Louisville shop owner armed BLM
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“Stuff is being damaged on a nightly basis, people are shooting at each other every night,” said [Louisville store owners Fadi] Faouri, who’s had the shop for eight years. “Every night we have a new store that got looted. They break in, they take whatever and go. They walk away.”

Business is so bad right now because of the protests, Faouri planned to move his shop a few blocks away starting Monday.

The new location was torched Thursday night.

“I was basically finishing the paint and all kinds of stuff and it got burned to the ground,” he said, adding business owners in Louisville can’t get insurance right now, so he’s stuck footing the bills for repairing the store.

After state Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced Wednesday the officers involved in the raid on Taylor’s apartment were not indicted by a grand jury, the crowds marching past his store grew bigger and even more destructive.

So on Friday night, Faouri took his gun and leaned against the window of the VIP Smoke Shop as the protesters marched by, as he did dozens of times the past few months. “Whenever there is a lot of movement outside, I stand outside,” he said.

– Eileen A.J. Connelly in Louisville store owner in viral video: ‘I refuse to be a victim’

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  1. Up here that is brandishing and would probably be the only crime the police would respond to during a riot with any level of certainty. So boarding up the windows and having the gun out of sight for NY and praying your DA is not for the commie nonsense.

    • The article says “…Faouri took his gun and leaned against the window…” That could mean he was holding it in his hands, or it might only mean he had a handgun in a hip holster or AR/shotgun slung across his chest.

      I’m not familiar with NY law (if that’s the jurisdiction to which you’re referring), but merely having a gun visible on your person for deterrence wouldn’t be considered brandishing in my area.

      • Ok, I just noticed the TW link and viewed the video related to the article.

        Certainly not brandishing. AR is slung across chest. Muzzle is down and finger is not on trigger.

      • New Yorkistan is about as bad as it gets for gun owners. I’m not sure what the official charge would be, but they’d come up with something. There is a reason standing outside your shop with a visible firearm isn’t a thing that happens in New York State.

        • You’re probably right. But if I had several people surrounding me and cornering me against a wall/window while yelling aggressively, I’d argue for my concern for my safety.

          Interesting…when I opened this article/page earlier this morning, the TW video link was shown only as a link. Now that I’ve returned to re-opened it again over an hour later, the full preview thumbnail is visible. Same Firefox browser. Weird.

        • Any display of a firearm in public can be argued to be brandishing including your carry piece inadvertently being briefly visible while reaching for something on a shelf. Also no open carry unless hunting or at a range. Some areas are worse than others but pretty terrible all around.

        • “Any display of a firearm in public can be argued to be brandishing including your carry piece inadvertently being briefly visible while reaching for something on a shelf”

          it was that way in Florida before the legislature wised-up and put an end to that bullshit.

          It seems there are a lot of northeast big-city cops that vacation in Florida with the wife and kids and decide they want to move here and finish their work career here. the NYC PD ones are particularly bad about flipping out when they discover a civilian has a gun on them…

        • Geoff they are too used to dealing with subjects not citizens, can only imagine what they think of all the scary assault weapons, easy conceal carry permits, and stand your ground.

        • About the only place that’s worse (other than Washington, D.C., of course) is “Californiastan.”

    • As I have said before on TTAG. If you don’t support the open carry of long guns, then you don’t support the 2A. Its not about gun collecting. It not about hunting. It is about the government tyranny using the “tyranny of the mob” to control the population.

    • Some historical footage is appropriate. Korean store owners were targeted by looters and vandals after the Rodney King verdict. Being part Korean I endorse the Roof Korean meme.

      • I lived in Los Angeles during the Rodney King period. There was another 10 or more minutes of video that the news showed only a couple of times and that was at odd hours like 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. I watched that portion on one of those rare occasions. In that seldom seen part, Rodney King beat six lawmen for the entire time length of the video. He displayed superhuman strength and and was immune to billy clubs, fists and tasers. He also danced, laughed and spoke unintelligibly. He had evaded the first highway patrol car that noticed his erratic driving. He was travelling at speeds of 115 miles per hour on the empty freeway and 85 mph on surface streets He was thought to have been on PCP as it’s characterized by super human strength and was a drug of choice with blacks at the time. Wonder why the news never showed that part in prime time or rarely at all???

