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Supporters of the Constitution, and particularly those who understand the Founders’ intent in writing the Second Amendment, are engaged in a never-ending war. It is a war against a totalitarian domestic enemy. Some portion of that enemy consider themselves to be enlightened, morally superior, infallible, and benign. Others, should they ever achieve their ultimate goals, will be no different than history’s most vicious, despotic mass murderers. All have one goal: total citizen disarmament. Government–their utopian government–must have an absolute monopoly on the means of using force . . .

Much has been written about the outcome of the November 4th mid-term elections. Some have even suggested that citizens who honor the Second Amendment can breath a collective sigh of relief and relax for a while. Surely after the 2013 failure of all of Mr. Obama’s post-Sandy Hook gun control initiatives, and last week’s monumental whacking of Mr. Obama’s policies and agenda at the ballot box, gun control advocates won’t dare try to sell their wares for a good long time.

Didn’t Gallup recent publish the results of a poll indicating a near-record low public appetite for gun control? Why yes, they did: 

“Less than half of Americans, 47%, say they favor stricter laws covering the sale of firearms, similar to views found last year. But this percentage is significantly below the 58% recorded in 2012 after the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, spurred a nationwide debate about the possibility of more stringent gun control laws. Thirty-eight percent of Americans say these laws should be kept as they are now, and 14% say they should be made less strict.”

This result is part of a continuing trend. The public has apparently stopped listening to gun control arguments, by and large, in ever-increasing margins:

“The percentage favoring stricter gun sale laws in the two years since Newtown occurred has declined despite steady and tragic high-profile shootings in the U.S at schools, malls and businesses. This past week, shootings occurred at a Seattle-area school and of police officers in Sacramento and Placer County, California. Amidst events like these in 2014, and the resulting calls for stricter gun sale laws, the 47% who favor stricter laws is just above the historical low of 43% measured in 2011.

Ten years ago, three in five Americans (60%) said they favored stricter laws regulating the sale of firearms, but support fell to 44% in 2009 and remained at that level in polls conducted in the next two years. Days after the Newtown shooting, support for stricter gun sale laws swelled. Since 2012, however, Americans have retreated from those stronger attitudes about the need for more gun control, and the percentage of Americans who say the laws should be less strict — although still low — has edged up.”

Gun control has become, more and more, political poison, and in the mid-terms, Democrats were mostly careful to avoid mentioning it. The majority of them entirely dropped their past strident calls for “common sense, reasonable gun safety measures.”

Why then should the law-abiding gun owner and supporter of the Constitution be concerned? After all, the Supreme Court, in the 2008 Heller decision has ruled that the Second Amendment does speak to an unalienable, fundamental and individual right to keep and bear arms, a right applied to the states in the 2010 McDonald decision.  What’s the worry?

Gun control advocates never give up. Congressional gun grabbers have simply closed the files on their “assault weapon,” “large capacity magazine,” “comprehensive background check,” “closing the gun show loophole,” bills that have spectacularly failed, but they haven’t deleted them. When they think the time is ripe, or merely when it is politically advantageous to throw a bit of red meat to their base, those bills will be resurrected.

They never give up because they know that they can never impose their entire totalitarian agenda as long as free men and women are allowed to keep and bear arms. The most power-mad and malicious among them think in exactly those terms, but rarely, if ever, speak them outside of select company. They manipulate their brethren that consider themselves morally and intellectually superior laborers for social justice, people working tirelessly for the benefit of the common man unable to know what is best for him and unable to appreciate the brilliance, inherent superiority and endless altruism of his betters. They too share the goals of the gun control agenda, but think they are building a better world. The fact that they are enabling the worst predators in our–or any–society, either escapes them, or they see it as a necessary step toward the greater social good.

Gun Controllers are at work even though their arguments don’t specifically seem to be about gun control. There are strategies and trends those that wish to retain liberty should keep in mind.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy

Named after two Columbia University sociologists, this 1966 strategy essentially suggests overwhelming current governmental systems and bureaucracies, causing chaos and economic collapse. Then the peasants will gratefully accept whatever “solution” the Progressives offer to “save” them. These are always solutions no sane person in normal circumstances would so much as consider. The strategy has been studied and adopted by the Left, and used wherever possible.

