Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testifies during a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing on the federal coronavirus response on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, March 18, 2021. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool)
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Myself as a public health person, I think you can’t run away from [gun violence]. I mean when you see people getting killed, I mean, in this last month it’s just been horrifying what’s happened. How can you say that’s not a public health issue? 

Dr. Anthony Fauci 

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    • d,

      I would also expand the “health issue” to include the severely lacking mental and spiritual health of the general populace — especially in urban Hellscapes.

      As many people have said countless times, the root problem of violent crime is scumbags who have no regard for the inherent value and dignity of human life. Efforts which focus on the items that scumbags use — rather than on the malaise of those scumbags — will never be productive.

    • The “medical” angle positively reeks of input from Gun Control Australia’s Rebecca Peter’s (now on the lifetime UN junket in a gun control lobbying group) and her erstwhile comrade from University of New South Wales medical department Dr Simon Chapman.

  1. Let me guess. He went on to recommend wearing not one, but two ballistic vests every time you leave the house. Because “that’s just common sense.”

  2. Ive had about enough of this guy! His word means nothing anymore. If it ever did in the first place. His background is questionable and his assumed position and role in American life just needs to go away. It’s obvious that his rhetoric is politically based and not medical.

    • “His background is questionable.”…Wha-a-a-a-t?

      He has been a physician, a scientist and a public health immunologist for longer than you have been on this Earth.

      He has worked on Ebola virus, HIV/AIDS virus, SARS virus, Swine flu and MERS virus among many other critical public health projects/outbreaks.

      Which school of medicine did you receive your Doctorate of Medicine from?

        • Very interesting article Max, I suggest we send it to everyone and publish it until the little moron is drummed out of the collective consciousness. Obscurity would be the worst punishment I can think of for someone like that.

        • Obscurity would be the worst punishment I can think of for someone like that

          That will be HIS hell… Send it to everyone but only 48% of the people will be believe it and about 10% of those will care…

      • Dr Fauci is swerving outside his lane. Stick to health, be consistent in his statements, admit when wrong and stop playing us for a fool.

        His history with covid viruses and funding these studies in less than efficient labs brought us to where we are today. All the previous study he was supposed to be responsible for shows he has little knowledge of what has been let out of the lab by either accident or by a purpose.

        I recall vividly when he said there was no need to mask. Then later admitted he lied so that first responders could get ppe. How many died with his admitted lie?

        One lie destroys trust. He lost the trust of people and to recover that trust takes more than a wall of diplomas. It takes a serious reckoning and honesty to begin a rebuild of that trust. I have not seen that yet and doubtfully will see it.

        Blind trust in anyone is gullibility. Don’t be gullible.

        • I’ve dealt with public health critters before. They actually believe that it’s better to lie to the public (because, after all, they know better) if it serves the greater good of public health.
          Fauci’s a fascist..

      • Virtual Skeptic,

        Parroting (stupid) Leftist talking point does not an argument make. Basically EVERY ONE of your assertions is not just wrong, but laughably wrong.

        1. Dr. Fauxi’s undergraduate degree is from Holy Cross, in “Classics” (liberal arts), not pre-med;

        2. Fauxi did get an M.D. from Cornell, in 1966 (I’d already been around for 14 years, so Fauxi most definitely has NOT been in “public health” longer than I’ve been alive) – note, an M.D., not a specialty degree;

        3. Fauxi DID go to work for CDC/NIH . . . as a bureaucrat. CDC/NIH do not treat patients, for anything. They “study” diseases;

        4. Yes, Fauxi did “study” many of the diseases you mentioned – check out the record on his STELLAR work on AIDS (how many AIDS patients did his half-@$$ed advice kill??); and

        5. What subjects does Fauxi NOT have degrees in? Virology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Public Health, and several others that an intelligent person MIGHT consider relevant to his “duties” – but apparently not you.

        Have fun with your Fauxi hero worship – he’s a career government bureaucrat, about as competent to perform his job as Gropey Joe.

        But don’t try to tell people how smart you are by posting things that are objectively $tupid.

        • Wow. LampOfDiogenes walks into the room, sees Virtual Skeptic sitting alone in a chair, turns off the lights and leaves.

        • To be fair, there is no pre-med degree as such. Literally anything can be pre-med as long as you get the science prerequisites in, and doctors major in all sorts of things as undergrads.

