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From the NSSF:

NSSF, the trade association for the firearm industry, is shining a spotlight on former Vice President Joe Biden’s radical antigun campaign promise to end gun sales as America knows it. His far-left driven agenda would end Second Amendment rights to lawfully acquire, keep and bear firearms by individuals by dismantling the Constitutionally-protected commerce in arms.

“The single greatest threat to gun rights in America is Joe Biden. The single greatest safeguard against his agenda is an educated and engaged voter in the voting booth,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel.

“Joe Biden blatantly called the firearm industry ‘the enemy’ from the debate stage. His agenda to restrict the lawful means for Americans to exercise their Second Amendment right is a grave danger to our God-given rights and our civil liberties. All Americans must understand the unconstitutional overreach he would enact to obliterate firearm businesses across America.”

Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The Biden-Harris gun control agenda would stamp out firearm retailers and deny their customers the ability to shop online and purchase firearms, which can only be transferred by the retailer to the customer in a face-to-face transaction after a mandatory FBI background check. A Biden-Harris administration would end the online sale of ammunition and all gun parts, eliminating the right Americans have enjoyed since the founding of our nation to make and assemble their own firearm.

They claim to support “gun safety” but want to make it difficult for gun owners to repair their firearms. Lastly, Biden and running mate U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) would ration the exercise of the Second Amendment by restricting law abiding Americans to purchasing just one firearm a month.

This is a constraint of which has never been considered – and would never be tolerated – for any individual right contained in the Bill of Rights.

Man holds handgun in gun store

More than 5 million Americans purchased a firearm for the first time in 2020, based on a NSSF retailer survey. Fully 40 percent of these new gun owners are women. The largest increase of any demographic is among African-Americans, which skyrocketed 58 percent over 2019. To date, more than 13.8 million background checks have been completed for the sale of a firearm, surpassing 2019’s full-year total of nearly 13.2 million.

NSSF strongly opposes these unconstitutional proposals of the Biden-Harris campaign and encourages all Americans to vote on Election Day to protect their Second Amendment rights.


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  1. Biden’s my man.

    Who cares if he wants to pack the courts and doesn’t believe the 2A is an individual right… I never said I was smart.

    • Incorrect. Biden is hardly anyone’s ideal candidate, certainly not the Democrats ideal. He is opposed by the most left wing elements, especially those more attune to the Sanders and AOC lines of thought. I realize very few POTG comprehend that there are factions within political parties, right and left, but it has always been the case.

      The singular value of Biden is to remove a traitor and a con artist from the Presidency. That’s it, nothign else there.

      With a fifth solid Conservative justice on the Supreme Court there is no longer any need to maintain the self delusion on the Right that Trump is somehow one of “US”.

      Trump is “THEM”, an elitist, a tax cheat, a con artist who steals from blue collar workers and contractors by refusing to pay them the contracted price. Trump is the guy who, as FOX NEWS REPORTED, called Americans who fought in our wars “Losers” and “Suckers”.

      Biden’s is merely a politician. One who has made near to four dozen major promises.

      And if he wins he will be opposed by lots and lots of gun owners AND a fifth Conservative vote on the Supreme Court.

      Trump loves tyrants, owes them $421,000,000 personally (more than a shit-ton of money) and is nice to them.

      Trump is a Traitor. Some 489 Generals and other National Security professionals have said so.

      Biden is an easy choice.

        • I notice you ignore every fact including those that Fox News verified.

          Trump is a fucking cult leader. His base of about 1/3 of the voters are the largest cult this country has ever seen.

          He also has personal loans pushing $421 million with much of it to foreign powers.

          This is the precise opposite of what the Founders of our Republic wanted in a President.

        • Being in debt to foreign entities does NOT make someone a traitor. If Trump were more interested in helping other nations, I could possibly see your point. But he is putting America first in everything he does as president. Financial dealings with other countries does NOT make someone a cult leader either. None of this has anything to do with what the founders wanted. Trump lives the dream that they wanted all of us to have.

          For us to live in a global economy and so many people not understand that this is what living in a global economy is…

        • The pustulent blue enuf says “I notice you ignore every fact including those that Fox News verified.”

          Somewhere in your twisted hate filled mind you believe you offered up ‘facts’.

          Every one of your falsehoods has been dispelled. You are so fixated on your hate of one man Trump, you ignore the army of leftist that say America is irredeemable and want it destroyed.

