Texas Longhorn (courtesy collegechoice.net)
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An as-yet-unnamed Texan and his girlfriend are visiting Oakland, California. It’s 1:33 a.m. Saturday on Skyline Boulevard, a half-mile north of Joaquin Miller Road. Here’s a map . . .

Got the picture? The couple’s going for a drive on a twisting mountain road.

They see a man waving them down and a crashed BMW behind him. The Texan man leaves his girlfriend in the car to go help. Little did our Texan couple know: the Newark, California man flagging them down had stolen the BMW a couple of days previous.

Texas reciprocity map (courtesy gunstocarry.com)

Now’s the time to point out that neither tourist was carrying. Nor could they have done so legally, even if they’d had a Texas License to Carry. Unlike the vast majority of the country, California doesn’t recognize the Texas LTC.

eastbaytimes.com picks up the story . . .

The Newark man then pulled a shotgun and pointed it at the victim in an attempt to rob him of his valuables and car, authorities said.

Police said the suspect briefly turned away and pointed the shotgun at the Texas woman still in the car, demanding her cell phone and other property. That’s when her boyfriend got into a struggle with the suspect.

At one point the shotgun went off, but no one was injured by the blast. Both men fell to the ground, where the intended victim pulled a pocket knife and stabbed the suspect several times, ending the struggle, police said.

According to police audio recordings, the man was stabbed at least seven times with one officer saying he suffered “arterial bleeding.”

While his girlfriend called 911, the Texas man provided the suspect some first aid until police and paramedics arrived. The suspect is expected to recover and face criminal charges. The Texas man was treated for minor injuries, including a knife cut to his hand.

Result! And a half! Not only did the Texan stop to help someone at o-dark-thirty, he took the bad guy’s shotgun out of play, stabbed the thug into submission and then gave the perp first aid — that stopped arterial bleeding. That’s one hell of a man.

Oh, and you know all those posts where I said, why bother carrying a knife for self-defense? Never mind.

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  1. Wow, full bingo card. Go TX.

    Thanks for the map, it’ll make the next civil war a lot easier.

    And yes, Knifevefe.

  2. “Oh, and you know all those posts where I said, why bother carrying a knife for self-defense? Never mind.”

    Right there with you, except I still recommend a gun and pepper spray as primary SD tools. Knives have a place, though.

    Also, did anyone else notice that he cut himself? He was the only person in the fight with a knife, and he still got cut. Knife fights are nasty . . .

  3. I’m very familiar with that patch of ‘woods’. Lot of parklands in the heart of the bay area. Fantastic views. And the homes up there are very expensive.

    Some folks think that Oakland is one big ghetto. It ain’t. Skyline blvd has some very pricey real estate on it. Of course a stolen car and a shotgun brings you to a very ritzy hood.

    Home carry, people. Or be ready to grapple, Texas style.

    • When I lived in San Francisco (shudder), I always happened to work in Oakland, specifically the Downtown and Lake Merritt areas. At least during my time there, much nicer than most of SF.

      • Oakland may only be across the bay, but the weather is much more to my tastes than in San Fransisco – it is like being 500 miles different in latitude.

    • pricey and ghetto are not mutually exclusive when you throw in kalifornia stupid.

      “Sorry officer was treating those 6 booboos, didn;t see the squirter”. So sad.

    • Naw. He took down an evil NRA babykiller who was armed with a shoulder thingy that goes up and in the midst of a crime spree.

      He’s a fookin’ hero to the berkeley crowd. This was close to them.

      • Stab someone trying to kill you with a shotgun? Life in a Cali prison.

        Stab someone that stole a Berkeley BMW?
        Ticker tape parade (with biodegradable tape not shown to cause cancer by the State of California)

      • He’s facing a wrongful death/injury lawsuit from the family of the scumbags’ family.
        Here are the facts:
        Dude breaks into your house, armed, with a mile long rap sheet.
        You shoot him.
        Clean shoot. No charges.
        Scumbags’ family sues you for wrongful death. They WILL win.
        That’s why a post hole digger, shovel, and lime are a homeowners’ best friends in

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      Fight back in mass.
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      Spread the word on petitions to pro rights & gun owning friends today.
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  4. I’d like to know what kind of pocket knife he was rockin, because despite my love of the Benchmade 940 series, I don’t want to have to use it in defense of myself or others.

    • Ya, but it’ll do.

      If it’s ‘what ya carry’ it’ll be ‘what’s on ya’ when you need it. In Iraq I carried (along with other gear) a CRKT M-16. Big folder with a flip lever. Titanium bolsters and a stainless blade. Really a nice knife.

      I would comfortably carry it here no problem, but when you pull out one of those (even to open a letter) people (especially cops) think you just whipped out a machete.

      • Nah, I hear you. I love the blade. I have the -1, carbon fiber variant. I’ve got a fixed and folder Adamas, and one of the SOCP daggers. I’m a bit of a Benchmade whore. The axis lock is what really drives me to the company. I’ve got some smaller kershaws and stuff that were cheap, but I’m looking for a non aluminum light(er) weight baton.