          Doesn’t erase the rest of your points, though…I’m just being pedantic because I can.

      • Nobody has the background to speak authoritatively on the range of things public health officials have recently been trying to pull into their ambit. Where they used to restrict themselves to communicable diseases, they now seek to include under the rubric of “public health” not only guns, but racism, poverty, and climate change. There is nobody on earth who can claim expertise in all these things simply because they can all affect human health.

      • Yeah? When was the last time Fauci saw a real, honest to goodness patient?

        As far as I’ve seen he’s been in Washington for the last 30 years.

        • As far as I’ve seen he’s been in Washington for the last 30 years.

          Joined NIH in 1968, been there ever since… Simple math? Government Stooge LONGER than Beijing Biden…

      • Might check out his record instead of repeating msm chirps…
        His efficacy on HIV research is not just a little questionable…….
        His ‘claims’ on what was ‘necessary’ to fight C-19 has been contrary to how immunity builds with-in one person or community. His ‘suggestions’ regarding masks, social distancing, etc., has been totally debunked across all strata’s, except msm.

      • And what does any of that have to do with firearms? His credentials precisely indicate that he is an expert in allergens and immunology, not firearms.

        It’s time for Fauci to fade into the sunset.

  3. Dr. Fake doesn’t know much about virus that he’s been studying for 30+ years, he certainly is no expert on something he’s never used before. Of course Bidumb with listen to his yammering , but who knows, he might want to put a muzzle on guns… /SARC

      • Raking in $417K a year and making Karen moist for government control over her life and everyone else’s life too.

        He’s fearmonger tested, Karen approved.

  4. How can anybody take what this person says seriously anymore. He waffles more than my favorite breakfast joint. But I am sure some moron (possibly Biden, Pelosi, etc) will buy right into this because it fits their narrative.

    There’s not a gun owner in the US that doesn’t want to see and end to gun ‘violence’, but that doesn’t mean we want more knife attacks and acid attacks (ask Great Britton). Get the criminals off the street, prosecute the criminals, our nation need to be Fir Na Dli. (Men Of Law)

  5. Dr. Doom the self appointed expert in everything is seeing the end of his COVID gig staring him in the face and he loves all the attention he has been getting from leftist media. It is clear as day that the only way to continue the fawning attention from CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, etal is to move on to guns, he figures that is a gig he thinks will last the rest of his life.

  6. This little Shit can go to Hell! I have not listened to any of his advice on anything since the start of this Bull Shit. Don’t wear a mask & I don’t social distance.
    Also I am in the group that should be worried. I’m 83, diabetic, and have a bum ticker!

  7. I’ve said for some time it’s the Health Department that will come for the guns.

    They’ve been successful in locking down the nation for a year, masks and vaccinations.

  8. The dirty little secret about government employment is that you do become lazy and less sharp within your profession within a few years. You don’t have to work as hard or keep up with the latest and greatest like you do in the private sector. You still get your raises, cost of living raises, and bonuses no matter what. How long has Fauci worked for the bureaucracy?

  9. The above comment was meant as a reply to MB, the real one, not the fake one. For some reason I can’t reply to a comment and I can no longer edit my comments. I see Click to Edit, but it won’t let me select it.

  10. Until mental health, repeat offenders, and enforcement of basic laws are addressed , nothing proposed by Fauci, Biden and the rest of the mentally lacking will provide any positive effects.

    The firearms are not jumping up with artificial intelligence and committing random acts of violence. People are committing these acts. People are responsible for their own actions. To say I am responsible for the actions of someone I have never interacted with, do not know or have the ability to control because I may own a firearm is ludicrous.

  11. Because it’s not a health issue you power-grubbing statist toady. It’s a societal issue created by the many Huxleian societal experiments that have been foisted on us by neo-Marxist power hungry politicians.

    Let’s look at the sources of “gun violence.”
    By far the most overwhelming is crime in the inner city. Specifically crime within the minority populations. The destruction of the family unit, societal mores, and incentivizing of irresponsibility destroyed the Black family in a way that slavery and jim crow had never been able to manage. It’s created a cycle of poverty and violence that fuels the majority of crime in this country. Latinos arriving here tend to either buck for the middle class and avoid this cycle or embrace it and join the cesspool of degeneracy, violence and despair. The music industry makes lots of money selling gangster rap and promoting this cycle as something great to those trapped in it.