          Even if everything you said about Trump was true and not your feeble attempt at justification, it would pale in comparison to what Biden and the left wants to do to America.

          *Open boarders with the promise of free everything to pack the states with new DNC voters.
          *Making D.C.and Puerto Rico states to pack the Senate
          *Adding 5 to 10 new Supreme Court Justices to pack the Court.

          Those added changes alone would ensure a Democratic majority until China, with help from the Biden Family, crush of what remains of the U.S.A..

          You want to address some facts, rather than your delusional hate of Trump, address those DNC plans. But you won’t because you can’t.

        • “Being in debt to foreign entities does NOT make someone a traitor.”

          Are you kidding me? Are you so blind as to refuse to see the truth before your eyes?

          Secretly owing hundreds of millions of dollars to global bankers is exactly the ‘foreign entanglements’ with the founding fathers warned us about.

          What we have in America is the day when patriotism is outweighed by racial identity.

        • @Miner49er
          The ENTIRE technology industry is structured around the US being in heavy debt to the mid/Far East. So go talk to Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Foxconn.

          That’s not to mention textiles for the entire clothing industry or even automotive. What about medical?

          The US can’t actually produce hardly anything anymore because we are ALL beholden to countries like China.

          You want to talk to me about Trump? Trump ain’t nothin’

        • ‘Foreign entanglements’ miner? You going on record to get us out of the UN? How about building the wall and closing our borders?

        • None of that is confirmed. Remember the story about Trump calling dead soldiers losers that the Atlantic later retracted because their anonymous source was unreliable and knowledgeable witnesses denied? Just because the NYT is reporting it doesn’t make it true. They also reported the lies from the Steele dossier as truth, like Trump hired Russian prostitutes the urinate on a bed that Obama had slept in. Opposition research lies from Russian spies hired by the Hillary camp to influence the election. Trump was subjected to a witch hunt for colluding with the Russians while the real culprit wasn’t even questioned.

        • I seem to recall Biden calling service members “Stupid Bastards” on tape in front of a crowd. So I don’t know why you are yammering about something Trump didn’t say as backed by 11 different witnesses on the record, including Bolton, who doesn’t even like Trump after failing to bomb Iran over a drone.

        • 49er you twit. Everyone of the Allies went into debt to the US in both world wars. Does that make them traitors to their nations?

          • @Ad Astra

            If I remember my history correctly, only France, when De Gaulle was President, ever re-paid the USA for their war debts and Lend/Lease Program materials.. My history professor said that it was because De Gaulle didn’t like the USA and didn’t want to be “beholden” to us. RIP Professor Adair, you made History (with a capital “H” come alive).

        • Enuf, you seem confused as usual. “You’re full of shit” translates to “you are a liar.” Repeating the lies does not make them true.

      • You can go ahead and make an argument for Biden. But the problem with your argument for Biden is he is not the one running for president it is actually Kamala Harris. And if this is the type of administration that you want to run our country you are truly lost. I will let Kamala do the rest of the talking

        • Really don’t give a shit. There is no greater danger to our Republic, to our national security, than a President beholding to foreign powers.

          Though it is ironic that Trump’s nomination of Barrett is the final reason why it is now safe to vote against him, the fact remains the traitor’s “Useful Idiot” status is at an end.

          If Harris does become President in the next four years, or after for that matter, she will not face a Supreme Court aligned to her thinking.

          So I sincerely do not give a fuckall when the other option is voting to keep a traitor behind the Resolute Desk.

          One of these days the GOP may return to a place of sanity. If I live that long I’ll welcome them back.

          As many lifelong conservative leaning voters who are now independents have said, I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me.

        • If you believe the republican party left you why don’t you go and join the Loony left. From my understanding they teach them young. I am sure your Firearm ownership will be much appreciated with this group. You should go down and join them maybe you can even make a sign of how much you hate trump. Based on your comments looks like you’ll fit right in.

        • Freudian slip?
          Answering question on buyback of assault weapons; @1:52
          “…when elected president……executive order..”
          She’s already factored Biden out of the equation.
          Or did she reveal the bigger playbook provided her?

        • And yet you conveniently forget that Biden, Obama, the Clintons, Gore, and many others in the dem party are beholden to foreign powers.

          Where is Gore anyway?

