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Dear Center Supporter:

The National Rifle Association’s extremist agenda has held our political system hostage for too long.

The Center for Biological Diversity has long fought the NRA over the senseless killing of endangered wolves, condors, polar bears and bald eagles. After the horrific, gun-charged killings in Newtown — and seeing the NRA’s sickening refusal to take responsibility or support any gun violence reforms at all — I’ve decided that enough is enough! . . .

We just ran a full-page ad in The New York Times calling out the NRA’s extremist political agenda and endorsing not only the elimination of highly toxic lead from bullets (a longtime Center campaign) but also legislation to end gun violence against people.

Please stand with us this holiday season. Donate to our Stop NRA Extremism Fund today so we can continue to run ads and campaigns protecting people and wildlife from gun violence and pollution. Then visit our NRA Hostage website and sign the petitions. Spread the word by sharing the website on Facebook and forwarding this email to your friends.

Some will say gun violence is not an environmental issue. I say, after Newtown, gun violence is an issue for all Americans. After Newtown, breaking the NRA’s stranglehold on our political system is an issue for everyone.

Please stand with us:

— Call on President Barack Obama to cast the NRA’s powerful political threats aside in crafting gun violence legislation. We can’t let NRA money and threats stop common sense solutions any longer.

— Call on Congress to eliminate toxic lead from bullets — this lead threatens to poison pregnant women, children, underprivileged people who rely on food banks, those who live near or go to shooting ranges and some 20 million birds and other animals who painfully die every year of lead poisoning from discarded lead bullets.

Please give generously today to our Stop NRA Extremism Fund. Every gift will be matched by a generous donor, so your gift of $50, $100 or $1,000 will be worth twice as much.

The NRA’s refusal to give any ground in the wake of the Newtown killings — or those which followed in Pennsylvania and New York this week — is no surprise: the gun lobby has consistently opposed even the most common sense, non-controversial reforms such as funding confiscation of illegal guns from criminals and the mentally ill, and eliminating poisonous lead from bullets.

The killing will not stop — the poisoning will not stop — unless we band together to make it stop. Please join us.

For an end to senseless violence and poisoning,

KierĂ¡n Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. The NRA is counting on the public to forget and move on before political change can happen. We won’t let that happen. Please donate today to our Stop NRA Extremism Fund, knowing that every gift will be matched. Sign the petition on our NRA Hostage website and share it with all your Facebook friends. Then forward this email. Now is the time for everyone who cares about people, wildlife and preventing violence to join together once and for all.

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  1. My guess is that the “generous donor” who will match all donations is a mayor of some sort of large city.

    • I’d wager that this anonymous donation matcher hasn’t got the cajones to state who (person or organization) they are. If they are so for these malicious propaganda lies why don;t they forget matching and just donate?

      Oh wait… they don’t want to be “targeted by their enemy’s political power” AND they probably have something preventing them from just flat out donating. Lying cowards they are.

  2. This is the same ilk who posted signs in biology labs in the late 70’s saying that a frog=a rhino=a person. these “specie equivalent” types are hardly the type anyone should have standing up for them b/c they’ll turn on you in a second for the latest endangered critter.

  3. Stop posting that trash RF. Please i know your showing us but that much Crap on the screen makes me want to throw up.

  4. The NRA’s failure to take responsibility for what? Putting a piece of wood with googly eyes in front of a podium and giving him a goofy name like Wayne?

  5. Well just did my part and ran outside and kicked a Canada Goose that was pooping in the lot out front, after all enough is enough.

  6. Gee,,,,I’m shocked,,,,Earthies want my money to preserve “our political System” by destroying it….who would have guessed?

  7. “The Center for Biological Diversity has long fought the NRA over the senseless killing of endangered wolves, condors, polar bears and bald eagles.”

    A park ranger once caught me trying to poach a Condor. Once he had me arrested and in the back of the squad car, he asked me why I would kill a Condor. “I was hungry” was my reply. “Just out of curiousity, what does a Condor taste like?” I said “It tastes a lot like Bald Eagle”.

  8. A bunch of crack pot nut bags who want to blame innocent people for the actions of a madman. Yeah, I’ll take them seriously when they go the way of the Haley Bob cults and then come back to life. I don’t see them trying to ban the internet because it causes pollution or crying out at their members who drive. Seriously, people like that are morons who pollute the gene pool.

  9. What strikes me as very interesting about all of this recent NRA hate is that the organization is characterized as some sort of evil sentient creature. Like the NRA is somehow completely devoid of actual people. Does it not occur to these people that the NRA is the power that it is only as a result of the donations of millions of American citizens? There are no secret minting machines or NRA bank robbers running around making money for the organization to spend on lobbying. It is only the voice by which millions exert their opinion on the political system. It is the will of a huge population of the United States. However, no one in the media seems to want to admit that maybe, just maybe, the NRA is as big as it is because people want it that way. But how do you argue with someone who wont even admit that? You never see emails or articles urging anti-NRA people to try to sway NRA members to change their ways and stop donating or cancel their memberships. They (anti-gun persons) either through ignorance or by design ignore the individuals instead opting to force through congress poorly thought out legislation and bypass what to them are inconvenient opinions. At this level we’re no longer dealing with a problem that is only applicable to gun rights. We’re dealing with the attempted disenfranchisement of a huge portion of the population.

