Double-Stack vs. Single-Stack: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Dennis from Nevada calls this the “EDC blues” and it’s easy to see why. He must like blue because it’s on several of his Glock 43 mods and his notebook, too. (Hey, I like blue, too.)

Years ago my first EDC was a Glock and I vividly recall when the 43 was new…and my surprise at the different feel and performance compared to the classic double-stack Glocks. What do you guys think: double-stack Glocks or the 42 and 43 singles?


  1. avatar Michael Buley says:

    Double-stack for the capacity. 7 or 8 vs. 14 to 18 (.40/.45 or 9mm). More is better than less.

  2. avatar ‘liljoe says:

    Both… summer vs winter.

  3. avatar Carl says:

    I carry a g30s or a shield depending on if I have to go into NYC

    Both are technically double stacks.

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      You have an NYC permit? Fancy.

  4. avatar Big Al says:

    Single stack = FLAT. Double stack = FAT. When you live in places that are HOT most of the year you carry single stack + a spare mag for your extra rounds.

    1. avatar Shawn Pistey says:

      You have made a great point. It really depends on how hot your particular area is and how comfortable you are.

  5. avatar Johnny Reb says:

    Why not the best of bothe worlds
    I carry a Sig P365 small as G43 and your choice of 10 or 12 rounds
    Have gad mine for over a year over thousand rounds not one hic-up

    1. avatar Binder says:

      Maybe because some of us have carried for decades and are not going to switch every time a new gun comes out. Been rocking a Kahr for 20 years. Biggest move was from a K9 to a CW9 (some times carry both). To give up all that muscle memory for 3 rounds is just not worth it.

      1. avatar Jean-Claude says:

        I’m with you. My EDC is a CM9. I occasionally carry my MK9 but it’s more a range gun. Most of my shooting is done with Kahrs. No matter which Kahr I shoot, my muscle memory is still being improved. Carried a P9 for about as long as they’ve been available. I traded a P239 for it. Switching to a lightweight handgun made me carry my handgun more often.

        I only carry my G43 when my CM9 is dirty.

  6. avatar el Possum Guapo Standartenfuher " they think we're making pizza's Oberst von Burn says:

    Stacks are for exhaust fumes. That pocket watch with metal bracelet for attaching to your wrist would seem quite bulky in one’s pocket I would imagine. I’d probably take the bracelet off if this was in my POCKET

  7. avatar Frank in VA says:

    Nice vintage Seiko.

  8. avatar Jean-Claude says:

    I carry either a Kahr CM9 or a G43 most of the time—or my CW380—or a single stack 9 and my .380.

    It’s easier to carry a single stack 9 and a reload than a double stack, unless it’s a P365

  9. avatar mdbostnmt says:

    Single stack PPS. 8+1 , flat, accurate, reliable. Winning.

  10. avatar Wayne Clark says:

    PX4Storm Compact. A little beefy (but then, so am I) & accurate as hell. A 15+1 capacity makes it, along with the two 17 round mags on my belt, the best choice for me. In an AlienGear 3.0 IWB, I’m good summer & winter.

    1. avatar J says:

      I picked up a sub compact Px4 in 40S&W from a friend who was moving to Kommifornia (love makes you do stupid things) and that is the only Sub Compact Polymer pistol that I have ever shot that the recoil was not bad at all.

      If I hadn’t promised to give it back to him when he returns to Texas. I would add it to my CC lineup.
      Also like that the subcompact mags actually have a little fold down pinky extension.

  11. avatar Parnell says:

    I’ll stay with my G27 for my 40 carry but my 45 is a Shield and my 9 is a PPS M2 or a P938. o, I guess I bridge the single v. double debate.

  12. avatar J says:

    I carry a Walther PPS M2 in a vedder iwb holster in the hot summer months here in Texas with 2 extra 8 round mags. But when it gets cooler and start wearing heavier cloths, I use a CZ 2075D in a vedder iwb or Bianchi Leather OWB holster (was for my 75 or S&W 5904 but works for the RAMI) with 2 14 round mags or sometimes an extra standard 16 round CZ75 mag if I am going somewhere in a sketchy neighborhood.

    And a good knife and flashlight are always in the pockets.

  13. avatar Bigus Dickus says:

    I like beer.

    1. avatar S.Crock says:

      I still like beer.

      1. avatar Michael Buley says:

        Beer is good.

      2. avatar Rusty Chains says:

        “Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy”

        1. avatar skiff says:

          Currently drinking Octoberfest!

  14. avatar RAK says:

    +1 on the PPS m2. In a Dara iwb. Concealibiity is most important to me. Xtra mag, knife and light also…of course.

  15. avatar Darkman says:

    Depends. Sometimes Shield 9mm with 9 in the mag and 1 hot plus spare with 8. Sometimes Ruger P89 15 in mag 1 hot and spare with 15.

  16. avatar tdiinva says:

    Neither,. I carry some form of 1911 except in the winter up here in the Great White North. If I wanted a single stack subcompact it would be either a Sig 938 or a Kimber Micro 9.

    It looks like TTAG is becoming The Truth about Glock.

    1. avatar Kat Ainsworth says:

      Send in a pocket dump! There are a lot of Glock owners out there sending pocket dumps in. As someone who often carries a – gasp – 1911, I would love to see some diversity.

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