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How many times have the anti-gunners repeated this lie: NRA-purchased politicians are keeping the CDC from studying “gun violence!” It’s simply not true, and it never has been.

Opponents of the Second Amendment who are eager to impose as many restrictions as possible on firearms falsely claim that a measure enacted in 1996 called the Dickey Amendment – named after former Rep. Jay Dickey, R-Ark. – barred research on gun violence to be funded by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But in reality, here is what the reviled Dickey Amendment states: “None of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to *advocate or promote gun control.”* (Italics added).

The point of that plain language is to say CDC-funded research is fine. CDC advocacy is not. So despite what gun-control zealots say, objective research based on facts is allowed under the Dickey Amendment.

– John Lott in Dems want $50 million for biased research to attack gun ownership

The Centers for Disease Control can do all of the actual research they want. There’s no law stopping them. They just can’t use the funds for gun control advocacy. Why would that be a problem?

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  1. They want to mark taxpayer dollars for the research so they can spread it around to anti-gun orgs to do this research. Just another grant scam to funnel taxpayer dollars to politicians pet causes and friends.

    • There’s that, and the advantage that accrues to your political position by lending your own personal policy preferences the mantle of legitimacy conferred by the official and prestigious CDC. They would get to claim that banning standard size magazines, for example, is somehow scientific and not just raw, naked statism.

    • If you mark anyone who’s slightly odd or thinks differently as abnormal and look for a named diagnosis in all children, that is how you get rising autism rates. The autism spectrum is so wide that it’s really easy to slap that label on someone, especially when school administrators essentially get rewarded for “finding” more cases. I haven’t seen any evidence that there’s any more “rocking in the corner” true severe autism than there was before. Hell, I bet you’ll get someone labeled autistic these days if they don’t like loud music and lots of people in one place. That was me and I’ve got a family, two doctorates, and a very high income. If I was growing up in the US in the current times I wonder what diagnosis people would stick on me…

      The whole “don’t trust the CDC” meme is tired conspiracy theories. Don’t trust the CDC for political opinions for sure. The medicine, well – they get it as right as can be, considering that it’s run by fallible humans interpreting research done by fallible humans. But given what medicine looks like now compared to 25, 50, 100 years ago, I think taking a stance like that is simply ignorant.

      That’s also how you get to parents of a child who spent 3 months in intensive care after getting tetanus, continuing to refuse vaccinations.

      • I think you hit on what the real “conspiracy” is, Meuge. It’s not so much deliberate chemical poisoning or chemtrails, it’s the broad categorizing that can be used to fit anyone in, and suit any agenda. Similar to all the alphabet soup disorders, you could classify any habit into those, then later down the road use that as an excuse to, oh let’s say, strip them of their gun rights.

      • The CDC is a branch of the pharmaceutical industry. This is no conspiracy theory. Neither is CDC researcher Dr. Thompson, saying that he and the CDC lied, buried, and destroyed data linking the MMR vaccine to autism. The CDC has a multi billion stake in the vaccine business. Not conspiracy theory. And yes, the expanded autism diagnoses does explain a small percentage of the increase in autism cases, it does not explain the increase from 1 in 10,000 to the current 1 in 40, or 1 in 26 in NJ, and the numbers are still rising.

        • Dude you never post firearm related things… just the same tired old crap.

          Your not a troll, your a damp squib.

          Oh and let me respond for you, something about how I’m willing to take money to harm children… which is untrue, but at least your willing to harm children for free.

        • Maybe you miss my other posts. This was my 2nd or 3 rd post here this morning. Why do you care so much? You obsessed with my posts? And harming children? You’re treading on thin ice with statements like that.

        • Simple pg2… childhood disease which we vaccinate for have historically killed more children than any other cause. Even if what you allege is true, the MMR vaccine alone has saved thousands of children for every one you claim it harmed.

          Nut jobs like you who create vast conspiracy theories about life saving drugs harm more children than they claim to seek to help.

        • Any of your posts actually discuss guns?

          Or are they all
          1) don’t trust big pharma
          2) don’t trust the cdc
          3) don’t trust doctors
          4) don’t trust the government

          Some of which are valid points… but this is a firearms related website.

          Why not post about the last gun you bought, when you are old enough to buy one in a few years?

          What does that even mean thin ice? Go back through our interactions, you were the one who started accusing me of willing to take money to harm children. Don’t suddenly try to mount that tall horse.

        • Serge, back to making shit up again. Most sane people would choose a weeklong fever and rash over a lifelong, permanent neurological disability. What was the measles death rate prior to the vaccine? 2 in a Million? What’s the autism rate now serge? 1 in 40?

        • Lol, cute joe. I’m not accusing you of hurting children, I’m stating it as fact if you administer vaccines as part of your practice. You can lie to yourself and try to believe it if you want that these products are more beneficial than harmful, you would probably have to in order to continue making an income.

        • For children?
          1:1000 mortality rate. Far worse than anything you can even begin to claim for vaccines.
          Oh, and as a bonus
          1:1000 will develop acute encephalitis which can cause severe brain damage.
          Something you could have found out in 30 seconds on Google.
          1:1000 may not sound like a lot, but without vaccination, that means tens of thousands of dead children every year.

