Lyndon Johnson Gun Control Act 1968
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“In pro-gun circles, it’s fashionable to brag about how the Second Amendment has stood strong against government infringements. In a relative sense, this is somewhat accurate. Compared to say, the health care sector , gun rights are in some regards more secure. But in the present-day climate of administrative politics, complacency is government growth’s best friend. And from the looks of it, there are some troubling developments gun owners cannot ignore.

“The passage of the 1968 GCA not only gave the federal government an entry point into firearms commerce, but also served as a springboard for future interventions like the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993. The Brady Act takes advantage of the GCA’s FFL system by mandating that all licensed firearms sellers conduct background checks of potential purchasers. The Brady Act also paved the way for the creation of the infamous National Instant Background Check System. NICS is an integral feature of the federal gun control apparatus and has been in existence for two decades, despite research showing it has been ineffective in deterring crime.

“These government intrusions aren’t without their fair share of disturbing consequences. According to gun researcher John Lott, the number of federally licensed firearms dealers (FFLs) has decreased from 283,000 in 1993 to 118,000 in 2013. Higher licensing costs played significant role in pricing out smaller weapons dealers. This trend will likely continue as the regulatory state grows larger by the day.

“And the infringements on gun rights continue. The Federal government recently snuck Fix NICS into an unpopular Omnibus bill. Fix NICS enhances the current background check system and puts federalism at risk by incentivizing state governments to turn over private records of gun owners. To add insult to injury, the Trump Administration is continuing its move to potentially ban bump stocks . On top of that, the ATF has ratcheted up its enforcement of federal gun laws. The simple act of selling a gun without the right government-approved paperwork can land someone in a federal cage. As is life in the present-day “statist quo” of arbitrary laws and regulations.” – Jose Nino in 50 Years of Federal Gun Control: The 1968 Gun Control Act

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  1. As the “thousand cuts” continues. Sit on your backsides FUDDS. Eat your potato chips and chirp “I got mine”.

    • Dear hunters,

      Gun-grabbers will eventually come for your hunting rifles and shotguns. Here is why:
      (1) Lever-action rifles:
      Chambered in .44 Magnum and loaded with 300 grain hardcast lead bullets, a spree killer could easily kill dozens of people with one reload.
      (2) Pump-action shotguns:
      Loaded with #00 buckshot or slugs, a spree killer could easily kill a dozen people with one reload.
      (3) Bolt-action rifles:
      Chambered in .30-06 and loaded with 220 grain hardcast lead bullets, a spree killer could easily kill a dozen people with two reloads.
      (4) Double-barrel shotguns:
      Loaded with #00 buckshot or slugs, a spree killer could easily kill six people with two reloads.

      At best, gun-grabbers will graciously allow hunters to keep muzzleloaders and break-action, single-shot rifles and shotguns. At worst, gun-grabbers will ban even those.

      This is why it is imperative that hunters join the efforts to push-back on gun-control. Better to push back now when you are in a more favorable situation than to try and push back later when you are at a serious disadvantage.

      • uncommon_sense- your post is a bit dated.

        Just about everyone who hunts today now owns some form of MSR, hell, when the price of an AR came down to $400 they were too tempting for most to pass up. Add the cheap ammo and they are now THE American rifle of choice, at least for ownership. Even the varmint shooters are using them over bolt guns, they’re being carried in the deer woods and your FUDD description has pretty much gone away in the last 10 years or so. Look around you.

        Actually, it’s hunting itself that is now threatened, not the firearms. Trying to find good private land to cover, whether for birds, larger quadrapeds or anything else is becoming quite difficult. Add to that the fact than a fairly large percentage of our proponents can barely walk a couple miles any longer…

        • Yup.

          We still have about 10-15 years before all the old timers who are afraid of semi autos are no longer swaying the decisions but change is on the horizon, sadly the loss of hunt-able land will probably destroy hunting before we clear that hurdle.
          The squandering of private land will be the downfall of hunting and it all started with the sue happy generation.