        • “There is no greater danger to our Republic, to our national security, than a President beholding to foreign powers.”

          You must not have been following the news lately enuf. For years, ALL we’ve heard is that we have to see Trump’s tax returns so we can see all of the Russian ties that the media has promised us for four plus years!!! So what did the Times report?

          NYT: “They (NYT obtained tax-return data) report that Mr. Trump owns hundreds of millions of dollars in valuable assets, but they do not reveal his true wealth. Nor do they reveal any previously unreported connections to Russia.

          Oops! There’s no (anti-Trump) story there. They literally cleared the last holdout of Russian collusion. Thanks NYT! Yet there you are in all your TDS glory still calling him a traitor.

          enuf: “…a tax cheat…”

          Are you referring to the Times story? Did they layout how Trump was a tax cheat? I thought the takeaway was that he didn’t pay enough taxes….LEGALLY. But…BUT….He’s rich so he should be paying more than the government (the Obama Biden administration no less) says he should pay! Okay. What is the president’s salary? You do realize he’s been handing that back over to the government, right? Did Obama or Clinton do that? Aren’t they worth millions? How is it that they’re worth so much again? Hmm…

        • Beholden to foreign powers, like a son who has been paid tens of millions to sit on boards of foreign companies he has no experience with and manage billion dollar Chinese sovereign funds despite having no track record in investment? You mean that kind of beholden to foreign interests that were published from the Senate committee investigation and ignored by the media?

        • enuf, beholden to foreign powers? Just like the Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party during the Clinton administration?

          The Democrats have done more than just “bend the knee” to the CCP.

      • The Lincoln Project. Slithering swamp creatures determined to see to it they continue to get wealthy off corruption in DC.

        Never Trumpers that fear for their gravy train.

      • @enuf (blue version)

        …and there are a bunch of Generals and Security types who have not said it…politics as usual…your pandering is taking on a desperate tone. I notice your language is increasingly potty-mouth…way to win over thinking, rational people…by name calling. Yup, confirmed…blue enuf is an agitator assigned to this forum…portraying himself as a rational gun owner who only wants the best for the Second Amendment…all we have to do is vote for the Party and Candidates who have made it a Party Plank to disarm U.S. citizens…by force if necessary.

        I particularly liked your reference to the dozens of promises made by Biden…your contextual attitude is that Biden will not honor those promises as they are political promises only…President Trump is honoring most of his promises…

        I have also noticed that you are silent on the many, many trips that Biden and his son have made to Russia and China…by your own reasoning, Biden and family, are indebted to the CCP…and your moral outrage over their corruption is strangely absent.

        • “Biden and family, are indebted to the CCP”

          Let’s not forget about the Russian and Ukrainian ties now.

          “The Senate Republican report this week on Hunter Biden shows he amassed a network of shady foreign clients who pumped millions of dollars into his bank accounts — all while his dad, Joseph R. Biden, served as vice president.”

          “Russia’s only women billionaire, Elena Baturina, wired Mr. Biden $3.5 million for consulting services in February 2014, the same month Russian troops invaded Ukraine’s Crimea. She sent another $241,000 in 2015.

          Ms. Baturina is the widow of a corrupt Moscow mayor, Yuri Luzhkov. She became an oligarch thanks to her husband’s administration funneling huge contracts to her plastics company, Intake.”

          Receiving millions from a Russian oligarch?? Isn’t that the exact thing they were accusing Trump of, but could never prove? MSNBC must be all over this story, right? Right??

      • The letter praises Biden for his morality, integrity and experience. … Its signatories “are generals, admirals, senior non-commissioned officers, ambassadors, and senior civilian national security leaders. … The list also includes officials from the White House such as Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser; John Kerry, his secretary of State; and James Clapper, his director of National Intelligence.

        Speaking of traitors…

        If you think putting that nest of vipers back in control is a good thing, there’s no help for you. The most responsible thing you could possibly do at this point is not to vote at all. Hell, you should probably never vote again.

        • Trump is for having a strong military, but he’s firmly against the Military Industrial Complex, and they’re pissed! They want more than just a military pension. Then there’s that whole thing about bringing attention to the fact that our foreign policy of the past few decades has been an abysmal failure.

          Remember when enuf was ready for us to go to war with our NATO ally Turkey? Imagine if Hillary were president. We’d be knee deep in Syria, with no end in sight. As soon as we “fixed” their government, we could stay there for 20 years and build it back up.