    The next is suicide. Suicide continues to trend upward. Especially amongst males. Are we going to address why that is? Of course not. Men aren’t worth the effort. The answer is for them to commit suicide by other methods. Rope is popular in Japan, the world leader for suicide. But no, why would we address the fact that many of the societal changes we’ve wrought in the name of progress have turned out to be a Faustian bargains that fail to deliver their promises and cost far more than any sane society would have ever consented to had the true price been known.

    Then we have general crime. Crime where those committing the crimes are well known to police. Lazy and ideologically motivated prosecutors plea bargain serious crimes down to almost nothing, opt to release criminals early for “good behavior”, and generally fail the public at large when it comes to dealing with recidivist criminals. Chicago, Detroit, and NYC are possibly the best examples of this process gone mad. What do you expect when you value critical race theory and Marxist ideology over justice?

    The last and smallest contributor is “mass-shootings”. We were told in the 90’s that if the media continued to glorify this violence with wall-to-wall coverage that it would fuel more mass shootings. Did we heed this? Of course not. If it bleeds it leads. Who cares that it will cause more deaths? The MSM must make a profit. Journalism has always been a seedy business, but the media had managed to reduce the public memory of Pulitzer and the other newspaper magnates selling papers with yellow journalism fake news and pushing us to war with Spain. They’ve painted themselves as saintly “defenders of democracy” as they racebait, lie, and actively stoke the flames of the various crises our country faces. All the better to get more ad-revenue.

    The medical profession has been THOROUGHLY infiltrated by neo-marxist statists. “Equity” “inclusion” “diversity” “racial health disparities” “systemic racism” “gun violence as a public health crisis” are all talking points taught as part of the curriculum. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your rights as a patient, or as a parent for that matter are not nearly as secure as you might think they are. There is a growing unholy alliance of corporations, big tech, government, and healthcare that should make anyone with two brain cells to rub together uneasy.

    The healthcare profession is no longer deserving of anyone’s implicit trust.
    In truth, it was barely worthy of it to begin with.

    • “How can you say that’s not a public health issue?”

      It’s not a public health issue….. see how easy that was to say?

      • just another way for them to try to accomplish their goal…we all know what they’re after….

  12. Hmm, he really likes that podium now, doesn’t he? He should take his 15 minutes and retire, before it destroys him.

  13. Some 17 year old wannabe rapper just gunned down an Uber driver from Africa. Will the NBA be boycotting over this. Will there be rioting?

  14. I dunno, I’d like to see him with a “hot spots” map trying to explain to us rubes why there are many more incidents in blue areas than red areas of the country…. maybe include some statistics and allow some “other experts” to chime in on the subject of how to treat the problem at the source. I for one would enjoy seeing the spotlight on him extinguished by having it disappear up his ass !

  15. So the little chit wants to take my guns?!? Good luck with that…it sux to be wrong constantly.

  16. Dr. Quack Fauci is coming for our guns.
    But…he’s only had experience shooting people with syringes. (that is an assumption on my part.)
    How does that qualify him as an “anti gunner”?

    • Fauci hasn’t even had that experience. He never was a practicing doctor; went straight from an MD degree to bureaucracy, and wouldn’t recognize valid medical science if it bit him on the ass (and it has).

      • Which gives him all the anti-gun cred he needs, because none of the antis know anything about the “problem” they want us to think they’re solving.

        Everything they do is an appeal-to-authority fallacy wrapped up in begging the question (as in “let’s assume guns control is the answer,” no matter what the question was).

  17. More cars kill people every year than guns ever did in this country, wheres the outrage. Has he even BEEN to Chitcago, stay in your lane, WuFlu terrorist.

  18. Funny, Early last year when I called Fauci a little Nazi “Napoleon wanna be” I was hammered with a chorus of “prove it”… Now he’s focused on guns at least until tomorrow when something else comes along that needs his “expertise” and EVERYBODY hates Fauci… Fauci is a fraud with over 50 years in government… He’s never worked in a REAL lab, done serious research, practiced medicine or done anything other than push paper since he graduated from Cornell in 1966 Intern and Residency at NY Hosp and straight to govt…

  19. I don’t have to worry about gun violence because I wear a mask everywhere and it is just as effective at stopping bullets as it is stopping the coronavirus.