  2. Remember kids: the people assaulting you in the street, looting from you, setting fire to your homes and businesses are compassionate and stand for justice and that man in the White House who refuses to escalate wars, brings troops home, brokers peace, refuses to censor your speech, ban your guns or mandate you wear the mask is fascist.

    • But he says mean things on Twitter! We can’t take the media-generated constant drama! Let’s bring back the pols that are nice to your face, tell you what you want to hear, and proceed to stab you in the back.

      • Those countries were not fighting with each other. The agreement is to allow arms deals between them. What a nobel effort towards peace.

        More weapons for the Muslim countries. Great! That’s how we bring peace to the world. Arm the Muslim countries with the latest and greatest. What could possibly go wrong?

        • Iran less likely to fuck around and find out? OPEC entering a final collapse and losing any geopolitical relevance? Rest of the world reevaluating how to try to take advantage of us and potentially having to live up to some promises? Honestly I have a low expectation for the arab regions accomplishing much with any development or adhering to peace processes but no worse than we have been for the last 60 odd years.

      • I know!

        Why do Republicans think it’s a goo idea to try to put in a judge right before elections? Do they want to throw away the election by creating a blue tsunami? The Democrats say they can play that game by increasing the amount of judges if the Republicans don’t follow their own rules because the constitution allows them to do just that.

        Why would the people that don’t like Trump — but would vote for him because of the supreme court situation — vote for him after he fills the empty seat before the elections? What use is he at that point? He has no real power at that point especially if the Democrats win again like the last election. Maybe the Republicans know they are going to get crushed in the elections so they will fill the seat before Trump and the Republican party gets kicked out of power (most likely for a very long time).

        4D chess.

        • There’s no upside for Republicans to leaving the seat open. Even if he loses, the changes to the courts will have been worth the price.

        • What difference is it supposed to make? Trump will be president for another 4-8 years, is he supposed to wait forever? The sitting president nominates and the Senate confirms. In case you hadn’t heard, elections have consequences, and you lost.

        • @LarryinTX

          How is he to get another 4 years if he upsets the general public with not following the rules and promises of the Republican party by rushing in a new judge right before the elections? You do know if the Democrats win because of that hypocrisy they can increase the amount of supreme court judges to offset Trump’s judges?

          Democrats are planning to follow the rules too if Trump rushes in a judge before the election. They have said they will simply follow the constitution like the Republicans are arguing now. They could double the amount of judges if they have the votes. That means if the Democrats win the senate in 2020 they will nullify the bias by utilizing their constitutional authority like the Republicans are saying they are doing now.

          Shit rolls down both sides of the hill.

        • Chief,
          Are you upset that Obama wasn’t able to get Garland confirmed? Obama was on his way out. He was not running for reelection, and republicans controlled the senate. That’s a very different situation than what we have today. It’s hilarious that democrats think Trump should stop being president, and the senate should stop doing their job because we’re in the election season. Furthermore, does any honest person actually believe that the democrats wouldn’t be nominating a SC Justice if they controlled the White House and senate? Talk about hypocrisy.

        • because Trump is currently the president, and a SC seat has been vacated, and that’s what presidents do when a SC seat has been vacated?

          oh yes, its so strange that he doesn’t ignore that for another two and a half months so he can hope for just a few more Democrat votes, when they all hate him no matter what, and it only takes a few days to nominate somebody.

  3. “adding business owners in Louisville can’t get insurance right now”

    Well there goes the Left’s “It doesn’t matter because insurance” argument. It was always a dumb argument to begin with, but the Left’s useful idiots aren’t known for their critical thinking abilities or morality. People are waking up to this sham. The summer of mayhem and destruction worked at first, but people are finally figuring out that it wasn’t Trump that held his knee on George Floyd. As a matter of fact, it seems like the dim “protesters” are always protesting against democrat run cities.

