We the people tattoo ar-15 protest
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True, the United States isn’t Myanmar, nor is any part of it under the thumb of something like China’s totalitarian regime. But just months ago Rep. Eric “the government has nukes” Swalwell insisted that “democracy is under assault” from departing President Donald Trump. Last year, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden insisted his opponent “further threatens the future of our democracy.” They clearly believe—with considerable evidence, though their faction shares blame—that America’s political system isn’t as secure as we like to pretend, and that it risks falling into authoritarian hands.

Just in case their fears come true, people worried that authoritarianism will come to America might want to learn from pro-democracy activists elsewhere. That requires treating efforts at civilian disarmament as even more reason to keep the tools for self-defense close to hand.

— J.D. Tuccille in Myanmar Protests Show an AR-15 Will Protect a Lot More Freedom than a Slingshot


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  1. I feel like statists got tired of us pointing out the 2nd was the only item in the BoR that somehow came with an abundance of restrictions or most hilariously only applied to the state and not the individual so to counter that statists have successfully applied all those restrictions and limiters to the rest of the BoR.

    In one more generations time the BoR will be the understood to be a list of guaranteed state powers no civil action can overturn written by great founding statists who foresaw the great threat a “free” citizenry would be to the state. Of course nobody will be able to read handwriting and the great gatekeepers of information will replace the actual founders with Hamiltonized caricatures or non-existant entities cut from whole cloth. Perhaps even great-great-great-great grandpa Floyd will have had a hand in the creation of said document.

    Who knows what glorious past the future holds?

    • Most amusing to me are the people saying the government can restrict what arms you can possess. Government gets to decide what weapons you can overthrow them (if necessary) with? Now THAT is a sweet deal. I wish I could decide what weapons a criminal can rob me with. I’m thinking I’d allow a feather pillow.

  2. The slingshot. The blow gun. And the bow and arrow. All three of them are deadly weapons. And are all regulated in the United States. In fact it has been, or was, a felony to possess all of them in some parts of the United States.

    All three of them are an example of an Arm. Not only is the Second Amendment not about hunting. But the second amendment is not about just guns. In some parts of this country you can be arrested for having a baseball bat in your vehicle.

    Anything you could manufacture on your own to defend yourself against an authoritarian tyrannical government. That is what the Second Amendment is all about.
    The Second amendment was not written so that only a large company could make weapons. That you had to go to and purchase guns from.

    • Chris T in KY,

      “Anything you could manufacture on your own to defend yourself against an authoritarian tyrannical government. That is what the Second Amendment is all about.”

      Minor quibble: the Second Amendment also covers what you are unable to manufacture yourself to defend yourself against an authoritarian tyrannical government. Two examples are cannons and warships.

      • “Two examples are cannons and warships.”

        The United States Constitution explicitly declares that the United States government has authority to issue “letters of marque and reprisal”. By definition private citizens operated their privately owned warships–which necessarily included cannons–in order to execute those letters of marque and reprisal. Saying it another way, the “letters of marque and reprisal” clause is meaningless in a context where private citizens cannot own and operate cannons and warships.

        Clearly, the United States Constitution recognizes and allows for privately owned and operated cannons and warships.

        • You are correct. Citizens could own ships and cannons and use them in battle. The most common argument from the Gun Control crowd is…The founders didn’t dream of firearms like the AR15, etc. Of course there were weapons back then that fired multiple projectiles, etc. And of course weapons from back then used Black Powder which the citizenry could use to make bombs.

      • Bro! You can own as many cannons as you want! And if you put them on a ship, you then have a warship. Just dont venture outside U.S. waters with said warship. The more you know…

    • But it also includes those weapons you cannot built yourself. If i want to own a M1 Abrams, a F22 fighter jet and a nuclear submarine, i should be allowed to. Not just allowed to, but there cannot be a law that would even consider that i’m not allowed to.
      The founding fathers approved of private people and companies strapping cannons and the heavy artillery of their day on the ships of their days, and so should politicians today.

      “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.” Jeferson

  3. Unfortunately there are criminal morons doing bad things who define the 2A for milquetoast airheads in America. Such BS as the Hunting aspect doesn’t fly amongst the choir but for those who do not know which end of the gun the projectile exits it does.

    Until Gun Control in any shape or form is seen for what US History has clearly shown it to be and that is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide expect the same old same old.

    In other words all these drama queen tantrum throwing twerps marching around cease with turning a blind eye to the despicable racist history of their very own despicable Jim Crow Gun Control democRat Party expect the same old same old. The democRat Party is the party that said nothing, did nothing and is liable for leading the charge to lynch disarmed and unarmed Black Americans, etc.