  20. With a few substitutions, I think we should embrace his help. Wear a mask (always carry your gun)… Don’t let yourself be grouped up in infectious settings ,such as nursing homes ( abolish gun free zones)…. Control socially unacceptable groups (break up gang activities)…. Provide free shots for all ( ammo shortage solved)…. Identify and eliminate source of infections (eliminate welfare baby rewards, dumbing down of public education, libtard socialism programs, catch and release, etc.) Mandatory quarantine ….(jail time for offenders.) Hey, what’s good for the goose….. right??

  21. How can YOU dr. Fauci call yourself a doctor??
    Especially after YOU’VE been WRONG so many times.
    How many of you so called doctors have killed people by being ignorant? Jerk.! I’m willing to bet my grandkids know more about guns than a hack like YOU. Is what I would ask if I could talk to the witch doctor.

  22. Pretty clever.

    Dr. Faccia is taking advantage of the new medical politics: when everything is public health, the federal government reins supreme. A public health crisis (covid-19) remains a deadly pandemic until eradicated.

  23. Fauci holds the patent on the procedure that was employed by the Wuhan Institute of Virology to increase the “functionality” of a bat virus so that it would become infectious in humans.

  24. He wants people to listen to what he has to say about C-19, then makes this ridiculous statement!?!?! It’s not a GUN issue, it’s the lack of respect for human life. It’s a Health Issue TRUE, but it is NOT a Gun issue. One day when they wake up from their stupor, maybe all these dimwits will focus on the ACTUAL issue, rather than one of the many tools or chemicals people use to destroy themselves and lives of others, they have no respect for. The real issue, is more likely: There are too many people for society to support sanely.

  25. Now the question is since the Libertarians Liberals and the Left supported the use of government force, to close churches for Easter services. Because of the so-called pandemic. Will they now do is the government asks, and support declaring guns to be a public health issue as well?

  26. Everything Fauci says is intended to mess with people’s minds. Do not assume he’s an idiot. There is a big difference between “wrong” and “intentionally misleading.”

  27. Refusal by the party of responsible gun ownership to enact any sort of legislation promoting responsible gun ownership is just going to lead to more and more people wanting to ban all guns outright.

    • Craptacular (appropriate name), the concept you’re struggling with is sic utere – the fundamental principle of a free society.

      Briefly, it says that we have a right to make our own choices as long as those choices do not harm (or threaten imminent harm to) innocents; and that choosing to harm innocents forfeits that right.

      Pay careful attention to that second part. The “party of responsible gun ownership” executes those who use guns to harm innocents (or just shoots the POSs ourselves). It’s the other party that wants to coddle criminals while punishing innocent tool owners.

    • Craptacular, there are more laws governing responsible gun ownership than any other topic that is governed by law. More gun laws (if you count local, state and federal) than tax laws. More gun laws than any single group of criminal acts.

      Our problem is not more laws. It is a combination of too many laws (so many they contradict and can’t possibly all be obeyed) and not enough enforcement.

      If straw purchasers were really chased down and imprisoned on a regular basis, then straw purchasing would go down. If criminals were not released early due to whatever new justification, then, fewer of them would commit repeat crimes.

      It’s a really easy solution, but that would take Democrat voters off the street.

  28. “Refusal by the party of responsible gun ownership to enact any sort of legislation promoting responsible gun ownership”

    When has the Left really needed a logical reason for attacking guns in the hands of private citizens. For the Left there are no, as in zero now and forever, responsible gun owners; only legal gun owners who are a volcano of hate and violence, looking for the least of excuses to “go off” and start killing everyone in sight.

    • Sam I Am – Does it matter? The point stands, as long as the party of responsible gun ownership continues to refuse to enact any sort of legislation promoting gun ownership it is just going to lead to the population of the USA to favor repealing the 2nd amendment and banning all guns outright. American public patience with the GOP over its refusal to do something about these daily mass shootings is really wearing thin and the democrats are going to use this to win elections. You know its true.

      • So your solution is that we should preemptively oppress ourselves in hopes that the enemy will respect us for it?

  29. Hey Crap…. if I suggested that you let your neighbor kick you in the nutsack, would your refusal to that suggestion mean that you don’t respect your neighbor? Maybe you could just let him steal your car or something, would that be okay? What WOULD you be willing to forfeit to “keep the peace”? That’s the situation right now… your neighbor is an asshole that wants YOU to make the change. How about this … let him meet your pet bear and suggest that he gives it just a little poke, to see if it’s paying attention. Oh yeah, the bear’s name is Go F Yerself !!

