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Not many people still think of the guns falling silent on the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month any more. As we all know, The War to End All Wars wasn’t. And while every day should be Veterans’ Day, this is the one that’s been set aside so more of us will say thank you to those who have given of themselves to defend our country and its freedoms. So today, of all days, find a vet and thank him or her. It’s the very least we can do.

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  1. Let me start by thanking most of the commenters who post on this site for their service. God bless America.

  2. Instead of being thanked, I’d rather we did what we could to make sure that our country didn’t engage in activities and policies that ultimately led to too many of my friends coming home crippled or dead.

    • The only way your wish (and mine) will come true is if WE hold the politicians accountable. If WE stop re electing those that would defile the Constitution and prostitute OUR country for their own selfish desires.

      • I know, my friend. I sometimes feel like it’s a futile exercise, though. I call my representatives, I send letters about issues that concern me, and I donate to the campaigns of the “good” ones, but it never seems to make a difference.

      • If you’re going to reference a source, please use something more reliable than Wikipedia.

        Any jackass on the planet can edit Wikipedia.

        • Are you stupid? This is one on the areas where Wikipedia is accurate becuase all they do is quote you basic American history texts. Anybody older than 50 learned this in 11th grade American History but if you want another source I recommend “The Six Frigates” by Ian Toll.

        • My point is Wikipedia can be edited anytime by anybody with an agenda.

          Wikipedia is a virtual whiteboard where anybody who doesn’t like what’s written can erase it and substitute their own “facts.”

          It’s not a reliable source.

        • So what was your point? That John Adams didn’t fight an undeclared Naval war with France? That Jefferson didn’t go to war with the Muslim in North Africa. That the War of 1812 never happenned?

        • Wikipedia articles cite other, primary, sources. Indeed, the purpose of them is to be the summaries of those sources, and you should really go to them to get the details.

          And while anyone can edit Wikipedia, every edit is tracked in the history of the article, and any controversial edit will immediately get called out on the article talk page.

    • Mr. Smith,

      Take your argument up with the crackpots, bad actors and enemies of the US. Your success will be celebrated as we no longer need a military force in this country. You might want to phone them first before actually facing them since they are not as civil as you might like.

    Those that serve not for GLORY
    Serve for those who can’t and those that won’t.
    Walk the talk needless of words
    Those who served, Understand
    Those who serve, Understand
    Those who will serve, will Understand
    Servicemen and women who have given their limbs and lives WE thank you for your sacrifice,
    WE pray for your courage and strength of will and hope some day will come when such is needed no more.

    Share and remember that FREEDOM isn’t FREE!

  4. I am old enough to still call today by its proper name — Armistice Day. I remember going to the barbershop with my father and listen to the WWI veterans talk to their WWII counterparts. We older boomers are the last people to know the WWI generation before they got old and the WWII generation while they were still young. Now all the news stories on Veterans Day have to explain how the day came to be because a majority of the population cannot place the dates and the sides of The Great War and The Second World War.

    • Good point.

      At Bragg, whenever I talked to any of the guys who jumped into Normandy, it made me feel like a lesser soldier.

      Much respect to those guys, some of whom didn’t even have any practice jumps before they jumped into combat.

    • I am old enough to still call today by its proper name — Armistice Day.

      Hahahah! Me too. When I was a kid during the prior century, nobody called it Veterans Day.

  5. I love the patriotic internet pictures that leave out an entire service. Yes, there are five of them.
    Happy Veterans Day

    • If you counting the Coast Guard you’re not wrong, but not right either…

      It is a form of service, but it’s DoT, not DoD.

      • Hard to keep track these days but it’s actually a branch of DHS along with the Secret Service , the TSA, FEMA, and Customs/Border Protection. Regardless of their Cabinet affiliation I’ve always considered prior service Coasties to be veterans.

        Thank you, all

      • Of course I mean the coast guard. They are one of five branches of the armed forces. You know, what people call the military.

