The Biden Administration Wants You to Be Thankful for Gun Control Today

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Brought together Republicans and Democrats to pass the FIRST MEANINGFUL GUN SAFETY LEGISLATION in nearly 30 years

  • Removing firearms from dangerous individuals
  • Expanding mental health services in schools
  • Supporting school safety and narrows the “boyfriend loophole” to keep guns out of the hands of convicted dating partners

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  1. Well, thanks to Democrat left lunacy we now have more people owning more firearms in this country than ever before.

    “Removing firearms from dangerous individuals”
    Perhaps we should ask Walmart employees about that.

    “Expanding mental health services in schools”
    Sponsored by Antifia and school boards across the country right?

    “Supporting school safety and narrows the “boyfriend loophole” to keep guns out of the hands of convicted dating partners”
    If Democrats would keep criminals behind bars then this wouldn’t be such an issue to start with.

  2. If you are a connected democRat like hunter biden just lie on a 4473 and use a dumpster to “safe store” your handgun. If you are not connected it’s bend over for knee jerk RINO and democRat Gun Control.

  3. I’m sure all the people in gun free zones thank the Democrats for all the people that got killed in them.

    • those ignoramuses can’t even perceive gun free zones as the problem until you sit them down and demand an acknowledgement of the inconvenient truth straight to their faces, and even then it’s a huge mental leap for them. feeble minded cucks, the lot of em.

  4. Thanks to fraud elections, communist deception, paranoia, corruption, and backstabbing corrupted RINO(s) like CAVE-IN CORNYN … all trying to appease their ultra overlord the tyrannical and useless UN.

  5. “Brought together Republicans and Democrats to pass the FIRST MEANINGFUL GUN SAFETY LEGISLATION in nearly 30 years”

    well Joe.. no you didn’t. what u did was ram through something in the senate in which you had majority vote anyway and duped some Republicans to signing on for the optics so you could claim ‘bipartisan’ and passed … but then you could not send it to the house because you didn’t have the votes in the house to pass it so you could sign it into law. so in effect it has not passed and still won’t.

    it was an outright ban in effect nature, and likely would not survive SCOTUS being ruled unconstitutional thus killing the chance for future efforts.

    you did nothing Joe especially nothing meaningful.

    • on the other hand you did manage to squeeze though something to throw some money at a problem mostly created by the democrats. it’s not very meaningful either with your democrats continuing to make the problem worse and purposely facilitating it with refusals to tackle the crime problem and embolding criminals while trying to create a larger group of defenseless prey for them

    • Duped? They knew exactly what they were doing. Fact is every politician in Washington whether democratic, republican or martian will sell out gun owners in a short minute if their power and money are threatened.

  6. theBiden can kiss my ass.
    Milks $4.20 for a 1/2 gallon.
    Americans can no longer feed there pets, instead we are eating them( dog ain’t bad with enough pepper)
    Yeah man, theBiden , what a guy.
    Let’s Go Brandon

    • My dog will eat democrats. Well, when she’s hungry enough. You should try it. Dog gets fed, the neighborhood gets cleaned up, and the crime rate drops. One might suspect that those issues are related!

  7. The most clueless individual to ever occupy the oval office. The worst president ever. Maybe the worst world leader ever.

    History will be unkind to biden and his backers.

    • History will be unkind to him for sure.
      Worst leader ever? While he is ranked up on that list very high, I think Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, and Putin will rank higher.

      anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Except Minor69er, dacian and Albert. you tw@ts can f#ck off.

      • biden isn’t done yet. He may well outshine his other despots. And if he doesn’t? Coming in 5th in that lineup ain’t really bragging rights.

        • Pol Pot would have never gained power without the See Eye A’s help, Putin might be fcking sht up in you crane but he loves his country.
          3rd place goes to Biden, and if you consider traitorous to country I’m thinking theBiden takes 1st place.

      • Don’t be so hard on dacian. He was born retarded. Then I dropped him on his head. Repeatedly. For years. Can’t forget that he drowned once, and was unconscious for hours. He can’t help being what he is.

      • “History will be unkind to him for sure.”

