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Ninety-three-year-old firearms fashionista Mikhail Kalashnikov has been in a Moscow hospital for almost a week. His assistant, Nikolai Shklyaev, said the Father of the AK-47 entered intensive care last Thursday. Kalashnikov told his number one that he felt fine but was “exhausted.” There’s apparently no truth to rumors that Kalashnikov was distraught over prospects of a renewed assault weapons ban in decadent, capitalist America. But there’s plenty of other gun news in The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, including a new poll that shows that the majority of Americans oppose an assault weapons ban . . .

Lt. Spock would have made a lousy gun control advocate, even as a child. Drive to have kids send 1,000 anti-gun pictures to White House by Christmas falls short thinks knowing you have an irresponsible journalist in your neighborhood is every bit as important as ID’ing gun owners. I guess it’s hard not to agree.

What was that about a lamp and an honest man? Meanwhile, the anti-AWB side will take what it can get; ABC says Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn’s “shown a willingness to obstruct even popular legislation.”

House Oversight Committee ranking member Elijah Cummings filed a motion to dismiss the contempt of Congress suit filed against Attorney General Eric Holder. Apparently trying to investigate a coverup of gun-running and dead US citizens by holding the AG’s feet to the proverbial fire after years of obstruction constitutes a “rush toward unnecessary conflict.”

“State Sen. Richard Codey (D-Essex) plans to introduce a bill to require the state divest pension funds invested in any company that sells or manufactures assault rifles.” NJ doesn’t have any such investments.

Codey’s buddy Cryan (D-Union) plans to introduce a measure to limit the capacity of ammunition magazines in New Jersey to five rounds. Does he have shares in Smith & Wesson? Same link as above.

Why we need gun control So many standard issue gun control arguments in one place even the commentators can’t be bothered to refute them all. “Not much use explaining it to you…” a commentator says

“Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne proposed a plan Wednesday to allow one educator in each school to carry a gun after they receive free firearms training from law enforcement.” Allow?

A Smart Way to Control Guns: Force Owners to Buy Insurance For Them Force. Don’t you love it when they say “force”? Neither do I.

And finally, a majority of Americans oppose an assault weapons ban. A two percent drop in opposition, well within the polls margin of error. But that’s a story for another day. Tomorrow, in fact.

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  1. I looked at the poll link:

    So it seems that a majority of Americans want to ban “high capacity” ammunition “clips” but don’t want to ban “assault rifles”…

    Am I the only one confused? They want the mags gone by an almost 30% margin but don’t want the weapons themselves gone by only a 6% margin…Good news that 74% are not in favor of a handgun ban though, that was a biggie for me.

    I’m thinking that the mag ban WILL happen, the “assault weapon” ban probably not. Looks like revolvers/1911’s and lever/pump actions for me.

    • This comes from liberal USA today SO it really means the number dont back a ban. They try to twist what number they can to look good for National Socialist causes.

      Remember 57% wanted to ban real standard capacity mags after the Arizona Murders now its 59% not a huge bump.

      Be optimistic and support our progun reps and Senators we can win this.

    • Dont be so pessimistic. Remember in the Arizona murders a year ago 57% wanted real standard mags banned. now its 59% that’s not too BIG of a jump!

      Call and help your progun Reps and senators we can win this.

  2. Best wishes for Kalashnikov. In my youth the “bad guys” we trained to fight carried AK’s. But my youth and my anger are gone now.

    • It’s funny how perspective on “bad guys” changes over time. Soviets in Afghanistan in the 80s were “bad guys”. And now American soldiers are there, fighting the kids of those very same mujis, and their ideology is exactly the same, as well (why do you think they hated Soviets so much? because they built schools where boys and girls studied together in the same classes, and trained women to be doctors and lawyers and scientists – OMG, haraam!).

      • Got the BIG point I think in 1979 we wanted to nail the Soviets for our loss in Vietnam and so we support and help the slime of humanity win the war against the Russian.

  3. Never cared for Sen Colburn (tried to have that P.O.J. SCAR adopted in the army) until now we must back good gun rights Senators like him to stop any gun bans.

    Love to point out that like 57% of Americans oppose a AWB only 44% love it thats from Gallop not a progun news pollsters. Just good news.

  4. Americans worried about gun laws : 100%
    Americans worried about debt ceiling: 0%

    I was hoping that the ‘fiscal cliff’ news would cast a shadow over all the media’s firearm rhetoric, but now i’m not so sure. It’s kinda a shame, actually.

    • Wait & see, Thomas. Better than even odds, that all the progressive anti-gun nonsense will be rolled into the “ZOMG! Emergency! Fiscal Cliff! No time to debate it! Just vote!” package they put up on 02 January.