        • You’re right, whatever wrong Trump may have done pales next to what we could’ve expected from America’s political axis of evil.

          I could’ve put it in a less confrontational way and said that for anyone who truly believes Trump can’t be voted for, voting for no one is a reasonable and defensible choice. That’s what I did last time.

          This time, I think Trump’s done enough right that I’ll mark that box (won’t do any good in this state, but I’ll do it just for symbolic value).

        • “won’t do any good in this state, but I’ll do it just for symbolic value”

          Everyone in blue states should do that, if for no other reason than to drive up the popular vote. Let’s give the dems one less thing to bitch about.

      • “I realize very few POTG comprehend that there are …”

        Is it within the realm of possibility to be more of a know-it-all douche?

      • enuf…First time a bozo like you complained about taxes. That confirms where you get your slanderous, libelous butt spew. The marxist media poops in your ears and you come on this forum and regurgitate their filth. The media says jump and you ask, ‘how high?” Taxes are none of your business and nowhere in the requirements tp be POTUS does it mandate a candidate display his taxes to anyone and that includes you and the stinking democRats you cater to.
        And do look out for the cheater…That would be you. You come on this forum and like the self serving azzhat you are you boast about your guns and ammo purchases. A no count self serving pos like you did not bother to consider those purchases of yours were made possible by people like me who worked to defeat hilliary rotten clintoon and to get DJT elected POTUS. Beside being a pompous freeloader you are nothing but another two bit Jim Crow democRat Party lint licking pos.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • Being a public figure, I’ll bet the IRS took a very close look at the returns, while ignoring the Clinton Foundation for its irregularities.

      • enuf, do you have your statement ready for the show-trial? If not your handlers will provide one for you.

        As a Democrat gun owner, you will be expected to make heart felt apologies for your crimes against the people, and especially to the poor POC proletariat. You will then beseech for the opportunity to atone for your crimes through forced labor and forfeiture of all possessions.

        Revolutions have a habit of consuming their own.

      • Well, glad it only took a couple years for you to come out of your libtard closet and go full retard. I mean, you never fooled anyone but now supporting biden? It’s clear you don’t own and never will own firearms and are here just to be an angry troll. Get lost dude. But get a life first. If you are that far gone that you only support that side, why bother coming here? You do realize the definition of trolling right? It comes in many forms, but you are the resident TTAG troll. At least stick to reddit with like minded people and make yourself feel better, but doing this, you are mentally incapable of seeing the psychological damage going on inside your head that keeps you frequenting places where all you do is argue and slander others. It changes nothing. It’s immature. And worst of all, it’s a serious anger issue you are just bottling up. Take care of yourself, and stay the hell away from this place.

      • You’re not going to convince the cult. Trump was right about at least one thing- he could literally shoot someone in Times Square and his fans wouldn’t care.

        If Trump were to decide that the vote doesn’t count because (excuse) or that he deserves to serve more terms in violation of the Constitution because (excuse) they would eat it up. I thought MAYBE people would realize what they’ve been following after Mattis spoke up (after many others) but there’s no limit to what they’ll ignore. Trump has got to be one of the luckiest people on the planet because he’s an idiot yet he came around at a political moment where it doesn’t matter.

        And yet on the other side? Hardly better. A less existential threat, sure. But if Biden takes office next year in 4 years there will be another Trump-like populist nut that rises. We revere our founding fathers perhaps a bit too much. The system they built did not account for- but necessitated- the rise of two partisan political parties that would act like this. And it can’t continue.

        It’s hard not to see the clear comparisons to the end of the Roman republic.

      • All that and not one arguably correct statement. Just like Biden, everything is a lie, distortion, half-truth or invented from whole cloth.*

        *That means you pulled it out of your ass, pinhead.

      • Enuf, you think you’re taking some kind of moral high ground to make yourself feel better, when in actuality you’re an idiot.

      • You sure do believe all the fake news. it’s easy to see. Go stuff your head up Bidens’s asshole. If it isn’t there already.

        As for us , We’d all rather be FREE AMERICANS than be traitorous liberal socialist progressive marxist democrats any day of the week.

        If you want to live in a socialist country, move to North korea or China, and leave my country you SOB.
        And Keep Off My Lawn you fuckin’ commie bastard.

