Summer of Love: Shootout Featuring Fully Automatic Gunfire on Chicago’s South Side Caught on Video

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has bigger concerns than the city’s notorious violent crime, gangs, and dead bodies. She declared another societal problem —  racism —  a public health crisis a couple of weeks ago and was roundly laughed at by those familiar with the city’s problems.

Rather than addressing issues like Chicago’s revolving door criminal justice system or a police force with an abysmally low crime clearance rate, the Mayor decided to point fingers and announce that she’ll only take questions from journalists of select skin colors.

From . . .

“I think it’s fair to say that she entered office with a real mandate to make sweeping changes… and she’s made good on almost none of those promises,” [journalist Jamie] Kalven said. “Even more disturbing, she’s really squandered the power she entered office with and now I think, has a crisis of credibility.”

So if it’s possible fail harder than even her predecessor in the job did, Lightfoot’s working diligently to earn that distinction.

Which brings us to Chicago’s most current incident of newsworthy street violence. As cars were stopped at a traffic light on Thursday, one driver’s dashcam caught the action as two men — one armed with what sounded like a fully automatic rifle — exited their vehicle and opened fire on another car stopped at the light.


Fortunately for the targets, the shooter in the white pants doesn’t appear to be the high speed, low drag type. He accidentally dropped his magazine after the first burst of gunfire. The shooter then went to a backup gun, which sounds from the audio like a semi-automatic handgun.

Miraculously no one was injured in the melee according to local news reports. But it appears this is going to be another long hot summer on Chicago’s south side, where some people apparently aren’t aware of all of the regulations governing the ownership and use of fully automatic firearms. I wonder if the shooter’s FOID card is still valid.

There really ought to be a(nother) law.

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  1. HAH! The magazine falls out of the gun! Looked like a hundred round magazine. Gangbanger antics are HILARIOUS! Keep defunding those cops so the rest of us have a good source of laughs!

    • Hundred round magazines or taped together magazines are often too heavy to be held in the magazine well. Then, how much maintenance, or cleaning does the gun get?

      • I’ve heard ARs are sensitive to too much weight on the magazine catch. I never had an issue with a full 30rd magazine but never used more than that or tried taping two magazines jungle style.

        • Depends on how the mag release was installed. If the release button was only threaded on the bare minimum needed, the catch will be loose and can slip under strain. The farther in you can thread the release, the more solid a purchase the catch will have. Too bad the stock release button is so short and inadvertently discourages that.

        • I used the Surefire 60 round magazines in my bump stock equipped AR.
          Worked great, never had the magazine fall out.
          I turned mine in to ATF when we sued Florida about their bump stock ban.
          Our lawsuit was thrown out of court.

    • Nothing I enjoy more than going to the range and watching the Urban UTES doing the spray and pray at 3 yards and missing…meanwhile my wife is putting steady center of mass at 7 and 10…then the thugs wander over and see me hitting steady center of mass at 20 and 25 yards….

      If the cops are gone…the thugs wont last much longer.

      • One time I was doing mag dumps at 50 yards at a Game Commission Range in PA. Two guys were watching me and wanted to see the target to see how I was hitting. So we walked down to look. They blurted out that every shot was a kill shot and could not have down that; both were in the Military.

    • Riiighhht, because DZ suppresses all the stories about white gangbangers having shoot-outs in public.

      • Well, isn’t that obvious? Clearly, every day, in every Conservative-run city, hordes of inner-city Yutes of Whiteness are out there, with their semi-fully-automatic assault weapons and 30-calibre clipazines shooting 600 armor-piercing incendiary bullets per second, randomly spraying from the hip while unerringly hitting their targets with pinpoint accuracy because of pistol grips, barrel shrouds, arm braces, things in the back that go up, compasses in the stock and a thing that tells time.
        Yet, we NEVER hear about these massacres!

      • Sometimes the killing is done by a white supremacist with a concealed carry permit:

        “Rollins said Allen had “troubling white supremacist rhetoric found in [his] own handwriting,” and there was evidence of “anti-Semitic and racist statements against Black individuals.”

        “This individual wrote about the superiority of the white race. About whites being ‘apex predators,'” Rollins said. “He drew swastikas.”

        Rollins said the alleged suspect was married, employed, had a Ph.D. and no criminal history, so he would appear to most as unassuming.

        “And then, yesterday afternoon he stole a box truck, crashed it into another vehicle and a property, walked away from the wreckage interacting with multiple individuals and choosing only to shoot and kill the two Black people he encountered,” Rollins said in a statement Sunday night.