    • It was nonsense long before that happened but can’t expect idiots however useful to understand deductibles and lost time for sale opportunities

    • Most places are Democrat. Most people are Democrat. Most of the old systemic racism came from Democrats.

      Apparently you are an old man, seeing you don’t understand the Millennials don’t like the Democrats and they don’t like the Republicans more. The youth are mostly Democrat leaning because of what the Republican party is offering. They don’t like the Democrats, but they know they can get things out of them when they pressure them, Republicans can lie and not give you anything yet still win favor. The youth will attack the Democrats if they don’t get what they want because it’s not about party it’s about results. You know that is true when you see them protesting at the Democrats’ homes (forcing them to move).

      • Serious question. What results do you think they want? Most Americans just want to be able to live their life in freedom without the government intruding. They want the ability to provide for themselves and their family. Is that too much to ask? They don’t want the government playing global kingmaker, and stealing from tax payers to pay overpriced contractors to rebuild other nations.

        • Thanks to my job I’m surrounded by young millenials and old zoomers.
          They want somebody else to pay their bills and tell them they are brave and strong for panhandling.

      • “Apparently you are an old man, seeing you don’t understand the Millennials don’t like the Democrats and they don’t like the Republicans more.”

        Did you miss the part where I said they’re protesting against democrats?

        • They are protesting everywhere. The youth like to move to the big cities, that’s how they became big. Most big cities are blue. Most youths are Democrats.

          The youth do not care for parties like the elderly do. They are not loyal to the party line. They want what they want and will force the parties to give it to them. They do not like the system because it doesn’t benefit the youth today like it did with the Boomers and their children. The Zoomers and the Millennials are showing you that by physically burning things down and shouting down with the system.

          The youth are worse off than their parents and now they outnumber the elderly. It’s not their time to change America to suit their interests not the for the Boomers. If you don’t see that you will allow the constitution to be destroyed in 15 years. You could be correcting the wrongs now before it’s too late. Most Boomers don’t have 15 years left to save the Bill of Rights from American ignorance. When you continue with party politics you end up destroying the foundation of America out of personal BS that makes your ego feel good.

        • Chief,
          I’m not a partisan or a boomer, so you’re barking up the wrong tree there. I only decided to vote republican in 2016 because the democrats weren’t offering anything different than they had given us for the previous 8 years. Then the dems proceeded to lose their minds. I won’t recap every instance because it would be a book. If they regain their sanity, and offer real solutions for real problems, I’ll consider voting for them again. This doesn’t mean that I’m in love with republicans. They’re just the better option.

          “They do not like the system because it doesn’t benefit the youth today like it did with the Boomers and their children.”
          “The youth are worse off than their parents and now they outnumber the elderly.”

          That gets to the heart of the matter that I brought up. People want to be able to provide for themselves and their family with as little interference from the government as possible. Right now, republicans are objectively better than democrats for this. It isn’t even debatable.

          “The Zoomers and the Millennials are showing you that by physically burning things down and shouting down with the system.”

          All that shows me is how immoral, selfish, and stupid those people are.

      • The global trend the farther we get into into the 21st century is actually fascism, and leftists like you are to blame.

        You don’t really have an understanding of history. That’s the fault of most people these days. You know “facts”. Like dates, or numbers, or names, ect… but you lack an actual understanding of “how and why”.

        I could go into the weeds on it, but I’m not going to give a history lecture for free. But the short and dirty of what I’m trying to explain to you is:

        “Beware the long branch, it snaps back.”

        Take a look at German politics and the success of the AFD right now. Then maybe you’ll have an idea as to what I’m talking about. You’ve been screaming “fascism!” At people for so long, they’ve decided “alright fine, fascism it is.”

        The century is young. You reap what you sow.

  4. Fadi Faouri is a true American with more guts than me.

    To stand there and argue with those idiots takes courage.

    God Bless him (though it may be Allah, which is okay and just as good!

