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Murder City, USA has long been recognized as America’s largest open-air shooting range.  With police effectively prohibited from chasing suspects, along with politicians, prosecutors and courts that refuse to hold bad guys accountable, it’s easy to see why the streets now belong to the criminals. Now, a just-released video shows just how bad things have become.

In the video, an apparent gang member pulls a gun on another man leaving a convenience store. The Cadillac owner had just paid a king’s ransom for a few gallons of gas when the attacker approaches with a gun.

It looks like any other carjacking until the perp opens fire and chases down the car owner while shooting him over and over. And then a few more times for good measure.

Caution: Not safe for work.

Wirepoints has covered the breakdown of Chicago’s “woke” criminal justice system at length. It’s bad. Here’s the story . . .

Six signposts of Chicago’s “progressive” law and order breakdown

Here are six clear indications that progressive apologetics have undermined public safety, with the toxic effects most deeply felt in Chicago’s black communities.

    • Police have been effectively banned from stop-and-frisk, foot chases and car chases.
    • It is open season on the police. A new state law mandates local police misconduct complaints can now be made anonymously. Police face growing violent hostility, including killings and attacks on police cars. As a result, Police decide to de-police – and to depart. District patrol manpower has shrunk in Chicago.
    • The streets have been confiscated by miscreants. Chicago enjoys near-record high carjackings, plus trigger-happy “takeover” crews who appropriate the city’s streets for stunt driving events but rarely suffer any consequences.
    • Vehicle-borne armed robbery crews victimize pedestrians in organized sweeps, and catalytic converter thieves protected by gunmen make the rounds as well. Chicago’s streets are increasingly dystopian.
    • Courts have surrendered. In Cook County they have become a revolving door. Alleged criminals awaiting trial are freed on low-cash or no-cash bail, but at least 15,000 times since late 2017 have then been charged with new crimes. The number is dramatically low-balled for myriad reasons. Here are just two. One is the vast extent of unreported crime nationally. Some 60 percent of non-murder violent victimizations are unreported as are two-thirds of property crimes. Another is that for those few crimes that are reported, Chicago has a negligible arrest rate.
    • Emergency response has been maimed. More than half of high-priority 911 calls languished without a timely response last year, and the problem continued this year as top Chicago Police Department (CPD) supervisors now “code out” so-called “backlogged” 911 calls to hide the problem. At such times and without a reported physical injury, officers may not show up to take a report. Voila, crime is down. It is “Defund The Police” without the defunding.
    • The rhetoric is fierce, and destructive. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Chicago chapter – representing six Chicago aldermen – calls Chicago Police a “white supremacist” organization. A DSA alderman’s aide refers to CPD officers as “pigs” and draws concerns from local residents who say they need protection. Local activists encourage looting. And Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle describes murders like that of hard-working hairdresser and mother of six Tamiko Talbert, a black woman, as due to Covid plus “historic disinvestment and marginalization.” Official Chicago’s progressive tropes on race are a doubling-down of disinformation riven with the arrogance of unfettered power and callous indifference to wrenching daily tragedies in the city’s black communities.

Blacks make up three-quarters of the victims of homicides and non-fatal shootings in Chicago. These are the real victims of “progressive” politicians’ defunding, decarceration, zero bail and non-prosecution policies.

But the city’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, saves her righteous indignation not for the 656 Chicago homicide victims that have been cut down under her watch (or the 2692 people maimed in non-fatal shootings), but for five dead in Colorado Springs.

Chicagoans are increasingly on their own in a city with a feral criminal population. The more they vote for politicians like those who have put these policies in place, the more chance they stand of becoming their victims.

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  1. I like the idea but they need shooting lessons so that innocent bystanders are not shot/killed along with the intended target(s).