        • In PA we have enough of a Fudd constituency that it stopped the legalization of semiauto rifles for deer/bear/elk hunting recently. Those rifles are too dangerous because PA hunters are too irresponsible, dontcha know? That’s what many PA hunters actually think of other PA hunters! Meanwhile, Jeb Stoltzfus will still be able blindly rip off a few ought-sixes into a rustling bush with his Amish machinegun, but at least he can’t use a BAR, R1 or MSR to do it instead. He’s so much safer that way…

          Also in PA, private land availability and the Sunday hunting ban are doing a fine job of killing off hunting. Sunday hunting probably won’t be OK’d until a bunch of Fudds are in the cold ground and the Game Commission and Farm Bureau recognize that it’s now the first half of the 21st century. The SGLs here in SE PA turn into a pumpkin patch in deer season, and I have to drive at least 90 minutes north or west to get to available deer hunting spots on private lands. There’s actually some decent large plots here in the ‘burbs, but almost all folks here are refugees from da Philthy, so they’re wary of potential lawsuits and their understanding of nature and hunting comes from Disney movies.

        • I don’t know much about states not in the west, but in most states here in the west, finding land to hunt on is fairly easy. Here in Utah, there is lots of state and federal land with good hunting. Our Division of Wildlife Resources has land throughout the state open to all during hunting seasons. They also create pacts with owners of large ranches and farms to open their lands for public hunting. My guess this will continue until the libs take over our state government, hopefully not in my lifetime.

        • Craig,

          I took your advice, and looked around me. I did not find your assertion to be true, not even close to “most”, not even a majority. Plenty of hunters without MSRs from my look here in the South, and other hunters I know from other regions. I see far more of what “uncommon_sense” described when I look around. That info does not seem out of date at all.

        • the kids just aren’t into hunting the way they used to be…allowing AR users in the field is one way to increase the numbers…….

        • SouthAl :

          I can’t speak for your state or area but I know ARs are very commonly in use on deer in the upper midwest. MN and most states that allow centerfire rifle around here now have accepted .223/5.56 as a legal deer round, which opened the door. In IA .450 Bushmaster has been signed off on as a deer tound and one can use a carbine to hunt deer so long as it is a straight walled case, so those have been flying off the shelves as well. The common platform is AR15 although Ruger and some others have also offered bolt guns in it. An AR in .10 mm, .45 ACP, etc are all legal here and being used. ARs are the choice in service rifle matches and are an easy DYI build and new ones are as cheap as any decent bolt gun or semi “hunting rifle’. I have to believe it’s similar down south if a person really scopes it out.

          Frank- it may be that “the kids” just aren’t all that much into hunting but if you look at gun sales, they’ve been incredible over the past 10 years or so. That they’ve slowed a bit now is probably part Trump, part the fact that most people have as many now as they want. “The kids” might not hunt but they’re still buying and owning guns, no question. A lot of those guns over the past 10 years have been MSRs, if not, they would not have become the most popular rifle in the US. Again, we’re talking the platform, not a brand or particular maker.

        • To further state and support my case:

          Just finished a gun show today, DPMS Oracles going for $362 on one table… Now you’re down in the cheap-o Remington, Ruger and Savage kit gun ranges.

    • With a machine shop… there is nothing you can’t have. Just keep quiet about it if you go that route.

  2. You’re wondering who the worst president ever was? Sorry, its not Barack or W. The worst president of all time is right there in that picture. And (no surprise at all) he’s from Texas, a state that’s packed to the rafters with A-holes that have obnoxious 10 gallon egos to match. Butthurt from people who can’t handle the truth begins below ↓↓↓↓↓

      • Hey, so am I (plus I’m a 6th generation Texan to boot).

        And like lots of us here, I think LBJ was a crooked, lying SOB with the morals of a snake. (And that characterization is probably an insult to snakes.)

        • Absolutely correct. However, the discussion was not about the slimiest snake, it concerned the worst president, and Obama easily earned that title, far outclassing the previous holder, Jimmy Carter. Though I’m certain the competition would have been closer if we’d been stupid enough to elect Carter a second time.

