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“Every time that door opens, we’re seeing new faces.” Metro Shooting Range manager John Stephenson in Gun sales spike as Ferguson area braces for grand jury decision [at]

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  1. Mobs of looters – A perfect example of when you especially NEED a standard capacity magazine. (Not to say that you need a reason of course)

  2. Even up here in the greater Chicago area I have tooled up a bit. Increased the number of loaded magazines within arms reach in my truck for my carry gun. I also started bringing my Tavor along with 10 loaded P-Mags along every day. Shit feels like it is about to get real and I have no intention of being the next Reginald denny.

    • I’m not worried, I live near Seattle. And thanks to Michael Bloomberg and a few other billionaires, we have I-594, which will prevent those with bad intentions from ever getting firearms, and take away the firearms of people who develop bad intentions.
      Our crime rate should hit 0 by the end of the year.

  3. don’t forget ammo. prices are good right now (not great, but good). I suggest having more than you think you need. I have 15,000 rnds stockpiled, just in case. . . . I also have gotten requests from people close to me who are not “gun people” that they may need to borrow one of my little ones for a while if SHTF. I suggest anyone thinking about buying a gun should get out there and make that purchase – prices will spike when the grand jury no bills this case.

    • 15,000 spread across various calibers? Or, 15k for each (assuming you have more than one type of firearm)?

      >nb4 the FBI thanks you for this information

      • spread across 9mm, .357, .38, .45, .380, 12 gauge – it is with all of the alcohol and cigars. . . . . .

        • yes, full wet bar (32 bourbons, 4 ryes, 2 vodkas, 2 gins, cognac, etc) and about 2,000+ cigars. . . . just make sure you know the password

        • I figured it was BYO ammo and cigars anyway. I’m up with you on ammo inventory, but only about 10% of your cigar collection.

        • a guest in the home is a guest in the home. . . . I have been smoking cigars for 20 yrs and my collection reflects as much . . . . nothing like a 15 yr old smoke on a cool night with a double of Buffalo Trace on rocks

    • I am sure I would have anti-gun neighbors who would be knocking on my door asking to borrow something if he neighborhood faced civil unrest. (Not goning to happen short of Zombie time) I wouldn’t give them a weapon more so becuase they will be probably be trigger happy more than anything else. As much as would like to tell them pound sand I, with the other gun owners on the block, would extend our protection to them if only to keep us safe. They are just a bunch of free riders.

      • fortunately, they are not anti-gun, they are just not into guns. they are cool with my views on guns and agree that the antis are full of S**t, but they just don’t feel like they want to own one. Of course, a few are really good clients of mine so I trust them and wouldn’t worry about trigger-happiness as much as them having to hole up and wait for things to blow over. Although, I have taken one of them shooting and she wants me to help her pick out a glock for the house

    • ” I also have gotten requests from people close to me who are not ” gun people”…..”

      My brother is one of those ” I’m not anti gun but….” type of people. You know the type…”why do you NEED ( insert firearm/round count of magazine here)?”
      We were joking around about shtf scenarios when he turned to me and said that if anything were to happen, he’d just head to my house. I looked him square in the eyes and replied,” yeah, good luck with that.”
      He is my brother, and I would do anything for him but it pisses me off that someone with that attitude thinks I should protect them when they make it harder for me to protect what’s mine. As an aside, he is the same person who tried to belittle my time in service and our military…… He apologized after his eye healed.

  4. Your best defense is you and what you can control. When the SHTF there aren’t enough cops around to help you.

  5. For those who are confused about how the community really feels about the Brown shooting the surge in gun sales should be a wakeup call. The protesters and the rioters are made of the small population of gangbangers and those who support them. The rest of the community knows if Darren Wilson is railroaded the police will look the other way when gangbangers terrorize Ferguson. There will be no one to the others Michael Browns in the community.

    This has never been about a thug getting his just desserts. The Progressive elite and their lackies in the press have been using Brown’s death to ensure that the streets are turned over to their gang enforcers of the social order. Crime is the Progressives primary tool for social control.