        Just because some graphic designer in Pakistan or wherever doesn’t include them in ‘patriotic picture’ doesn’t mean they aren’t veterans.

        Anytime you see these veterans days pics, if there are only four flags, you know the creator doesn’t know the military from his own ass.

      • I took the the oath, wore a uniform, was subject the the UCMJ, got a DD214, and went to college on the GI Bill just like the other branches. I buried buddies who died on active duty, others moved around the world on orders, some stayed in to retire. We are used to being the forgotten service until the sea shows it might. I was fifty years old before someone, other than a person we pulled out of the ocean, thanked me for my service, but I didn’t enlist so my country could owe me. I enlisted because I owed my country. It was humbling to serve with the fine people in the United States Coast Guard. Semper Paratus.

  6. If you are out and about, any day, not just today, and you see a vet, not only thank them, but do something positive, like buy their coffee, or lunch, or let them in front of you in line, or my favorite, give up your first class airline seat, esp for active duty

  7. I made good on my oath of service just like the rest of y’all I’m sure…

    I do solemnly swear to chew, drink, and cuss, so help me Gawd.

    That was it, wasn’t it…

  8. The yearly day when Americans worship the people who carry out the orders of politicians and use the excuse of “I’m just following orders” when violating our rights for said politicians.

    I’ll never understand the mentality behind it. Guess I should just avoid TTAG today since I’m guessing the posts will be nothing but praising those who work for the government.

    • I guess you would prefer to be a British Subject, a German speaker or shouting the praises of some communist dictator.

    • “The yearly day when Americans worship the people…”

      Whoa, stop. Who is “worshiping” anyone here? This is paying respect, not worship.

      “…violating our rights…”

      How are exactly are veterans violating our rights?

      “I’ll never understand the mentality behind it. Guess I should just avoid TTAG today since I’m guessing the posts will be nothing but praising those who work for the government.”

      That is an interesting phrase you use, “those who work for the government”. They are veterans, not EPA bureaucrats who tell land owners their dry land is a wetland that cannot be used for anything , not OSHA bureaucrats who screw with businesses but do nothing for actual workplace safety, not BATF employees who actually do violate rights, etc., etc.

      • Today at work, I overheard the words “Philippines” and “war” today between a man and a old man with a baseball cap on. I stopped to listen, and noticed the cap said “World War Veteran” on it. He revealed to us that he had been a scout in the cavalry(“worked for the government”) who one of the first American soldiers inside the internment camp at the University of Santo Tomas during World War 2.

        That old man(“violator of rights”) helped save those people. They were slowly being starved by their Japanese captors. He also did his part to liberate the Filipinos(all American citizens at the time) from the horrific Japanese occupation. Filipinos to this day still look up to those men, the ones you took a dump on.

        You should be ashamed of yourself for your words! D:

    • The very reason you and everyone can say what you believe is because of those who would do and have done for those like you that would not. You have that right just as WE all. Because of those who were WILLING
      By the way the door is unlocked if it be your desire don’t let it hit you on the way out.

      • I have respect for vets who started their service with absolutely noble intentions, but you cannot tell me that any war the US has entered in the past 60 years has protected our freedom. The noble intentions of those young men and women were exploited by the monsters who hold political office(coercive power attracts evil people). It’s better to recognize that many lives have been wasted and call it what it is, than to allow government to squander the lives of more people for their petty political purposes. Using history as a lesson to stop the insanity would be a better legacy.

        • I don’t respect the politicians who use us, this day is not about them. I didn’t bring politicians (spitting out the bad taste in my mouth that word gives me) into it. If anything the pols need to be reminded of their abuses of our vets and of the result of the politics that takes the benefits from the vets.

    • National defense and protecting the US’s interests abroad are actual duties of the federal government.

      My thanks go out to all veterans.

    • You talk tough. But do you walk tough? Id like to see how you fare if the war came here. Several Generations of peace in the homeland breed the ignorant like you. I suggest you visit some places like Gettysburg, the bloody angle, or Antietam, and get a feel for what that is. You sure the hell won’t get it from playing call of duty noob.

