Tulum tourist murders via ap 770
Police security tape covers the exterior of a restaurant the day after a fatal shooting in Tulum, Mexico, Friday, Oct. 22, 2021. Two foreigners were killed and three wounded in a shooting in the Mexican Caribbean resort town of Tulum. (AP Photo/Christian Rojas)
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You know things have gone seriously sideways when America’s mainstream media report on drug cartel violence spilling into high-end tourist areas of Mexico. However, in a nation where the little people are disarmed by law and only the cartels and oftentimes crooked cops (and an unreliable military) have guns, things like this are a reality

Yes, even the Hollywood glitterati like to stay in some of these high-end destinations.  Along with Instagram “influencers” and well-to-do spring breakers, Tulum, Mexico is loaded with tourists. It also, inconveniently, has drug cartel members battling it out, too.

So when two women are killed and three more people wounded in cartel crossfire in a popular tourist restaurant, the news gets out.

Here’s a Daily Beast story via Yahoo News:

Two foreign female tourists were caught in a crossfire between rival crime groups and shot to death last Thursday in the high-end resort town of Tulum, Mexico. Three other people were also wounded when the firefight broke out in the popular restaurant, La Malquerida, not far from the beach. Of the two women who were killed, one was from Germany and the other India.

“They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and got caught in an exchange of gunfire between competing drug traffickers,” said a high-ranking Mexican police commander, who agreed to speak with The Daily Beast on the condition of anonymity.

“It’s a sad mistake for the victims, but such cases are not rare or unusual anymore [in and around Tulum]. When a firefight breaks out no one is safe,” the commander said.

A playground for celebrities like Gwyneth PaltrowTulum is famous for its Mayan-era ruins and pristine beaches. But Tulum and the rest of the Riviera Maya are increasingly becoming inundated by cartel violence. An American firefighter was kidnapped and murdered from an all-inclusive resort in July. In June, another American was wounded in a shooting that killed two other people when gunmen opened fire from jet skis. A man was executed outside a law office in Cancun this August, prompting additional headlines about how violence “continues to take over” in the region.

It may seem like ancient history now, but two months after Joe Biden so completely armed the Taliban with billions of dollars worth of American firepower, good old Uncle Joe now wants to send millions worth of additional guns to the Mexican military. Specifically to military units tied to murder and kidnapping.

As experience has shown, a lot of those weapons will mysteriously fall off the back Mexican military vehicles…and the disarmament advocacy industry north of the border will then use that fact to argue for grabbing Americans’ guns.

Maybe America should instead send firearms to the little people in Mexico so they can defend themselves and their families from corrupt cops and ultra-violent drug cartels.  Because “gun-free zones” don’t work in Mexico any better than they do here.

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  1. That’s one of those places that virtue signaling chumps like Conan O’Brien poses for selfies at to prove the 3rd world nation surrounding it isn’t a shithole. Guess they can’t do that anymore.

  2. Of course Xiden wants to arm corrupt Mexican units that run cover for the drug and human trafficking cartels…cause that what Obama did and that is all that little Joey knows.

    ¡¡¡Let’s Go Brandon!!!

  3. Again “T” tag knows less about Mexico than it does about rocket science. Mexicans can indeed own guns and their sales are rocketing up legally.


    Mexico’s constitution guarantees citizens’ right to own a handgun and hunting rifles for self-defense and sport.

    Sales from booming, in parallel with a large and active black-market trade for contraband weapons flooding south from the U.S.

    According to army records, the store sold 549 guns in 2000. For 2015, sales had risen to 10,115, an increase reflecting the rise in concern about personal safety during a surge in violent deaths in Mexico.

    Sales spiked most dramatically after 2006, when then-President Felipe Calderon took office and declared war on Mexico’s drug cartels. The country recorded more than 164,000 killings between 2007 and 2014, according to official statistics.

    At the gun store, 27 brands are on offer, from the American Colt, Austria’s Glock and Italy’s Beretta to the locally made Mendoza and Trejo.

      • TTAG has covered the ability of the common Mexican to buy a gun anyways, and if you look at the facts of it they’ve basically priced most people out of the market.

        Dacian is a moron and should realize that even Marx was against an unarmed populace.