        Rollins said Allen had a lawful license to carry that transferred from another town. The investigation is ongoing.”

        • Sometimes is correct. However, studies have shown that overall, CHL holders are more law abiding, with a lower crime rate, than even law enforcement officers.

        • You’ve made anti semite remarks yourself here, miner. And your support of the on going Sanger planned genocide of non whites through planned parenthood is also recorded here at ttag.

          You another white supremacist?

        • “You’ve made anti semite remarks yourself here, miner.”

          Can you cite a specific example of when I made an antisemitic post?

        • research your own past comments, miner. i’m not doing your work for you.

          and notice how you completely ignored the genocide comment.

        • If you can’t smell Cointelpro in that story (inoffensive PhD rabbit lover suddenly steals a box truck, shoeless and confused, and law enforcement finds “his” detailed manifesto in 35.4 seconds) someone needs to drill you a new nostril.

    • jsled…Cease with the totally false accusation, apologize and leave Dan Z alone…He’ll hurt you bad man.

    • You and everyone like you are racist for thinking that posting shootings going on in Chicago, particularly the ones involving American blacks like myself, is racist. Isn’t that the ‘white silence’ you people harp on about? Or do you believe you’re special and can’t be racist? I wager you think very little of us, believing we are incapable of any agency, therefore can’t be held accountable for our actions.

      You’re no hero. You’re no saint. You’re no ‘anti-racist’. People like you will NEVER be accepted by minorities, no matter how much you like to pretend to be our ‘friend’ or ‘ally’ because you will forever think us to be beneath you.

  2. What are you spreading this right-wing propaganda TTAG?? There’s no people with full auto in Chicago, both the state and federal government have banned freely available full auto, so it’s just not there. That’s how it works… when banned illegal guns just disappear.

  3. Ya another time for turds like this guy ( up here ☝️)to NOT understand that if not for the BLACK THUGS , Dan wouldn’t have anything to talk about…

    • But … but … but the DOJ says those darn White Supremacists are the source of all evil!

  4. Probably one of the Class 3 firearms the cops or military can’t account for. Plenty of misplaced guns there. Don’t have the stats right now but bet it wasn’t an 80% build. Also bet that will be the claim by Heavfoot

    • Well you don’t even really need that as much as that a competent machinist can fabricate parts to make common firearms go full auto. And it’s easy to just 3D print those evil high capacity clip-a-zines. I’m kind of wonder if the magazine fumble was because they were using a 3D printed mag that wasn’t quite as well made.

      • Do a search for “forced reset trigger”.
        Gives an AR platform semi-auto a fire rate close to full auto, without the need for a third hole and sear.

        • that or a bumpstock were my initial thoughts. I supposed someone could have always done some amateur gunsmith work or stolen a fully auto but the last is least likely in my opinion.

        • Is that the trick where you don’t reset the trigger fully? I knew people who tried that for a lighter follow up trigger pull but those with worn sears would fire a burst.

          I never tried it because I didn’t want to get kicked off the range.

        • I doubt bangers are using $400 triggers that have been sold out for months. I have friends that have been on the wait list and still haven’t gotten theirs. It’s easier and cheaper to bend a coat hanger or 3d print a chunk of plastic to make a rifle full auto.

    • That sounded like 3 round burst, didn’t it?

      There was an article about full auto fire in Joliet a few weeks back as well. I dismissed it maybe I shouldn’t have?

      I am sure this person will get turned loose on minimal to no bail in the unlikely chance they are caught

      • an article about full auto fire in Joliet a few weeks back

        Think that one was a modified handgun, probably a Glock with one of those Chinese knock off conversions…. Shot two women in a parked on 6-16….

        • If that’s the case they’ll do real time if they get caught. Think I’d rather get charged with trying to shoot the people involved!

  5. Lightfoot!
    If only that worked to send it back to Hell’s waiting room…

    • Careful, bitch will show up in your bathroom… Unless of course you are into that kind of freak show…

      • I’m safe — she announced she won’t respond to white people’s mirrors from now on.

  6. If you are pinned in by traffic during a gun battle like this, at a minimum all of the passengers in your car should unbuckle and get low to the floor of the car. As the driver, you must be the one to command them to do this.

    • If you are pinned in by traffic during a gun battle like this … it’s time to move.