The Fast and Furious debacle is an obvious application of the strategy. It appears that the Obama Administration, likely led by Attorney General Eric Holder, hoped that allowing thousands of weapons to be transferred to Mexican drug cartels would result in such a slaughter on both sides of the border that the public would rise up–with appropriate rabble rousing from the Administration and progressive activists–and demand assault weapon bans and other gun control initiatives. To further that goal, the government made sure large numbers of semi-automatic rifles were allowed to fall into the hands of some of the most vicious killers on the planet, and a substantial slaughter did result, and continues to this day. Unfortunately for gun controllers, honest federal agents blew the whistle at great cost to themselves, and the public didn’t fall for it. The Obamites continue to stonewall the Congressional investigation into Fast and Furious.

Even so, the Cloward-Piven strategy remains a mainstay of the Progressive movement, and a vital tool of gun controllers.

Immigration Amnesty

Mr. Obama is promising an executive order amnesty by Christmas. Best estimates suggest he will essentially pardon as many as 8 million illegal immigrants. Quite apart from the social, health, national security and economic catastrophes this would cause, it would have a very direct impact on the Second Amendment.

The ultimate goal of such an amnesty is vote-packing. Mr. Obama and the progressives intend, with a single stroke, to invent out of whole cloth 8 million or more new Democrat voters entirely beholden to the Democrat party for welfare, education, and every other necessity of life. Most are no or low skill, poorly educated people. With the stroke of a pen, Mr. Obama hopes to create an immediate and permanent Democrat majority.

This is particularly dangerous to the Second Amendment because such an influx will bring not only disease–as it already has–but a substantial criminal element, which is another manifestation of the Cloward-Piven strategy. It remains to be seen whether the public would accept disarmament and the promise of government protection, or see self-reliance as a greater guarantee of safety. If Mr. Obama’s scheme succeeds, what the American public wants won’t matter. America will become a much larger Detroit, but its downfall will be much more rapid.

A great tragedy is that many of these immigrants are people seeking a free, relatively safe place to raise their families, a nation where they don’t face daily threats of extortion or random maiming or murder, a nation where they have far greater freedom and at least potential opportunity. Few of good will could fail to sympathize with them.

That their very presence in such large numbers, and their cynical manipulation by Progressive politicians will go a long way toward making America resemble the hell-hole nations they left is a horrific irony.

The danger is that these are people used to having no Second Amendment. They do not expect to possess the tools necessary to effectively protect their lives. That is not, to them, and unalienable right; they’ll be grateful for whatever privilege the government extends. Progressives will do their best to ensure those attitudes never change and they remain dependent on government largess. That largess is, of course, tax dollars.

Court Packing

Mr. Obama has already seated more than 200 very leftist jurists on the Federal bench. Federal judges enjoy lifetime appointments. They leave only by impeachment, retirement, or voluntary resignation. The judges of the lower federal courts can do enormous damage.

But Republicans now control the House and Senate. They’ll keep judges that won’t honor the Constitution off the bench! No. They won’t. Many Republicans are easily fooled. They don’t think long term. They will approve many of Mr. Obama’s nominations as they already have.

Even if Mr. Obama becomes sneakier and appoints judges that claim to believe the Second Amendment is “settled law,” as Supreme Court justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan did, once on the bench, their true beliefs always manifest.

Should a justice of the Supreme Court that decides cases based on the law and the Constitution die or retire during Mr. Obama’s remaining two years, he would surely nominate a stealth candidate that would say all the right things until confirmed, but act as a partisan progressive once on the court. In that case, the Second Amendment, as well as the Constitution itself, wouldn’t last long. At best, the Constitution would be paid occasional lip service, but it would no longer be the law of the land, and the first portion of the Bill of Rights to be gutted would be the Second Amendment.


The aforementioned dangers assume that Progressive gun grabbers will actually honor the law and work within our republican system of government. This takes time. President Obama has already amply demonstrated that he cares nothing for the rule of law. He has made it plain that he intends to rule by executive fiat for the remainder of his term and to hell with the Constitution, the Congress and the American people.

