’ve read that CC is now the plurality, meaning that CC covers more Americans than either Shall Issue, May Issue, or No Issue.

      • This is the way the original Framers of the Constitution designed it to be and guaranteed by the Constitution…until the insidious infiltration of Marxist Totalitarianism and the attendant citizen disarmament agenda reared its monster ugly head…

  4. I’m curious to see what the Fed response to this will be.

    Something, something, Commerce Clause, something, Janet Reno, something for the children.

    • “I’m curious to see what the Fed response to this will be.”

      Oh, I dunno, what do authoritarian despots usually do?

      Crush uprisings (among other various and unpleasant sundry activities) of course! … 🙁

      • Or getting crushed by uprisings.

        Things keep going as they are and I honestly don’t think there’s shit the government can do.

      • Oh, they will never stop and will continue to do things like…
        violate your 4th/A and home invade you…shoot your dogs. Arrest you for having a NON-Firearm part newly ordained a dangerous MG. Make any and every piece of metal or polymer within arms reach an illegal firearm and felony so you are now forever into eternity prohibited from even casting your facial recognized eyes upon anything that “..expels a projectile…”

        They can’t stop. It’s like a drug for them.

        Until we stop them next midterms (only eight FREAKING Months away!) when WE STOP them by taking back the Congress and Senate and begin arresting them for Deprivation of rights violations under 18-241-242, and begin repealing ALL Gun Control Laws.

  5. NYSRPA v Bruen case awaiting decision from SCOTUS maybe impacted by half states in the nation faithfully recognizing the right of the people to bear arms and repealing infringement. Here to wishful thinking!

    • If we even get shall issue I will likely not see a pistol on the shelves for the summer based on what happened after the summer of love almost two years ago. If we do away with the permit just to buy/own a pistol I will need to figure out who does GunBroker in my area for the next few years.

      • “…I will need to figure out who does GunBroker in my area for the next few years.”

        Here –

        The process is simple, set up a Gun Broker account (fast, free) and go shopping. Find the gun you want (*thousands* out there) and pay for it. It won’t be shipped to you, it will be shipped to the local FFL you select. Wait whatever number of days NY state requires, take gun home…

        • EDIT – You’re not stuck using only Gun Broker. Use their FFL list and search the internet for what you want. Give the seller the FFL shipping info (in most cases it’s part of that web site’s buying process anyways, they will not ship it to you directly, unless you are an FFL).

          Either way, you have to go through the BG check on your end, anyways…

        • We lost a bunch of FFL”s in the area (age related not ATF games) and many stores do not do transfers (found one finally) but did reactivate the old account and updated the info just in case. Odd that I never had trouble finding anything until it wasn’t 9mm.

  6. Good news for my son in Georgia. Now if we could do something about needing a permit to carry across state lines. Or if a permit is needed, make it valid in all states. Like your state DL.
    That is the only reason I am keeping my current Alabama permit. Reciprocal with at least some states.

    • Walter,

      Yeah, but they’re too stupid to even realize they’ve gotten their @$$es whooped, yet again. Like they do every time they try to “flex” on this forum. I think they’re masochists, in addition to being stupid.

  7. For those of you in FL, this was passed in GA (after waiting 12 YEARS) because gun owners rose up and bombarded the RINO Speaker of the House and various committee heads with phone calls, emails and texts. They received so many texts and emails (thanks to a link on the Georgia Gun Owners website that made it easy) that they knew they better pass it this time. Georgia Gun Owners lobbyists also brow beat the key members of the House and Senate and made it clear to them their political careers were at stake come next election. If FL has a similar organization they need to get organized, funded, and go after those sorry RINOs who won’t do their jobs.

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