        The problem is- WE have to live out this “history”…

  8. If a guest came to my house for Thanksgiving waving around some political talking point sheet, even if I agreed with it, they’d be asked to put it away and shut up or leave and never come back.

    People this deep into what is often referred to as “show business for ugly people” have a true sickness.

  9. I’m thankful that we’ve made it halfway through the Biden administration without any major catastrophes. At least Russia hasn’t decided that we would make an easier target than Ukraine.

    Lesser catastrophes abound though.

    • Trying to keep the false promise alive, so when it fails again its “I tried, it was the fault of those damn republicans!”

      If a bill receives 238 or more ‘Yay’ votes in the house it passes. The democrats have (presently) 213 house seats (they under performed greatly for the house in the midterm compared to projections). The republicans have (presently) 220 house seats (they over performed a little for the house in the midterm compared to projections) and they have majority control which means, basically, by various means they get to decide if a bill even comes to a vote in the house. There are two more races left to call for the house.

      The democrats prior midterm had majority control of the house, but, they did not have the votes needed to pass their unconstitutional gun ban bill (which is languishing in the senate) through the house even with defecting republicans. Now, the democrats have less seats in the house than they did previously thus less democrat votes, and the republican makeup has changed in the house as well taking out some possible republican defectors while adding 2A defenders. So its pretty unlikely right now the democrats unconstitutional gun ban bill would pass the house and without that it goes no where.

      Biden knows this, he even said ‘suddenly’ previously in relation to the midterms when the republicans won majority control that he no longer has the votes needed in the house to get his efforts for a lot of things (including his unconstitutional gun ban) through the house then said he wants to work across the isle in a spirit of ‘partisanship’.

      In other words, Biden expected the democrats to perform better for the house and have more seats and he was also depending on some possible republican defectors to put the vote at 238 or more to pass his gun ban. Instead the democrats did not preform as projected and the democrats loss some possible republican defectors (when the majority changed and republicans are pressured to vote on party lines only) while the house gained 2A defenders in the republicans.

      But, politics is a fickle thing and time will tell. It has not been really ‘we the people’ they represent for a long time but rather more “we represent the peo … oh wait, yeah, what we want and the heck with the people.” especially with the democrats.

  10. The Biden Administration Wants You to Be Thankful for Gun Control Today
    I’m going to put it simple stupid.
    NO THANK YOU this is the way my grand daughter would put it.

  11. Biden Administration Top Accomplishments:
    > Gasoline while down from his horrific earlier prices is still 50% higher than under Trump, even worse he got the price down by selling off the Strategic Petroleum Reserve which is now at a 40 year low and will need to be built back up competing with the civilian market while Biden has massively cut oil leases.
    > On the flip side inflation is at more than a 40 year high even using the Biden cooked numbers. That is why your Thanksgiving dinner is costing so much more than last year.
    > Illegal immigration is now the third highest in the last 97 years and illegal aliens use over $160 billion dollars of US government services every year.

    All of this and more thanks to Biden and the Democrats!

  12. Should the idiot in chief does manage to outlaw semi auto firearms, he needs to lead the confiscation effort personally. Of course, he, or whoever gets sent out to do so may get the guns bullets first.

  13. I’ve been actively controlling my firearms for decades, as have been millions of good Americans. It’s a damn good thing for the tyrannical politicians, too. Not sure how much longer they can be controlled.

  14. I grew up on a farm shoveling a barnful of S**t, I think I’m an expert on s**t. I know it by sight, smell, and in the case of government Hearing. Think about it, if this is the first new Gun Legislation in 30 Years it’s because we didn’t need it. We need it now because of this administration’s Policies and because it’s the ONLY WAY they can TRY to remove guns from LAW ABIDING Citizens, which is what they want. That is the only way the current Dictator Regime can control the people, just like Stalin, HITLER and CASTRO remove the guns from the people and they are easily controlled as they have no way to fight back. The Government wants to tear down HISTORY and remake it to suit them, but all they’re doing is repeating History as they NEVER LEARNED From HISTORY.

  15. Biden is a pathological liar. He can stop himself from lying, it’s in his blood. You can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

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