        • Pb_fan59 – Mathematically speaking is false, my still stands, your entire comment is just one gigantic non-sequitur.

      • Except that it isn’t, Craptacular. There are more than 21,000 gun laws across the nation. There are other laws that should “stop” mass shootings, like laws against assault, murder, etc.

        More laws don’t and won’t help. Even if we compromised more (which isn’t a compromise when one side does all the giving and one side does all the taking), the anti-gunners will still demand more and more. It’s a losing battle.

        • JG – I disagree, this is what I would propose, not in any particular order:

          #1: Raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm, Alcohol, fireworks, and Tobacco/Nicotine products and being able to join the military to the age of 25.

          #2: Gun safe/lockers are mandatory, they can be tax deductible

          #3: NICS is opened up to the public and is free, all sales have to have a background check. The private sellers would have to maintain a record of the sale, same as how an FFL has to maintain sales records. You can only sell to those that have the license mentioned in #4.

          #4: Mandatory licensing system in order to purchase. It is a shall issue license. It will be staggered in what it allows you to purchase based on length of time. The first year you are only allowed to purchase single shoot breech or muzzle loaders. Second year you are allowed to purchase a bolt action firearm with a fixed magazine of 10 rounds. Third year you are allowed to purchase lever action firearm with a fixed magazine of 10 rounds. Fourth year you are allowed to purchase a pump action firearm with a fixed magazine of 10 rounds. Fifth year you are allowed to purchase a semi-automatic long gun as well as a single and double action revolvers with a fixed magazine of 10 rounds and a cylinder of 10 rounds at most. After an additional 2-3 years you are then allowed to purchase any type of firearm with detachable magazines in any size you want. If you are convicted of a crime and then you serve time and are let out, the license timer resets.

          The goal behind #4 is to get in front of straw buyers as wells as gun traffickers. It also deters would be mass shooters because they won’t be able to get access to repeating firearms right away, especially for semi-automatics. Also, look at Indianapolis, the Atlanta shooting as well as the recent one in Colorado. All of those would have been prevented if the minimum age to purchase a firearm was 25.

          The truth of the matter is that something along the lines of #4 is needed in order to maintain the legality of semi-automatic long guns. The truth of the matter is that with the way how things are going with regards to mass shootings and considering how semi-automatic rifles, especially AR-15 type rifles, keep popping up in these shootings, mean that within the next 10 years there is an extremely high probability that a nationwide ban on semi-automatic long guns and 10 round magazine capacity limit is going to get passed and it will ban the possession of those currently out there as well.

          If you pass all four of those you will see a dramatic decline in new guns flowing to gangs and you will see a dramatic decline in mass shooters using semi-automatic long guns.

        • Hey Crap, now I know how you came up with your handle…..after reading your last post, I shit my pants laughing !!!!

        • being able to join the military to the age of 25.

          Currently the military accepts non-medical field applicants up to age 39 (Air Force)… (34 Navy…35 Army)
          As for the rest of your “progressive” far left bullCRAPTACULAR… How does ALL that keep some 13 yr old “Banger” from breaking into a gun shop or a private home and “STEALING” what ever firearms there are in there… Oh right they’re in a safe, so NOW the bad guy must come into contact with an innocent and FORCE them to open a safe, which will most likely result in the death of someone… Nice try KOMRAD, now slink on back to your Creepy Uncle Joe and let him know that you’ve FAILED again…

        • Pb_fan59 – Well, I’m prepared to hear why you think those gun law suggestions, especially #4, won’t be effective in reducing the flow of brand-new firearms to criminals and mass shooters from FFLs.

          MADDMAXX – Do you have extensive examples of where criminals do this in other countries where this is the law? Like for example the UK or Australia? If not, then why would the USA be special in this regard where criminals wait for someone and then try and force them to open a safe.

        • Like for example the UK or Australia?