    Bottom line…What is seen but not realized by many are History illitetates marching around while in bed with the party of their slave masters. How stupid is that?

    • I want to note the passing of Clint McKee back in March. I did not find out about it until placing a recent order. If you are a fan of the M1A or a DIY Gunsmith that appreciates learning everything you can from the best then I don’t have to tell you about Clint McKee.
      The M1A is my favorite rife. Shooting one I can catch the unique sound and feel the op rod and bolt gobbling up another round. Our M1As would not be the M1As we have without Clint McKee. Condolences to his family, employees, etc.

    • I am sorry maybe I am missing the point, but am I supposed to care about blacks? I avoid them like the plague, I don’t need drama in my life.

      • It’s not the skin color that maters, it’s what is between one’s ears and in one’s heart….their brand. The skin color is merely the brand identity, as is the Swoosh for Nike. Because of consistently being highlighted on the evening news for negative reasons, wearing skid marked panties in sight for all to gag over, talking unintelligible “English”, perfecting being “ne’r’ do wells”, driving Cadillacs worth far moire than their homes, being proud victim drama queens, exhibiting zero personal responsibility, motivation, self initiative,…..their brand identifier has become a negative….not limited by any means to those with dark skin color. Don’t like how someone views your brand identifier? Change your damn brand. You built it!!! It’s not the color you don’t like, it’s what the brand identifier conveys to the world. There are 7 billion+ individuals in the world. Can’t be friends with every one….limited heartbeats, “birds of a feather flock together”, “known by the company one keeps,” “show me your friends, I’ll show you your future”….. Yeah, I’m with you, but not because of the skin color.

      • You are missing the point.

        The same political party that believed publicly and wholeheartedly in racism and totalitarian government — until it somehow, magically, it became entirely composed of people singing kum ba yah and huffing unicorn farts — found another way to destroy and enslave black people. And that political party (or ideology, if you prefer) is trying its damnedest right now to Jim-Crow *all* gun owners just like it did black people back when it didn’t have to hide its true nature.

        So keep avoiding black people if you want; it’s up to you. But just bear in mind that in this scenario, YOU are “black people” too.

        • Ing…..”….found another way to destroy and enslave black people…”
          Yeah, Demorats had an epiphany that Government offered far more wealth, power, and control than Cotton ever did. They don’t have to wear white sheets, stay up late burning crosses, on and on. And, they don’t have to be limited to placing only blacks on the Government Plantation Dwellers’ Program. And, they can steal….er, tax….Productive Non-Dwellers “fruits of their labors” to pay for the sow belly and collard greens, shanty shacks, Obummer phones, Baby Daddy installments, et el, et el. and still get all the black votes. What a plan!!! Good ole Libertard ingenuity.

        • “And, they don’t have to be limited to placing only blacks on the Government Plantation Dwellers’ Program.”

          They realized the current trajectory wouldn’t be enough for their ambitions which is why they opened the border to anyone that can get here (Miner you still owe me $20 for losing that bet). They’ve been planning this for some time. That’s why there was such a freak out over Trump solving the illegal immigration crisis. As soon as Puppet Joe gets in, he ditches Trump’s policies, and then they have the audacity to pretend that they don’t know why so many people are suddenly crossing the border.

  4. I read the article. And I hate it when people seem to act as if they have to apologize. For trying to defend themselves using righteous violence. Or even deadly force.

      • Only if all federal police and private security are disarmed as well. The Left only want the plebs to be on their own.

        • Considering that the whole point to ‘defund the police’ is to replace your state and local police with federal agents (ala Stasi), I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one. Abolishing federalism is a necessary step on the road to communism.

      • Nah, just make their continued employment as a police officer contingent on their successfully passing a 4473.

      • From a cocktail party. A conversation.

        Karen says, “You notice the Vigilante killer he only kills black muggers. That means he’s a racist.”

        LeRoy says, “well Karen should we increase the number of white muggers so we have a racial balance of muggers?”

        From the 1974 original “Death Wish” movie.

    • Hey, go ahead and abolish all law enforcement. See where that gets your leftist agenda 🤣

      The left can only win with the power of the state at its back.