      • Sadly, as has been the case for decades, one is forced to vote for the lesser of two evils. Trump is a horrible choice, but all of his “shit and NY rude crude attitude” still “Trumps” a senile old career politicianpuppet with anti-American Socialists puling his strings to dance their dance. I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016…….but, I sure as Hell voted against Hillary. Disappointingly easy choice. America has Stage 4 Socialism cancer. It won’t be cured at the ballot box/soap box. Sadly, only the cartridge box/pine box will refresh the Tree of Liberty at this point. Even if Trump wins, the inevitable will only be delayed maybe four more years at best.

    • Choke Off Gun Sal;es? What do you expect from Jim Crow Gun Control democRats dragging around an agenda rooted ion racism and genocide. If Gun Control zealots had their way they would round up all Americans who own firearms and lynch them just like they did to Black Americans. This time everyone gets a taste of the Gun Control democRat slave master’s rope.

      The question is…Which party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities? Make no mistake about it, the democRat Party owes Reparations.

      • Can’t believe Trump didn’t pound on your noted Demorat ownership of KKK, Jim Crowe, racist legacy, et el last night. He is a shity campaigner and speaker and little playground bully loudmouth without class.

  2. It’s difficult to tell if he truly doesn’t see a socialist in the mirror or if it really is just a ploy to get votes.

  3. I keep saying…if this guy gets elected…guns and ammo and many parts and accessories will be through the roof from November to inauguration day…
    there are still plenty of standard (20-30 round) capacity magazines available…at reasonable prices
    remember the crazy times in 2012? prices of ammo? magazines? weapons? loooooong waits to get more ammo…even .22LR…at jacked-up prices?
    and now Wal-Mart doesn’t stock a lot of ammo
    may have to buy guns that fit the ammo that is available…just sayin’…

    • My WalMart doesn’t stock guns or ammo. That may be true for the whole state of California, since it is too expensive to make sure there is a licensed FFL in a 24 hour store at all times.
      If Biden wins, EVERYTHING will be through the roof–as it already is–and supply will be extremely limited. but that is the point–to make it too expensive for people to keep and bear arms.

      • Obama, Biden and the Democrats didn’t raise the prices.

        The prices were raised by the profiteering arms industry, it farms you silly people for fun and profit, using your fear and prejudice to motivate your purchasing.

        Don’t worry, your opiate addicted grandchildren will trade your guns and ammo for dope after you are gone.

        • Pols can raise the price by adding useless regulations that make it more expensive to do business. They can raise taxes on the items, which Warren has advocated for. I spoke to a gun store owner the other day. She said she’s paying about the same. Most stores had to limit handgun and .223 ammo to new gun purchases and range use because people were buying it up and taking it to flea markets and gun shows to sell it for 3-4x the price.

          Didn’t the Obama administration buy up an obscene amount of ammo to stockpile, kicking off a shortage and panic?

        • Just because your kids are opiate addicted , and sold your guns doesn’t mean everyone else’s is and will………..

  4. The real target is the right of self defense against violent criminals. Guns are only a secondary target because they are the most effective tool for defending yourself. Where I used to live, four teenagers went on a carjacking spree. The oldest stepped in front of a minivan at a stop sign and pointed a replica handgun at the driver. Since this constituted an armed robbery, the driver was justified in fearing for his life and would have been justified in shooting the teen. The gun banners want a person in that position to meekly surrender and trust that the criminal won’t harm him. What they don’t say is that flooring his accelerator pedal, to run down the robber, would have been equally justified. They wouldn’t like that, either.

  5. A serious question for the POTG –

    Biden is elected and has control of the House and has 51 votes in the Senate.

    Enraged over the newest SCOTUS Justice, the House votes to increase the high Court by 4 justices and installs them on the SCOTUS. In the next SCOTUS session, several 2A cases are granted Cert.

    The writing is on the wall. What should our response be?

    I have some ideas, but would like to hear yours…

  6. Law abiding.
    That’s funny.
    Soon enough the country will be rampaging Marxists and self defense militias while the law abiding will consist if the remnants of the “useful idiots” who gave so much ground as not to be called rayycisss in the fetal position crying wondering how we got here.

  7. Anyone who is stupid enough to vote for that senile old sh!thead Basement Joe should never be allowed to own a gun. Or possess sharp implements. Or operate machinery. Or reproduce. Or be around anybody’s children.

