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“I remember back about 20 years ago the idea of Jews with guns in America was very fringe. It was considered very much of an extreme position,” [Cherev Gidon Israeli Tactical Training Academy Director Yonatan Stern] explains.

‘Now I am seeing, since October 7, all these people who are hardcore, lifelong Democrats, who contributed to anti-gun groups and were actively pushing for British-style gun control in America, have completely turned around and changed their attitude.

“Since October 7, I would say most American Jews support the idea of having armed congregants, and synagogues support the idea of private gun ownership. You see people going into synagogues openly carrying guns all over America. It’s normalised now.

“I was just contacted last week by a woman who said, ‘I’ve always hated guns. The idea of having a gun is disgusting. I’ve always been terrified of guns, but now I want to get a gun because I see that we are in danger.’ She saw on TV these massive protests by hundreds of thousands of Palestinian supporters, Hamas supporters in Washington and in New York City, calling to globalise the intifada, which really means, let’s bring terrorism to America, let’s attack American Jews.

“I’m getting a lot more women and maybe older people than in the past who were terrified of guns. Their fear and their political ideology, which is anti-gun, has now been overcome by their fear of terrorism.

“People in America are realising you can’t rely on the government. Your defence is on you. You have to protect yourself and your family and those around you. You can’t wait for the police to arrive. It’ll be too late. You’ve got to be armed.

— Ben Clerkin in Fearful American Jews arm up and flock to the gun range

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    • I’ve known plenty of liberal anti-gun people who were victims of a violent crime in the last few years, and if they survived it they woke up the next morning a conservative and went out to buy guns and heck I even sold some of them some of my own. Some of them just need a metaphorical or actual ‘kick in the head’ to get them rebooted out of the left wing liberal anti-gun mental illness.

        • @ .40 cal Booger
          “and if they survived it they woke up the next morning a conservative and went out to buy guns”

          I know there are many that think that. But the whole idea of “A conservative is a liberal who’s just been mugged” is just nonsense. The fact that the Jewish community so obviously didn’t arm themselves right after WW2 is proof in itself.

        • “never said owning a gun made someone a conservative. How did you get that?”

          Seriously? Do you even read what you just wrote?

          “I’ve known plenty of liberal anti-gun people who were victims of a violent crime in the last few years, and if they survived it they woke up the next morning a conservative and went out to buy guns and heck I even sold some of them some of my own.”

        • No, but it’s a big first step into a much more conservative world view. Once they buy a gun then they start to realize that someone really wants to take that security away from them. That’s the second step on the path, and so it goes.

        • “Seriously? Do you even read what you just wrote?”

          Did you read what I wrote or did you read what you think I wrote?

          Lets read it together….I posted this:

          “…and if they survived it they woke up the next morning a conservative and went out to buy guns”

          Notice how one came before the other… first its…if they survived the violent crime against them they woke up the next morning a conservative … THEN they decided to go out and buy a gun.

          That does not say, as was claimed, them buying a gun made them a conservative. But lets look at the context with the whole thing:

          “I’ve known plenty of liberal anti-gun people who were victims of a violent crime in the last few years, and if they survived it they woke up the next morning a conservative and went out to buy guns and heck I even sold some of them some of my own.”

          if they survived the violent crime they woke up the next morning a “conservative” – in terms of the crime, the reality…that they were also a victim of their own left wing liberal stance for anti-gun that they did not have the means to protect their self, that its real and not what the left wing liberal anti-gun claims is imaginary thus to them we do not needs guns to defend against, that the threat is there and its simply a matter of chance if it comes to you or not and you do not control when or where it happens, that they were exposed by their own left wing liberal anti-gun agenda. They got it then, the reality, and adopted what is traditionally considered a “conservative” stance for that new found reality and then went out and bought a gun. Not that buying a gun made them “conservative”

        • @Simple Jack
          Owning firearms does not reflect any kind of conservative anything. Too many people on every side of the political spectrum have them. Putin has guns and so does Hamas. These people are certainly NOT conservatives. One does not mean the other. In this country or any other. The PLO has them too ya know. The people that DO need them are often the very ones that are the hardest to convince of getting them.

          The type of people that .40Cal refers to are more likely to end up giving up whatever firearms are purchased through gun-buybacks as soon as any threat they perceive is gone. Few would keep them as a permanent fixture in life. If THESE individuals gave any indication of rejecting Democrats (as a party) then my attitude about all this might be different. Continuing to vote primarily left just saying no to a select few is not an indication of being conservative.