      • Exactly! Things that help include V6 or better, lifted, AT tires, Bull Bar or similar, 4WD, after market skid plates…Bolt cutters for clearing fence that you just went through once you are safe….ect
        Being trapped in traffic is not fun or a picnic…

    • If the driver of a car I’m riding in commands me to do something, I’m getting out of the car and getting a Lyft. Depending on the command, the gat may need to be unholstered as well.

    • I’m betting that Waze will soon add “active shooting” to their icon menu for Democrat-led metro areas.

  7. Interesting that I haven’t seen this covered on any news outlets- national or local. Could it be because fully automatic machine guns are illegal- which makes this story unpossible… and obviously fake news.

    The existence of machine gun cannot be allowed to discredit the assault weapon ban narrative, now can it.

    • If it was a white guy with a trump hat, I wonder if they would consider it news worthy?

      • If it was a white guy with a Trump hat the magazine would not have fallen out (and the streets would be swarming with National Guard)… What a clown show, wonder if they stopped to consider how they would get out of there if they HAD hit their target and incapacitated the car which was AHEAD of them? No one was hit? could have at least popped an innocent bystander or two, but now we know why Chicago shooting deaths do not come close to the number of shooting incidents… Inexperienced clowns with inferior equipment equals FAIL…

        • I would have LOVED to see two people in another car, law-abiding concealed carriers, open up on these gangbangers and splatter them all over the pavement. Now THAT would be entertainment.

        • Now THAT would be entertainment.

          And those law abiding concealed carry citizens would most likely have found themselves in jail (It’s Chicago)… Criminals walk and citizens face charges…

  8. Betting the shooters were all mentally ill, background checked, untrained, white privileged, legal firearm owner, Hydroxychloroquine using, January 6th insurrection, anti-vaxxer Trump supporters.

  9. My favorite nickname for that Mayor by far comes from a man called Jericho Green. He calls her Master Splinter because of Chicago’s rat infestation. 😂😂

  10. White Supremacist obviously….with blackface. Maybe, VA Governor Northrup making a political hit…er, my bad, suicide……for Hillary???? Just pondering…..

  11. This is the kind of crap I have written about. The gangs in Chicago have an arsenal of decent weapons. People who are in the National Guard have been caught selling these weapons.
    People treat the gangs as a bunch of unorganized punks. They aren’t.

    This video is proof of that. They might look untrained and incapable of shooting. OTOH the guys drum magazine falls out and he immediately goes to his secondary gun. This happened right by the Dan Ryan Expressway so they had an escape route.

    The guys in the car who were watching did probably the same exact thing when this happened before. There might not of been auto gunfire but they got low enough to have the firewall between them and the gunfire. The passenger seemed a little baked but this is pretty common on the Southside.
    FYI: I was born in Englewood Hospital.

    This link has all of and many more stats of Chicago shootings.
    I guarantee it will give you an insight to crime and shootings in Chicago.
    How many people have been shot in the junk YTD: 17 the ass: 66
    It also disproves the White Supremacist nonsense: 1 white assailant in all of 2021.

  12. They must be buying fully automatic bb rifles from the Cabela’s just across the border in Indiana. /snark

  13. There’s no excuse for this lack of proficiency when you’re in the largest outdoor shooting range in America.

    Get out your JuSt As GoOd PSA 15 with no sights or optic and start blasting. If that doesn’t work, you always got that sweet digicammo high point C9 to turn sideways.

  14. More then likely that was a real M4 stolen from the the Illinois National Guard.
    The backup pistol wasn’t a high point, more likely a Sig M18 or M19 or a Beretta M9.
    The magazine falling out was stupid. The fact is the gangs of Chicago are very well armed.
    The High Points go to the 14 year olds, this was a planned hit.
    The common misconception is that these gangs are a bunch of unorganized idiots.
    No, when something like this happens it is usually over a block of turf.
    That block and it’s corners can bring say a million dollars in drug sales over a year.
    They fight over money, they have “The Godfather” mentality down pat.
    There is a Illinois Army National Guard base in North Riverside.
    Actually it’s technically Hines but its at 1st Ave and 22nd Street.
    It’s about 5 miles outside of Chicago. Small arms have been going missing for a while now.
    The local news will have the missing weapons on as fluff pieces on rare occasions.

    I don’t know about anyone else on this forum but I have zero drum magazines for my rifles.
    I have 40 rounders that have MagLink couplers so 80 rounds.
    That’s for a SHTF situation, I have too many 30 rounders to count.