        • One firearm is allowed, must be purchased from the only firearm store, ran by the Mexican Army in Mexico City. Strict rules of when and where it can be carried. Ammo is strictly enforced. The government can revoke the permit at any time.

          Sounds a lot like (mostly Hispanic) California.

        • ….and there’s the truth bomb that has lil’d disengaging from the discussion. Scurry away from the truth now, just like the fascist little POS you are. 🤔

          Let’s all say goodbye to d now………

        • NO Andrew you are the Moron. With all the Manufacturing jobs that Trump never stopped from being exported to Mexico the Mexicans now are making more money than some of the Americans.

        • Campbell you Moron the T Tag article led people to believe that guns are not available in Mexico they are both legally and illegally

        • “.….However, in a nation where the little people are disarmed by law…..”

          Also see TCP comment below……..

          “There’s just one place in all of Mexico where you can legally buy a gun. It’s tucked away in an anonymous building on an army base in the capital, staffed by soldiers.

          Those who enter must surrender any cell phones, tablets or cameras, remove caps and pass through a metal detector. Weapons are kept in locked glass cases, unlike many of the 50,000-plus U.S. gun shops where used-gun racks on showroom floors allow easy access and clerks are happy to let you heft an unloaded firearm.

          Mexico’s constitution guarantees citizens’ right to own a handgun and hunting rifles for self-defense and sport. Legally getting your hands on one, however, requires clearing a series of bureaucratic hurdles far stricter than in the U.S. and, for many customers, traveling great distances to reach the country’s lone gun store.”

          Troll harder lil’d.😜 Try real hard and you might just get a peek at reality.

          PS, take your fvckin’ meds.

      • When we engage him it isn’t for him. It’s for all those who read the comments but don’t post. They need to see the corrections to his bullshit.

      • jwm, I try to ignore him and encourage others to do the same. After all, how can anyone take seriously someone who chooses a bubble head, pencil neck cartoon character with an imbecilic expression expression on it’s face seriously? But, sometimes he says the stupidest shit. How can you not rebut him?

    • Here’s the first few paragraphs of that article

      “There’s just one place in all of Mexico where you can legally buy a gun. It’s tucked away in an anonymous building on an army base in the capital, staffed by soldiers.

      Those who enter must surrender any cell phones, tablets or cameras, remove caps and pass through a metal detector. Weapons are kept in locked glass cases, unlike many of the 50,000-plus U.S. gun shops where used-gun racks on showroom floors allow easy access and clerks are happy to let you heft an unloaded firearm.

      Mexico’s constitution guarantees citizens’ right to own a handgun and hunting rifles for self-defense and sport. Legally getting your hands on one, however, requires clearing a series of bureaucratic hurdles far stricter than in the U.S. and, for many customers, traveling great distances to reach the country’s lone gun store.”

      Kind of difficult for peon in Guadalajara or Sonora to get there, get inside, and get a legal gun. And many will find the hassle daunting. If I lived in Mexico (or New York, New Jersey, or Maryland) I’d just buy something on the street and carry illegally. If the bad guys can get away with it so can I.

      • Peon my ass with all the U.S. manufacturing jobs that have been exported to Mexico in just the last 20 years some of the Mexicans make more than the Americans do.

        • Dacian said,
          “Of course no documentation only a wild claim”

          “Again cite documentations. They do not , I wonder why?”

          Why? Well stop wondering. It is because your reading comprehension is at a second (maybe first) degree level.

          Really sorry you failed basic reading and don’t understand how to read the full report that includes ….. 134 footnotes!

          But why would you? As a mentally unbalanced leftist (ask me Miner49er all about it) you can simply scream and attempt to project your racism upon others. Again, point of fact, you are the racist.

          Here is the page on their website you either ignored, or because of your current reading comprehension level could not locate.


          It has 134 endnotes you can click at (but will be unlikely to understand), like this one; Joel Gherke, “Report: U.S. Spent $1.87 Billion to Incarcerate Illegal-Immigrant Criminals in 2014,”
          National Review, July 28, 2015

          Happy reading….. your “tear it apart” skills is nonexistent… and seek some professional help ASAP!

        • Illegal Immigration Cost the U.S. over $115 Billion a year.

          That was in 2017 what is the true cost today $150 Billion? $250 Billion?

        • To the Fake coward Miner who steals other peoples identities i.e. the real Miner 49er.