    • Not only that but less than 20% of all shootings result in a fatality. If they could get better guns and ammo and someone would teach them how to shoot the gang problem would soon sort itself out and could also work to resolve the collateral damage… I’ve seen videos of those clowns cranking out rounds with their best gangster presentation and you could actually see the rounds impacting the ground 20/30 feet in front of them…

      • NOPE….Ultimately, collateral damage will add to street cred and shooters will seek to get higher and higher scores. Just as Target Shooting and Hunting can be exciting, Killing for Sport will become entertainment.

        • collateral damage will add to street cred

          Don’t really care, I live in FL and as far as I’m concerned, they can burn that whole rat infested garbage dump straight to the ground starting with that POS Obamas “Presidential” library…

    • I was going to open up a shooting marksmanship shooting school in Chicago until I was advised that all my students would need to possess an Illinois FOID card. My student enrollment dropped to almost zero. So much for attempting to obey the law!

        • Sorry I was thinking range not school.

          I lived near Chicago for multiple years before my neighbor told me I was supposed to have a magic FOID card to go with my gats. Called it my commie card.

    • it’s a sub-culture [young black males] that needs addressed….but first you actually have to want to…the only group to effectively do that [the police]…are now being hindered in their efforts…for this town the future looks bleak….

  2. Is it actually ‘for sport’, or is it really just “Settling a business dispute”?

      • I was first intrigued by how little effect the landed shots were making on the victim- his pants tripping him were having more effect than the bullets were. So I watched the vid a few more times, and it appears that what recoil there is appears to be more from a loose grip/limp wristing than from any consequential recoil (it mostly seems to just be slide action).

        There appears to be no visible effect (shock, rippling, impact) to the victim’s clothes or body, there’s no appearance of blood, and I see no involuntary body movements/spasms like one typically sees when the human body is absorbing multiple gunshot wounds. The coup de grâce shot looks eerily similar to the reaction of livestock when they are dispatched… with a .22 caliber.

        This is why I’m curious about the caliber of the weapon used (and its effectiveness as a self-defense round).

        • “There appears to be no visible effect (shock, rippling, impact) to the victim’s clothes or body, there’s no appearance of blood, and I see no involuntary body movements/spasms like one typically sees when the human body is absorbing multiple gunshot wounds.”

          Ahhhh… the hollywood movie version.

          Real life isn’t that way. It could happen, not saying its not possible, but overall in real life its not that way. Additionally, unless something very vital is hit in such a way to cause immediate massive damage to the nervous system or blood flow thus death more immediately its likely involuntary survival instinct will decide the persons movements into trying to get way and will continue for a bit even though the person is dying and the body knows it, like in this video.

          No, involuntary body movements/spasms and shock/rippling/ impact being seen are not the norm. No, its not what one typically sees in real life when the human body is absorbing multiple gunshot wounds. All that is mostly hollywood/TV movies/shows embellishment. What you see in the video is more the norm and more typical.

          Been there and seen the reality in my own self-defense uses several times, and there are thousands of accounts and videos showing the same thing I saw and I’ve put plenty of rounds in bad guys and never once have I seen what you describe. And of all the close to a hundred people I know in our survivors network who have also been in that no other choice situation I was in none of them have ever relayed that which you described but have described what I will describe below:

          The ones fatally hit in a manner where they die immediately kinda go rag doll limp then fall or slump, and the ones that do not die immediately but will very shortly tend to try to get away until they just die and then go limp, and the ones wounded but not fatally or disabling tend to yell a lot and wiggle around and will try to flee sometimes and a lot of times will try to continue their attack, and the ones wounded in a manner that’s not immediately disabling but will be fatal in a short while if not treated immediately tend to run away or sometimes continue their attack (or try to) if they can still move well enough to do so. Sometimes after being hit if in the process of dying you might see some twitching and spasms going on when they fall or slump, this is basically the body’s remaining ability for survival instinct still trying to keep the body alive or get away. These are more the norm and typical.