      • War is terrible, got it. Do you have any evidence that we would not have had peace without clubbing any mini dictator in the past 60 years who didn’t agree. Plenty of countries in the world mind their own business and they somehow manage to not get invaded. Switzerland comes to mind.

        • Not stomping on Hitler earlier worked out well for Poland France, ….. Politics led to the delay of action. Anyway Happy Veteran’s day off to the parade.

        • Your point? I welcome a political argument on the foriegn policy of the United States since the end of WW2. But bashing veterans by calling them brainwashed and simply thanking them is worship? Apples and oranges. You want to talk policy, go ahead, but veteran bashing is simply that. It’s ignorant, selfish, and uneducated. Blaming the soldiers of a particular side in war is just stupid. That’s why in WW2 no regular German military personnel were charged with war crimes unless they were known to have committed them, or ordered them. An actual member of the Nazi party or SS? Totally different, straight to the noose. Or gulag. Brush up on your history and international law.

        • Switzerland? Switzerland doesn’t get invaded due to terrain, location and the massive armed populous. If Switzerland was located between Iraq and Iran, or Russia and China, it would see as many invasions Poland. Get an education bud.

    • Another bitter, angry non hacker that looked deeply into the mirror and found himself lacking. Like a spoiled brat he lashes out at those that were able to answer the call. Their service and the respect of their fellow citizens serve to remind him of his own short comings.

  9. One of my favorites (my thanks to the one who brought this to my attention last year on this very site)
    Dusty old helmet, rusty old gun,
    They sit in the corner and wait.
    Two souvenirs of the Second World War
    That have witnessed the time and the hate.
    Mute witness to a time of much trouble
    Where kill or be killed was the law.
    Were these implements used with high honor?
    What was the glory they saw?
    Many times I’ve wanted to ask them…
    And now that we’re here, all alone,
    Relics all three of that long ago war. . .
    Where has freedom gone?
    Freedom flies in your heart like an eagle.
    Let it soar with the winds high above
    Among the Spirits of soldiers now sleeping.
    Guard with care and with love.
    I salute my old friends in the corner.
    I agree with all they have said . . .
    And if the moment of truth comes tomorrow,
    I’ll be free, or by God, I’ll be dead!
    . . . Audie Murphy

  10. Semper Fidelis.

    Let’s honor the sacrifice of our fallen soldiers by continuing to fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  11. Not sure I can survive another onslaught for thanking my for my service. Seems it’s the new mantra phrase to make people feel good. The hardest thing about being a Vet is the transition to civilian life. Training day for me was about a week after I was ordered to leave. Rode my bike about 20 miles to a downtown business district, took a rest and observed people. That’s when it sank in, no one here has my flank, none here worth my protection, nor my life. Stripped of my brothers in arms the only thing remained was an empty heart of a warrior. Spent years back filling that emotional hole. Stepping off to a new life it took 20 years to come to terms with my past. Civilian life is as challenging as the service but in a different way. Took multiple jobs, two wives, three kids and now, over 50, can report being well-adjusted although sometimes I see something that overwhelms me. About a month ago I saw a young vet working at Home Depot. Facial and body burns along with a mechanical leg, my eye was drawn to a small pin, no bigger than the end of our your pinky, on the orange apron. An eagle, globe, and anchor. Hundreds of people in the store and none knew. I walked up put out my hand and grasped what was left of his, pulled him in and held a hug while whispering Semper Fi into what was remained of his ear. No conversation, none required. When the phrase comes my way, I do say you’re welcome, but know this, that service-member your thanking oath’ed to protect the Constitution, so you can partake benefits of this republic via the democratic process. Honor the ones no longer amongst us, the ones serving knowing their transition to civilian life will be just as hard and pray for ones accepting the challenge entering service.

  12. Thank you for your service vets. Other than the vile anti Christian trolls who show up here there is nothing worse than impugning peoples sacrifice. I have known many vets who suffered greatly. And many were drafted without a choice. SHAME on you.