  5. Fadi Faouri appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Show last night. Surprisingly soft spoken, when asked why he stood up to the Mob, he answered simply, “…because I am a free man…”. He has guarded his existing shop for 122 nights.
    Sorry to hear his intended new location was torched overnight.

    • Yeah I saw him on Tucker. I guess Jordanian lives DON’T matter😳Does he have a go fund me scam er thing? Do that BS at my business and i’ll provide you with a lead enema!

  6. He didn’t want to play their bullshit game and got firebombed. Hate crime, investigate these idiots that were in his face. If they’re not directly responsible they know who is. They think they’re bulletproof and can get away with anything and we’re not showing them that’s not the case.

    • Louisville has fallen. There isn’t anyone who can do anything there at this point. The citizens are going to have to fend for themselves as best they can until the government itself fails. Then they can put down the riots in about 20 minutes.

  7. The whole premise of the headline is #OldNews. It was that way in ’92 during the Rodney King riots in L.A.. The Same during the the #FakeHandsUpDon’tShoot riots in Ferguson,Mo. and everything since Burn Loot Menace came on the scene. Anyone who had their business destroyed had plenty of time to prepare because the writing has been on the wall for decades. Many of these business owners were the architect of their own demise by voting for the very politicians who allowed their businesses to be destroyed or were unprepared/unwilling to defend them. Reality can be a Cruel Bitch, but sometimes that’s what it takes to learn. Keep Your Powder Dry Maintain Op Sec and Be Safe Out There.

    • Agreed.

      I actually do enjoy the political articles because there’s a lot of information here the MSM simply ignores or outright lies about.

      But there’s also few places to get gun industry news too. PSA finally started to release their long awaited AK74 and I’ve been dying for any information on that, but no one, not here or any other gun blogs have seemed to notice since the political fight has taken up the entire spectrum.

    • The Firearm Boobs will provide you with all the pus er non-commit er neutral gun content you’d ever want. And there’s chit ton of YouTube channel’s reviewing guns DAILY. I come to TTAG for politics…l

        • The 2nd Amendment is politics. It’s a law.

          You can go to the Firearms Blog and other small arms marketing sites. Youtube videos are the best place to get commercials for guns.

        • No. The Truth about Guns should include guns.

          They do have gun content but it is now skewed to the political and legislative front.

          Low hanging fruit for articles.

          I lobby for more content about using and perusing actual firearms.

          You do you.

    • When they finally allow kids in class rooms you will likely see some more gun news. It’s statically past due.

      Maybe it’s better we have stories about people using their 2nd Amendment to defend their property? Stories educating people that the police are not there for your safety, that is not their job.

      • I dunno. There’s a decent spike in teen suicides.

        So violence like that at school is a toss up IMHO. A lot of the suicidal kids who were ignored by their families have probably taken their own lives alone.

        • I would speculate that the kids who would commit attacks on schools are busy in the streets attacking cops and smashing stuff. It’s a good way for them to release their anger without piling bodies in a classroom.

        • There’s a significant difference between being a rational actor in an irrational or misunderstood system and being mentally distraught enough to kill a bunch of people and yourself, as usually happens with school shooters.

          Rioters have medium and longer term goals. Mass shooters generally do not.

  8. I would not have let those peaceful protesters get that close to me. he could have easily been overwhelmed by the sheer number of protesters. However, he made me so proud to stand up to them the way he did. Also, he did not kowtow to their demands to say black lives matter. They were in his face shouting at him removing their masks. That was an assault to me. No conversation from me back the fk off!
    Good job from a “Free Man”

    • I was thinking the same thing. Lots of people within arms length. Luckily, those protesters showed more wisdom than the Kenosha rioters.

    • This actually touches on a good point that’s been an issue for awhile.

      There’s what’s legal and then there’s what amounts to a good idea strategically and tactically sometimes these things are diametrically opposed to each other.

      One of the problems I’ve had with some of the training out there is that it’s undeniably effective but it’s also mostly going to walk right up to the line of legality and sometimes cross it in a civillian context where every move you make will be under a microscope.

      It sucks but it’s true.