          In this video: There doesn’t seem to be an appearance of blood in the chest and head area because the ‘victim’ is wearing an outer coat type garment hoodie with the hoodie up and its dark in color, and the bleeding is going on underneath that and it takes time for the blood to soak through the hoodie material. The video doesn’t allow a detailed enough view to tell if the blood has soaked though or not. The same for detail on the dark color pants, if the victim got hit in the legs, not enough time and detail in the video to tell if the bleeding going on underneath the clothing has soaked though enough to see. The blood will show up on the garments though, it always does. In real life there is not typically ‘fountains’ of blood pumping out like there is in hollywood moves, a bullet wound tends to more ooze/leak blood than ‘spray’ it out but sometimes if its a major artery you might get a spray from the wound if the blood pressure is still high enough. And its not true that every gunshot wound produces blood splatter away from the body that indicates the angle of entry and where the shooter was standing, and the distance, and how tall the shooter was, etc… like it is in the movies and TV shows.

        • Yes, I’m quite aware of the “Hollywood” version of gunshot wounds. It’s the many actual gunfight videos that I’ve seen that I’m referring to here. The ones where the physics of bullets striking a human body are notably visible- including the effect on clothing, on human tissue, on bodily fluids, and the involuntary reactions caused by traumatic shock to the nervous system.

          That’s the “real life” that I was talking about. And I’m still curious about the caliber of weapon that was used in this crime.

    • a shootout with pistols is an iffy affair…with both participants often getting shot…a former instructor of mine once shot a bad guy with a .45…and still managed to get wounded in the exchange….

    • Honestly I just laughed at this moron for that exact reason. If you’re going to choose a line of work where there’s a real possibility of having to literally run for your life, and you deliberately ensure your clothing makes it literally impossible to do, that’s simple Darwinism

      • just watched an interesting discussion on you tube where the two black participants try to explain to their audience…assumedly functional illiterates…the consequences of getting caught with a “glock switch”…the amount of ignorance displayed by one of them, who seemed educated… was astounding….

  3. People in Chicago are getting what they voted for.

    They wallow in their own bigotry and pathological grievance culture to blame white supremacy or systemic racism for the problems they themselves create in their communities.

    Fix it yourself.

    • Nah!…the real cause of this is the lax Indiana gun laws…(sic.)….apparently there is a shortage of mirrors in Chicago…..

  4. Self cleaning oven at work

    IMO let them blast each other
    I even say that proper firearms training should be done in that last month of prison time so that the gangbangers aim is better and they only kill each other!

  5. The libertarians liberals and the left who have an irrational hatred of the police are now getting exactly what they wanted. Unfortunately most of them do not live in the State of Illinois. They should all move there.

    Now just 38 days left until the Purge begins in the Land of Lincoln.

    • The difference between libertarians and conservatives when it comes to police, is that only conservatives believe their own BS when they tell liberals about when seconds count are minutes away; that they don’t stop crime, but only their after the fact to investigate; out the multiple SCOTUS cases explicitly telling us cops aren’t required.

      You’re just pissed that small government and less taxes don’t mean what you think it does, while simultaneously demanding cops enforce your Karen views on social ills. Neo-cons are every bit the unprincipled PoS their liberal counterparts are.

      • Libertarians don’t believe in their own BS. Because they don’t support removing the laws that will allow law-abiding citizens to shoot dead on sight criminals who rob, rape, steal, murder, break into or vandalize private property. There is nothing wrong with taking the Law into your own hands. If the police are not around.

        You should be able to kill anyone to protect your private property from being stolen, vandalized, destroyed, broken into. And Libertarians are against property owners from doing so. Because Libertarians don’t believe in the concept of private property rights.

        Their non-aggression principle prevents them from supporting a property owner from using deadly force, if necessary to protect what is theirs.

        • Libertarians also believe in condoning se*ual dev**ncy and the use of drugs, both of which are harmful to society and civilization. There is very little distance between libertarians and liberals.

        • What are you smoking? Anarcho-Communists (the bs you’re describing) aren’t Libertarian. Libertarians and any sane human really, very much support property rights.

