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This Week in Gun Rights is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal, legislative and other news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights.

Study: Age Bans Don’t Stop Homicides

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A new study from the University of Washington suggests that state laws banning 18-20 year olds form purchasing guns makes little to no difference in local firearm homicides in the same age group.

Obviously, murderers are a uniquely motivated class of criminal with little regard for the law. Naturally, they ignore these bans. So it’s clear, and the study shows, that these bans make little difference. Except, of course, for the millions of adults in that age group categorically denied these fundamental rights. The answer should be obvious: stop violating the rights of young adults.

Alyssa Milano calls cops on teen with BB gun

You’ll shoot yer eye out, kid! Those are (not quite) the words of former television witch Alyssa Milano, who called the police on a kid in her neighborhood recently. Hearing what she apparently believed to be gunshots, Milano called the police (ironic, considering she’s called for their defunding).

The description given to the police of the alleged mystery gunman was “male, 40-years old, with long rifle.” As is often the case for rich liberals who call the police from within their gated communities, the response was disproportionate. At least seven police vehicles arrived on scene along with a K-9 unit, a helicopter, and a team from the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Alyssa Milano NoRA protest speech
Alyssa Milano, anti-gun warrior (Dan Z. for TTAG)

This would be an unreasonable response if someone had a gun, but it’s even more unreasonable when you realize that the alleged assailant was just a teenager shooting his air rifle at some squirrels. Nice one, Alyssa.

Was an NYPD cop a Chinese spy?

A common argument from the pro-gun control crowd is that, especially in crowded urban centers like New York City, there are enough police officers that you don’t need to carry a gun. They can handle dangerous situations for you. What they fail to acknowledge, time and time again, is that the police who are supposed to keep people safe may not be worth trusting.

An excellent example of this is the recent arrest of NYPD officer Baimadajie Angwang, who has been accused of spying on Tibetans living in the city and giving communist Chinese officials access to senior police personnel.

If these allegations are true, it means the city government was being exploited by a hostile foreign power to allow them to oppress people on American soil. So now, not only do city residents have to worry about standard corruption and graft, they also have to worry about espionage as well.

Tell us again…why should we trust the police to keep us safe when it may be (at least some of) those police that we have to fear?

Ohio Legislature votes to extend concealed handgun licenses

ohio state capitol
Miami University Libraries – Digital Collections

Gun owners in Ohio have been fighting to get their handgun licenses and renewals processed since the start of COVID-19 shutdowns earlier this year. Fortunately for them, this week the Ohio legislature voted near-unanimously this week to extend concealed handgun license expiration dates through at least June 30, 2021.

Further, if the license expires between April 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021, the license will be extended another ninety days past its expiration date. The amendment, House Bill 614, also eliminates county-specific requirements, allowing licensees to renew their license at any sheriff’s office in the state. 

Update: Murphy gun fees nixed

Phil Murphy
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

In a bit of good news for gun owners (especially those who aren’t rich), Governor Phil Murphy has struck a deal with Democrats in the New Jersey Legislature, agreeing on a budget that will include tax increases for top tax bracket income earners and HMOs in lieu of levying taxes on firearms purchases and licensing. Considering the state’s propensity for overspending, this may only be a temporary reprieve for New Jersey residents, but a welcome one nonetheless. 

Hawaii signing off on new gun laws

boogaloo holster hawaiian feat
Courtesy Upper Hand Holsters

Two new anti-gun laws went into effect in the Aloha State this week. The first is Senate Bill 3054, which requires people who move firearms out of the state to notify their county police department within five days of the firearm’s removal. The fine for violating the new law is $100 per violation. While this may not seem like anything more than a simple, administrative hurdle, mandating reporting on the movement of firearms out of the state has no practical value for public safety purposes and will simply be used to fuel further anti-gun legislation.

The second piece of legislation that went into effect is House Bill 2744. This bill is much more sinister, because it (poorly) attempts to regulate firearms components and homebuilding. Specifically, the bill bans the production of unserialized firearms receivers AND “[a]ny combination of parts from which a firearm having no serial number may be readily assembled; provided that the parts do not have the capacity to function as a firearm unless assembled.” If you don’t understand what that means, you’re in good company, because it’s nonsense.

Courtesy Jeffrey Lynch
Courtesy Jeffrey Lynch

It appears the Hawaii Legislature was trying to prevent people from building spooky ghost guns. But what they’ve done with this new trash heap of a bill is practically ban the manufacture of any firearms components, because no parts can function as a firearm unless they are assembled into a firearm. The intent requirement – that is, the thing the state needs to prove in order to convict someone – is that the parts were manufactured for the purpose of assembling a firearm.

In other words, as any gun owners should know, the gun doesn’t go “bang” unless the parts that make it go “bang” go into the gun. Who makes gun parts without intending to put them into a gun? Unless, of course, they’re made for, say,  windchimes or something artsy like that.

What the Hawaii legislature doesn’t seem to understand is that these laws won’t stop anybody from building guns in their homes. It hasn’t stopped people in the European Union, it hasn’t stopped people in New Jersey, and it won’t stop people in Hawaii.

This is an unenforceable, virtue-signaling propaganda bill, but I guess that’s what we should expect from a state government that won’t even let people carry butterfly knives.

