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CMC Triggers

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Aftermarket trigger maker CMC Triggers is back for the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival. Last year, the Texas-based manufacturer proved their company’s claim that the trigger is an AR-15 and/or AR-10 platform rifle’s single most important “accurizer.” You want to shoot better groups or CQB with increased lethality? A CMC Triggers’ trigger group is the simplest, easiest and best solution. No screws, no adjustability, complete consistency, tactical grade quality. And now color! This year, CMC is making its point by running five shooting lanes for five rifles from five of their ballistic besties . . .

Armalite, NEMO Arms, War Sport, LANTAC and Texas Custom Guns. Shooter and VIP Ticket holders will get a hands-on appreciation for how a CMC Trigger improves a rifle’s comfort, control and, of course, accuracy. The demo guns will be equipped with a range of CMC go-pedals. Specifically, their 3.5-lbs. Single-Stage Trigger (curved and flat); their 2.2-lbs. 2-Stage Trigger (curved or flat); and their Duty Patrol 2-Stage Trigger, with either a 2.4-lbs. or 2.6-lbs. pull.

CMC’s bay will also be home to the Texas Firearms Festival’s first new gun debut; the start of what we hope will become an important tradition. More on that later. Meanwhile, another debut! CMC’s new . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . AK trigger group! CMC’s bringing their prototype trigger, designed to turn the AK platform from a rough-and-ready broad-side-of-a-barn-blaster to a laser-like sniper rifle. Well, improve the AK’s accuracy dramatically anyway.

CMC’s also invited Froglube to the party, who’ll be cleaning and lubing guns (it’s what they do, it just works!) and selling product. Ticket holders can also buy CMC triggers and box-fresh firearms from the featured gunmakers right from CMC’s bay. Festival pricing? You betcha! But you gotta be there to do that. With three weeks to go before the gates swing open for the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival it’s time to pull the trigger. Click here for tickets. See you there!


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