    • That’s the downside here. If you shoot someone for being close to you outside your store you are going to prison. There’s a reason the Roof Koreans were Roof Koreans instead of Stand Outside the Front Door with Tacticool Accessories Koreans

      • Part of which is that most of the tacticool stuff didn’t exist in 1992.

        I mean, they still thought a rifle or subgun on a single-point sling racking you in the nuts during a casualty drag/carry or while climbing over the wall was a good idea back then.

  9. Bear with me for a moment:

    We are seeing rioting, looting, significant property damage (far beyond simple vandalism), and arson. The result is loss of human lives and losses of billions of dollars — those losses coming from loss of inventory (looting), loss of buildings, and loss of business revenue.

    If the destructors were from North Korea and wearing North Korean military uniforms, we would call it war against our states and/or nation and respond accordingly. And yet these destructors get a pass because they are apparently born in the United States and are not wearing military uniforms. Why?

    Of equal importance, if mayors and/or governors ordered their police and/or National Guard to stand down and let North Korean military personnel destroy our cities, we should/would prosecute those mayors and governors for treason. And yet our mayors and governors get a pass because the destructors are apparently born in the U.S. and not wearing military uniforms. Why?

    Any way I look at it, a large number of people are intent on causing massive destruction and loss of life and our cities’ mayors and our states’ governors are actively enabling it. Why are we not acting to protect human life and property? And why are we not prosecuting involved mayors and governors for giving aid and comfort to our enemies — e.g. treason?

    • Interesting. Like Joe Biden driving through Wal-Mart, I’ll deal with this in reverse.

      “And why are we not prosecuting involved mayors and governors…”

      This is one I’m personally of two minds about but in this case I’ll point out that the Art. 3 Sec. 3 is written in such a way that it would seem to require positive action. Words like “adhering” and “giving” are verbs that would seem to require actual, substantive action before crossing the boundary. I would suspect that this is intentional on the part of the Framers. Almost like this is written in a manner specifically meant to avoid the ability of the government to throw around charges of “passive treason” (a failure to actively support the government).

      Note that not doing *something* about the riots is not a positive action. It’s a lack of action. So there’s a question as to if this amounts to an actual crime under the language of the Constitution.

      I would also note that all sides of this thing seem to be daring the other side to do something while waiting for an overt, serious attack upon themselves. That is to say, I think everyone is trying to provoke the other side into a really serious action first. And, no, rioting as bad as it is doesn’t meet the criteria here to kick off an actual Civil War.

      “…cities’ mayors and our states’ governors are actively enabling it. “

      Are they? Or are they just like bad parents who see all the bad behavior and do nothing about it? Overall this seems like a distinction without a difference but based on the language of the law it would appear to be a rather large legal distinction.

      “And yet our mayors and governors get a pass because the destructors are apparently born in the U.S. and not wearing military uniforms. Why?”

      Because there is no actual, open declaration of hostilities nor an overt act of war.. yet. That’s what makes this so dangerous. We’re tiptoeing right up to the line and everyone is playing politics because November is coming. Many are willing to be the “bad guy” to avoid being the “worse guy” but at some point when we’re this close to the edge it’s very easy for one or two jerkoffs to push us over a line we can’t easily cross back over. The proverbial Rubicon if you will. And to some extent both sides in this thing get a benefit from this kind of brinksmanship so long as they can blame the other side for said brinksmanship.

      “And yet these destructors get a pass because they are apparently born in the United States and are not wearing military uniforms. Why?”

      Because the law makes a significant distinction between an actual military force and a group of pissed off civilians. It’s interesting to note that the definition of “treason” contains the world “rebellion”.

      Now, Webster’s defines “rebellion” as “open, armed, and usually unsuccessful defiance of or resistance to an established government”.

      That definition contains your answer in the first and second words. The vast majority of these people are not armed in the conventional sense. A few have molotovs but there are not too many people willing to uncork the 249s and mass on the whole crowd over that. Most recoil from such an idea as something Assad would do.