Combine lawlessness with people that are determined to eliminate any threat to their rule, and there is nothing they will not do to get their way. The only thing that will slow or stop them is the credible threat of armed resistance.  Such people often make fun of small arms, claiming them ineffective against modern weapons.  They know better.  That’s why they are desperate to take every handgun and every semiautomatic rifle.

The President, the IRS, the EPA, and the Department of Justice are just a few of our federal politicians and agencies that have repeatedly demonstrated contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law. As communists are socialists in a hurry, our current crop of progressives are closely emulating Communists. As Mr. Obama has often said: “we can’t wait.”

Once a politician or bureaucrat gets away with stomping on the rights of a citizen, or ignoring the law, the power is as addictive as crack cocaine. As Lord Action said: “power corrupts; absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.” Soon, they no longer bother to even pretend to follow the law.

Don’t imagine that federal agents will refuse to violate the rights of citizens. Some will, but not enough, and those coming to your door to seize your firearms won’t be bothered by such quaint concerns as honor, decency or the law.

Thomas Jefferson said: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” That is our burden, the price we must pay. Arguably, never have Americans faced the dangers they face today on many fronts. Never have the protections of the Second Amendment been more important, yet never have the efforts of those that would obliterate those protections been so sophisticated and relentless.

Progressives recoil in mock indignation and horror when patriots remind them that the Second Amendment was written as a warning to tyrants. It recognizes the inherent right of the American people to overthrow tyrannical government. Denying that historical and human rights reality is unpatriotic and un-American, not recognizing it.

We may have won a brief respite from overt gun control efforts, but the covert war never slackens. The stakes are nothing less than individual liberty and the preservation of western civilization. Unfortunately, we sometimes fail to recognize that.

Benjamin Franklin, too, was right: “They that would surrender essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Mike’s Home blog is Stately McDaniel Manor.

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    • It can’t happen unless the Senate ratifies the treaty, which it won’t. Even when they had the votes they wouldn’t do it. This is mainly a fear-mongering article.

  1. Sadly, some of the most dangerous people in this fight are 2A “supporters” that claim to be real Constitutionalists, and “very conservative”. Many of which are even on this website. Those that support compromise, “reasonable” solutions, and tiny changes are the ones that are killing us by a thousand cuts. Half the time it’s even the NRA, and for sure a bunch of the Republicans.

    I truly don’t get what is so difficult to understand and grasp about “shall not be infringed.”

    • I run into gun owners who say that it is okay to ban assault rifles as long as they leave handguns or real hunting guns alone. The Fudds and RINOS are worse than the Donkeycraps.

  2. The NRA should throw a big ole wrench in things by establishing a massive outreach to all the soon to be citizens and teaching them about all of the constitutional rights they will have available to exercise so as to help them get tooled up.

      • Yeah, what ever happened to that?

        A Spanish overdub would be a nice touch. Then have the union teachers tell their kids they can’t watch it.

    • First the NRA will have to find Spanish speakers well versed in our Constitution. Then they will have to head off La Raza recruiters. Let them know if they do not support the 2nd Amendment and the rest of the amendments, their new found country will turn into the hell hole they just left.

  3. When so few show up to vote(where it MATTERS)yeah we do deserve what we get. Fight the power…

  4. Thank you for calling our the Cloward-Pliven Cack Sackers.

    In this case, I am asserting that they are literally Cack Sackers, among other things.

  5. “Don’t imagine that federal agents will refuse to violate the rights of citizens. Some will, but not enough, and those coming to your door to seize your firearms won’t be bothered by such quaint concerns as honor, decency or the law.”

    LEO lurkers…you might think “quaint concerns as honor, decency or the law” are a laugh…we DO NOT.
    The British redcoats had your mindset…sucked for them to… Walk away from this while you can and
    don’t come back.

  6. You violate the constitution, become tyrants, and execute warrant less searches, we shoot back. That’s why we have that 2nd Amendment.