  8. Isnt that EVERY gun control agenda? Just sayin.

    The scary thing about a Biden administration is he’d push for something and forget he did it 10 minutes later, or try to tell you about it and halfway through cut himself off and end with “Ya know? Not cool man”.

    • I think it’s more than possible. Commies are already inside our infrastructure and have been for decades. They will mess with this election harder than they have ever done before, and its so easy for the “blame” to be cast on the right for colluding with it in an attempt to win, thus creating the actual civil war we see in 2020. If you thought it was bad this year, wait until november. Either way, there will be war. Make no mistake, our economy will crumble. Hope you got extra fuel for your generators and ham radios, cuz that electricity is getting shut off nationwide, and that will be the least of our worries.

      • They played the long game and infiltrated education and the public service decades ago.

        If Scientology could do it in a very ham fisted way, why couldn’t left wing groups do it in a more covert manner?

        • Yep, and now they know there is no need for the covert infiltration anymore. Their foot soldiers are heavily vested in everthing anti-western culture/capitalism/conservatism. Worse: Most are racist! Now we are even seeing them tell people who support them, lets be honest – white people, to leave. Numerous events at these riots where someone gets so fed up they just start telling all white people to fuck off, and they get supported doing it. White people in their groups get silent and look like a deer in headlights. They truly were so stupid, they had no idea, and they will just chalk it up to that one person being crazy… false. That is the movement. There are also investigations already into plans of shutting down the power grid to allow these people to operate with impunity, as in, the way before surveillance. Granted, if that happened, they would have to deal with us too. Personally, as much as it scares me to say it, I say lets get it over with. You want a war, most of us have been to war and we’ve been waiting for that adrenaline rush to come back. Most of us got out because we saw our governments bullshit operations overseas and knew that if we were ever going to fight again, it would be on our own soil. Most of us, saw this coming. Maybe not so soon, or so rapid, but we knew it was inevitable. So please, try us. Cut that power off and let us weed them out, then we can go back to frontier justice, pioneering, and living off the land. Talk about population control, it’s what this earth needs.

        • “then we can go back to frontier justice, pioneering, and living off the land.”

          You are living in a fantasy world.

    • If Trump wins there will be lots of riots and tremendous political instability as the democratic party should fall apart and be replaced by ‘something’.

      If Biden wins things calm down for a bit. None of the major political problems at play are solved.

      If Biden wins but Trump decides not to give up power, something violent will happen or it’s the end of the republic.

      • “If Trump wins there will be lots of riots and tremendous political instability as the democratic party should fall apart and be replaced by ‘something’.

        If Biden wins things calm down for a bit. None of the major political problems at play are solved. ”

        And why is that Hannibal? You’re acknowledging that it’s the Biden voters that people have to worry about.

  9. I’m not voting for Sleepy Joe but TTAG needs to STOP with all the FEAR MONGERING. They’re NOT taking our guns because I’m 57 and my Dad is 84 and neither of us have ever seen out guns being taken away. It’ll never happen because people who are ZGUN OWNING Democrats who vote Democrat will stop voting for them if that happens.
    There are a lot of gun owners who are NOT Republicans.

    So just STOP with the Fear Mongering

    • TTAG isn’t fear mongering. Its reporting. Any fear mongering is coming from Orourke and his “he’ll yes we’re coming for your AR15’s”

      The fact that you personally haven’t experienced what you would call confiscation is no indication that other people havent.

    • ” ZGUN OWNING Democrats who vote Democrat will stop voting for them if that happens ”

      Well, by then it will be too late, won’t it Zippy? You vote them in, they take your guns, you vote them out. Tell me how that becomes a winning strategy when you don’t get your guns back.

    • You are missing a VERY important point, and that is that people who claim to BE ‘Democrats’ have a nasty habit of voting AS ‘Democrats,’ and voting AS a ‘Democrat’ entails supporting EVERYTHING that the Democratic Platform entails.

      If, by chance, it includes ‘compensated confiscation’ and the entire broad spectrum of ‘SocialGunJusticeControlDistancingSafetyWarrioring’, along with other atrocities beloved of Democrats, they will STILL vote ‘Democrat’ because that’s what they DO. They can’t help it. It’s in their nature.

      LIke scorpions.