      • Farago sold the site to people who also live in Austin?

        Anyway, making the obvious observation that the state is packed to the rafters with assholes, or at least asshole politicians, isn’t equivalent to saying everybody in the state is an asshole.

        • “Farago sold the site to people who also live in Austin?”
          Yes. He did a post about it. The same people who manage the ads on the site for years. We’ve had a relationship with them for a long time. I always think it’s hilarious when people complain about the “corporate ownership” of the site when I’m at The Range at Austin with them.

    • Yep- His “Great Society” crap is still harnessing the American experience and economy today. Boy, were are parents suckers, as were their parents with F(‘ing)DR

    • Bush Jr was the most anti freedom President who expanded surveillance on U.S. citizens, warrant less searches, created extensive databases, and even targeted U.S. citizens (remember Awlaki) in the name of the Global War On Terror.
      Sometimes things are necessary. The two wars he started also added between $3 and $12 trillion to our National Debt (depending who’s estimate).
      I enthusiastically voted for him because of the alternatives.
      Bush Jr was also from Texas.

    • Are you 15 year old, or just retarded?

    • Maddcap: Read my letter posted farther down. You are 100% correct! Unfortunately
      the deluded “dumbed down” masses today remains so deceitfully ignorant, brainwashed,
      and dumbed down by our government controlled socialist public schools, colleges,
      universities, and academia they refuse to get it!

    • LBJ was a complete moron, but he was not the worst. Overall, that title belongs to Woodrow Wilson, or FDR. FDR easily for your push that started gun control in the first place. Wilson has the beloved title for being the douche to sign the Federal Reserve act, which will be the undoing of the entire monetary system. By that time, hope you still have your guns, you’ll need em. Yes, BHO did sign the healthcare bill into law, but it was shittastic Supreme Court judges who allowed it to stand as a “tax”.

    • While LBJ was a horrendous president, Wilson was probably worse. However, your hatred of Texans is infantile and likely due to the fact that some big Texas cowboy banged your wife, and your mom, on the same night the cowboys kicked your teams ass, and you weren’t man enough to do anything about any of it.

    • him, Wilson, and FDR are the bottom 3 all time

      EDIT: oops, I didn’t read Jon in CO’s comment before posting mine. sorry about that

  3. Don’t open up this can of worms because it does not brief well.
    1968 was close to the peak of violent crime and violence has been on a downward slope since. Gun controllers credit the decrease in crime to the 1968 GCA; abortion rights people like Malcolm Gladwell credit the decrease to legalized abortion that swept the country the same time.
    Let’s not stir a hornets nest.

    • SurfGW,

      1968 was close to the peak of violent crime and violence has been on a downward slope since. Gun controllers credit the decrease in crime to the 1968 GCA …

      Your claim is demonstrably false. Violent crime in the United States increased steadily and significantly between 1968 and its peak in 1993 according to FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

      Here is a simple response to anyone who claims that gun-control laws have reduced violent crime:
      (1) All throughout the 1950s, anyone could walk into their local store and purchase any firearm they wanted, cash-and-carry, no license, no background check. Violent crime rates were extremely low.
      (2) Civilian firearm ownership has been steadily increasing for decades and yet violent crimes have been decreasing since 1993.
      (3) Concealed carry has been steadily and significantly increasing since the late 1980s and violent crime has been steadily decreasing since 1993.
      (4) Gun-control Utopias such as Mexico, South Africa, and several Central American countries have violent crime rates on the order of 10 to 20 times higher than the United States.

      In view of the above simple FACTS, it is clear that gun-control, “easy access to firearms”, and more firearms in civilian hands does NOT increase violent crime nor decrease public safety.

    • Not the peak of violent crime in the US. It was the leading edge of the “modern” progressive movement. Back then it sounded reasonable, now some of us are starting to know better.