    • I don’t know about the anti-Christian part (that seems like a distraction), but they are certainly trolls who talk shit for shock value. They also feel morally superior when they insult people who are willing to go into harm’s way for others. This masks their cowardice OR the simmering violence that lies beneath the surface (like some of our anti-gun pals). They sneer at warriors because they know, beneath the smug exterior, that they would turn to jello in the face of real human aggression. Those of us who know what real violence–not TV or video game violence–looks like tend not to make glib comments about warriors.

      Look, I have many problems with US foreign policy. I am fairly non-interventionist and I believe that many US actions–for example, the 2003 invasion of Iraq–have served as effective recruiting tools for terrorist organizations. Did ISIS exist prior to the invasion? Of course not. Now that the hornet’s nest has been properly stirred, we have ISIS. This is just one of the latest errors made in the foreign policy realm.

      With this being said, I would never take out my frustration with US military policy on those who have served. Can the “hero” talk be overdone? Of course. One is not necessarily a hero because they wear a uniform or belong to a particular government agency. But I still find the WILLINGNESS to serve and to put one’s neck on the line honorable.

      I did not serve in the armed forces. Even at eighteen, I had some moral qualms about US policies. I politely sent the recruiters packing and got no further than taking the ASVAB. If my wife and I had children, we would likely discourage them from serving do to our mutual mistrust of US Government prerogatives. But making snide comments on Veteran’s Day is not about trying to change foreign policy. Its about making yourself feel superior and getting your rocks off by pissing off your fellow citizens.

    • What have you done to counter those policies besides crying about it on internet forums? To lazy? To busy collecting welfare, obamacare, disability and unemployment? Yes, eat that third burrito and huff about things your unwilling to even do anything about.

  13. I don’t want thanks. On this day I remember Mac, Little Ski, Moonman and the rest. Their stories ended at 18, 19, 20……

    I have had wives, kids, grandkids and it tears meup a bit thinking of what they never had.

    • Agree. Having some stranger phrase stroking me for a privilege, one wonders if they understand the physical, mental and emotional burden of our knowing the true cost.

      • Would you rather be from my age(early 60’s) and have a##holes spit on you, curse and revile you because you came back from Vietnam? After you were drafted? We haven’t had a “good war” since 1945. Thank you for your service Mk.

    To each and all a sincere and heartfelt “Thank You For Your Service”.

    Some years back, I happened across an active-duty, uniformed Service Member, in of all places, a GUN SHOP.
    Seizing the opportunity, I shook his hand and said “Thank You For Your Service.”
    He shook my hand, smiled broadly and simply replied “Thank you for your support.”

  15. The best thing we can do, to honor those who fought to preserve our liberties, is to fight to preserve our liberties.

    We must vote. But we must also pay attention to our elected representatives. We need to communicate with them. Let them know where we stand. If they honor their oath to represent us and preserve, protect and defend the constitution, thank them and support them. If they fail to keep that oath, we should do all we can to remove them from office.

  16. A friend, now passed on, once told me a story from the Battle Of The Bulge. His regiment was in full retreat after almost being overrun. Along with his sergeant and another guy in a jeep he was lost for 5 days in the Schnee-Eifel in Belgium. They spent the whole time playing hide-and-seek with advancing German units. Late one afternoon, about dusk, they pulled into a clearing in the deep woods. Through falling light and heavy snow, they saw the shape of a tank. It was a Mk. IV. My friend described watching the turret with its 75mm gun slowly turn in their direction. It fired at them. And missed. They reversed into the thick woods and promptly disappeared. I like to think the tank gunner intentionally missed.

  17. I never served but I sure do appreciate those who have. Thanks to you and to your loved ones who sometimes make even greater sacrifices.

  18. Thank you for these kind words. It was my honor and privilege to serve. I would gladly do it again of need be.

  19. You forgot the nation’s oldest sea going service in your cover photo; The United States Coast Guard which dates from August 4, 1790. Title 14 states the USCG is an Armed Force of the U. S.

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