        • Where did you pull that stat from serge? Your ass? Cite it. I can’t wait to embarrass you, because I know where you got it.

        • Serge you have to forgive Pg2, he got autism when he was younger from a vaccine… at least that’s what his parents tell him rather than admit they accidentally dropped on his head multiple times as an infant.

        • Random nutjob with unverified competence who should have his medical license pulled versus the CDC? Yeah… I’ll go with the CDC. This is what happens when you get your information from random guys on the internet rather than actual primary sources.

          You lost the argument Luddite. Deal with it. Also… 1:40 rate of Autism? Citation fucking needed.

        • Not sure if my reply was deleted or I posted elsewhere by accident? Anyway, you’ve outdone yourself serge, citing a fictional TV show…..Dr. Sears is a practicing pediatrician, not a TV actor, and where do you think the CDC pulled the the stats for the years in your link? You don’t know because you don’t care, at least not about the truth. Even in the pre vaccine years the CDC was estimating a measles death rate lower than 1 in 10,000. And how many measles cases go have there been in the US in the last decade? How many fatalities? 1 in a 1000 is a cherry picked number for dupes and trolls like yourself. Research for yourself where the CDC got those numbers for those years. It’s not cited on the CDC page that makes that statement, surprise, surprise. No pediatric vaccine has ever, not once, been safety tested against an inert placebo. Any belief you have about the safety of pediatric vaccines is wishful thinking and fantasy. Stick to TV serge, more up your alley than reality. Troll on serge, the push for mandatory vaccines is coming, and you’ll be cheering it on until you realize how duped you were.

        • Serge, is it really that important to you that even have to lie about winning a debate? How old are you? You quoted an un-referenced CDC link, and a fictional TV show. The 1 in 1000 measles fatality rate only reflects the REPORTED measles cases, or the measles cases that ended up in the hospital or doctors office. You left out that little, but critical detail. Vast majority of measles cases went unreported, measles was a Brady Bunch episode, and that should have some meaning for you since you place such a high standard on fictional tv shows. So 1 in 1000 death rate out of measles cases that had complications….what percentage of measles cases have complications? And 1 in 40 autism rate….took seconds to find multiple sources.

          You used to argue that pediatric vaccines were adequately safety tested, and when you ran out of room to lie, and you had to admit pediatric vaccines have never, not once, been safety against inert placebos…you came back with a question asking me why I thought they had to be safety tested. My question to you is this, what kind of human outright lies and downplays the risks associated with a product that is injected into newborns and infants?

        • Now who’s pulling shit out of their asses? ASD != Autism. As for “safety testing”. Lol… a placebo test is a EFFECTIVNESS TEST not a safety test you uneducated moron. As for citing House… he’s about as credible as the conspiracy theory nutjob you “cited”.

          Oh, and FYI… most cases of measles are reported. These days parents rush their kid to a doctor over a COLD.

          But sure… let’s ignore the fact that we have had several outbreaks THIS YEAR because retards like you don’t vaccinate their kids. Unlike you, I was born in a country where measles vaccinations weren’t available and actually almost died from the disease as a kid. Fuck you and your spoiled western hippy bullshit. You play around with and complain about bullshit you never experienced. You don’t have ASD, you’ve never had measles. Sit down and shut the fuck up.

          The “vaccines cause autism” thing has been disproven hundreds of times and anybody who still spreads that bullshit is putting kids in danger.

        • Literally laughing. Even the top 2 vaccine “experts” in the country, Dr. Paul Offit and Stanley Plotkin admit that you cannot say vaccines don’t cause autism. They both have made millions from vaccines and they try to hide behind the lack of science existing to confirm OR deny vaccines and an autism link…the science hasn’t been done, but thanks for trying your best serge. Be glad to cite their statements for you if you want. Easy enough to find. But we do have 100’s of thousands of parents reporting sudden regression into autism immediately after vaccinations, we do have a growing number of animal/biological studies showing a link between vaccines and their ingredients to autism, we have Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, pediatric neurologist and former government expert medical witness testifying under oath that vaccines can and do cause autism, we have Dr. Thompson, CDC researcher, stating that he and CDC hid data from the public showing a link with the MMR vaccine and autism…the list goes on….Again, what kind of human lies and downplays the potential risks of inadequately tested products injected into newborns and infants? What happened to you as a kid?

        • Fucktard… if anyone knew what caused ASD, they’d be on their way to Stockholm to pick up their Nobel. The only thing we know about ASD is that the symptoms tend to run in families.

          But please, explain why I should trust a “doctor” who appears on a show whose next segment is about the Illuminati or the water turning the frogs gay.

          Fun fact, Japan stopped giving the MMR vaccine for a decade. Saw no drop in ASD rates. Experimental data trumps correlation.

        • Great non response. Your anger and tantrums are an embarrassment to the gun community. It’s people like yourself that help gun control gain traction with the general public.

        • You seem to have forgotten everything about medicine you thought you knew. Legend in your own mind, priceless.