      Further, the vast majority of these say a lot of dumb shit if you listen to the speeches but it’s interesting to note that very few of them cross the line into actual rebellion language. They couch their positions in terms of “reform” or “defund” rather than “overthrow”. This is part of why Don Lemon got such an interesting response from Cuomo when Lemon said “Blow up the system”. Is coded language “open”? An interesting academic debate on language could be had here if the situation were not as dangerous as it currently is.

      If you go back and listen to Episode 37 of The Portal– “Surfing the Wake of the Woke” they discuss this at length. It’s hilarious in some regards to listen to two Progressives discuss this before shit kicked really off and lasted. Neither likes this *game* but it’s pretty clear that neither one of them understands it. They seem to believe that 99.99% of “the Left” and “Progressives” are fair minded and honest. They literally cannot wrap their heads around the idea that maybe, just maybe, the ideology they buy into is itself corrupt. They debate the tactics or strategy being dumb and never address where those tactics and strategies come from in the first place… or how long they’ve been around. I mean neither seems to realize that “Progressive” unionists were throwing firebombs at people in Chicago in the 1880s.

      They offer some interesting insights but they never really take it far enough in their understanding, which is odd for two dudes as smart as they are. They come so close but are not really capable of fully grasping the issue. One has to wonder how they feel here now a few months on or if back then they honestly did grasp certain things they were unwilling to say. It’s particularly interesting given Eric Weinstein’s apparently rather good understanding of the poison that is social media.

    • As to the lack of action, we have elections coming up. This destruction didn’t happen in Lancaster, PA because the elected officials there- including judges and prosecutors- made it clear that any perpetrators would face actual consequences for their actions. Why can’t the voters in Portland, NYC, Seattle etc do the same? That’s a rhetorical question… but it raises another one. At what point should someone be blamed for staying and supporting these cities?

      • True, but to be fair, by that time even the Minneapolis City Council was thinking about asking for a “do over” on that whole “defund” thing.

  10. Libertarians Liberals and the Left support women “protesting” by walking around with large hanging exposed breasts. They support people walking around with a strap on dildo, well fitted for public attire. They support shooting up crystal meth to improve their sexual experience in public.

    But they don’t support a property owner shooting a looter. And if the government kills to protect government property. That’s ok with them.

    “Panama City Looter Shot And Killed While Trying to Steal a Police Car”


  11. If it was me. I’d have an unsheathe bayonet mounted to my long gun. Yes I know the “experts” with 6 or 7 gun safes and their grand dads shot gun disagree. They say its outdated.

    • My Mossberg 500 is a pretty standard affair.

      My Mossberg 590A1 on the other hand, hell yes it has the bayonet.

      I have an adapter so a bayonet will fit properly on a legal barrel length on one of my AR’s. But it turned out to be a clunky wobbly thing.

      • Why bother? You’ll be standing in line at local BLM/Antifa enforcement chapter to turn your guns in, after your hero Biden steps down and Reich Cancellor Harris assumes the throne.

        • You Trump Cultists do love to spout your delusions!

          Biden is a bitter pill to treat a terrible disease. Plain and simple. Get the Traitor Trump out of the White House. No predictions from me, could go either way.

          And no, I will not comply. Not with Trump’s Coup d’état nor with any new gun laws that Biden may try, and likely fail, to pass or uphold in the Supreme Court.

          Once again, Trump, the short term temporary idiot, has done all the judicial appointments the Federalist society needed him to do. Now, we can return to sane leadership.

          Either party will do really, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass which one.

        • “Not with Trump’s Coup d’état…”

          You haven’t followed the real news surrounding the Russian Collusion Hoax, have you? You have it backwards. The democrats were the ones attempting the coup. Trump is the duly elected president. Everyone that participated in the collusion hoax, including Mueller, should be held accountable.

        • “Once again, Trump, the short term temporary idiot, has done all the judicial appointments the Federalist society needed him to do.”

          I’m sure they would prefer four more years of appointments, but you obviously don’t.

        • Imagine enuf coaching football at half time. “Guys we’re up three points. Let’s take it easy and call it a day!