      Can you imagine LBJ’s response to the invasion of illegals coming at us right now? I liked Ike’s better, hope the Donald has this figured out and deals with them down there…

  4. Allegedly US gun manufacturers were all for GCA as it cut out the cheap foreign imports from the US market.

  5. GCA of 68 dovetails into the “Great Society” plan and legal abortion. All sum together to create the “New plantation” and the Dems have been reaping the rewards from ever since.

    Google “Good Intentions Walter E Williams”

  6. As much as I’d like GCA 1968 to be repealed, I don’t think it is likely, or even remotely likely. It is a Government Control that will never be yielded as long as the political matrix at the Federal and State levels remains the same as it is today, or much the same. I would have to say the same for NFA 1934 and Brady Bill 1992. Now, if State and Local “gun control” Laws could be majorly repealed/overturned such as those controlling/registering modern semi-automatic firearms, magazine capacity limits, waiting periods, firearms accessories, limits on frequency of firearms purchases, restricted carry, ammunition controls, limitations on designated shooting facilities and suchlike, that would be an acceptable overall win, but is still unlikely in the present political matrix.

    To change the political matrix we need: Term Limits on Congress, the Federal Bureaucracy, and Judges at ALL levels; reduction of the overall Bureaucracy; SCOTUS affirmation of the Second Amendment RKBA; strict adherence to Constitutional Originalism; and to outlaw the Democratic Party…See how difficult this is?

    • I am picturing a closed door Republican strategy session with top party leadership sometime before the omnibus bill vote, Congress and State government officials.

      One member begins speaking “I know we all receive a lot of mail from our helpful gun rights supporters on this topic, so… Let’s discuss our long term strategy to bolster the second amendment, repeal the GCA of ’68, reduce the impact of the ATF, repeal the NFA and Hughes Amendment…. So first…”

      He stops, and looks around the room, sternly staring into the eyes of the other leaders.

      A quiet cough is heard from the corner of the room. No other sounds except someone fidgeting in their chair, a piece of paper moved….

      As the speaking member continues to silently look out over his fellow leaders, his lower lip begin to quiver, then a sudden red flush across his face…

      And then he slaps the table, doubled over, “Ah ha ha ha I, just, hehe, can’t… Contain it!!!” A senator on to his left lets out a snort, and the room dissolves into laughter. Guffaws, tears, they carry on for fifteen minutes of unrestrained hilarity.

      After a few false starts and back slaps, he stands again, “Ah, that was good one, I know, I know…. Ok, but seriously, we need to get some stuff going, ready to talk about FixNICS and bump stocks? Let’s get to work!”

    • Here’s the only way I see the ’68 GCA going down — and it doesn’t involve 2A issues:

      Tenth Circuit just affirmed the NFA convictions of two guys who were relying on a Kansas state law that said supressors, SBR’s, etc., were legal despite the NFA as long as they were made and kept within the state. Case is US v. Cox:

      One argument they made was that to the extent that the NFA applies to wholly intrastate conduct (e.g., prohibits SBR’s/suppressors that are manufactured, sold, and possessed wholly within one state), it is unconstitutionally broad and exceeds the limits of Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce under the Commerce Clause.

      In Cox, the Tenth Circuit was constrained by Supreme Court precedent like Wickard (a New Deal-era case holding that the Commerce Clause could justify federal laws that punished a farmer for growing wheat for his personal consumption, because that “affected” interstate commerce by replacing wheat he he might otherwise have bought from out of state), as well as cases that hold that any federal regulation is OK as long as it is called a tax (whether it actually raises any net revenue or not).

      Wickard and its progeny have essentially gutted any semblance of any limit on Congressional power under the Commerce Clause, which is a big reason for the growth of unchecked federal power in the 1960’s and afterwards. While Wickard is almost universally condemned as a ridiculous opinion, and Los Supremos have hinted in recent years that they’d like to revisit Wickard and have whittled at its edges a bit, the votes and will to come right out and reverse it have not been there.