  2. Democrats/Progressives/Liberals want to confiscate guns from the middle class so that their ultimate goal of a one-party two caste nation can be achieved without resistance from self-reliant citizens. They want a ruling elite lording over an ignorant mass of subjects. Secret balloting will be discarded too, so that everyone knows how folks vote….they’ve already tried to make that law for union elections.

  3. Read this this morning; Q. What’s the difference between a politician and a flying pig? A. The letter ‘F’.

  4. It’s kind of neat how ‘propaganda’ construction has neatly morphed into ‘fact-checking’ and ‘research’.

    Fun with words!

    • Lived in small town in Australia outside of Melbourne, it has become much more dangerous place after the gun buy back/confiscation campaign.

  5. Maybe they can figure out why 13 percent of the population commits most of the crime and represents 60 percent of inmates.

    • It is actually a lot smaller than 13%. You have to reduce that number to the percentage of males between 14-28 to get that actual percentage, and it is down around 4% as I recall.

  6. Shannon’s Sugar Daddy is tired of paying for his own anti-civil rights propaganda. He wants federal and state bureaucracies to use tax payer money to continue his work. He has been using campaign donations to buy influence with politicians/whores on both sides of the isle including, mayors, state legislators, governors and federal legislators for decades, all in an attempt to build a “gun control movement”. He was born back in ’42 and knows that when he is gone there will be no one to replace him. The national gun control movement will fizzle and die with him.

  7. Yo, Dummies, you retard violence by controlling gangs and drugs. 25% of gun crimes occur in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. And about 50% of murders occur in about 5% of the counties. Does that constitute “nationwide” problem that should cause a freedom to be infringed or is it a drug and gang problem? Check that out. Chicago has neighborhoods that haven’t had a murder in decades.

  8. Their opposition to and intentional lying about this amendment shows their true intentions. They know that it says that research should be absolutely objective, as that is what differentiates science from propaganda, but they know that the science they would expect from an objective analysis of the data would shatter their world-view. How can they not lie then?

  9. Because ‘The Government’ is everything. It is the mother, the father, the provider, and the protector.

    If ‘The Government’ says Guns-R-Bad-Mmmkay then guns must be bad because Government!

    • BINGO! A government imprimatur saying that guns are bad lays the ground work for gun control bills.

  10. The CDC, the administrative agency responsible for last year’s off-target flu vaccine in a season that killed about 40,000 (around twice the usual flu season deaths) is seeking funding to expand into epidemiological research of “gun violence.”

    * Those funds would be better applied to the CDC core mission: there’s a flu season every year.

    * Violence isn’t a disease. Many mental health issues, undetected and unaddressed leading to violence, are.

    * Violence using guns is a small portion of violence, from crime statistics, ER visits and similar.

    * With .5 to 2.5 reported DGUs a year, guns seem to be deterrents something to more broadly distribute, like vaccines.

    Given the misalignment of the CDC’s “research” proposals with these realities, their mission, and their competence, and the agency’s history of burying “research” on guns that didn’t come out right, the CDC is the wrong agency to be pursuing “research” on this topic.

    Unless the point is something other than finding facts, n saving lives.

    • Getting the flu vaccine right every year is a crap shoot. They do well enough, considering the challenges. Been doing alright by me, get my shot each year and no flu but in the long ago when I didn’t get the shot.

      But hell yes the CDC or anybody thinking that inanimate objects cause humans to be violent is a load of horse dung. Lazy thinking from people who are usually very smart.

      Must be the politics, messes with people’s heads something awful.

  11. If the autism spectrum is that wide, everyone will be diagnosed as such. Now you won’t be able to own guns because we think you are a danger to society. Boy, that was easy. Case closed.

    • When they put Asperger’s Syndrome on “the spectrum”, I couldn’t stop laughing. Asperger’s is hardly a “disability”… most people with the Syndrome are actually SMARTER than the population at large.

  12. Most of us probably agree the CDC, as well as most medical education and research is controlled by Pharma. We probably also agree that the NIH and the FDA are equally commercialized. Any research they do regarding firearms will trend toward more government and industry control of our choices.

    Someone, above, mentioned Dr. William Thompson, a CDC scientist and whistleblower who has provided the raw data from a CDC study on a current epidemic. The raw data contradicts the CDCs conclusions and constitutes the evidence that the CDC manipulated the data. The point is, that Thompson has provided unassailable evidence that the CDC has committed fraud. The data regards the connection between the MMR vaccine and Autism.

    My point is NOT to convince you of anything about vaccine safety. It is to say that there is clear evidence of fraud at the CDC. They cannot be trusted. If you want to know more about this, Dr. Brian Hooker has provided detailed analysis of the CDC data from this study. Del Bigtree (former producer of “The Doctors”) provides a cogent layman’s analysis.

    Let’s fight for the full implementation of the 2nd Amendment in every US state. It is one of our best tools for resisting the errosion of our freedoms by corporate interests.

    • Research? Maybe. Education? Lol no. I have three family members who teach in medical schools. One of whom is a full blown department head. No “pharma” money flowing in, sadly…

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