        • fyi to anyone

          When dozens of people were being murdered where they stood in 2020. And American cities were being burned to the ground. And the police were ordered to stand down and do nothing.
          Show me where the Libertarians were demanding that the cops go do their job, by shooting dead on sight white people waving rainbow Flags in one hand and throwing Molotov cocktails and rocks, in the other.

          Or do Libertarians have a problem when the police refused to arrest any person no matter their skin color when they riot???
          I don’t have any problem when the police shoot dead on site people who riot. I don’t care what their skin color is.
          There I said it.

          But if the cops aren’t going to do their job. Then show me where the libertarians support letting law-abiding Property Owners do what is necessary.

          This is why I say we need to have a national divorce. And it doesn’t have to be a violent one. The former Czechoslovakia showed the way. They just split into two pieces. There’s no reason why we can’t do the same peaceful thing in America.

          “National Divorce: The Peaceful Solution to Irreconcilable”
          By Tom Woods

        • I’m glad the Libertarians took their “masks off” back in 2014.

          So it’s okay to steal under $950???

          “The initiative changes the possession of most drugs, including cocaine and heroin, from a felony offense to a misdemeanor. Possession of certain, less common Schedule I and II substances (including LSD for some reason) will remain a felony offense. Certain property offenses such as shoplifting, grand theft, receiving stolen property, forgery, fraud, and writing a bad check will all be considered misdemeanor offenses, as long as these crimes involve $950 or less.”

          ‘The success of this measure indicates that sentencing reform is starting to become palatable to more than just libertarians, but the general public…’

  6. And thank you to all the white liberal politicians who made this possible. By restricting guns from everyone except their personal bodyguards and their personal friends.

  7. While it is disturbing to see an unarmed person gunned down, regardless of what his prior avocation may have been, I cannot help but notice that there was no apparent magazine capacity limit imposed upon the murderer. Food for thought.

    Also, food for thought, the apparent brain-stem shot was the coupe de grace.

  8. I pray the Dr. Kerseys (Charles Bronsons) of the world will come out of the woodwork’s… that is the only way that this mess of a country of ours will be cleaned up…Good man and women are doing nothing…That’s why evil wins…Good men and women can win this when finally have had enough….

    • CHICAGO (CBS)– A woman who has a concealed carry license took on four armed men who tried to carjack her early Wednesday morning in the Calumet Heights neighborhood.

      Police said a 23-year-old woman was sitting in her car shortly after 2 a.m. near 89th Street and Kenwood Avenue, when four men got out of a black sedan, and one of them tried to open her car door while flashing a gun. The woman, who has a concealed carry license, shot that man in the head, he then ran off from her car. Another of the would-be carjackers shot the woman in the left arm. The woman was taken to Advocate Trinity Hospital in fair condition.

  9. “Police have been effectively banned from stop-and-frisk”

    Really? We’re advocating for Unconstitutional warrant-less searches without probable cause again?!? Rights for me, but not for thee once again is it?

  10. Let ’em kill each other. It’ll save me money in ammo expenses down the road. And, that guy likely died from embarrassment when he realized his ass was on full display.

  11. Send in the social workers!

    They need to pump their numbers up. As long as they’re reproducing faster than they’re dying the problem will persist.

  12. Not to worry: just yesterday or the day before commenter Miner49er typed a lengthy screed telling us all that Judeo-Christian faith tradition is nothing more than recycled previous religions (of course it is somehow wrong even though the other religions are NOT wrong) and unnecessary anyway since proper values and practices in society are self-evident.

    So, it’s all good in Chicago. No faith in our Almighty Creator is necessary for society there to run smoothly and properly. You can see it in action for yourself.

    • It’s interesting that he has said he will always take up for Muslims. What is the history of the Quran? Why take up for Muslims, but not Christians? The answer is obvious.

  13. A politically correct, double barrelled, break action, 12 gauge, 3&1/2″ chamber length shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot would put just as much lead in the air in only a second as that Glock with the 33 round magazine.

    • Imaho,

      For all intents-and-purposes, it is impossible to maintain situational awareness at all times.

