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Vapers may be new to this, but some of us are not.

Heads Should Roll at CDC after Botched Vaping Investigation
It should have been obvious to CDC that regular e-cigarettes were not and could not have been causing these illnesses. Commercial nicotine e-cigarettes have been on the American and European markets for more than a decade and are used by tens of millions of people.

There are millions of people vaping millions of cartridges every day in America. Yet only recently did people start experiencing the symptomatic lung damage. And those people were only a tiny fraction of  one percent of users.

Yet immediately I saw “health” experts jumping on the anti-vaping bandwagon with cries, of “Just stop all vaping, until we know what it is.”

I immediately knew exactly what was happening because I’ve seen it all before.

It was deliberate anti-vaping propaganda and activism, not an investigation. It was no more “botched” than the ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious, aka Project Gunwalker, “accidentally” let arms slip across the southern border, justifying calls for more gun control.

The CDC did exactly the same thing with firearms, that they did with these vaping illnesses. Just as they — publicly — ignored the fact that millions of people and cartridges were involved in the “epidemic,” they pretended that all the millions of firearms and all the millions of gun owners were the “gun violence” problem.

The CDC pushed for more controls on the millions of honest folk, instead of focusing on the obvious small number of specific demographics who were committing all that violence. The CDC has always put political agendas ahead of real research.

That abuse by the CDC was what led to the 1996 Dickey Amendment, forbidding the CDC using taxpayer money on gun control activism and schemes.

Of course, the anti-rights types falsely paint the Dickey Amendment as a ban on firearms research. But it did not stop even CDC research (much less the millions in funding to other organizations). It turns out the CDC continued to study things like defensive guns uses.

They just didn’t publish when the real data didn’t support the “gun” control agenda.

I think it’s time for a more general amendment regarding the CDC’s continued political activism.

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  1. The media was terribly complicit as well. Every report on the vaping evils included a line like “Steve has been vaping Chinese THC he bought from a shady guy on the street for 5 years” while showing roll of vape shops and never once bothering to connect the dots as any “investigative” journalist should have.

    These ends justify the means tactics ALWAYS backfire but it’s not like anyone bothers to remember yesterday or learn from the missteps of others.

    • The real problem is the modified batteries and cartridges that produce tons of smoke in one breath. No one mentions this problem that burns up the lungs very quickly. But then again, tobacco was never shutdown because of millions of cancer deaths.

  2. “There are millions of people vaping millions of cartridges every day in America“

    I think the real question is how we get those millions to pick up real cartridges and become POTG. Put down the vape pen, pick up a .44!

  3. Isn’t life grand for the Left?

    Within the span of the past 20 years, weed has become “good”, while cigarettes have become “bad”. Looks like vaping is being vilified as well. I’m not a smoker or vaper, but I find it interesting that the Left is so interested in micro-managing what everyone puts into their own bodies.

    But remember, pot’s okay and doesn’t count because the Left likes it.

    • I wonder if the CDC’s concern over vaping was sponsored by the tobacco industry.

      As far as I’m aware, the recent vaping incidents were caused by people using synthetic THC oil and not regular vaping products.

      • Not a vapor. I know a lot of vapors though. The truth is that the illicit thc vape are cut like all drugs are and they are cut with vitamin e oil. When combusted (in other words turned into vapor) vitamin e oils are extremely toxic and known to cause lung collapse, exactly what these vape-lung symptoms are. The real root of the vape “problem” is actually the illegal marijuana “problem”. Also I am not a weed smoker either. I simply read and listen.

  4. Yeah they’re pretty stupid. It’s like saying we need to stop eating all food because Chipotle made people sick. The worst part was our President backing these proposed vape bans.

    • That’s the “worst” part? Go back and read the story again Dan. Maybe then we can change your reading comprehension grade from an F to a C.

      • The only thing I’m referring to is the vaping aspect brought up in the article. If you’re talking about the people who died from vaping stuff they bought in the streets I don’t care about those people. What else about the vaping issue has you so upset?

  5. For people who forget why the 2nd Amendment exists, realize that as we speak in Samoa vans with nurses are vaccinating people against their will at gunpoint.

      • I feel bad for the worlds top 1,100 scientists that confirmed global warming is real and said so recently. Looks like they all got forced vaccinated against non-existent diseases like, chicken pox, mumps, measles etc. Its all a left wing conspiracy.