          Conservatism is a philosophy. It’s a way of life. Being mugged (or even getting shot) often just results in strengthening someones anti-gun stance. If people actually *listened* to the things many on the left are saying (instead of just looking like they listen by reading leftist blogs), this is being indicated.

          One thing that we MUST take an honest look at is WHY Israel was so disarmed on Oct7 in the first place. It isn’t like humanity hasn’t had guns for hundreds of years. They KNEW they has enemies at their gates. Just like so many of us here.

    • Do you really think that these newly armed liberal Jews are now conservative? Do you truly believe that the firearm they recently purchased foes that?

  1. Hell, being my own “First Responder” is something I’ve known for 50 years…

    No neighbors close by, far from the metro areas, 8 hour drives usually at night between residencies- privacy outweighs the other issues for me.


    • One reason that gun control is becoming so popular in today’s society is that there are more and more namby pambly males who don’t have the balls to take on the responsibility to protect their loved ones. Therefore, no gun, no responsibility. Let the big daddy government protect my loved ones so I can hide under the bed when the shit hits the fan.

      • No fathers. No traditional, or Biblical adult male influence of any relevancy. Toxic- all bad.

        This needn’t be all “life saving” efforts, either- even basic, fix it things like patching your own roof, changing spark plugs or oil in your vehicle, mowing your own lawn.

        Bet there’s been a fast 180 in Israel starting 10/7/23.

        God help us here…

  2. Welcome to reality! It has always been true that depending upon some faceless government entity to come and save you is a fools wager. Governments look out for their own power and interests, and if citizens benefit then that’s just a side benefit.

  3. Now we just need all the flash mob looters to start targeting the gated communities and invader camps to be set up on the lawns of their sprawling estates.

    The comfy, wealthy wokies need to be blessed by the fruits of their social engineering labors.

  4. Some kids grow up later than others. Others never grow up. Better late than never. But, it’s still a shame we had to fight all those children all those years.

    • Oy vey lady! You need to vote RED for it to matter(a little). Quit voting for pols bent on disarming the righteous. Stop supporting baby murderers. Get your chit together🙄

  5. “Their fear and their political ideology, which is anti-gun, has now been overcome by their fear of terrorism.”

    This reality must have caused great anguish in their “liberal” “progressive” minds.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. A Rabbi I’ve know for 26 years has always been armed. He takes the mantra “Never Again” very seriously.

    It’s about time for many of the head-in-the-sand Liberal Jews in the USA to come to their senses and take primary responsibility for their personal safety. It is sad that it took horrific acts of terror for them to realize their vulnerability…fortunately, in the USA they have an enumerated Right to self-defense.

    • Much of their Eurocentric “community” is of and by Karl Marx. So Israeli with their silly UK styled government organization.

      Someone point out to Mr Stern that the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has been around since 1989. https://jpfo.org/

      • The most conservative people I have known are Jews who fled communism, they are religiously, fiscally and Constitutionally conservative, and yes, they take owning guns seriously too.

  7. That person might have seen hun ownership as disgusting but what I see as disgusting is a massive group of people just standing there waiting to be slaughtered. The fact that WW2 wasn’t enough to teach these people something is truly amazing.

    The fact that these are Jews is meaningless. It’s about humans refusing to defend themselves and would rather be killed. But yet they want me to side with them because of Oct7???

    Get a gun, train with it, and carry it.

    • Democrats like to quote Jesus saying to turn the other cheek as their holier-than-thou reason they promote gun control. Where they get it all wrong is that Jesus never said you must force your neighbor to turn the other cheek. The Democrats are pushing this country farther and farther down the road to tyranny. They often used and cited the Constitution to get their way. Now they see the Constitution as an impediment to what are trying to impose on us, so they are trying to either re-interoperate or do away with the Constitution.

      • And Jesus did NOT say if someone wants to rape and murder your wife, offer to him your daughter as well. Maybe He intended that case to be covered by cheek-striking too, but I doubt it.

  8. I have a number of Jewish friends whom call themselves conservative. One even said he felt more fearful of the Biden admin than he ever has of any admin before.
    The few liberal Jewish friends I have are coming to the realization there are some in the Democrat party are not their friends.

  9. As if slave labor, concentration camps, gas chambers and nazis were not already enough to motivate Jewish citizens to be armed and gung-ho 2A.

    disgruntled democRats gone wild…

  10. My grandpa was an American aviator who spent 18 months in a German WWII prison camp. He told us grandkids the story every 4th of July. Every year after the story he summed up the experience the same way: “Remember kids, the veneer of civilization is very thin”.
    Grandpa knew what it was to be hungry. After the war he had a bomb shelter built and stocked it with food. He never wanted to go hungry again. He was a good man. I miss him.
    Maybe this relates to being our own first responder, maybe not. I just like that story.