  5. Yesterday on Hannity I heard another protesting twerp bad mouthing the police, etc Hannity wisely asked her about being home and an intruder breaks in what would she do? Of course you could hear the air rushing out of her tires and to save what air was left she proclaimed she would not call the cops because the cops would probably treat her worse than the intruder. Well play stupid games win stupid prizes. My money says if the motor mouth protester had to idle down to think up something to say means she would burn rubber to get to a phone to call the police for help. When it comes to fear BS from a lofty perch and reality are not the same.

    • “… wisely asked her about being home and an intruder breaks in what would she do?”

      Liberal cognitive dissonance at its best. I know what I would do in such a situation.

    • Unless you can hide or escape, calling the cops once an intruder entered your residence might only help with gathering evidence after the fact. Not bashing cops but by the time you call, dispatch gathers all the info, units are en route then on scene, you’d be lucky if it’s not well over 5 minutes. Enough time to get you hurt. But yeah of course the moron would call 911, I don’t think she has Al Sharpton or president BidenHarris on speed dial

      • Hey, have a little respect… it’s REVEREND Al Sharpton, leader of the Church of Al Sharpton, former FBI informant, loanshark shill, libelous slanderer, and just all-around good guy.

  6. I’ve been saying something like this for years. All of these idiots weeping about the people in Tibet, or Kurdistan, or Hong Kong, or Myanmar, or whatever the sh*thole du jour is, and saying nothing about how the use of arms could stop the totalitarian lunatics in their tracks.

    The cognitive dissonance is stunning, breathtaking, and all too common.

  7. The writer of the article forgets that logic doesn’t apply in upside down world. Making this argument to someone of the opposing thought process has about as much of a chance of working as convincing drying paint of the same.

  8. “Swalwell insisted that “democracy is under assault””

    “candidate Joe Biden insisted his opponent “further threatens the future of our democracy.””

    “They clearly believe—with considerable evidence, though their faction shares blame—that America’s political system isn’t as secure as we like to pretend, and that it risks falling into authoritarian hands.”

    Karl Marx is attributed with saying “Accuse the victim of what you do.”
    In the political context, be the first to accuse your opponent of what you are guilty of:
    -If you are lying, accuse your opponent of it;
    -If you are racist, accuse your opponent of it;
    -If you are intolerant, accuse your opponent of it;
    -If you are hateful, accuse your opponent of it;
    -If you engaged in criminal acts, accuse your opponent;
    -If you are organizing voter fraud, discredit those exposing i

    Just listen to the Libtards/Socialists, they will tell you what they are doing.

  9. Swalwel equates democracy with the Democrat party. When he says democracy is under assault he means the Democrat party is under assault. The entire Democrat party saw Trump as a threat. This has been a part of the bigger problem for as long as I can remember. Everyone calls the US a democracy when it’s actually a republic. By extension, the Democrat party is often seen as the natural leadership of this country. Instead of the Republican Party in a republic. Enough generations of that make it easy for half the country to blindly follow the left in Washington.

    There is a very serious problem with twisting the English language to mean things it doesn’t.

    • People have been rhapsodizing about “the American Democracy” for a looong time. Walt Whitman (ptui!) wrote poems about it. The Constitution constructed the nation as a republic, but democracy is a salient feature; a “pure” republic in the Roman model is aristocratic, not democratic.

      When the Democratic party and assorted progtards and leftists say something is a threat to “our democracy,” they literally mean OUR democracy, as in their own special system where only approved progbots run for office and all the NPCs outvote the deplorables. So yeah, to come around to your point, the Democrats do think democracy and their party are one and the same.

      I don’t think the Republican party is much different, though. Some individual Republicans may be okay, but the never-Trumpers and all the party insiders think the same way as the Democrats. If the party as a whole is leaning a little bit toward the America-first/Trump faction, it’s only because they’re afraid that they’ll actually need those deplorable nationalists; after all, they can’t get votes from Democrats, so they see no alternative but to placate the little people who have got all uppity.

      You can be sure that just like Democrats, the Republican party in general thinks of “democracy” as a system THEY control — where uninformed morons vote for candidates who come from elite circles with preapproved governing agendas (establishment Republicans being merely a slow-it-down variation of the “progressive” Democrats).

      To all of these people, the constitutional republic is anathema.

  10. While it is not clear to me that the Founders intended the Second Amendment to refer to artillery it is clearly intended to protect the right of the people to keep and bear weapons of common military use.

    So, hell yes, that means an M4 with the giggle switch. It means the M2 Browning with those big engine block chewing bullets. It means flamethrowers, bazookas and 155mm Howitzers.

    Everything and anything to fight an enemy on a current day battlefield.

    I cannot imagine my budget ever being able to sustain big expensive BoomSticks or ones that pour out automatic fire.