          First of all this is the United States of America (population 327 million) NOT Australia (population 25.6 million) or the U.K Population 66.4 million)., if those places impress YOU that much you should make arrangements to get yourself there… As far criminals and mass shooters are concerned, criminals DO NOT buy NEW guns from FFLs and mass KILLERs don’t NEED new guns, hell they don’t even NEED guns, it’s just as easy to drive into a crowd and kill just as many people… Criminals don’t need to WAIT they enter occupied homes all the time (it’s called “home invasion”) that don’t make national news so (unless YOU have the ability to nullify the U.S. Constitution) take your ignorant “premise” and move on…

        • MADDMAXX – This is what you said:

          “How does ALL that keep some 13 yr old “Banger” from breaking into a gun shop or a private home and “STEALING” what ever firearms there are in there… Oh right they’re in a safe, so NOW the bad guy must come into contact with an innocent and FORCE them to open a safe, which will most likely result in the death of someone”

          You made the argument that by having guns in gun lockers means the burglars will just wait for someone to come to force them to open the gun locker/safe, correct? Do you have any extensive examples of where criminals have done this in the USA? Do you have any extensive examples of where criminals do this in countries that do have such laws where it is mandatory to have guns in gun lockers/gun safes, such as in Australia or Canada or the UK?

          All of the recent mass shootings, like the one in Atlanta, Colorado, Indianapolis were all brand new weapons bought from FFLs and were purchased legally.

          Criminals buy their guns via straw buyers, who go to FFLs dealers and buy on behalf of those criminals, because their previous convictions have prohibited them. The whole point of #4 is to get in front of straw buyers.

        • (1) Criminals buy their guns via straw buyers, who go to FFLs dealers
          I assume YOU have evidence to prove THAT…

          (2) I did NOT say anyone would WAIT around, YOU see what YOU want to see, try comprehending what you read…

          (3)I did not dispute the fact those people all used recently legally acquired firearms, I said a mass KILLER does not NEED a firearm, again comprehension…

          I don’t keep up with crime statistics in other countries DO YOU? Can you say for a fact that this does NOT happen in Australia or UK?… Do You know how many home invasions occur in the U.S. daily? How many result in the death or serious injury of the home owner? How many firearms are stolen daily from home invasions and unlocked vehicles?

          I hope your mommy lets you out soon or at least gives you back your Nintendo because you are just moronic clutter on here and I won’t waste any more time trying to help you understand that…

        • MADDMAXX (1) – Yes. Do you have evidence to prove otherwise?

          (2) – You are right, you didn’t say anyone would, you said the bad guy would here: “Oh right they’re in a safe, so NOW the bad guy must come into contact with an innocent and FORCE them to open a safe, which will most likely result in the death of someone”

          So, do you have any extensive examples of where criminals have done this in the USA? Do you have any extensive examples of where criminals do this in countries that do have such laws where it is mandatory to have guns in gun lockers/gun safes, such as in Australia or Canada or the UK?

          (3) – Never said you did; the whole point was that my #1, and especially, #4 law suggestion would be very effective at preventing mass shooters from getting the guns that they desired.

          If Mass shooters are just as likely to use different weapons than why is attempted mass killing rates not as high in the rest of the world as it is in the USA? For example, Japan has about little over 1/3 the population of the USA, seeing as the USA has a mass shooting in which 3 or more people are shot, then how come Japan doesn’t average at least one attempted mass killing every three days? EU has nearly double the population of the USA. So how come they don’t have around 2 per day?

  30. He is correct that all this human violence is a public health issue. It is not a gun issue, its about people hurting people.

    Work the mental health angle. That’s where the problem is.

    That and the FBI interviewing the guy and finding that while he could be a violent nutcase intending suicide by cop, he had no connection to any violent ideology so therefore not their concern.

    Yup, the killer got away with his attack via the FBI NOT OUR PROBLEM LOOPHOLE!!!

    • Mental illness is only part of the problem. According to the warden of the Cook County jail, about one in four of his inmates is there because of mental illness. That means the rest are simply thugs whose parents failed to properly socialize them.

  31. “Yup, the killer got away with his attack via the FBI NOT OUR PROBLEM LOOPHOLE!!!”

    We like us some pre-crime punishment. Just like the gun-grabbers. Depends on the ox.

    BTW, when the government decides who is in need of mental health treatment, freedom and liberty become mental health crises.

  32. Tell the truth CDC , it’s about the health insurance that most people that get shot don’t have.
    Ask any surgeon, they don’t like operating unless they get paid.

  33. They’re gonna push him because he’s been determined to be likeable.

    The fact that he’s demonstrably wrong about so many things doesn’t matter. They’ll cover for him.