      Now, for the first time in generations, we may finally have the five votes needed to overturn Wickard. And if that happens (i.e., Court says wholly intrastate commercial activities are not subject to federal regulation), then revisiting the scope of the ’68 GCA (and especially the Hughes Amendment, which cannot be defended as a tax because it’s not even debatibly one) becomes possible.

      While it is possible that the SC could grant cert in Cox on this point, I don’t see that happening. There will first need to be a good test case to overturn Wickard, which will probably be in the form of a challenge to some other, less radioactive federal statute. At that point, extending such precedent into successful challenges to the ’68 GCA, Hughes Amendment, etc., might be possible.

      • ” There will first need to be a good test case to overturn Wickard, which will probably be in the form of a challenge to some other, less radioactive federal statute.”

        Is there currently anything in the lawsuit ‘pipeline’ that fits the bill? Or will a carefully constructed test case be needed to get to where we need to be?

        IE, in 10 years we may see some results?

        • Whatever is in the pipeline to overturn Wickert will have to not be gun or abortion related for the Supreme Court to touch it.

      • Thanks for an interesting comment. I HOPE you are on to something.

        In looking into this based on your comment I see it is complicated, but there may be a cause for optimism. As a Not-Attorney, I hesitate to comment further.

  7. You really have to have been around and sentient/aware of what was going on when this mess passed and was signed. A couple dead Kennedys, MLK and good people just wanted to do “something” in response. Well, they did and it wasn’t what they bargained for. You must also remember that prior to 1971 there was no real organized pro-2A group or movement, it was just taken for granted that the US government was “for” the people. Try running that one by the people in polls today,

    I can remember having to show ID and sign every time I bought ammo which could be used in both a handgun and a rifle (.22 LR). We’ve come a way in overturning or negating the effects of this mess, there’s still a ways to go but when one considers the number of shall-issue concealed carry states, loosening the restrictions on suppressors, the explosion of concealable handguns and MSRs and it should be apparent that gun owners are still on a great offensive. Sure it’s work and some of you resent it, but it’s worth it if we consider our kids, grandkids, and what the world would be like without the US as it still is. Be cynical all you want, it won’t solve a damn thing and you’ll just have to go into your basement and keep drinking double shots.

  8. I think it’s futile to hope for any real change at the federal level. What we need is for states to do with gun control what they’re doing with the war on people who use drugs – ignore unconstitutional laws and legalize freedom. If Republicans actually cared about our right to keep and bear arms, they would have done this decades ago. But they don’t. So stop voting for them already.

    • It’s a nice thought, but there are a couple of guys in Kansas sitting in a jail cell right now because a judge ruled that state’s “firearms freedom act” didn’t exempt them from federal gun control like the text of the bill claimed it did.

      • Actually, they got probation rather than the usual long stretch in Club Fed for unregistered suppressors and SBR’s. The reason the judge gave for the downward departure from the usual sentencing was because they were relying on the state law. See at p.9 of the opinion.

        Now that the Tenth Circuit has affirmed their convictions, however, that defense in mitigation isn’t going to work anymore.

    • Gonna get right on that, just as soon as the last progressive is shot dead and the Dem party goes out of business.

  9. To be fair, handguns and ammo did cost a larger piece of your average paycheck in the 50s. People at the bottom of society might buy a gun, but sooner(rather than later) it would end up in the pawn shop.

    When there are new semi-auto handguns in .380 and 9mm that can be had for $100 and change(basically a day’s pay at minimum wage). Now, that is cheap and they function better than the cheap handguns of the 50s.

    • handgun ownership wasn’t all that widespread or acceptable back in the 50’s…mostly rifles and shotguns…

      • that scene in “The Deer Hunter” expressed how a lot of people felt about them…especially the little snub-noses….

