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Yes, there’s a gun in there, towards the back. It’s a Ruger LCP, one we’re all familiar with to some extent. There’s also a Leatherman, a Benchmade, and a light.

But back to the LCP; my experience has been that it’s a reliable, relatively accurate gun and works well as a BUG or boot gun. The trigger and grip on the LCP II are a vast improvement over the original LCP but it seems both generations enjoy popularity. After all, you can’t always carry in a permissive environment and a good pocket gun gives you deep concealment and keeps you armed.

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  1. Since the ‘Daily Digest’ seems to be temporally AWOL, I’ll just drop this tid-bit of potentially encouraging news here :

    “Republicans outpacing Democrats in early voting in key states, NBC News finds
    The data suggests enthusiasm among early GOP voters that could put a dent in Democratic hopes for a “blue wave” in the midterms.”

    • Funny enough, I googled ‘voting news’ around lunchtime today and read three different articles. One said the dems were turning out in record numbers and hinted the election might favor them, one said turnout was high but it’s too early to tell who will benefit, (a bit of honest reporting maybe?) and I read the above article, which proclaims repubs are in the lead.

      Personally I’ve been very skeptical of blue waves anywhere in Texas except maybe Galveston or Corpus….

    • …and considering the warm and sweaty environment, being corrosion-resistant is a good idea…

  2. LCP 2 is my swimsuit gun. You can hide that sucker in a speedo (at least I can). I prefer a little more firepower when venturing into D country.

  3. I don’t wear Speedos but I’m in a t shirt and swim trunks nearly every day during the summer. I carry a Glock 43 in a Galco bellyband and no one seems to notice. I also have a Spyderco Ladybug- now that’s deep cover…

  4. I can’t imagine a scenario where an LCP will conceal but a P238 won’t conceal.

    And a P238 is a heck of a lot more pleasant to shoot, and comes with real sights as well (I particularly love me the X-rays I have on my Equinox).

  5. I carry my Kahr CW380 every day. Sometimes as my only carry, and sometimes as a backup.

    I practice with it as much as I can afford. I fire a few mags through it every other range session, and I shoot it the way it will be likely used in a DGU. I can put seven rounds in the chest of a B-27 target at seven yards in about 2 seconds. I carry a reload in a Sneaky Pete mag holster. Great item. It’s smooth leather so if my shirt rides up it looks like a Leatherman case or something.

    i can’t imagine many people who won’t be stopped by seven .380s to the heart.

    It’s not the gun I would pick if I knew I was going to be in a self-defense shooting situation, but it’s the one I’m most likely to have with me.

    I don’t want to take on Al Qaeda with it, but I’m OK taking on a mugger.

    • You might surprise yourself…

      If you look at the MO of a lot of these terrorist mass shooters (e.g., Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando), the bad guys seem to be counting on no one shooting back, at least until the cops arrive. They know they’re eventually going down but until the Man shows up, they expect to be shooting helpless fish in a barrel.

      Your little .380 may come as a big surprise to them, if you ever find yourself in that scenario. Wielded with confidence, it will kill them just as dead, no matter what they are carrying.

      Keep practicing, good fellow.

  6. I’ve always figured if I found myself in a multi shooter terrorist situation, (odds are about the same as winning the lottery without playing) then I’d shoot the one closest to me and take his rifle…


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