    • I would rather have a drum of ammo than drum mags. But that’s just me. Anyone who can operate a weapon accurately and efficiently with that much bulk & weight has my respect, because I can’t. Heck, I have even been trying to accumulate 20 rnd mags (which oddly cost more than the 30s).

  15. I have several drum mags , one for a LMT AR10, one for a Mac 90, one for a PPSH knockoff in 22 & a couple others, they look nasty but unless you’re in a world of doo do, they’ make for a heavy carry, I must say though, the PPSH is a hoot to shoot with the drum or the 30 rd stick mag.. just my opinion though.

  16. Drum mags for giggles…..OK. In a “world of doo doo”, they’ll get one killed. Real operators don’t use them. Amateurs pick gear/practice til they get it right. Operators for hire test gear/practice til they cannot not get it right. Makes all the difference in how one comes home.

    • That’s gotta be some of the dumbest stuff I have read today. We are all now dumber for what you have posted. The military has used 100 round beta mags since their inception and they have an NSN number.

      • the more I practice the worse I get. What?

        Apparently that’s only if you are a “professional” operator… Regular shooters get BETTER with practice… Not to worry if you have a super secret home built Nutrino device capable of Galaxy wide destruction (though I don’t undertand why anyone would intentionally want to destroy a classic old Ford..)

        • “…home built Nutrino device capable of Galaxy wide destruction (though I don’t undertand why anyone would intentionally want to destroy a classic old Ford..)”

          Nicely done.

  17. President Harris’s BATF must be flooding the streets with real fully automatic assault rifles to create incidents such as this to support their propaganda. Unfortunately for them, it is an embarrassment when it turns out that it is only President Obama’s bastard sons who are using these weapons to commit crimes.

  18. But was the other gun fully semi automatic? Yes more laws will obviously help too ask the guy who thinks permits keep criminals from carrying guns.

  19. I remember a local incident a couple years ago where the news read: “Over 200 rounds fired. One wounded.”

    I pointed out to my wife THAT is why we have range day. She hasn’t been shooting very long but even she can hit center mass across a street with her little pocket pistol.

  20. Reporting this morning from CBS Chicago is 72 wounded and 5 dead over the past weekend shoot-O’rama.

    • That’s where comes in handy.
      They have weekend tally’s going back to 2014.
      At midnight they had every shooting in Chicago over the weekend along with trends.
      As of midnight: 12:00a Downward Trend: 6 killed, 62 wounded.
      That total will rise as they consider the weekend to end at 6AM.
      Weekend = 12p Friday – 6a Monday

      • I check heyjackass regularly. Sometimes they’re ahead of the news, sometimes not. Hard to keep up on a busy weekend. 😉 It is interesting that over half of the casualties occurred on Sunday (yesterday). Bound to be some payback/escalation over the next few days/weeks, especially over the 4th.

    • Reporting this morning from CBS Chicago is 72 wounded and 5 dead over the past weekend shoot-O’rama

      That means (hmmmmm, let’s see, add the 1… times 26… and 3 gozinta 72… plus 99… take away 6) they wasted about $2000 worth of ammo….

      • Sounds a little low. Ammo is expensive these days. Apparently the police didn’t fire any shots, likely because of budget cuts. 😉

    • It’s possible but I think it was just the skinny jeans.
      White pants rifle was firing 3 round bursts for sure.
      Until his dual drum Korean made magazine falls out and it all goes wrong.
      You cant bend a coat-hanger to do that, it was a M4.
      Pretty sure the car was stolen or car jacked.
      It was a mostly peaceful midday ambush.

      • You cant bend a coat-hanger to do that,

        No, but you can buy an M-16 full auto Mil Spec lower parts kit (intended ONLY for repair or restoration of an actual, legally owned and NFA registered military issue M-16 of course) for under $100.00…

        • Yep, give your Credit Card number to the ATF eventually.
          I’m familiar with the FULL AUTO sear “repair” kits and jigs.
          The problem is those kits are FULL AUTO only. They aren’t 3 round burst.
          A full auto vs 3 round burst fire control group is apples and oranges.
          Watch the video on You Tube, that’s definitely a 3 round burst.
          There is a serious problem with all sorts of things walking out of the Illinois National Guard at Hines. It’s been going on for years.
          Don’t expect MSM or local media to report do thorough reports on it.
          “At ABC channel 7 we are sorry to report the untimely death of Chuck Goudy and Jason Knowles.”
          They were shot to death outside our State Street Studio.
          Cheryl, Whats the weather? “It will be raining bullets over the weekend.”