    If you want to reduce crime and violence ban Democrats, not guns.

    • “Crime is the Progressives primary tool for social control.”

      A little off topic here, but watch out for the upcoming and already happening efforts to decriminalize certain behaviors, reduce punishments for others, get rid of three strikes-type laws and mandatory minimum sentences, etc.

      I generally do not like long jail terms for minor drug crimes, legislatively mandated sentences, and such. I also see a real danger to liberty in for-profit prisons and wide-spread incarceration. At the same time, the correlation between increased incarceration, longer jail terms, and reduced crime over the last twenty-odd years is undeniable.

      There is a definite move under foot to reduce the number of people we incarcerate. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. However, if we do this and crime goes up, I’m sure we’ll hear new calls for gun control and other curtailments of liberty based on the new “crime epidemic.” Too many people will be too reactionary to stop and think about whether the new crime epidemic is simply the result of letting criminals out of jail (or never putting them there in the first place).

      We’ve had a remarkable run of reduced crime in the last twenty or so years. We should think long and hard about the effects of any crime-related social policies we’re thinking about changing.

      • They want to legalize drugs, or in the case of NYC, just not enforce the law, so that their constituents aren’t sitting in prison on election day. So-called decriminalization is really just voter roll enhancement.

        Same thing with illeagal aliens. So called immigration reform is just a matter if importing millions of new voters, dumping them into our schools and onto the welfare rolls, then vanpooling them to the polling stations and reminding them which party provided them with all these goodies at other people’s expense.

        Liberals don’t win elections by changing voters’ minds. They win elections by changing the voters.

      • Kalifornia is already in the process of converting thousands of felons in various categories to misdemeanants, releasing them onto the streets, and (remarkably!) restoring their 2A rights. It’s due (in part) to a federal court order to reduce prison overcrowding.

  6. And when the SHTF in progressive states like Kaliforniastan, people will learn how restrictive the “reasonable” restrictions are. My ex-wife was completely shocked when I told here there was a 10 day wait on firearm purchases here. She had no idea. Just imagine the shock as hordes of law abiding citizens flock to Turners and find out they are unable to protect themselves and their families.

  7. Didn’t “need a gun” yesterday, last week, last year but today “need a gun”. Morons. Needed that 60″ flat screen, cable/dish TV every month, another set of golf clubs, etc. Morons.

    Show up at my castle for refuge and you better be equipped and supplied or you’re staying in our front as the tripwire/speedbump.

    TAG – I’m AVG is alerting be of a Trojan that appe that appears to be originatin with you.

    And what are these BS “You May Like” popups in the middle of your page???

  8. President Ebola should send his close friend Al Sharpton to Ferguson as his personal Presidential adviser; the former fat man will make sure that every gun shop within 50 miles will be sold out, and every building within 25 miles will be burned to the ground.

    Call it urban renewal. Bye, Ferguson.

  9. I wish these “new faces” were somewhere other than Metro. Ive heard some of the most ridiculous “gun store garbage” from people behind the counter at those places (espec Belleville). For example: “Ruger isnt making the GP anymore” (while selling an overpriced used 686 to a first timer).

  10. I’m not a damn bit worried being south of Chicago. PO-leece shootings & misconduct almost every day. And the natives hardly get excited. What is annoying is the Islamic and anti-Semitic influence unreported in the lame stream media. Be prepared.

  11. Folks in Ferguson are asking for 48 hours notice of an indictment so they have time to “prepare for peace” and that is a direct quote. Somehow, I don’t think “prepare for peace” means what I think it means.

  12. tdiinva is right. The general public here are getting fed up with the crap. They’re tired of the businesses being trashed and they are going to leave their homes open for targets. It’s not the bad guys tooling up at Metro.

    Metro is a great shop. Their guns cost a tad more, but part of that price includes membership for their very nice indoor range downstairs. I hope the people gearing up take advantage of that membership and get a bit of practice time before the ruling comes out.

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