        • “Either party will do really, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass which one.”

          Therein lies the flaw.

        • Dude, I consider it a waste of time to hold those responsible for the russia hoax accountable, why not just shoot them?

      • I’m looking into mounting a bayonet or a large knife to all my long guns. Even Winchester lever guns where bayonet capable for Russian customers. The “spirit of the bayonet” is still alive.
        The bayonet is a psychological weapon available to civilians. And they should use it. Its our civil right to do so.

        • Lucky for me My Evil Black Bushmaster came with a bayonet lug that works very well. Although I’ll have most likely shot anything that attacks me in aggressive manner due to my advanced age and poor health. making my ability to escape or fight hand to hand a poor option. For those who don’t have the availability of such a devise. Gorilla tape works very well for attaching things in an Emergency situation. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  12. Tactical Note:

    I cringed when I saw Mr. Faouri standing there on one foot with a second foot against the wall and within arm’s reach of potential rioters. Even one average male walking by could suddenly reach over and yank Mr. Faouri to the sidewalk without too much difficulty — at which point overpowering him would be a fairly simple endeavor. Of course four or five average males could neutralize Mr. Faouri that much faster/easier.

    Unfortunately I don’t have an easy answer/alternative for Mr. Faouri. Several defenders would be preferrable.

    • Agree 100%. Like I keep posting when this topic comes up.The Roof Koreans who successfully defended their lives and businesses did it in numbers, together, with a plan.

      Others that failed to work together got killed or saw their businesses burned to ash.


        • No, the Koreans are organizing to protect their livelihood, no problem there.

          The right wing militias that are presenting a terroristic threat are groups like the proud boys and patriot prayer they are openly and belligerently escalating incidents and advocating violence.

          And just like your average criminal looters are using the BLM protests as cover, you have groups of violent right wing extremists who are using legitimate Second Amendment protests as cover for their violence.

        • A militia in the original sense would be a good thing. If it’s some sort of bullshit “America Loving” lie, then I don’t care what side it’s on.

          Don’t deflect from the issue at hand. Standing out in front of your store with a gun against a horde with no backup and no plan is asking to lose.

          Why is that so difficult to comprehend?

  13. He’s right to protect his business but he should never stand out alone. Team up, have a plan. Secure the place and stay close. Best to have somebody on the roof or at windows above street level. Standing out alone makes you easy pickings for people who really do want to get violent or firebomb your place.

    Read up on how those Korean Americans in the LA Riots protected the California Market. Classic Roof Korean tactics.

    And remember, there were Korean Americans killed trying to protect their businesses in the LA Riots. They were easy to kill because they stood alone against a mob.

    For fuck’s sake, do it better than people that got killed. Do it like the people that did not get killed.

    • Uh, I’m pretty sure you’d label anyone that defended themselves from the violent left wing mob a racist sexist white supremacist Nazi Trump supporter, wouldn’t you?

      • It is interesting that you find everything so simple, unfortunately, real life is at odds with your perceptions.

        There is a wide spectrum of political views in America, and citizens have the right to exhibit their views as they see fit within the constraints of the constitution including the Bill of Rights.

      • I love that you think you’re making some sort of clever point when you’re just displaying what a cultist you are. Imagine if you were capable of entertaining two entirely inclusive thoughts in your head at once- that self-defense is a right AND that Trump is a buffoon.

        Your failure to understand that someone can be pro-gun and anti-trump is why the gun movement is so utterly cucked by the GOP. The vast, vast majority of people are not single-issue voters.

  14. The Kristallnacht has come to the United States. Only this time Americans aren’t like German Jews. We fight back. Although the people in Portland are just like the germen jews. Waiting for some one else to do the fighting for them.

    • You forgot to mention the Jews who directed the Nazi’s to other Jews as a means of saving their own skin. That a part of Jewish history they don’t like to talk about. Many German Jews were useful tools for the Nazi’s and allowed to live within the Nazi party due to the information and abilities they provided.