      And even if the deceased had maintained a very high degree of situational awareness, I personally believe that he still would have died: you are pretty much totally screwed if someone walking in your general direction suddenly draws and shoots 15+ times at you. Saying it another way, if a random assassin decides to murder you, he/she will virtually always succeed.

  14. bangers name was Joshua.. killed October 2021. hey both find something more current. and maybe a beheading or hacked to death with a machete.

  15. “Lori Lightfoot, saves her righteous indignation for five dead in Colorado Springs.”

    But, of course. To queers, the rest of us are not quite human, therefore not worthy of indignation.

  16. But, since we are on the subject of the criminal cess pool Chicago…

    Chicago CCL Holder Fatally Shoots Armed Robbery Suspect >

    The defender was critically wounded but the bad guy was killed.

    “critically wounded”, by definition, basically means a person is wounded so severely their ‘health’ in some or many aspects is at or near zero but they are not killed then. In the media usage the term can mean anything from being unable to stand but otherwise mostly functional and mobile to more severe injury that ‘disables’ in some manner.

    ~2% of DGU defenders are wounded/harmed (including being “critically wounded” or killed for some) while defending with over 90% of those still able to stop the threat before succumbing to their wounds/harm or death.

    With such close proximity/imminent threat:

    A person is 94% more likely to escape harm if they are armed with a firearm and employ DGU, 6% or less if they employ DGU very early in the encounter.

    A person not armed with a firearm with which to employ DGU and complying or resisting by other means or even trying to run away is over 80% more likely to be harmed.

    Over 88% of weapon armed (e.g. gun, knife, club, etc…) bad guys tend to harm complying victims either before the main crime begins or at the end of the main crime.

    Of victims that try to run away, over 72% are shot or shot at or attempted to be shot at by the bad guys while trying to run away if the bad guy is armed with as firearm.

    ~88% of criminals use something other than a firearm in the commission of their crimes (they use some other type of weapon … e.g. knife, other non-firearm weapons, hand/feet).

  17. J3 ws use blacks as a battering ram against white america. I’m ready to deport both.

    What type of books were the nazis burning?

    • MADDMAXX November 24, 2022 At 23:51
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      MADDMAXX November 24, 2022 At 23:49
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      MADDMAXX November 24, 2022 At 23:47
      Your comment is awaiting moderation

      Guess the “algorithm” doesn’t like fucking HISTORY…. Tried to “fix” it but you can’t change the FACTS or they become fiction…

      The 1st books burned in 1933 was the entire 20,000 volume library collection on aberrant sexual behavior including homo, bi, trans and inter sexuality of the Hirschfield’s Institue for Sexuality.
      Also targeted was anything considered ideologies opposed to Nazism. Books by Marx, Kautsky, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller and anything by Jewish, half Jewish, communist, soshulist, liberal or pacifist authors was banned and anything in French or English was also targeted.

  18. For once I’m pretty much lost lost for words! But MORE bloody guns in amateur hands is NOT the answer Policeing in a Democracy can only be carried out with the consent and co-operation of those being policed,The Police do NOT make the law and they are neither judge or Jury. If the population of CHIGASGO donot want policing then so beit. if the people of Chigago prefer the rule of the gangs, then so be it! If the citizens folk of Chicago prefer playing ‘manhunt’ to soccer then so beit.
    Maybe the only answer is to casll min the bloody Army close down the whole City as t you would to control and isolate any other deadly disease. Give every body a time limit to,leave after which it open season. Shoot on sigh those armed, commiting ANY crime or looting. and search every building. Then blow the effin’ place up. on Public Health grounds

    • That shit might work in your “soshullist” society but would be problematic in a city that has a population that is twice the number of active-duty military personnel. Erasing Chicago does sound tempting but is economically impractical. Maybe you should just STFU and let Americans worry about Americas problems.

      • still…martial law is a tempting option…few people seem to know how blacks were routinely chased off the streets at night by the cops back in the ’50’s…


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