  10. The GCA 1968 had racial reasons behind it at the time. The feat of black uprising fueled it’s passage.

  11. Remember that the NRA head Franklin Orth endorsed this illegal act and the NRA’s leadership continues to support it.

  12. “But in the present-day climate of administrative politics, complacency is government growth’s best friend.”
    Only in TODAY’S climate do the complacent masses of sheeple allow themselves to be led to slaughter?
    HAH! LOL. Pull the other leg, it’s got bells on. The sheep in the USSA have been complacent for 200 years and that’s exactly the period that the Bill of Rights got flushed down the toilet. I have news for this author, the complacency by our great-great-great grandparents is why we no longer enjoy the Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, Freedom of speech, Freedom of assembly, and so forth.

  13. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
    Letters To The Editor

    Trump description would fit LBJ well

    In her Sept. 20th letter Sandy Couch describes Donald Trump as “narcissistic and egotistical.” That is an accurate description of Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) , perhaps the worst president in American history. Unfortunately, an issue doesn’t disappear simply because it’s been ignored, censored, covered up and concealed for decades.

    Also, the legacy of deceit, abuse of power, and political corruption that continues to curse America today! Case in point: “American Experience, “LBJ: Beautiful Texas/My Fellow Americans. A profile of Lyndon B. Johnson.” This recently aired on KSYS Channel 8.1 Aug. 15 and 16, respectively.

    Consider the following the itemized links below:

    Barr McClellan’s 2003 book: “Blood, Money, and Power: How LBJ Killed JFK”. Also posted at YouTube.

    J. Evett Haley’s 1964 book: “A Texan Looks At Lyndon: A Study In Illegitimate Power.” “How Persecution of American Christians Really Began in The US!” via the Constitution Party of Oregon ( posted under “Liberty In The News.”

    Trump to Pastors: ‘Christians Have Been Silenced Like a Child” via Pat Robertson’s 700 club confronts the 1954 Johnson Amendment which remains blatant censorship.

    “Lyndon Johnson Murdered John F. Kennedy” at YouTube. The oppressive 1968 Gun Control Act LBJ signed into federal legislation and its Nazi/ racist roots long since exposed by JPFO, Inc. at

    Finally, the Vietnam War (1961-1975). How LBJ and then Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara greatly escalated this “no win war” in Southeast Asia. And at a cost of 58,000 American lives. Lyndon B. Johnson likewise paved the way for Carter, Clinton, and Obama.And while Richard M. Nixon was no saint, he wasn’t even in the ballpark with Lyndon when it came to the above political atrocities, abuses, and crimes against the American people.

    James Farmer, Ashland
    Now a resident of Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)

    • You are correct. President Nixon was no saint. And neither is President Trump. Nixon was a Liberal Republican. Most people don’t know that. A Liberal republican President Eisenhower created the civil rights division in the justice department. Most people don’t know that. He was trying to address the complaints of his black segregated soldiers from world war two. I believe it was Nixon created the EEOC. He started prosecuting people who discriminated against black people in business. Libertarians don’t like these court cases.

      As a Liberal Republican Nixon wanted to ban all hand guns. He was stopped by the NRA. Most people don’t know that either. The Mulford Act was the beginning of the radicalization of the NRA leading up to the revolt in Cincinnati. Most people don’t know that either.

      • I can’t remember his name, but a prominent progressive democrat bragged about Nixon at the time “Conservatives get the talk, but liberals are getting the action” or something to that effect

  14. Hmmmmmm…
    Fixed the mistake in the post and removed comments stating it was needed.

    Nothing like CYA. Kat must have worked for the government. LMAO

  15. “…the number of federally licensed firearms dealers (FFLs) has decreased from 283,000 in 1993 to 118,000 in 2013. Higher licensing costs played significant role in pricing out smaller weapons dealers. ”

    IIRC, it was “under” Clinton (sorry) that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives (and really big fires (miss you, RF)) worked hard to reduce the number of small and “kitchen table” dealers.

    • back then most of my friends had FFL’s…including yours truly…ATF was instructed to reduce this number [by the clinton’s]…which they did by using any excuse possible…at one point getting it to well under 50,000….