        • Name ’em. Name these top 1100 scientists. Where the hell do the rankings come from? You’re full of shit. There are just as many scientists that say the numbers are so vague that they prove nothing at all.

        • Dummy, it was 11000 on a personal website and there were few scientists among them it was nonsense but you didn’t know that because you have a low IQ

        • PeeGeeTwo,

          Yup…the science is clear on that. Why is it important? The people who want to take your guns, want to take away your health freedom, and want to force a green new deal burger into your diet.

          The CDC is highly politicized; anything and everything it publishes should be regarded as propaganda.

          I know, that sounds extreme, like donning tin-foil underwear (it is not my brain I am worried about). Wry smile. But Pharma runs the CDC.

          I have provided links in prior posts. Have never had a comment on them, so will not post them again, now.

    • Send in Dwayne Johnson!

      Unless The Rock is the one holding them down for the shots, in that case send in Hobbs!

  6. It all depends on what you put in your vaping machine and whether you need your lungs in the future or not. If breathing is optional for you, put any crap you want into your machine. The only one who has to face the consequences is you.

    • I tend to agree, except that many people now vote for a system that requires the rest of us to financially contribute to the healthcare needs of those who made poor decisions throughout their lives.

      Put whatever you wish into your own body. Just don’t (1) expect to keep your job if you’re under the influence of something or (2) expect me to pay for your healthcare once you begin experiencing the consequences of that stuff you put into your body. Doesn’t matter if it’s weed, fatty foods, or Twinkies.

      • It’s even worse than you think. The theory (and sometimes fact) that society might have to pay for an individual’s bad choices is exactly why the G thinks it has the right and responsibility to control every facet of life for everyone.

        • While it’s not right you can sort of see why G thinks that way when you look at the average American adult.

          Americans love their rights but we’re not so big on personal responsibility. Particularly when it comes to the things that are major drivers of the costs that we shove off on to other people.

      • Twinkies? Dude, you are such a pervie! Wait, you didn’t specify where or how you are putting them in a body. Do you freeze them first, as that is the most common way, or do you just “mush them up”? (Feels great, but what a clean-up later!)

      • Given that Twinkies have pretty much unlimited shelf life, they might just be the ticket to immortality.

  7. When the tax reciepts for regular cigs started dropping like a tossed butt they had to scare up bans and taxes on e cigs. The original purpose for sky high cig taxes was to pay for smokers health care. Not only dis the revenue get diverted, PAs liberal gov just diverted 20 years worth, but the more people quit the less the take.
    Vaping was on its way to vanquishing the regular market. Even tobacco companies were getting in.
    The trouble started when people cooked up marijuana batches and started experimenting with flavors.
    As a non smoker I don’t have a horse in this but it’s another example of corrupt gov at its finest.

  8. This article should be taken down. It’s not related to guns nor do you have a constitutional right to vape. Vaping is NOT healthy. It will worsen control of asthma, lead to decline in lung function, and worsen emphysema. 80% of EVALI cases were associated with vaping THC. The CDC has the current count of around 1300 cases although in my judgement this is likely underestimating the prevalence since a lot of these cases are initially diagnosed as a pneumonia. That’s not entirely insignificant but I understand if you disagree. We’re not helping the 2nd amendment attaching our wagon to this. For those that care I am a board certified pulmonologist.

    • People absolutely have a right to vape. Do you think the only rights that people have are spelled out by law? The greatest portion of rights are left to the states and the people. On the other hand, the Constitution gives government ZERO authority over many things that they now have their dirty fingers into.

    • Do you understand the Constitution? It doesn’t spell out our rights, it spells out what the government can do.

    • Last I checked there is no Constitutionally protected right to vape, to have an abortion, to smoke (or otherwise use pot), to keep and bear automobiles, to have Obamacare or any other favorite agenda of the Left.

      • The founders would have likely found laughable the idea that federal government had any authority whatsoever over smoking, drinking, modes of transportation, or any number of crazy medical procedures. One of Washington’s early attempts was, shall we say – less than spectacular. Whiskey Rebellion.

      • This may only be slightly related to our topic. I just finished a good book about fiercely independent frontiersmen who, through generations, became mostly dependent on the welfare state.
        “Night Comes Over the Cumberlands” by Caudill.
        Wendell Berry is good, as well.

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