    Forget the PCR argument he ducked with Mullis (who, ya know, only invented that test so he might have known… oh, I dunno, how the test functions), the media don’t bother pointing out that Fauci quite clearly doesn’t know, and has never known, the difference between a classic enzyme inhibitor and a chain terminator, meaning he couldn’t pass most basic chemistry, biochemistry or biology courses offered after 1970. Either that or he’s a just someone who can never admit that he’s wrong and keeps repeating something he knows is incorrect, making him a liar.

    But you can see the way they cover for him. Go read one of the fact-check articles about his 2008 paper “Predominant role of bacterial pneumonia as a cause of death in pandemic influenza: Implications for pandemic influenza preparedness.”

    While it’s technically true that the paper doesn’t discuss masks vis a vis a viral respiratory pandemic the conclusion, based on what we know today, is inescapable. Masks reduce people’s ability to dessicate and/or exhale bacteria resulting in a variety of ailments from strep and staph causes infections in the lungs and throat to necrotic sinus infections to “mask mouth” and other bacteria issues that his paper points out were the main cause of death in 1918, as secondary infections. These are common bacteria that are not much of an issue if they don’t get out of control. Masks however, provide the perfect environment for them to get out of control and reduce our bodily ability to regulate their population to boot.

    Based on his own findings, coupled with a modern understanding of bacteriology his promotion of masks borders on insane. He himself has argued that bacterial secondary infections, or bacterial infections followed by a secondary viral infection greatly increase the lethality of the virus. He knows, or should know, that wearing a mask promotes the growth of certain bacteria in a place where they’re rather likely to cause such an infection too.

    But hey, this is a guy who knows that obesity is the #2 comorbidity for CoV-2 and encourages people to stay home and order food to the point that your average American has gained over 20lbs, says he can’t explain basic stuff (if it contradicts his position) and… well basically has no credibility at all in the biological sciences world. He just has a lot of sway over NIH via politics so no one really wants to go up against him… unless they already possess a Nobel.

    He’s a hack and your quintessential self-interested politician. He’d have been perfect as a Department Head at a mid-tier university hated by university administration and his own Department at the same time. But that doesn’t pay over $400K a year.

    • strych9,
      Speaking of masks, why aren’t we hearing about this:


      The existing scientific evidences challenge the safety and efficacy of wearing facemask as preventive intervention for COVID-19. The data suggest that both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of viral and infectious disease such SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, supporting against the usage of facemasks. Wearing facemasks has been demonstrated to have substantial adverse physiological and psychological effects.”


      Why doesn’t Fauci believe in science??

      • The ignoring of published, peer reviewed science on basically anything to do with CoV-2 has been going on since the beginning of this. The list is too long to bother even trying to type out at this point.

        If it contradicts the narrative, it’s memory holed or censored immediately.

        They don’t care because they have something to cover up. Namely, that NIH and other Western biological science organizations funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology and they’re all scared to death that this came from that lab because if that’s the case, likely there will be significant political blowback from it.

        Everything else is, at best, secondary to the CYA at this point.

        The real issue is that none of the Republicans that have questioned Fauci are willing and/or able to really take him down because of his [undeserved] stature at NIAID and their own poor understanding of the science. The one who could, maybe, is Paul but he comes with baggage due to his “Libertarian” label and, really, he’s pretty far outside his wheelhouse.

        Regardless, a sophomore with a major in modern cellular biology could assist Fauci in painting himself into a corner, were they given the chance. He’s that fucking bad.

  34. The AMA pulled this a couple years ago. Don’t know what happened but it went away. Maybe too many comments quietly reminding them of an already 20+ year epidemic of drug overdoses from addictions. Addictions patients got started on with an overkill of pain prescriptions physicians obediently drug salesman get rid of. Like Harry Shearer said ‘Just ask the guy who gives your doctor free golf clubs about……..’. All I know is, there’s certain information I will not give physicians any more. Also signage is everywhere in my doctors’ clinic pretending to warn patients about pain prescriptions. They’re worded more like what a law firm would say absolves the medical practice of liability (putting it on the patient). Fauci was just in the dark about COVID-19 as anyone, including all Bill Gate’s men and horses or the WHO. Seems he and other money is clueless that last year saw a huge spike in overdose deaths.

  35. Sam I Am said: “BTW, when the government decides who is in need of mental health treatment, freedom and liberty become mental health crises.”

    It’s pretty obvious to all reasonable people that disagreeing with the official government line on any subject simply means that you are an insane person and MUST be locked up in an asylum for your own safety.

    Who could possibly be against this??? 🙂

    This worked extremely well under communism in Russia.