    • The problem we have today is we don’t have enough men like your grandfather around to keep us headed in the right direction, anti-fancy.

  11. When I was a child there was this old lady that lived a few houses down the road from us. She was nice, always had some desert she had made for the kids in the area and we frequently gathered at her house for cake or pie or cookies or some other treat she had made. One day she told us about the number tattooed on her arm and how it got there.

    She was Jewish, had been a prisoner at Auschwitz. The only reason she survived the first month there was because she could tailor clothing and the German officers would get her to make suits for them and take care of their uniform alterations. Anyway, Auschwitz actually was not just one camp, it was actually a complex of over 40 concentration and extermination camps and she was at Auschwitz II-Birkenau which was a concentration and extermination camp with gas chambers. So her second month came at the camp, and despite others being herded off to the gas chambers she escaped death again that month because some visiting Nazi officers wanted new suits made and would come back for them.

    So time passed with more and more Nazi officers coming by to have suits made and she once again escaped the gas chambers for the third month. So one day this Nazi officer comes back to pick up his new suits, she asked him where he was going to wear such a fine suit. He told her it was for when the war was over and how everyone was going to be leaving. Most of the German soldiers had already left by then and there were prisoners left behind and a few German soldiers but they too left as this Nazi officer showed up.

    So it was odd this Nazi officer would show up then to get his suits because the Germans were leaving. But anyway here was this Nazi officer to pick up his suits … he thanked her for making him such fine garments and said it was too bad she was a Jew because she made a fine tailor and told her that a detail would be coming to the camp to kill the rest of the prisoners and that she would die that day. He was in a hurry it seemed and didn’t notice her coming up behind him as he turned around to walk out with his new suits and that’s when she stabbed him to death with the scissors. Just as she finished killing him, she heard weapons fire. She had been hearing it every day recently in the distance but this was really close and she thought it was the extermination detail killing prisoners. She peeked out the window and saw some soldiers but they were not German soldiers. It was 27 January 1945, they were soldiers of the Soviet Red Army and Auschwitz II-Birkenau was being liberated.

    • Cool story!
      Grandpa mentioned that the most fearful people he ever saw in his life were the German guards at his camp the day the Russians mowed down the fences and liberated his camp. He said the Ruskies were ruthless with his former German captors.
      After reading your story, I’m surprised any of the German soldiers stuck around the POW camp for the arrival of the Russians.

      • I think maybe there were still a few around outside the camp trying to escape, those last few stragglers maybe that left when that Nazi officer showed up.

      • He REALLY wanted that fine tailored suit. I’m glad he got exactly the suit he deserved instead of living out his life in luxury in Argentina or one of the other collaborative S. American hole countries that welcomed these cockroaches in with open arms.

        It does sound a little far-fetched but it is a story I want to believe in.

        • Not like the USA would do something like that. You know like employing former Nazis to build rockets and missiles for our defense and space programs. You do know who Wernher von Braun is right?

    • As a 12 YO kid in 1962, my neighbor was among the first US Army photographers to record the horrors of the Buchenwald camp. One day, I passed through his yard on the way to another kid’s house. I remember him as jovial; quick to make a joke about almost anything. But that day, he was sitting next to his backyard grill obviously lost in thought. I stopped to say “hi” and then asked what he was thinking about. He bluntly said “Buchenwald.” I neither understood the word nor comprehended the history. So, I asked about “Buchenwald.” He tersely explained about the Nazi death camps, and about his WW2 job. Then I recall so vividly asking him about what he remembered. His answer? “Vomiting. I couldn’t stop vomiting.” He started crying and went inside. Didn’t see him again for a day or two.

      • As a kid of a US Officer in Germany and going to a DoD school in Frankfurt, we were required to go to a Nazi Camp at least once for part of our Social Studies classes (something that the kids don’t get any more).. and even at 16-17, I personally was appalled at what people can do to others.. Never Again is what should be taught to everyone in the free world, and yes, I carry even if I am in my 70’s.

      • I served at a time when WW2 vets were still on active duty. More than one had experienced the death camps.

        Nothing, in my mind, is lower than a holocaust denier. Nothing.