      • “voting AS ‘Democrats,’ and voting AS a ‘Democrat’ entails supporting EVERYTHING that the Democratic Platform entails”

        And that’s true for Republicans as well, so you share republican speaker of the house Dennis Hastert’s love of young boys.

        By your logic, all Republicans are sick child molesters, prove me wrong.

        See how easy that is…

        • Pretty sure the sick child molesters are Epstein, his friends the Clintons and all those Hollywood celebs visiting his mansion. You could also include Biden who has a long history of touching little children.

          But if your claim is that it’s Republicans playing the “guilt by association game”…. have you ever even read a news story from your side?!?!

          What a joke

    • I’ll bet 57 and 84 year olds said that when Hitler took their guns too… Just sayin.

      Make no mistake, the current American democrats ARE coming for your guns. They are coming for your freedoms. They want you dependent. They want to tax you even more than you already are. They want inflation. They want communism. They want control and they will stop at nothing to get it. Wake up. Cities are burning in America, on a daily basis. This is not the occasional riot you saw decades ago, once or twice. This is full blown civil war. Wake the fuck up.

    • fear mongering over guns is the GOP’s best trick. It’s also how they keep gun owners voting for them despite doing nothing for them.

      How quickly they forget that there has been more gun control created under Trump in one term than under 2 of Obama’s. Do we think Biden is more effective than Obama?

      No. It doesn’t matter what people want. It matters what they do.

      • “fear mongering over guns is the GOP’s best trick.”

        Compare and contrast the fear mongering with democrats. Go back and watch “An Inconvenient Truth.” None of that happened, yet every year they say the same thing will happen. They just keep pushing the date back. How gullible are you guys? Systemic Racism? Critical Race Theory? All pols fear monger, but there’s at least a reason for genuine concern regarding firearms. What do you think happens when democrats take control again? Do you believe they’ll forget about promising to do away with scary rifles and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds? But you’re a Biden apologist, so…

    • @”Daniel”
      “They’re NOT taking our guns because I’m 57 and my Dad is 84 and neither of us have ever seen out guns being taken away.”

      So they’re not taking it because they haven’t taken them yet? That’s deep man. Was that the topic for your doctoral dissertation?

      • @Dude

        Daniel appears to be just another DNC drone…appearing on TTAG to deflect and divide.

        His, Minors, enuf’s, et al messages recently have all contained the same thread…”Vote for Biden..he isn’t THAT bad!”.

        What they are conveniently overlooking is that Democrats are not voting for Biden this go around…they are voting for Harris for President…and that should scare any reasonably sane person. Pulling up her rhetoric, when she was running as a Presidential candidate, shows the extremes that she will try to implement.

        For those readers who have not read the DNC Party Platform it is available on-line and it is some scary stuff. Just about every other item on their “wish” list involves higher taxes, fewer choices and a further eroding of the Constitution and our Rights. Reading it is the epitome of “Trust Us – We’re Smarter than You”…They mention dialogues and healing the Nation…sure don’t see them or their agents around the country doing any dialogue or healing…only burning, looting, rioting, threats, intimidation…all the usual definitions of insurrection.

        • “They mention dialogues and healing the Nation…sure don’t see them or their agents around the country doing any dialogue or healing…only burning, looting, rioting, threats, intimidation…all the usual definitions of insurrection.”

          That’s because they’re only willing to “heal the country” if they win, which should tell people everything they need to know about democrats.

          Hillary in 2018: “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again.”

          It turns out that was a lie because they won the House. Now they just need the White House, the Senate, oh and let’s not forget, they have to control the Supreme Court as well. THEN they’ll play nice. They promise. It’s almost like it isn’t about the country (like they pretend), it’s about them having power.

  10. Enuf is a troll. If you ignore him, he will go away. He love attention! Ignore him and he will slowly find another board to mess with. I have been around long enough to see the people feeding the trolls. Starve them and they will leave.

    • ” Starve them and they will leave. ”

      No they won’t. They don’t care if you read their shit or not. They’re feeding their egos.

      • And let’s not forget that a lot of them are paid to be here.

        These are not the normal trolls you would experience on a site about rc cars or mountain biking. These are enemies of the republic attempting to help with its downfall.

        • If they ARE being paid, then let them post, let them pontificate, let them continue to collect from whoever is paying them, because anything that they are paid to post HERE is simply money thrown down the sewer.