      • Jews were not the only ones who were arrested by the Nazis. Plenty of other groups were rounded up. Even supposed favored people found themselves under arrest because someone ratted them out. The Stasi kept this going in East Germany.

        We’ve only seen the beginning of this cultural war and purge. If democrats take over we are done.

  15. This just doesn’t apply to “store owners”, this applies to everyone, everywhere…you have to take personal responsibility for your own safety and property…there isn’t anyone coming to your “rescue”, time to stand on your own two feet…

  16. Look, here’s the deal.

    We are in a civil war. The police need to take a stand and help fight back against the mob. If they can’t do that, than they need to find a new line of work. We the law abiding citizens are just about done being “law abiding” in the face of this insanity.

    Cops, PICK A SIDE!

    • The cops chose their side when they shot Breonna Taylor and arrested her legal gun owning boyfriend for attempted murder. They made that fact clear with their internal emails.

        • He shot one time because he thought it was Breonna’s ex boyfriend. Her ex boyfriend was a drug dealer and somehow ended up with a dead man in the truck of Breonna’s rental car. Breonna was dating them both on and off at one point. So the current boyfriend thought it was the ex boyfriend coming for him.

  17. Fido appeared to be salivating at the prospect of some rump roast. I’d include him a little more directly in any protective efforts.

  18. Lawless (everything’s racist now) democrat supporters of the thugs not only don’t want law enforcement to protect the citizens, they don’t want the citizens to be able to protect themselves.

  19. Blm, can take their dribble and blow it out their asses! 🖕them, leave if you don’t like it here! The only thing they understand is looking down a loaded weapon means shut the 🖕up and take your crap and leave while your still breathing!

  20. Why even attempt to dialogue?

    Stand there and don’t say anything. first motherfucker to try something that’s the example on where you stand.

    • “Yeah, I ain’t here to talk it out man/
      fuck a dialogue, I’m an enemy/
      You want a friend? Go and buy a dog”

      Comes to mind.

  21. while with only the info I was getting that the cops had the wrong place ( and I could be wrong) if that was true then yes those cops should have been convicted. if and of us mere mortals did anything like that we would be fried on the spot. but this is now a country that is part communist and in a communist country people have not rights and the government forces are all imune from any challange to their actions. BUT, I doubt looting, assaulting and beating and killing your fellow peasents is the way to make things better. especially when they may also share your views . ruining their lives is not the way to fight back if you really want to do something then march on to the people reasponsible for the ruling and if necessary remove them. but instead they just vote them back in again. which means you make these problems and support them by your voting actions.and you are too stupid to know this.WAKE UP!!!!!!!

    • The cops had the right place, and they knocked and announced themselves first, and the boy friend starting firing and Breonna was dealing drugs along with her boyfriend and had rented a car that was used to transport a body.
      And you have to say Black Lives Matter if you don’t want all your shit destroyed.

    • you are wrong

      You could have literally looked up the ways in which you are wrong on wikipedia and it would have taken 3 minutes to educate yourself

      (yes, even wikipedia knows that the whole “wrong address” thing is a lie)

  22. The fact that YOU are your own First Responder isn’t new, it’s just becoming more obvious for people with the current uncivil unrest. Communities have grown, but a quick look at any city’s service demographic data, will quickly show that services haven’t kept pace with the population increase, and they never have kept pace. Leo’s, Fire and EMS are constantly taxed to cover more with less resources. Really, I’m surprised we didn’t reach the breaking point before this.
    Add in the typical Democrat nonsense of the “Feel Good” emotional politics and the recipe for a breakdown is complete, and my friends, it’s just getting started. Pretty soon, it’ll strike small town America too.
    Just as Locks keep honest people honest, Cops keep the Law Abiding Law Abiding. Their presence (or the possibility of their presence) keeps most folks on the path of law and order. But just as a lock doesn’t prevent a determined thief, a Cop doesn’t prevent a determined criminal.
    Sorry to say, but it’s up to us to be our own protectors simply because 911 is busy. Be Smart. Be Safe, and keep your powder dry.


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