  12. I personally know of at least one Jew in my family who shot her first handgun and applied for her CCW because of what happened in Israel on October 7th and the extreme Anti-Jewish and Anti-Zionist crap spewing out of hateful leftists (and old-school pinwheel Nazis too) right here in the USA. I have been gently nudging for years but the Hamas attack pushed into action.

    Some of us have known all along that we are our own first responders but others take a little bit longer to come to that realization.

  13. “A conservative is a liberal who’s just been mugged?”

    On liberals buying guns – As soon as they feel safe, they will give them up. And support the taking of yours.

    “The fact that the Jewish community so obviously didn’t arm themselves right after WW2 is proof in itself.”

    They did what so many do – came here, got comfy, then worked to make it as much like the place they fled as possible – which means no guns for civilians. Just like the thousands that crossed our borders today will do ASAP.

    I predict they will be voting early and often – those who crossed in 2020 – 2022 in 2024.

    BNSF Railroad won’t relocate the folks in Ohio who impacted by the derailment. But “migrants” south of the border can ride BNSF free all day long. As long as they are headed north…

  14. This article reminds me of a ‘Duck Dynasty’ TV segment years ago when the commentator asked grandpa Phil if they felt safe in their home way out in the bayou a long way from help. Phil pointed to a shotgun in the corner of their living room and said: ‘Out here, I’m 9-1-1’. That ‘Frontier mentality’ is still present in a lot of us Americans who live in rural areas. Don’t tread on me.

  15. Sorry but I don’t trust the jews. The Jews are responsible for modern gun control in the United States. That’s just a fact. The laws that they voted for and they supported. Those laws are going to make it difficult for them to get guns now a days.

    When the jews actively work at repealing, the laws that they once supported, you let me know.

    Right now they’re very comfortable waiting in line. Waiting their two weeks. Their thirty days or whatever the wait time is. In order to get a gun.

    • btw
      It’s Pearl Harbor Day. I believe 83 years ago, 2401 american citizens were killed. In a surprise attack by the imperial japanese navy, on american naval forces in honolulu, hawaii.

      That is why we entered world war two. We did not enter the War to save the Europeans from Adolf Hitler.
      Unfortunately, president roosevelt used the attack on Pearl Harbor, to expand the war into europe for the United States. That is something that a future president would do decades later.

      • You have it all wrong, Chris T in KY. President Roosevelt didn’t declare war on Germany. Adolf Hitler declared war on the United States. Another fact for you is that an American President can’t declare war, only Congress can. It’s in the constitution, look it up.

        • No you are wrong. No American forces were attacked by Germany. Before Pearl Harbor. This is why we have diplomats. Every person who reads history except you. Know that the Roosevelt administration was breaking the law. Trying to get the United States involved in the european theater before Pearl Harbor was attacked.

        • Just because a country declares war on the United States doesn’t mean the United States has to declare war in that country.

          You should look up the number of countries that declared war against the united states and never went to war. Because they don’t like us.

        • On December 8, Japanese Ambassador Oshima went to German Foreign Minister Von Ribbentrop to get the Germans to formally declare war against America.

          Von Ribbentrop stalled for time. He knew that Germany was under no obligation to do this under the terms of the Tripartite Pact, which promised help if Japan was attacked, but not if Japan was the aggressor. Von Ribbentrop believed the addition of the United States would overwhelm the German war effort.

          Hitler thought otherwise. He believed the United States would soon declare war on Germany. The U.S. Navy was already attacking German U-boats anyway, and Hitler despised Roosevelt for his repeated verbal attacks against his Nazi ideology. Hitler also believed that Japan was much stronger than it was, that Japan could defeat the United States and when that happened that Japan would help Germany defeat Russia. So at 3:30 p.m. (Berlin time) on December 11, the German charge d’affaires in Washington handed American Secretary of State Cordell Hull a copy of the German declaration of war on the United States.

          The United States has formally declared war five times (only Congress can formally declare war):

          War of 1812

          Mexican–American War

          Spanish–American War

          World War I

          World War II (against Japan December 8, 1941 and Germany on December 11, 1941)

          All other military ‘wage war’ type actions have been ‘declared’ (as in initiated and carried out) by the president by using/exploiting a change in wording from the Federal Convention of 1787 where the phrase “make war” was changed to “declare war” in order to leave to the executive (the president) the power to ‘repel sudden attacks’ but not to commence war without the explicit approval of Congress. This still today remains a matter of contention and debate as to the legal extent of the president’s authority in this regard, and that wording has been over time used/exploited by presidents to claim (defacto) constitutional authority to commit troops without the necessity of congressional approval.