  5. I don’t carry my gun every day but I have carried a knife every day since I was 14 (and I’m now 70). The only place I can’t carry my knife is at the courthouse. I knife isn’t the best solution for many situations but it beats nothing.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Don’t bring a shotgun to a knife fight.

    Okay, I’ve never said that before.

  7. “California doesn’t recognize the Texas LTC.”
    California doesn’t recognize ANY other state’s permits or licenses, I thought.

  8. Rather nice of that Texan to treat the arterial bleeding given the high probability of HIV in the Bay Area.

  9. Those two Texans are damned lucky to have encountered a criminal who was both an incompetent carjacker and weak enough for the man to overpower.

  10. Just a friendly reminder. Unless you have gloves, eyes etc. Let that guy bleed out. No sense in getting a blood borne disease by exposing yourself to him more than you need too. Plenty of people involved in being turds are also carriers of diseases due to their pore decision making.

  11. I hope they charge the guy from Texas for assault with a deadly weapon (Knife). There was no reason he needed to stab the underprivileged individual. The guy from Texas is clearly a male chauvinist since he “had” to grab the other guys gun only when he pointed it at the girlfriend. It’s 2018 and sadly women are still shown the kind of disrespect this Texas man showed. The gun wasn’t pointed at him it was pointed at her so it should have been her decision to defend herself if she wanted, he just “had” to grab the gun to assert his male dominance! If I were her I would be so offended. Of course his display of privileged maleness didn’t stop there, he had to stab the disenfranchised individual as well. The way this guy from Texas acted was ridiculous. I really hope they charge this guy from Texas with some kinda crime! If you visit California you need to act like a Californian, no cis-gender manly heroics!

  12. I’m kinda wondering if this story is true, or perhaps they left out the “cowboy boot to the nutz” before he grabbed the shotgun. Three heroes from Texas this year, yah all

  13. Sorry….had I been the Texan, I would have calmly watched the perp bleed out. No way am I getting blood from some Cali criminal all over me. The only way that guy would have survived is if he’d been conscious and aware enough to pinch off his own arterial bleed.

  14. Ok, this brings up a relevant (and very late-coming) question:

    I already carry a pistol pretty wherever I go and am “allowed” to, but for those other times, and/or for a backup, et al…which knife for EDC, and why?

    • Any well-made general utility knife will do. I would stay away from dagger type knives (two equal edges). You don’t need a large blade size or length to do damage or be effective in a fight. If a folder, look for a quality blade than won’t easily snap, and probably a built in clip to attach. The blade and hinge of a folding knife should be robust. You’ll want something that can be made ready one-handed. I carry a small SOG utility knife that has a 3 inch blade. Its a folder and fits great in a back or side pocket. Its super rugged and I can open the locking blade easily with either hand. Make sure its something you can comfortably carry or you won’t. Its a comfort having it where I can’t CCW, but super useful in lots of situations that have nothing to do with protection. Knife laws vary widely by state. I don’t know how up to date this website is but useful information can be found here: http://www.knifeup.com/knife-laws.

    • YMMV. BUT, a, robust, single-edge, locking, drop-point folder; no opening assist, blade under 3″ in a 440-ish stainless steel. Lots of higher-end knife brands have inexpensive entry / utility models like this, made for them but with decent QC to preserve the brand. I actually like a high-carbon steel, but to carry around and otherwise ignore, a stainless works better for me.


      Robust, single-edge, and locking make it a safer for many uses. Nothing is certain, but, single-edge, no assist, blade under 3″ shifts you nearer the safe side of knife laws, creative interpretations of knife laws, and the case a prosecutor or “family and friends” might try to make of you intent post-hoc. (This is why you don’t trick out your gun with macho sayings, either. Use your inside voice.)

      Drop-point and folder help both use and aftermath. “Not a “flick knife”” has both of the same benefits, although in NYC, any folder that locks can get you arrested, prosecuted, and even convicted under their “flick knife” laws.

      A camp knife is a good choice if you are camping, but I won’t carry one all the time, and many places it’s not allowed. Like a defensive firearm, the best knife to carry is one that does the job, that you will carry. You don’t carry the modern powdered-steel Katana and matching Tanto unless it really is the zombie apocalypse, just like you don’t actually carry your ZF-1 unless combat is, indeed, immanent. Unless it’s time to go over the top of the trench, your carry knife is a tool that may be pressed into use for defense if you have to.

  15. If I were the Texan, I would have opened up his wounds enough that he would bleed out before anyone stumbled onto the scene. Why let this ass hole recover only to to go out and kill someone, once he is out of prison.
    Besides, a dead man can’t testify!
    If I could change the law, I would make it a mandatory 50 years in the slammer for using a gun in the commission of a crime, shoot some during the same, Death penalty!
    This wouldn’t end crime, but I’ll bet it would slow it down considerably.

  16. How many of you would trust the justice system in a leftist, pro-criminal state like California after a similar defensive situation? What law would be broken in retreating to a safe distance- like back to Texas? Does anyone know what level of violent altercation needs to be reported? Would anyone else be tempted just to leave?


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