          First off the T Tag article was about drug gangs not immigration.

          Your link is a laughable joke. You may as well have quoted the KKK or the Proud Boys. You never cease to quote far out right wing web sites that are unaccredited news media outlets and are so ridiculous we all get a laugh just looking at them. Only a complete nut case or ignoramus would give them any credibility.

          If you were not a Historical Moron and had flunked History classes you would have known that immigrants both legal and illegal are an asset to the host country. History has shown they are usually far more successful at starting a business and they cannot run businesses by themselves therefore they hire people giving them jobs and purchasing power.

          Illegal immigrants pay into the tax base as well as into Social Security and cannot draw out of it when they retire nor can they get income tax returns either because they know they will be caught.

          Studies also show that the Daca children are now adults and have become teachers, lawyers, doctors and all manner of professional people once again proving your racist ranting’s come out of pure ignorance and Nazi right wing hate. These people are an asset to the U.S. not a detriment.

          Go peddle your far right propaganda from Nazi racist web sites to the unwashed. You are one of the lowest forms of beings infesting the U.S. and we should deport you not hard working immigrants.

        • So Mexicans make so much money now they have to come to the USA and spend it? You claim immigrants all bring more value than they take from the unwanted host country. The rise in crime rates has skyrocketed, along with the rise in illegal aliens entering the country. Why do you think the first thing the women illegal aliens do is have a baby? Is it because they have so much extra money from breaking into the USA? Or is it the fact that a baby born in the USA becomes a citizen by law? How many illegals are you letting stay at your house dacian? And please tell how many have a thriving business they run out of your house. I’m excited to hear these business success stories you claim to know about. I’m sure all you have to say is it’s Trumps fault and every other white male is to blame. White males build civilizations that other people die trying to join. Why is that?

        • dacian, sucking dicks for $1 each is no way to make a living. But at least you don’t do it for free anymore. You told everyone you were gonna bag fries for $15/hour, that didn’t last long. Take 1 day off a week, so you and miner the minor49er, can Tbag and eat ass all day.

        • The average wage for a factory worker down there is $2.80. That’s more than you get per dick you suck though. But you just suck dicks to get out of the house right? To keep busy

        • I have been to visit relatives in Mexico who are professionals and anyone saying that Mexicans make more money than Americans plainly does not know what they are talking about. Why do you think that companies are going to Mexico because the wages are higher? They would not be going down there if the wages were higher.

          Oh and by the way you can only own two handguns a rimfire and a centerfire and in order to get permit you must belong to a hunting or shooting club. Centerfires handguns can be of no caliber higher than .380 acp. It takes years to get a permit and a good size bribe to the local Coronel or Major in charge of the area. You will then be able to get a handgun. There is one gun store in the whole country for a country of 130 million people. Only the well connected and very wealthy can get a gun legally. Most just buy them on the black market and figure that a good bribe will get them out of jail if caught.

    • “According to army records, the store sold 549 guns in 2000.”

      The key phrase is “the store”.

      Not “the stores”, plural, store, as in *one*, singular.

      One store, in Mexico City, to ‘serve’ a population of 129 MILLION people. That’s a little less than one-half of the United States population.

      And that store, sold a little over 10 guns per week, or *2* a day (549 total in the year 2020).

      That’s the kind of a ‘right to own a gun’ little ‘dacian’ wants us to have… 🙂

      • Yet lil’d posted the comment below within two minutes of the first comment on this TTAG story….

        “Again “T” tag knows less about Mexico than it does about rocket science. Mexicans can indeed own guns and their sales are rocketing up legally.”


        Hey lil’d take your fvckin’ meds!

        Also, pull your head out your ass and look around, you might just learn something. 🤔

  4. Permitting, strict control of who can have what, prison for having a piece of spent brass, and only one gun store for the whole country…
    yeah, most of the country is disarmed by law. that means everything outside the city is mostly lawless, and you illegally do what you want, but be ready to pay a heavy secret fine (bribe) if you get caught. Or just get kilt where you stand if you can’t pay for “resisting” one of the many corrupt cops with ties to the corrupt gang/govt system.
    We have family down there, and my uncle is heir to the family ranch… but he went to check it out once. ONCE. the rest of the family down there can keep it.