  7. “Such people often make fun of small arms, claiming them ineffective against modern weapons. They know better. That’s why they are desperate to take every handgun and every semiautomatic rifle.”

    That’s always bothered me. If progressives think we don’t stand a chance against a real army, why do you want to disarm us before we even try? Wouldn’t they want to see all those who disagree with them get themselves killed because they rejected authority?

  8. Some animals, when hungry, will eat their young. Progressives eat their ancestors. I’d like to ask a Progressive when and where will all this “progress” lead us, and how will we know we are “there” when we get there? Why won’t your descendants condemn you for some sin that hasn’t been invented yet in the way you condemn your own ancestors (who in 1776 established the most Progressive government ever seen on the earth) as racist, classist, homophobic and transphobic? When and where does this all end?

  9. Excellent! And, I agree.

    Shall not be infringed is crucial to our individual Liberty and even our freedom as a nation. We cannot ever let up and must continue to push towards shall not be infringed. The thought of the People being disarmed must become repugnant to subsequent generations if we are to secure individual freedom. IMHO, the bearing of arms in public and private must become commonplace again.

  10. Our enemies are numerous, but they have a common agenda. Civilian disarmament. It has been seen in recent events how a small number of determined individuals with limited weaponry can successfully hold against much larger and better equipped forces. Is it any wonder that urban combat is high on the military and para-military training agendas?

    In addition to Democrats, and their elitist overlords, you have a conglomeration of groups loosely tied by common interest. Criminals who will use political influence to further their own agendas. New York and Chicago are two prime examples. Leeland Yee selling weapons to gang members. Extreme greens who will use “environmental issues” to stop development through frivolous litigation. The real extreme greens have an ally in the Rosicrucian secret society who advocate the reduction of the human race (by over 90%) in order to save the planet. How this will be done is definitely the stuff of nightmares. Billionaires who think their money entitles them to direct the rest of us for our own good.

    All we can do is be ever vigilant and to resist when, where, and how we can.

  11. This is a great article. I well be off line for some time so this is my last comment for a while. Save and read McDaniel’s article frequently. It’s ironic that the Constitution was written in 1776 and 234 years later we still have to protect our rights from our own government. McDaniel is right that those who want to take our guns, our rights and our freedoms will never give up.

    Like any effective terrorists they are strategic. Conservatives tend to be pragmatic, mind their own business and assume others share this philosophy.

    Man’s nature does not change. Our founding fathers understood that rulers, elected or otherwise, either trust the citizens or don’t. Study our founding fathers.

    “Some are whigs, liberals, democrats, call them what you please. Others are tories, serviles, aristocrats, &c. The latter fear the people, and wish to transfer all power to the higher classes of society; the former consider the people as the safest depository of power in the last resort; they cherish them therefore, and wish to leave in them all the powers to the exercise of which they are competent.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson, Letters of Thomas Jefferson

    We need some of Jefferson’s fanaticism but by definition a conservative can not be fanatical.

    Understand the enemy. Have strength. Have faith.

    • “[T]he former consider the people as the safest depository of power in the last resort; they cherish them therefore, and wish to leave in them all the powers to the exercise of which they are competent.”

      How’s that universal suffrage democracy working for ya?

  12. “enlightened, morally superior, infallible, and benign.” are precisely the people who are “vicious, despotic mass murderers.” They always are.

    • Watch as the media completely ignores it and chooses to cover a half dozen MDA activists showing up in front of a Kroger instead.

      • As a Kroger retiree I can assure everyone that you’re right about Moms Demand Action. Kroger has done what the other major corporate (chain store) targets have done: they request that customers do not openly display their self defense weapons (because it make other customers nervous). That’s not been enough for MDA so they kept up their tiny demonstrations and the news media covers those half-dozen participants events as if it was an event of national significance. I worked in Kroger stores for 22 years and we never saw ANY KIND OF PROBLEM arising from any customer being armed.