          Seriously, is there anyone here besides enufMiner49erChiefCensor, and a few others, stupid enuf, or gullible enuf, or perverse enuf to even remotely begin to actually BELIEVE any of their tripe?

          I think not.

      • They also like to post completely unrelated democrat talking points or the latest propaganda. I’ve noticed Miner posting an unrelated story on a blog post that’s already a day or two old. I assume he’s hoping to influence a non-regular reader that ends up on that page because why else would he do that?

        • Miner’s an professional (though not very good at the job) influencer, that’s of little doubt. Favoring modes of whataboutism logical fallacies. Albeit he’s quite fond of using straw man’s, red herring’s, and hell, just about any other fallacious method under the sun.

          Observe the action when anyone posts definitive proof that he’s lying through his teeth. Departs the scene fleeing post haste, never to return as though it never happened. In others, only to post (sometimes) days or weeks after everyone else has moved on in life. Who even does that, or has time to do it with his never ending diatribes & gigantic at the ready copy/pastes?

          A paid shill, with a support team, that’s who.

  11. Biden/Kamala are going to win and yes probably enact anti-2A legislation and it will be all you Trumpers faults. Yes, your fault. You couldn’t accept a boring Republican like low-energy Jeb or loser Kasich who would have quietly protected 2A, you had to pick a wannabe fascist clown baby, a lifelong con-man tabloid joke, so terrible a president that you have millions of people WHO SUPPORT 2A but who will never vote for that jackass. Honestly I don’t know what is wrong with Evangelicals, you all are living in a complete mass delusion fantasy land for retards. Your pastors are con artists, you’re drinking bleach, you’re speaking in tongues, you don’t believe in evolution, but rather you believe in QAnon, and you think Trump is a master businessman genius patriot. Truly Evangelical support of Trump will be the end of 2A because even other Republicans aren’t batshit insane enough to follow you down your doomsday cult path of Trump and QAnon.

    • …and another TDS afflicted DNC advocate gives us what little is Left of his mind…always with the message “Orange Man Baaad!” with the follow-up “Biden Not sooo Bad”…”Vote Democrat, We’ll Save You from Yourselves”.

      How convenient it is for you to ignore how most of the hate, anger, intolerance, civil-unrest, etc is centered in Democrat-run cities and States. The DNC are like stage magicians…presto, chango, don’t watch what we’re doing…just listen to the prattle.

      Misdirection is a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another. Managing the audience’s attention is the aim of all theater, it is the foremost requirement of theatrical magic. Dariel Fitzkee, a magician and author of several books on magic, notes: “The true skill of the magician is in the skill he exhibits in influencing the spectator’s mind.”

      This election has re-defined political theater…with the Progressives / Democrats nominated for numerousTony Awards in respect of their over-the-top acting.

      Thank you for “participating” Mr. Moscow-ne….your certificate is in the Mail.

    • I certainly don’t believe you’ve evolved very far from something that flopped it’s way out of a primordial sea.

  12. I’m Hidin’ Biden – And I Approve of this message.
    Defund the police Hell yeah! Lockdowns and no jobs for small businesses. Heres the deal COVID mask crap I’m supporting AOC and Omar’s dream of an America ruled by sharia law. Defending Obama’s legacy with continued it’s all about the gay agenda. ISIS, Urkaine, Made in China dominance. CHAZ, CHOP, Antifa, BLM and fake racism crap, I love communism and sniffing little girls hair. No manufacturing jobs, no energy independence who needs gasoline for war? No 2 amendment Jill and I will cry when you die! No freedom of speech silence culture IS coming for your jobs SO dont disagree with me, it will only piss me off. Mandatory Worship and training for LGBT on Sundays or be fired from your job on Monday. Mandatory Transgender story hour for fetuses who survive. No freedom of religion unless your a Muslim. I will succeed with blaming others for all the failures of my do nothing administration. Trump will go to jail for COVID. (When obviously ha ha it came from China and hes a xenophobic of Chinese viruses.) I am presently hard at work figuring how to speak with my ear device for my next debate. Also working with the defecating approving pedophile loving demonic hollyweird Democrats and MSM to control and slowly destroy America which is what people really want. Please vote for the 47 year useless record of me Joe Biden. And please Make Hunter Bidens Income great again. MHBIGA forever!

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