    • Well yeah, you’re exactly right. It’s all part of the Alinsky playbook. And who is using the Alinsky playbook, the modern Democratic Party. Unfortunately all these types of groups akin to the CBD, ELF, ALF, PETA, etc. used to be considered nut jobs until enough of them took over the DNC. The modern DNC resembles nothing of the old time Democrats like Kennedy or Hubert Humphrey who were NRA life members.

    • And how come not even one mention of the 2A? Just another example of folks that simply don’t comprehend that this is a country ruled by law, not by ‘feelings’. So they attack the NRA for simply being the voice of millions of law abiding Americans, any one of which has the same Rights. The NRA is just the megaphone that makes these flutes pay attention.

  10. Center for Biological Diversity? lol . I doubt one in all of its fifteen members knows what that phrase means.

    You know what I’m sick of? Hippies thinking they’ve got some sort of lock on science and diversity. If my teaching experience is any judge the vast majority couldn’t get through a biology 101 mid-term with a grade of 70% or better, and their sense is that any crowd with less than 99 homos per 100 people is not diverse!

    So we’re not dealing with the brightest bulb in the box here.


    • Hippies don’t know diddly about science.
      Their ideology-colored worldview skews facts of the natural world.
      In Los Angeles, they banned depredation of raccoons. Then they put “Grow gardens, not lawns” bumper stickers on their Priapismses.
      So these critters get to be 30+ pounds gorging themselves on the trash and pet food people leave out and then have tomatoes and all sorts of garden goodies for dessert…
      Can’t trap ’em, can’t relocate ’em and can’t kill ’em.
      Their population outgrows their natural environment so they regularly encroach into human habitation.
      It’s one brush fire, one dry season and they’ll move into the city because the food is handed to them on a silver platter. When they’re done with the Whiskas, these cunning predators will gang up on and eat Fluffy and then set up home in your attic and drink for the garden hose…

  11. At least the CBD has shown another side of their liberal agenda. Apparently all the animals they love can take a back seat while they call for more gun control.

  12. We just ran a full-page ad in The New York Times

    So you wasted a lot of money. Anyone dumb enough to read the NY Times is already rabidly against guns and the Constitution in general.

  13. I went and joined PETA today PETA=People Eat Tiny Animals!

    These folks are idiots, no idea how the NRA is against taking illegal guns away from Criminals. Didn’t they say something to the effect of enforce the laws we have now? They also supported having a system where mental health professionals can flag the mentally ill. Do these folks even do their homework???

    Perhaps the NRA demands it’s members all become poachers and break the law??
    They are seriously pushing it…

  14. The CBD back murders too. They’ve long protected the grey wolves, the same species of grey wolves that murdered a 22 year old in Canada in 06′ Write your congressman.

    • Listen, Hippie thinking says that when that happens (or when a Mountain Lion or a bear kill a hiker or come into a residential area), you shouldn’t kill it.
      You should hug it and teach it yoga and a new hummus recipe….

  15. “…some 20 million birds and other animals who painfully die every year of lead poisoning from discarded lead bullets…”

    I’d be interested to see the sources on that number.

    • Surely they know! I sure they do a autopsy on all and every animal or bird that dies to determine the cause of death! More BS!!!

      • …or animals and ecosystems destroyed during the process of mining lithium and cobalt (and the hydrocarbon energy invested to yield the minerals, paint, tires, etc etc); elements essential for the Prius and other hybrid wet dreams.

      • Lots. Also several endangered species of bat. And it is almost never from direct turbine strikes, the immense blades create such a pressure differential it causes instant and massive pulmonary edema in the frail lungs of nearby flying critters.

    • Me too. In my youth I injected lead poison into many birds. .410, 20 ga, 16ga, and 12ga were all used by yours truly to kill many birds and fur bearing critters.

  16. It seems that humans are overtaking all other species. Not sure why these folks want to stand in the way of human population controls.

  17. I would guess more people will get killed in the United States this year by other people driving a automobile than anything. I am sure more “protected” hawks will because I see them everywhere after meeting their car or truck of choice. When the obvious answers are simple leave it to a bunch of pot heads and intellectual misfits who probably were totally devistated when they figured out who Santa Claus and the tooth fairy really was to really try and obsess over power over others. They have no real concern for human life at all, just dominance. Rather natural like the animals that kill each other.

  18. These are the same goddamn fucks who shut down Arizona’s first hydroelectric power plant in northern AZ and put everybody at risk for power outages – all to “save” a damn minnow that has been here for millions of years and will be here millions of years long after we’re gone. Their whole agenda is political, not “biological”. The law of unintended consequences will someday rear its ugly head and these pussies will regret the day they were born.

  19. Wait a minute, did these dirt worshipers just call NRA extremists? I find that almost amusing….

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