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The Texas Firearms Festival is in its second year. Working from last year’s visitor survey, ticket holder feedback and common sense Festival control, we’ve made the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival bigger and better than last year’s event – which was plenty darn big and easily the most fun a gun enthusiast can have without going full auto. With a little over three weeks before the gates open, let’s have a look at what’s new . . .

More guns!

The Texas Firearms Festival at Best of the West Shooting Sports (November 14 and 15) is the largest “come and shoot it” event in the Western World. In all, ticket holders to the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival can ring steel with numerous guns provided by 39 manufacturers. You pay one price for admission and ammo is free. To make sure you get plenty of serious trigger time, we’ve added more and new exhibitors. Click here for a full list of our exhibitors, links to their website and their bay location.

Back for ’15: SIG SAUER, FNH-USA, Noveske/US Optics, CMC Triggers, Walther, Republic Forge, Henry Repeating Arms. 

New this year: IWI, STI, Roughneck Firearms, Daniel Defense, Kel-Tec, Bergara, Blaser, LWRC, Battle Rifle Company, Zion Armament, Sons of Liberty, H&K, UTM. Note: this list does not include silencer companies, parts makers, ammo manufacturers and the various guns (e.g., Armalite) that they’re using in their bays.

Faster Access to the Rifle Range 

Last year, wait time at the rifle range was too long. The new protocol: shooters lineup in front of the table for the rifle they want to test. A rep escorts the shooter to the desired gun and back to the main entrance. Wash, rinse and repeat. We’ve limited the number of manufacturers on the range to 11, who now have three or four shooting positions each.  

First-Time Shooter Training

Last year, the Texas Firearms Festival’s first-time shooters soaked-up a lot of time in the exhibition bays, as sympathetic manufacturer’s reps showed them the fundamentals. This year, The Texas State Rifle Association has taken over the entire Best of the West Pistol Range. Working with UTM, makers of non-lethal ammunition, TSRA-approved instructors will teach newbies how to shoot a handgun. The TSRA training range is open to Shooter and Non-Shooter ticket holders alike. Which leads us to . . .

New Ticket Types

Last year, we had two ticket types: Shooter and VIP. Visitors with young ‘uns told us they had to pay a baby-sitter to look after the little ones and/or pay for their non-shooting significant others to attend. This year, we’ve introduced a $25 Non-Shooter Ticket. Non-shooting children 12-and-under are now free (admission, not the children). 

We’ve also revamped the VIP ticket. In addition to lunch (now in the National Shooting Sports Foundation VIP tent), close-in parking, free gun cleaning, a VIP-only comfort station and a pre-opening hour of VIP-only range time, we’ve added FastPass VIP access to the front of any line and a free shuttle around the range. Speaking of convenience . . .

Faster Check-In

Last year, we used computers to check-in visitors to the Texas Firearms Festival. This year, to speed things up, we’re printing out all the relevant info. Show your ID, grab your wrist band and go. Done. 

Bigger, More Convenient Retail Village

Last year, we had a smattering of retail tents clustered around the VIP tent across from the shotgun range. This year we have 51 retailers offering firearms, firearms-related goods and services, and a chance to check-in with and/or join various pro-gun groups. We’ve also relocated The Range at Austin Retail Village in the center of the action, in the middle of the range (between the shooting bays). Click here for the full list of vendors, including links to their websites. Here’s who’s coming . . .

The Range at Austin, SB-Tactical, The Texas State Rifle Association, Crossbuck Gun Cabinets, Brim-It, Sonoran Desert Institute, Quick Drawn Shirts, Dead Goose Society, Bond Arms, Texas Concealed Handgun Association, Operation Orphans, Willi Law Firm, Wooden Armory, Action Targets, Chickabomb, Lone Star Gun Rights, Fighter Design and Combat K9, Kangaroo Carry, Sure Shots Magazine, Bee Tactical, 610Precision, Veterans Outdoors, Contingency X, Pipe Hitters Union, Well-Armed Woman, AR Customs, KNS Precision Inc., A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League, Second Amendment Foundation, X-Caliber Tactical, Ducks Unlimited, Kilo727, ZeroBravo, Asgard Training,  DPX Gear Inc., Precision Small Arms Inc., Target Vision, DSG Arms, Brian Foster and Hennings Shop.

More Guns to Buy, More Convenient Gun Sales Tent

Last year, visitors to the Texas Firearms Festival purchased some $40k worth of firearms. This year, manufacturers will sell guns from their demonstration bays, the rifle range and The Range at Austin Retail Village. We’ve also relocated the Sportsman’s Finest Gun Sales Tent in the center of the action, at the top of The Range at Austin Retail Village.

Although legal considerations prevent us from telling you the discounts available, there will be Festival pricing on a wide range of firearms, some of which are hard to find at your local gun store (e.g., Kel-Tec’s Sub-2000). Click here for more details on how to buy a gun at the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival. 

Coffee, Funnel Cakes!

Last year’s ticket holders sampled some of Austin’s best food truck cuisine. More than a few ticket holders asked for funnel cakes and coffee. So this year we’ve brought back your fast food favorites and arranged for funnel cakes and coffee. How great is that?

Come and Shoot It!

The 2015 Texas Firearms Festival is the best place to come and shoot a huge selection of guns, meet friends old and new, purchase a wide range of firearms, buy firearms-related goods and services, and enjoy fantastic food. Click here to buy your tickets to the Texas Firearms Festival today. And if you could share this post with your friends we’d be much obliged. As will they. See you at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill!

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    • Are there corn dogs? Sausage on a stick? Deep fried chocolate covered bananas? I mean, if you’ve got funnel cakes but not all of the obligatory d!ck shaped foods, why bother.
      JDub loves him some sausage on a stick. Some mustard…man…I gotta stop posting near lunchtime.

    • What the hell man? I sense a lack of commitment. When I was in college I sold plasma to pay for ammo.
      You got two kidneys? No? Know someone who does? Well there’s the cash. That’s enough for a VIP ticket and a couple of guns (you’ll need them) to take home from the event.
      Today’s youth straight up lazy.

    • I hear ya brother . I won’t be able to make it either . I was just being a smart ass when I read the article .I thought about it highlighting all the guns and vendors ,new and improved and then it finished off with funnel cakes and coffee. Oh my .

  1. Can’t make it this year. I was surprised last year by that deals (mostly on uppers and accessories) put out by AAC and The Silencer Shop. I did pick up a couple muzzle devices and Silencer Shop being there, did influence me on buying a suppressor from them 4 or 5 months after the event.

  2. Hmm, it’s on my birthday and I could probably stay for free at my hoplophobic brother’s place in Round Rock… I might have to sign up after all.


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