        The MDA also doesn’t want anyone to know that, if they followed the standard procedure for reporting problems to Kroger management, those stores never saw fit to do anything beyond what IS established and accepted policy. So they may have gone to the Customer Service counters in some Kroger stores but they got nowhere and now think they can impress a misinformed public with their “determination to do good.” hah! What MDA really is: an organization catering to neurotic fear of guns on the part of a minority. Neurotics are a minority for a reason – but they never can be persuaded to shut up. They’ll continue to use every means to enforce “sharing” of their neurosis. It’s like any other nut job: they all want us to see the giant purple ostriches stalking them and everyone else.

  13. All this hand wringing is totally meaningless when so many People of the Gun won’t go and actually cast a vote. If I’m not mistaken, freedom-loving folks outnumber the totalitarian left, but when we don’t participate by actually voting, we are handing evil all the power to disarm us. Ask every gun owner you know, “Did you vote?” If they say no, then…I’m not sure what to do.

    I had a friend like that who never votes because he says it doesn’t make a difference. He got butthurt when I told him that by not voting HE was part of the problem just as much as any gun-grabbing Democrat. He quit speaking to me. By not making the small effort to show up to vote, we are slowly pivoting from a representative republic to a straight democratic system where mob rule of the majority make laws. The abomination in Washington state is a great example of this. After the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Ben Franklin said that we’d been given “A Republic…if we can keep it.” People who can’t be bothered to vote are disgracing this legacy and need to be shamed.

    “The natural cure for an ill-administration, in a popular or representative constitution, is a change of men.” –Alexander Hamilton, Federalist 21

    This cannot happen unless ALL freedom-loving Americans actually VOTE.

    • Yeah I don’t understand why people don’t vote. It seems like extreme laziness. Took me all of 10 minutes to drive around the block to church, walk in, vote and be back in the car.

      People who say it makes no difference are just making excuses for being lazy turd-bags.

      “Well I don’t like any candidate so F ’em!” or “He’s a RINO so I ain’t voting!” Great. You just left your future in the hands of occupy ‘tards and welfare moms. Pinch your nose so you can avoid the smell and vote for the least smelly candidate on offer, according to whatever your criteria is.

    • “when so many People of the Gun won’t go and actually cast a vote” Really? You lie spewing Democrat Party c*nt? Perhaps you can provide factual documentation that your Democrat Party sh*t spew is real, you f**king c*nt.

      Let me be polite and “civil”. F*ck you, you lie spewing Democrat Party c*nt.

      • 2hotel9: You need a reading comprehension class to go with a bar of soap for your mouth. My point was that we freedom-loving People of the Gun can demolish anti-gun initiatives and anti-gun Democrat candidates if would all simply GO AND VOTE. I’m not sure how that makes me a…how did you put it? A “lie spewing Democrat Party c*nt.”

        I can’t figure out if you’re totally drunk, completely insane or really just defensive about not voting. Maybe you’re just stupid. Either way, you’re kinda creepy. Lighten up, Francis.

  14. The office of President has no power to legalize any illegal aliens. The Constitution in article 1, section 8 (To establish a uniform rule of naturalization) clearly leaves that power with congress.

    The Presidential power to pardon as this article mentions would be useless to help democrats with illegal immigrants. The reason being that illegal immigrants would be just as guilty of the crime of being in the U.S. illegal after the pardon is issued. In addition a pardon does nothing to actually naturalize them, it merely would be an attempt to shield them from law enforcement. Once pardoned an illegal immigrant still cannot legally vote or collect government benefits.

    Of course all of this depends on the government actually following the law. which sadly seems to be an increasingly remote possibility.

  15. There’s at least a solid kernel for what McDaniel says. How else do you explain the sudden declaration by Obama that a school shooting justified reviving the long dead gun control issue which has cost the Democrats dearly when they brought it up in the past? When BHO made his Sandy Hook Speech (Dec. 2012), I was flat-out amazed he’d do such a stupid thing (and insulted as a gun owner and scared as the father of a grade school teacher).

    But the defeats of gun control bills in Congress never slowed the effort to instill a “stimulated” fear of guns in the public mind. The news media HAS been a staunch “enabler” in all this with so called “journalists” putting out story after store about “the terrible scourge of gun violence” even when the “gun violence” meant acts of self defense by citizens and law enforcement.