        • The problem is those kits are FULL AUTO only. They aren’t 3 round burst.

          Three round burst kits are ALSO available for a few bucks more (DPMS M16A2 3 Shot Burst Kit
          Code: F1000617 $160.00) You must have missed that one… I’d rather go with the cheaper full auto and use “TRIGGER CONTROL”… Prepaid “credit cards” (you must be aware that those exist) work very well with drop boxes…

        • A full auto vs 3 round burst fire control group is apples and oranges.

          OBTW: Those “apples” (aka full auto groups) ARE compatible for repairing those “oranges” (aka 3 round burst groups)

        • Actually I never knew that DPMS sold an entire 3 round burst fire control kit. (Apples)

          I know DPMS has discontinued them, well actually DPMS may have shut their doors because they were part of Remington. The problem with your logic of buying part # F1000617 is you didn’t scroll down the page. Further down it says even though you cannot buy a discontinued part is:

          NOTE: This LE product is a RESTRICTED ITEM and can only be sold to SOT licensees or law enforcement agencies. To purchase these items we ask that you call our customer service department Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00 CST. Proper documentation and paperwork will be required to complete each purchase. That’s in BIG RED letters. (You must have missed that one)

          This clause kicks in: 3 round burst is only legal if you have the gun registered with the ATF as a full auto firearm.

          On most wont even comment but one does that says: The auto sear is the same part in a full auto M-16 and a 3 shot burst M-16. So a semi-auto AR-15 wouldn’t have the space in the lower to put an auto sear nor would it have the auto sear pin holes. (Oranges because of the high shelf) This is underneath a comment that says: Refraining from commenting.

          Basically I would have to some how get my hands on a discontinued part that makes my AR into a 3 round burst that would now be classified by the ATF as a machine gun after a lot of milling.

          Even with a Prepaid “credit card” and a drop box, sorry no go unless you happen to have shiny badge of some sort.

          I don’t feel like dealing with people who come knocking on my door at 3AM with shiny BATFE badges.

          The moral: What you wrote is highly illegal to do, not as simple as you wrote and if you can find the parts its probably the ATF selling them.

          No Thanks

  21. There is a perception that criminals in general are not very smart. I believe that’s true. But there is a large minority of criminals who are in fact very smart. In fact, super intelligent. Because once they do get caught and examined, people find out just how smart they really are. And the ones that are really smart are also the ones much harder to catch.

    I don’t know where these criminals got full auto weapons? As we all know it’s very easy to get fire the power. You just have to pay a little more for the full auto weapons.

    And I wonder if there are people out there producing 3D printed Auto sear parts? Or are these parts being supplied by the communist Chinese? Disrupting other societies anyway they can, is what communists have historically done. And with so many people who support open borders, it’s very easy to supply sex slaves, drugs and weaponry, into this country to cause as much Murder and Mayhem as possible.

    We already know that the Obama/Biden ministration supplied weapons to the Mexican drug cartels. And they supplied weapons, at least one of them, to the Paris France terrorists several years ago.

    I’m sure that the Libertarians Liberals and the Left do not want to consider the possibility that the Communist Chinese are flooding the United States with weapons, drugs, and even biological warfare. Because these are acts of War, that would require the United States to respond militarily.

    And because they are so anti-war, they would allow American citizens to die, and be murdered because of the actions of the Communist Chinese. Rather than defend this country. Or perhaps the open-borders crowd which includes Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, and non-voting Libertarians are more interested in making money. All those factories operated using slave labor do cut the cost of goods sold in the United States.

    I guess they would say “it’s good” for business? I hear their chains rattling.

  22. Colonel Jeff Cooper the founder of Gun Site said it back in the 1990s. “The best way to solve the crime problem in America’s inner cities, is to supply the residence but plenty of guns and ammo. This way they will solve their own problems.”

    The problem now we have is that only the criminals have guns. With the exception of the few anointed individuals (most who are white) who are allowed to have guns, by the city of Chicago, and the state of Illinois.

    Another way to solve the crime problem. Would be for the government to get out of everyone’s bedroom. And stop supporting, and stop saying that it’s ok for a women to have 5 children from 5 different men. And never get married. And stop building public housing projects that are “gun-free zones”.

    • “And stop building public housing projects that are “gun-free zones”.”

      This is perfect !

      Occasionally-Coherent points out that the way to end crime is to stop building prisons. This applies to welfare and poverty programs. Want to end the problems of public housing? Stop building “affordable” housing.