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  1. Of course these deceitful damnable “LBJ/KGB” nanny state anti-gun socialist laws which promote age discrimination against young adults don’t make communities safer, reduce violent crime, and never ever will! The blame lies squarely on Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ): the most corrupt, abusive, and dictatorial president in American history which signed the odious 1968 Federal Gun Control Act into oppressive unconstitutional federal legislation! His lieutenant then in the U.S. Senate the late Thomas Dodd (D) of Connecticut deserves condemnation for framing GCA ’68 in the first place! Why do we never ever hear of Dodd being censored by his fellow peers in the U.S Senate shortly afterward for abuse of power, and political corruption? The establishment news media continues to whitewash Lyndon B. Johnson and his political atrocities and high crimes, and instead focuses on Richard M. Nixon who wasn’t even in the ballpark with LBJ when it came to the former political atrocities mentioned. Our government controlled socialist public schools, colleges, universities, and academia who walk in lockstep with dishonest big city newspaper journalists and editors likewise deserved censor, rebuke, and being exposed!

  2. Hard to believe Ms Milano was attractive way back when. She’s got a bad case of Karenism. And foot in mouth disease…

  3. So did she call the police or not? Her statement clearly states it was the neighbor who called, then TTAG goes on to say it was her who called. Which was it?

    • Every source I saw indicated she and her hubby called. Apparently on a Tuesday, daytime, while they were sitting at home unemployed.

  4. Interesting. So Ms. Hotshot Milano reports someone with a gun and gets the 5-Star S.W.A.T. patrol treatment plus national attention for her pearl clutching. Only weeks earlier, I reported three men I personally witnessed firing a gun into a hillside next to my house, with two other adult witnesses with me, and part of the volley is recorded on the audio of the 911 call I made, and not only did it take a half hour(!) for LASD to show up, but they were super bored and questioned my “opinion” that what I saw and heard was gunfire instead of fireworks. No follow up.

    I guess I’m not rich and famous enough?

    • I had the same thing happen Haz. Halloween night last year. 5 very loud gunshots across the street-3 black youts running toward ME. Door open for kid’s trick or treating. AR at the ready. And my wife & son heard it too. Local Keystone Cop’s didn’t believe me. I will NEVER call 5-O again. They were pathetic on May31 letting BlackLootersMurder steal & vandalize too. I am my own 1st responder…

  5. With the stereo typical attitude of the younger generation, I haven’t been much in favor of non-veteran/non-military 18-20 year olds having guns in general. The violence and rioting this year has NOT done much to help me with this.

    What HAS changed my mind about it all though is the lunacy of the Democrat left. If you are old enough to vote then owning guns simply is part of the experience of growing up and being part of a larger world.

    • Prndll
      Many of the young people I meet have been totally spoilt all their lives. I had to teach 23 year old male to use a broom on the first day of a job trial. I give him credit for wanting to learn the electrical side of construction but absolutely no practical skills.

      I’m torn between rural kids (myself included) who learn to use firearms from 7 or 8 and so called “adults” who still live at home. Including gun safety with driver education in school as an optional subject might help.

  6. Study: Violating Rights of Young Adults Doesn’t Stop Murders

    The gun? Had nothing to do with it.

    The criminally minded and the insane are unimpressed with legal restrictions on their access to weapons, or to anything else really. I mean, if rapists knew it was unlawful to assault women, they wouldn’t do it? Right?

    I am reminded of a series of things that would have helped.

    Nancy Lanza tried for years to get mental health care for her mentally ill son. She was denied at every attempt because he had not actually done any harm to another person yet.

    Nancy Lanza was the first person her son murdered. Not because he had a gun. Because he was insane, dangerously mentally ill and there is absolutely no help available unless you are wealthy. There is only a little help available if you admit to your illness and cooperate, or if you actually commit some sort of violence.

    Similar stories can be told about other mass shooters. In Colorado. In Tucson. In Virginia and in many other places. Mental illness is seen, it is witnessed, it is lived with by people around the future mass killer but it either is not acted upon or action is thwarted by stupid laws and lack of funding.

    This is where the attention and the money and the protests and lawsuits need to be. Focused on the human beings that do these things, Focused on the laws and systems that fail to stop them when the warning signs are there in front of everyone.

    One last point, and this is about Sandy Hook. All the memorials celebrate 26 lives lost. No complaint here about those 26, of course not.

    But Nancy Lanza was the first one murdered and she was killed for trying to prevent all the rest. She was killed for trying to get her son mental health care and she took four rounds in the head as she slept.

    People forget that. They ignore her. One activist loves to say how “a mother should know”.

    Horseshit. The entire mental health industry ignored her son’s troubles and in the end assigned themselves no blame for their failures.

    They blame the insane child who’s illness they failed to accept the severity of, who’s mother’s pleas for help they rebuffed.

    Yes, of course, the killer is always responsible.

    Only in such cases as this, so too is the mental health industry and the State legislatures and the lawmakers and the courts that create a system to ignore the dangers of the diseased mind and permit it to flourish unwatched, untreated and unrestrained.

  7. The ownership of a gunm should be up to the parents, guardians. If an individual is not living with their parents evidently they are responsible enough to live as an adult and should have all the privileges/ rights that anyone else has.

  8. So a cop is spying on Tibetans in America for China. What’s up with that? Sounds like bad news to me. That’s some way serious sht right there. From the way things are looking America and Ruskia should become allies instead of enemies. ,,,,,, Ive got to get this Perpetual Neutrino Fission Bombnm built, I’m running out of time, I finally got the lawnmower motor to spin the washing machine fast enough for my centrifuge, and had a whole box full of Neutrino’s until a Mexican stole it, might have been a Chinaman, makes more sense now, I may have blamed the wrong guy?

  9. Let’s be honest, the title of this article is irrefutable and a shot to the gut of the emotion driven political ideology of the left. Well done on that alone.

  10. HI law clearly applies to a combination of parts, not any one [non-reciever] parts separate from the rest of the combination. Bad law, but the author makes an effort to find it confusing.

    • And the “unless assembled” language simply clarifies that it doesn’t cover an already-assembled combination of parts (if it’s assembled enough to function as a firearm, then it’s legally treayed as a firearm and not as merely a collection of parts).

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