    Even now – after the election caused losses to the Democrats, others of similar mind are keeping the issue going with help from the news media. In Michigan, one school official has declared “We will call the police and lock down our schools” whenever they see an adult legally carrying a holstered handgun (when bringing their own kids to school). So we have the revival of the “I Accuse” Syndrome acting in support of using (misusing) the police to “enforce” an illegal (in Michigan) policy which insists that only disarmed/ helpless adults may come onto school property. One supporter crowed: “They want drama, lets give them all the drama they can handle!”

    McDaniel is also correct to say this strategy is as pervasive as the Democrats can make it. In Ann Arbor, MI, the entire city government is under Democrat control. Just lately, they decided that smoking in public is “a problem” so they passed an ordinance making it “illegal” to smoke at bus stops (even though most of the bus stops are open air and totally unoccupied for most of the time each day. The Ann Arbor Housing Commission (hired by the mayor and paid by the city) has used the excuse of “federal funding” to justify their new (7/01/14) policy banning smoking INSIDE people’s apartments (which renters PAY for to have rights to privacy and security). Even after one resident presented all the latest scientific information showing it wasn’t actually necessary, all they said was “It’s because of funding requirements.” Smokers thus become like gun owners: “irresponsible criminals.” Just as simple as that.

    McDaniel is right: they won’t stop and aren’t affected by mere election losses. Ann Arbor (for example) voted around 90% Democrat in the last two elections. They aren’t even deterred by the fact that the state government is (remains) Republican controlled. Same goes for Detroit – which is now being rescued from its socialist irresponsibility and corruption by a Republican governor and legislature.

  16. I studied the work of Cloward and Piven in University. Interesting that you bring them up. Their views were considered quite left. They are famous for stating that societies like to keep an auxiliary work force that they appease with easy benefits when things get rough then diminish said benefits when times are easy.

    My issue with the this article is that immigration brings disease. It does? Airports bring disease. Our US of A depends on a migrant workforce for it’s produce harvests. It has for a good hundred years.

    Such comments go back to the 1800s through the 1900s when the last group to arrive from Europe invents all manner of ill that the next group could bring.

    Their have been no known outbreaks of disease brought about by immigration. So don’t lie. I’ve grown tired of the lies told by the “left” around guns. Don’t go there. Falsehoods just work temporarily and mean that you don’t really have a case.

    If our country and it’s politicians wanted immigration reform why wait til some unattended minors cross the border. Every administration has had a chance. National Security. That’s a joke. Borders have been porous. Fix it or shut up.

    Remember immigration is just another issue to keep you distracted and voting for or against. Issues that they won’t fix but keep talking about.

    Real issues that require thought and sacrifice are left untouched. Example: no one disagrees that we need well paid, well trained teachers with small class sizes. Do we ever get this? We rank 27th in the world in education. That’s shameful and embarrassing.

  17. “The only thing that will slow or stop them is the credible threat of armed resistance.”

    Keep in mind that there are two elements to a credible threat of armed resistance: the means and the will to deploy it.

    • The primary reason Uncle Sugar decided to separate me from the DoD was because of my, repeatedly demonstrated, willingness to deploy armed force against America’s enemies. Nothing has changed, on my end.

    • Correct. I don’t think that most of these agents of government acting tyrannically actually believe that the individual(s) before them have the will to physically fight back with deadly force. Looking at some youtube videos reveals many instances where if the agent of government actually thought a serious threat was imminent, they would have been more cautious.

  18. I don’t buy it. The republicans are no saving grace; no party is by my estimation. We are just constantly trading a slap in the face for a kick in the ass by flip flopping between parties. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle they sit, they all go after freedom and liberty in their own ways.

    Now for the tin foil hat. I wouldn’t be surprised if the republicans and democrats have always been in cahoots. On party gets in an erodes a little from the left. The next party gets in and erodes a little from the right until they meet in the middle with nothing left to take away. People get pissed off at the current party and forget the indiscretions of the prior party just to vote them back in. Rinse and repeat.

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