    Dr. Faux is perfect to institute these rules, since it takes an insane person to recognize another insane person. After all, as mentioned in a previous post, he is so full of degrees, and his intelligence quotient is so off the charts that no one alive is worthy to touch the hem of his garment….

    We should be thanking the Good Lord for creating this perfect specimen of a man to lead us into the glorious new age.
    I have already setup my altar and lit the candles of adoration. I pray before his image nightly
    To forgive me for not trusting him with my life……

    Hallelujah !!!

  36. I can say that quite simply: 500,000+ dead is a public health crisis. This includes heart disease, cancer and Covid-19.

    10,000 firearm homicides that occur primarily in certain gang-controlled territories is a criminal justice problem.

    Stay in your actual area of expertise or be relegated to the same level of respect as Dr. Jill Biden.

  37. My non-medical mask was personally blessed by St. Anthony Fallacy, so I’m immune to the WuFlu and gunshots.

    It’s science!

  38. Firearms are not the problems with the health issues, unless you are a violent criminal, which is a sickness, which may require a shot, too pervent IT from spreading so quickly, in some cases immediate actions is necessary, when this happens, the only true cure is a shot of lead.guns are not the cause of killing, people with unstable issues are, and firearms is the needle that holds the medicine if a dosage is necessary to protect yourself or other’s from the sickness of violent people. A dose or two of lead /steel is the cure.

  39. Fauci is the guy that you once asked a question and then he never stopped offering unsolicited opinions.

    Fauci’s opinion is like everybody else’s; worthless unless you already agree. In the mean time, I never asked his opinion on anything and I’ll be thrilled when I no longer have to hear what he (or anybody else) thinks, because I don’t care.

    We live in a world where universal constants are now topics for debate. I’ll make due with my own logic and live or die by it.

  40. Not counting suicides, there are probably 3 times as many killed in car accidents as with firearms. Yet no one is calling auto accidents a public health issue, much less an epidemic.

  41. “Yet no one is calling auto accidents a public health issue, much less an epidemic.”

    That’s because, “everyone needs a car; no one needs a gun.”

  42. “Dr.” (?!?) Fauci will make a FOOL out of himself AND the “gun control” (Communist gun CONFISCATION) debate. He’s too FULL of himself to speak HONESTLY. He’d be proof that so called “gun control” is a BIG LIE. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  43. Dr. Fauci is an infectious disease ‘expert’, not an expert on civil rights, second amendment, or any other issue. He needs to stay in his own swim lane.

  44. This guy is the biggest menace to public health (and sanity) that’s come along in a long time.

  45. Wow the more this media whore opens his mouth the dumber he appears. So guns are a health hazard? Mine have been sitting in their locations for years and never been sick. and if guns are a health hazard, I hate to see us without cars, they kill and mangle many many more every year compared to guns.

  46. My guns are only a health risk to anyone who attempts to interfere with MY life, liberty, property AND/OR my pursuit of happiness… Otherwise Rock on…

  47. The biggest public health problem in this country is the DNC . With all the ( we’re doing this for good of the American people) killing thousands. Ronald Reagan was right “I’m from the government, I’m here to help ” is very scary.

    • The biggest public health problem in this country is the DNC .

      BUT, “the VAST majority of Americans agree”… I don’t know who THEIR vast majority might be but 100% of Americans I know do NOT want any further intrusion into their lives by ANY Government entity…

  48. Covid taught the tyrants that people can be stripped of their Constitutional rights without complaint if they have been made very afraid. They have made regular people believe that our rights can take a back seat to fear and that is how they will portray guns in order to take away our 2nd Amendment rights and any others that they deem necessary. Problem here is that although there are some court decisions that tell us that the Constitution doesn’t cease to exist when there is a “crisis” they have also convinced people that those rights can be suspended! We are in danger because of the ignorance of the many combined with the evil of the Dem tyrants!!

  49. When pointing out to any Dim/Lefty that a background check can stop only one attempt, that does not mean the illegal buyer will stop at one attempt. The gun-grabber will then default to, “If it saves only one…”, ignoring that such an outcome cannot be determined.

    BTW when it comes to Red Flag orders, the result is that gun owners are left justifying pre-crime incarceration because removing the firearm doesn’t address the root of the problem…the person bent on killing people.

    Went to university with leftists. They love playing with words; they are successfully playing us with words.

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