    But if I could afford them, I’d own them.

      • Wrong. I voted to remove a traitor to our Republic from the White House. Trump was a vastly greater threat and on much more than the Second Amendment.

        • Trump was (still is) a grave threat to the primacy of the established political elite who think it’s their sole prerogative to decide which candidates we’re allowed to vote for. I understand that.

          But that’s disruptive, not traitorous.

          So what, in particular, did President Trump ACTUALLY DO that was traitorous?

          I’ve asked you several times in good faith — I’ll respect an honest answer even if I think you’re wrong — but as far as I know, you’ve never answered.

  11. There is no truth about guns. In the advertisement article for guns.com all of the comments were regarding how over priced the firearms were in spite of free shipping. And “Truth” deleted ALL of the comments and then disabled the comment section.
    If you are going to run an advertisement then say it. Don’t try to disguise it as an article.

    • Deja Vu… it’s getting to be kinda fun to see how long the comments stay up. This has happened before, nothing to see here, move along.

    • It did say it was a sponsored post, didn’t it? If not, you’ve got a good point and TTAG probably screwed up…but as far as I’ve seen they’re always marked as such, and the comments are almost always turned off, which makes sense, since people don’t generally want to invite snarky commentary on their paid ad placement.

    • True. TTAG is here first and foremost to generate income for Dan. That’s cool, the man’s got a small business going, nothing wrong there.

      But hell yes, Guns.com is over priced and not worth my time.

  12. The way I’m reading the Second Amendment it’s only good if your using Bear arms. It just starting another caliber war. Is a .300 Blackout adequate for Bear, is a 9mm?

    • I favor a more expansive interpretation; if you can shoot a bear arm with it, or even a bare arm, it’s good to go.

    • For Black Bear I’d say 12ga 00 Buck or slug.
      For them bigger brown bear critters I advise considerable distance. Lots of miles of it.

      • Best thing to defend against grizzlies is to have a sharp knife on your person…. to cut your buddy’s bootlaces with before you run like hell !!!

    • What are you crazy? .300 Win Mag as a minimum for bear. Also, a 10mm GLOCK is good to go for bear protection. 🤪

  13. All these comments and not one “explaining” that the US is not now, nor never was a “democracy”- so why even begin arguing that premise in the first place?? I hope guns are now, and always will be a threat to democracy in the US and are always a defense of our republic.

    Ditto with any reference to the 2nd Amendment having anything to do with hunting- that argument for most gun people went over the wall 20 years ago. Of course the gun ban crowd will use it, as well as the argument that the Founders couldn’t have visualized what the futue would bring- they’ll try any tactic they can to try to make European, Australian, or every-country-in-the-rest-of-the-world gun restrictions a matter of fact here as well. WTH? Everyone else does it… ! There’s little reason to allow their premise in any argument we attempt in defense of our God-given rights.

    There is one area of agreement among the POTG and the followers (NOT leaders) on the left/progressive side that could/should be explored: We nearly all believe our own government is out to enslave us, deny us our rights and birthright, and as individuals, our elected representatives at nearly every level are becoming wealthy off of our backs. I see references to “blacks” here as being “the root of all problems” but I’ve found that’s not the case at all. Most want to raise their kids in a safe environment and don’t want thugs ruling their neighborhoods but unfortunately, many don’t have the acquired skills to take real action and therefor fall in line with the leftist and neighborhood “leaders” who continually make victims of them and keep them from becoming that which they could be.

    My fear is that many of us would never even bother to make overtures to those who feel exactly as we do in an effort to bolster support for guns and the rest of our freedoms. At this point, and to quote he who seems to be the great Satan with many around here: What have we got to lose if we do?

    • ” All these comments and not one “explaining” that the US is not now, nor never was a “democracy” ”

      Seems like that nonsensical claim never ends. Yes, the USA is a Democracy. There are many nations that are Democracies. It is a general term meaning political power originates from the people. After that we get into the many types of democracy.

      The Founders did not want a number of types of democracy. They did not want a Pure Democracy, virtually no one wants that. They did not want a Monarchical or Parliamentarian Democracy. There are far too many types and forms of democracy that they did not want to be listing them here.

      What they settled on is a Representative Democracy. The shorter term for that is a Republic, but that also encompasses the people own the common lands not just the political power.

      The United States of America (My County!) is a Constitutional Republic with a Federal system of secular government having no figureheads. Which all falls under the generic term of a Democracy.

      It was in your textbooks, back in school.

      Some weren’t paying attention, I know.

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