          However, in 1973 with the withdrawal of most American troops from the Vietnam War a debate raged over this and a compromise was reached that resulted in the ‘War Powers Resolution’ (AKA ‘War Powers Act’) and since that time presidential use of military force in ‘war type’ operations is suppose to meet the requirements defined in the ‘War Powers Act’ and get congressional approval and presidents did … that is until until Obama took office and he decided he didn’t need the act or congress. Obama ordered U.S. Military forces to join in attacks of Libyan air defenses and government forces, and he did not meet the requirements of the ‘War Powers Act’ to get congressional approval. Obama explained his rationale, stating that as commander in chief he had constitutional authority to authorize the strikes, and said they would be limited in scope and duration and were necessary to prevent a humanitarian disaster in Libya (which it did not prevent). In other words Obama ‘seized’ a ‘constitutional power’ that doesn’t actually exist in the constitution and it does not exist in the constitution for a reason and that reason is called ‘tyranny and dictatorship’.

      • 1. Which self-hating atheist jews ordered a stand down of Israeli defense forces???

        2. Who ordered the air warning system turned off???
        So an air invasion of israel could occur.

        3. Who turned off their satellite recon network???
        That would have tracked the movement of terrorists training in other countries before this attack.

        4. Who stopped listening to all the signal intelligence???
        That would have heard all the planning for this attack.

        Inquiring minds want to know answers to these questions and so many more.

        There are people who say the Roosevelt Administration knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor and did nothing to stop it.

        There are people who say the United States (Clinton and Bush) knew about the attack on 911 and did nothing to stop it.

        I’m sure now there will be people in Israel. And in the USA. Who will say that the israeli government knew what was going to happen. And did nothing to stop it.

        • Chris, why don’t you “provide” the answers to your questions?
          Yes, there are people who say that FDR “knew” about the attack on Pearl. I find that ludicrious on it’s face.
          For your edification, Bush did not know that 9/11 was going to occur.
          There was a lot of signs missed in re Peal and 9/11. But that does not make it a vast conspiriacy, in spite of your protestations.

  16. If only Jews had a folk tale about their creations ultimately turning on them. Clearly this is another shoa!

  17. A wise man once said: “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” We live in a society where too many are ignorant of the importance of history. Too many are foolishly trying to change history that they don’t approve of. The history of horrible events is valuable for teaching the young what can happen if society isn’t vigilant enough. The young must be taught that if history offends you, you don’t change it, you just try not to repeat it.

  18. Deterrence requires certainty of punishment, and a punishment that is strict enough to outweigh the benefits of the crime. I routinely speed because it’s been over a decade since my last ticket, and it wasn’t too expensive. Crime is exploding because they aren’t charged by SJW Soros prosecutors. Anti-gunners try to go after tools that can (and have) been substituted for vehicles, Incendiaries, poisons, cutting instruments, explosives, etc. Since many terrorists and spree killers don’t intend to survive their deeds, no law is going to stop them, even if there was certainty of their prosecution and conviction. The only solution is for their intended victims being ready and able to inflict enough damage to stop their actions. This isn’t punishment, but the certainty of failing in their goals would prevent sprees inspired by becoming infamous, taking revenge for perceived slights, or hatred of populations. Instead of making national headlines, it becomes a curious method of suicide for a forgotten loser. Hardly anybody could name the loser that Dicken perforated at the Greenwood Park Mall.

  19. I’ve made sure my kids, and now grand kids can defend themselves if needs be. They have a bit more than basic first aid training and know what to di in case of fire. They can change a tire or change a fan belt. They know enough to maintain their vehicles and homes. They know enough to carry emergency supplies in their vehicle for wherever they are going. Sure, they also know to call for help in an emergency, but understand they will have to handle things until the professionals can arrive.
    They know the what they can and cannot do for self defense in their local areas, home states, and in neighboring states. Even if it isn’t required they have CCW permits just too cover them should they need to cross state lines.
    I’ve taught them situational awareness and to keep their eyes and ears open. I’ve made sure they can effectively use a weapon if needs be. I’ve also taught them to not be too trusting of government to have their best interests in mind.
    Common sense dictates we all be prepared to deal with most possibilities. With an eye for the most probable or likely.
    Out here in the more rural parts of the country the chances of some miscreant choosing to do something awful is not as high as in more populated places, but is always a possibility. As are accidents, mechanical failures, fires or injuries. There is no excuse for not preparing for emergencies. Life happens and things can and do go wrong.

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