  16. The GCA ’68 was a line for line adaptation of the Nazi, pre-WW 2, gun laws. sen. dodd copied while a staff lawyer at the Nuremberg trials. Tha feds polished off the fingerprints, filed off the serial numbers and marked their time. First presented after the shooting of JFK , the most publicized, totally recorded, widely witnessed and thoroughly investigated, by both the all knowing CIA and the untouchable FBI, and yet, amazingly UNSOLVED cold blooded, homicide of all time. He was the last, old school, pro 2nd Amendment, Democrat President. It took them until the threats to major cities and the horific, indeffensible, country rending assassinations could be put into play ’65-’68. The founder and leader of handgun control inc., the first, well funded, national anti-2nd Amendment front was a CIA made man. His name was Pete Shields, (look it up, open source) All necessary conditions lined up. Undeclared, unpopular war, rising and woefully politically unaware middle class to threaten with the loss of future economic advancement, a booming war economy, shameless media driven divide and conquer tactics (spiro agnews’ Nattering, Neighbobs of Negativism dumps straight on into hrcs’ Basket of Deplorables). Urban civil disturbances led to the implementation of the remainder of johnsons’ great society programs. Community activist$ working behind the scenes with outside agitator$ brokered deal$ and successfully pushed the socialist/ communist line…if you didn’t live through this period of time and paid attention through the next 50 years of history, you will never be able to overcome the revisionist history that has been inculcated into all of us through the masters’ schools. The progressives now have control and are driving an agenda of destroying and rewriting all of American history, polluting education with socialist, anti-American propaganda, totally corrupting all forms of media and seeding all branches of local, state and federal government with spirochetes of deep state parasitic traitors. Take any pivotal “historic event”, go back and research ALL of the root causes, not just what the party line espouses, do the boring research yourself. Do it yourself until you find out who, ultimately, made the money and to whom the power shifted …repeat until you vomit in disgust. We are waist deep in the sewage and the current is getting stronger. Please VOTE, if the progressives win…they have already told anyone listening…it WILL be the last time. -30-

  17. I heard that until the GCA of 1968, that you could buy guns through the mail. Was this true and how did that work?
    Just send in a check to a gun manufacturer and they mailed a gun out to you?



    • “Just send in a check to a gun manufacturer and they mailed a gun out to you?”

      I don’t know about manufacturers, but that was common practice for importers of war surplus guns and whatnot, and really cheap, nasty small handguns. That’s where the expression “Saturday Night Special” came from, shoddy import handguns. As mentioned just above, that’s how Oswald got his rifle…

    • Most manufacturers don’t sell directly, but other than that, you got it pretty much right. Send the order with check or money order included, get the goods sent to you. As it should be.

      Main difference between guns and for example auto parts is that guns are protected by the Constitution.

  18. A woman or “girls gun” stopped many a rapist. Whether or not the rapist died was less important to stopping the attack. Watching old crime shows from the 50s or 60s, the weapon used most often was a .25 or .32 caliber.

    These smaller guns were marketed toward woman as far back as the 1890s. Women carried a weapon all the time up to the 1970s when, because of the 1968 gun control act began to choke off the number of small guns most ladies prefer.

    Importing these small caliber guns was banned in the 1968 gun control. And too were any long gun with a bayonet mount. So no foreign military surplus, and cheap, weapons for YOU.

    Reading TTAG it surprises me just how many “gun owners” agree with the government and the 1968 gun control act.

    I pocket carry a beretta 21a while at work. Because its better than nothing. The only reason anyone can get a new 21a is because they are made in the USA.

    • The mail order Lee Harvey Oswald rifle was not the true reason you can’t get a mail order firearm now. Thousands of guns were mailed to blacks in the south. It was those guns that helped the Deacons For Defense and Justice and others not even on the group resist government tyranny in the southern states.

      Now you can’t mail a gun to your loved ones in California, New Jersey, New York or anywhere in the country. In California that Gun List is getting smaller and smaller.