  5. Why would you want to go to Mexico?
    All the Mexican’s are trying to come here.
    All you’ll get there in Mexico is a tan , Montazuma’s revenge, & lead poisoning.

  6. Why is it cartel violence when it happens South of the border, but gun violence when it happens up North? Marketing?

  7. Who is more cognitively “challenged”?

    dacian – Joe Obiden
    dacian – AOC
    dacian – Don Lemon of CNN
    dacian – a bag o rocks
    dacian – a American tourist traveling to Mexico today

    • Sua, I have no idea why anyone would vacation in any third world country. I used to go to the Caribbean for the diving and fishing. My ex liked it for the casinos. Never went there that someone didn’t try to set me up for a robbery. After several visits (three) I told I would not go back. I can fish and dive the same waters from Ft. Lauderdale. Africa might be a different story. 😆

    • Because, as my friends who immigrated from Mexico like to point out: “Dumb tourists want to vacation in what they think is Mexico, but is in reality a corporate-owned piece of Mexico that is not really Mexico, but an American hospitality or resort business in Mexico. If you want to see what Mexico is really like, you hail a cab and ask them to take you out of town. To a man, every taxi driver will ask you: Are you sure you want to do that?”

  8. I might add the T tag article seems to think the tourists would have survived if armed to the teeth. In reality that is a myth as when something like that happens you cannot start shooting back at an entire gang of thugs all armed to the teeth and the bullets are flying and you are hit and dead by a stray shot before you even knew what was happening or even had a chance to draw your pip squeak pistol while being shot at with a high power assault rifle like an AK or M16.

    In reality the drug gangs exist south of the border because the corrupt governments are bought off by the drug gangs. The State officials know who they are and where they are and if they wanted to could liquidate all of them in hours if they wanted to.

    OK Corral shootings made for an dramatic movie but in reality the bad guys usually win. The real OK Corral shoot out happened because the Clanton’s were so damn dumb they thought they could shoot it out fair and square and win. If the Clanton’s would have had brain one they would have opened up on the Earps’ with rifles from concealed positions as they walked toward the Corral and the results would have been very different and that is how drug gangs work. They are al lot smarter than the hill jack Clanton’s were because they are smart enough to use rifles and use the element of complete surprise. Next time you Hill Jacks try and denigrate Latino drug gangs remember the OK Corral shoot out.

    • So you are now claiming to be an expert in guerrilla gun fighting tactics? So what you are saying is that the ar15 is the perfect rifle for every man? Remind your pal obiden the same thing. And at your next mom demanding action meeting, ask when Shannon’s next porno is coming out. Then come back here and report your news ma’am.

      • Well, lil’d LARPs around his mom’s basement pretending an empty wrapping paper tube is actually a sword.
        So, in this unmedicated state, he believes himself to have mad guerrilla fighting tactics.

        Hey lil’d, take your fvckin’ meds! 😜

      • “So you are now claiming to be an expert in guerrilla gun fighting tactics?”

        (shrug) he’s right. usually can’t shoot back if you’re already hit. that’s just the reality of firearms – he who shoots first is the likely winner. the human animal, thinking in terms of physical struggle, doesn’t get that.

  9. Coming to America soon, oh wait they’re already here! Soon to be joined by Iran and China’s new creations.

  10. I cannot understand why anyone with half a brain would ever go to Mexico for vacation or any other reason. it hasn’t been safe there for 20 years or more !

  11. In many aspects now, Mexico is a on the verge of being a failed state. The US military has assessed Mexico and Pakistan as two nations in real risk of descent into ‘failed state’ status.

    The Mexican government lacks the will to do what is necessary to deal with the drug cartels, and that is wholesale and outright war. Only dreamers and idiots think that the cartels can be dealt with by law enforcement actions.

    • nah. if the mexican government fails (it’s failing now) the cartels simply will move in (they’re moving in now). no change.

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  13. “They were just in the wrong place”


    that same culture is being imported into cali. have to be careful hiking in the forests, can run across an mss13 agricultural operation and get smoked.

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  22. Oh, I just got to know this news through your post. Sad to know that two female tourists were caught in a rival crime group and shot to death. I completely agree with your statement that America should send firearms to the little people in Mexico so that they can defend these people and their families of course. It’s better to create and provide a gun-free zone environment and protect the tourists.

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