      Gotta pass it so we can find out what’s in it it, you know?

  5. “Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne proposed a plan Wednesday to allow one educator in each school to carry a gun after they receive free firearms training from law enforcement.”

    One? That isn’t good enough. What about when that one is shot? Or sick? Or forgot to strap up that one day when they need to? Or is on the wrong side of the school?

    To be effective, multiple are needed, and it should be anyone who has the desire and training to do so

    • One is all you need. As long as the one is kept confidential, there’s no way to tell if the one is strapped, out sick, or otherwise. The shooter always has to take that into consideration. They can’t take anything for granted and must always factor in that they will be opposed. Even if the one is shot, the time it takes to engage the shooter and distract him/her will save lives. More lives than if the shooter went unopposed.

      But I do agree that it should be anyone who wants the training should get it. Still one is better than none.

  6. It looks like a lot of people opposed to the AWB are in favor of banning “hi-cap” mags. The good news is that people on the fence have come to understand the problems with the AWB and oppose it as a result… and recent events haven’t changed their conclusions.

    Now we need to help people understand the problem with magazine limits. The best bet here is to point out that standard pistol magazines will be made illegal by a ten round limit.

  7. I have probably somewhere around XXX AR mags. I also have at least Xmags each for my four pistols. I even have XX mags for my M&P 15-22.

    I am just one person.

    They will never get me to turn in my mags and I doubt if very many of my friends will either and iIam pretty sure none of their friends will and ……

    see my point?

    With no ban in place, I am seeing ads on Armslist for black no window pmags at 6 for $240.00.

    That’s with no ban.

    If they actually put a ban in place, I will wait a year or two and then pay for my children’s college education, their children’s college education and maybe a nice boat for me and the old lady.

    They will never get rid of the mags.

    The “genie” is too fat and way too strong to ever stuff him back in the bottle.

  8. From my experience while in high school in southern Utah a lot of the resource officers wanted teachers to be armed. At least where I live there is an officer in every school, if you were a teacher and wanted to carry just let the resource officer know (heck the officer even gave advice to the teachers about what handguns to get) I knew of at least 3 teachers that carried during school hours and perhaps even more did then that. Needless to say I felt safe during High school.

    • Utah still allows teachers to carry if they have a concealed carry permit. Crusader Weaponry and a few other Utah based training groups offer free CCW and defensive handgun courses to teachers with permits. However, some of the school districts do not allow teachers to have any weapons in school under their terms of employment. So all that forward thinking is blocked by local bureaucrats who write the teacher’s contracts.

      I would talk to any teachers you know in your county and find out if they are blocked from carrying firearms, if so, I would start writing letters to the district and attending some council meetings.

  9. Strangely, I have been reading a lot of calls for laws that are already on the books and enforced. It seems like many people don’t know that there are already background checks and waiting periods for firearm purchases, or that new full-auto weapons have been banned for nearly three decades.

    • Because their Prophets on TV don’t tell them that. Instead of just, you know, looking it up themselves, they just demand “something must be done”.

  10. “Fifty-eight percent of Americans now say they favor stricter gun laws” (pasted from USA Today article)

    Where the hell did they get that number? There isn’t one result from either of the 4 responses to the 2 polls that equal 58%.

    It’s hard to have a discussion with people who make shit up.

    • These kind of people love them some Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos and Maury Povich… where someone is 216% positive you the baby daddy.

    • We need to turn the public on them. Start describing the anti-gun crowd as anti-freedom racists that want to keep the black man where he is. Afterall it is he that needs guns for his protection. These liberals only want guns for those security guards that patrol their gated communities while they sip wine and eat Brie.

      • +1000!

        Agreed Larry. What do they care when they’ll be protected by people with firearms or will be on the “special” list that the law doesn’t apply to?

        Very well said!

    • He doesnt have his finger on the trigger of that Kalashnikov……..HE IS THE KALASHNIKOV!

      Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  11. Best Of wishes to Kalashnikov, his invention saved many people here where I live (gave us chance to fight back, smuggled through flour bags)

  12. Anyone else thinks the rifle being held by Mr. Kalishnakov looks alot like the Airsoft Version by Tokyo Marui? It looks so… plasticy.

  13. Go figure,politicos from NJ running their mouths.Place is a police state anyway,not part of my America.We are a nation divided.

  14. “Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne proposed a plan Wednesday to allow one educator in each school to carry a gun after they receive free firearms training from law enforcement.” Allow?


  15. I actually kind of like the insurance idea. (The only thing I don’t like about it is that it won’t come with a guarantee that the antis will then STFU).

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