      • Italy and other European countries were the Lorcin-Jennings-Bryco-Raven guns of the day were made. Really crappy stuff. And it sold well in the Black communities. Because it was affordable. So they were called ‘Saturday Night Specials’ and were banned. Some cities enacted ‘melt laws’ to ban cheap pot-metal guns like the ones I mentioned above…

  19. You could send a M.O. to any mail order, catalog company like MonkeyWard, Sears/Roebuck or Western Auto and get a firearm mailed to your door. Or send a M.O. to War Surplus dealers like Numrich Arms and get a 20MM BOYS’ anti-tank gun, (ammo) per round and shipping, cost extra). Must have worked out OK, we were never attacked by an enemy tank. J. Curtis Earle in AZ, was the MAN for machine guns and he advertised in ShotGun News and on b&w back pages of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines. (the paper kind). And premier gunmonger to hole and corner types from all around the Free World, Mr. Ed Cummings, himself, of Interarmco, located across the river in Virginia, but in sight of the White House.(later) To be known as Interarms. It was said he could get you all of the B25s you could pay for, but, at the time, unfortunately. I didn’t need any. The best of all was my neighborhood pawn shop. The owner had infinite patience with the next, up and coming, generation of hunters and shooters, as long as they were accompanied, and we always were, by a responsible adult. He was what was known back then as a gun “crank”. He could really shoot and teach. He knew something about everything he had in stock, from Kaintucky/ Pennsylvania flintlocks to *grade, M1, cal. 30/06 rifles. He taught me everything important there is to know about what we now call “customer service”…back then it was just the way you did business… He kept a, large, overflowing wicker basket at each end of the counter…one was full of all kinds and all barrel length P 08 Lugers, the other was full of all kinds of P 38 Walthers. My father bought an uncaptured by the Nazis’, all matching serial number, G.I. bring-back, trophy. A Swedish Lahati (sp?) 9mm pistol, with the matching last 2 numbered issue holster and two extra magazines, (only one) numbered to the pistol for $5.00 because the shop owner didn’t want to start a third basket… good times… This isn’t the Country I grew up in…where do I go to file a complaint… what the hell happened?

  20. LBJ was one of the worst Presidents the USA has ever Had, Lied about Gulf of Tonkin Incident! (instigated it) 58,000 + Dead so he could make a Profit from the Carnage, then Gun and Ammo control. Had to sign for Ammo, .22 on up ( lasted bout 6 months) couldn’t buy by mail, added age limis etc.
    F**king NRA supported it. Gun laws been a pain ever since. bought first .22 in a Seattle Sears store when I was 16; walked in store and purchased rifle, a rifle case 200 cartridges, placed purchases in rifle case, went too bus stop hopped on and rode the Bus Home (about an hr Ride) no body went bonkers, fast fwd. try that today!!! war trophy’s abounded from WW@ and Korea LBJ gave VN and had Customs steal war trophy’s, and more Oh ya don’t forget he opened the door for rioting, Watts, Kent state etc.

  21. As I remember, the Ingram M6 kinda looked like a flattened out 1928 Thompson. There weren’t all that many made. I think the NRA museum has one. Ingram M10s we’re .45 or 9mm. The M11 was the best, it was smaller, (not much bigger than a full size 1911A1), fit in and could be fired remotely from a closed briefcase, and was threaded for a silencer. Cal .380 only and it freakin’ spewd at the fastest available RpM at the time, even faster than an open bolt micro Uzi. They weren’t all that common but some time back in the ’60’s Guns magazine had an article about a medical examiner down in Texas what used one for his EDC. Never, ever question the choice of a man who spends his professional time around the freshly dead and knows his anatomy. Mitch WerBel, who started Brigade Quartermaster surplus mail order house was the go to guy for Sionics silencers, the only game in town, state of the art at the time, still some around, and when found, still good stuff. Good, quiet, times. -30-

  22. Fuck you trump and fuck you for voting Republican! Thee only good Republican and cop is a dead one. All Republicants are fascists racist terrorist child rapists sedition treason antiskool antisocial antihuman antivaccines antiskool inhumane trash

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