      • Home ownership. The ownership of a private business. The former HUD secretary in the Bush Administration (or Reagan), and former football star, and former senator, Jack Kemp, use to say this all the time. When people have personal investment they will take care of that investment. Whatever it is. It’s pretty simple. Unfortunately it’s the Liberals who make this complicated.

        And they set people up for failure by forcing Banks to give loans to people who are not financially capable, of being able to pay them back. Which is how we got the 2008 Bank crisis, in the first place.

        • “When people have personal investment they will take care of that investment.”

          The problem there is that politicians can be rented, but never securely purchased with an investment.

  23. As the Mexican bandit in Treasure of Sierra Madre offered, “Badges, we ain’t got no stinking badges”. Translate to current dialogue, FOID Cards, We ain’t got no stinking FOID Cards.

  24. From 1997

    From 2019

    The problem with the three L’s is they refuse to face reality. The Chinese communists have a log history of smuggling weapons and gun parts into the USA for decades now. But people want cheap stuff from the slave labor of china. So they look the other way.

  25. “California’s Mulford Act was designed to target African Americans and prohibit them from open carrying while exercising their first amendment rights. Yes, the NRA of the day even supported it (maybe that’s why anti-gun lobbying groups have began claiming the NRA isn’t what it used to be, god forbid they evolve and stand up for all Americans who want to be legally armed).”

    “Now, a month after the Mulford Act was passed in 1967, Illinois passed a law that, according to some state politicians, was even better.”

  26. they’ll find them…then they’ll be back on the streets before they see a jail cell…
    maybe when they actually KILL someone…then they might see some actual jail/prison time…

    • They wont find them, they are likely not even from Chicagoland.
      Many people are under the impression that these gangs are inept.
      They are run by much older people who never get their hands dirty.
      They live in mansions in upscale suburban areas.
      People that were raised in a life of crime and went up through the ranks.
      They make a boatload of money and aren’t going to risk that.
      There aren’t wild parties at their homes.
      They send “smart” kids to college and then law school.
      They have infiltrated the military, the PD and taken over rural towns.
      They are the new “mafia” or “outfit”, it’s a pretty well run criminal origination.
      The Nisan Altima in the video is long gone, it has no ties to them.
      The perps are long gone, they back where they came from.
      This was an ambush and if necessary they were willing to shoot it out with the police.
      The guy on the right put rounds into the white minivan to get it to move for an escape route.
      He has a hoodie covering his face.
      Mr. “Whitepants” was ready to put 100 rounds of 5.56 into who they doing a hit on.
      The whole time he was taking cover behind the SUV behind the one he was shooting at.
      The Korean drum mag drops and he immediately goes to his pistol. Maybe it jammed.
      Those magazines are junk and prone to jamming so maybe he dumped it.
      No need to carry 97 rounds if you are going to your pistol.
      He is also wearing something that covers his face.
      You can listen to Huber Pereznegron or Charlie DE Mars narrative of the incident OR
      you can watch it. This was pretty tactical except for the magazine jamming.
      They didn’t go after people for road rage, this was a turf war hit.
      They were a block away from an expressway that could have taken them north or south.
      The car was likely a 2.0 turbo Altima, capable of easily outrunning CPD Explorers.
      Keep thinking of them as stupid ghetto rats. That plays to their advantage.

  27. With some of the strictest gun laws in the nation how did this bad guy manage to shoot up another car with his full auto rifle and semi auto pistol? The laws stop them from doing this right? Oh wait….this just in….bad guys don’t obey the laws because that’s the definition of a bad guy! So how do more laws stop them? Oh wait….they don’t. Not exactly rocket science.

  28. Once again, Boys and Girls.
    Politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns.
    They only control the good guys, which is their true agenda.

    The bodies in a local WalMart or grocery store or school or church……the bad guy with a gun…..or the gang member with a gun…. the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the terribly distraught family member of a gun shooting victim…… or a gun violence survivor……or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……or the skin color only voter…..are the politician’s easily manipulated Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.
    The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.
    History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it….or die from it.
    And there, boys and girls, is the Xiden/KamelHo/Pigloosi/Slummer/FineStain Gun Violence Prevention Plan in a nut shell. It’s all about protecting Libtard/Socialist anti-America tyrannical politicians’ asses, for what they have and intend to do to America, from American Patriots with AR-15s and “high capacity” magazines, implementing the 2A for it’s intended purpose, saying “ENOUGH!!! NO MORE!!!

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