FBI Agents in Austin (courtesy latimes.com)
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“Police in Austin said an explosion in a residential neighborhood Sunday night appeared to be related to the three bombs that detonated earlier this month,” washingtonpost.com reports, “plunging the Texas capital further into a frightening mystery that forced residents to remain locked in their home as investigators scoured the area for answers.” Sensible, law-abiding Americans know . . .

that the odds of being the victim of a random violent attack — be it a bombing, armed robbery, home invasion, terrorist truck or passenger plane — are lower than a snake’s belly. But they also know it stops being statistical when it starts being you. And the more random an attack seems, no matter how distant, the more people worry about their safety.

Weird right? Your average Joe’s a hundred times more likely to die in a car crash or a coronary or cancer or old age than expire via a bomb or bullet. But that type of violent homicide gets all the ink. Again, no surprise. There’s nothing like random violence to stimulate anxiety. It could have been me! In fact, my life could well depend on nothing more than pure luck.

Which is true on a lot of levels. But people react to that realization in two different ways.

Some people say oh well. There’s nothing I can do.

Sure, they might change their habits a bit like not ordering from Amazon or stop bicycling through the ‘hood until the Austin bomber’s caught. But they turn to the police — the professionals! — to sort it out. Professionals who do everything they can to convince the public to chill while they find the killer.

Other people think, well, there it is: more proof that evil exists.

Yup, it’s out there, somewhere. It’s nice to have eleventy dozen FBI and ATF agents on the case, but I better be ready if evil comes knocking on my door. Or I happen to run into it. What if I see the bomber planting a bomb and the bomber sees me? He’s not going to be very witness tolerant.

I call the first reaction BS (Boston Strong) and the second PS (Pistol Strong).

Will the Austin bombings convince unarmed TX BSers to tool up? Nope. Denial and fear. Fear and denial. It’s a closed loop.

But the Austin bombings will strengthen the resolve of PSers to use the best possible tools for their safety and the safety of their loved ones: a seatbelt, situational awareness and a firearm. FWIW.

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    • Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not. Either way shut your damn mouth, this forum is from Texas. And every year they have the Texas firearm festival, if you don’t like Texas do us a favor and stay out

      • Who are you to tell him what he can, and connot say?

        To the OP: Every place is packed to the rafters with assholes, so what?

        • Then maybe he should tell us where he is from and go ahead and compare it to Texas… until then… yes, he can shut the hell up.

        • @Illinos in TX. Fortunately your hurt feelings about his opinion on your state doesn’t even amount to a pile of .22 brass. I hope he trashes on your state some more.

        • Pretty contradictory there, ehh? I can tell people what not to say, just like you. He doesn’t have to listen to me. I just don’t like his justification of “X happened” “ohh that’s not surprising Y lives there.”
          Texas is one of largest states in the union with several major metropolitan areas, no duh some assholes are gonna live there. Assholes are everyone especially TTAG….
          Looking at you Sal Chicon and Madcapp

      • FMJay……. Austin is the Hollywood of Texas, lib city and not representative of the rest of the state. Corpus Christi, Houston, Dallas, all the big cities are for some reason liberal leaning. When they catch this bomber I hope his name is Mohammed something or other. No one should worry though, the police are here to protect you. In the meantime I think we should concentrate on raising the age to buy a bomb to 21 yrs. old. Maybe a bomb control law would have prevented this. Bump bombs should be outlawed immediately. The NBA [ national bomb association] should be vilified. Seriously, I hope they catch this murderer soon.

    • Austin is more like Californiastan… than Texas..

      A great example of the saying “Keep Austin weird”…

  1. You mean that you don’t have to have an evil black rifle to hurt people?

    People will still kill and terrorize without guns?

    Somebody check out the Roman Empire. They had not one gun. Not one.

    • jwm,

      You bring up a good point. We can show people that violent actors can inflict unspeakable damage without firearms. We need look no further than History.

  2. I’m surprised I haven’t heard the usual suspects demanding more gun control. Is it because someone noticed no guns were used, or was it because the victims are the wrong class and color for “the narrative”(tm)

  3. Not enough info has been released, and rightly so as it’s in the early stages of the investigation. How were these packages addressed? Were they placed on a porch rather than a mail box? If on the porch, were they placed return address face down?

    If no return address is visible, the recipient should leave it alone and call police. I don’t know if local police departments have package xray equipment, but I know ATF does. Play it safe and if the package cannot be identified, call the police. For God sake, don’t pick it up or handle it.

    • The most recent bomb was triggered by two cyclists when they contacted a tripwire strung across a road.

      The bomber has grown beyond delivering deadly packages.

        • “Certainly makes hit that much harder to solve.”

          Indeed, something like this may require the federal agency’s and police on the case to do something that they are unaccustomed to, a genuine investigation. Likely the culprit will either make a mistake soon and be spotted and apprehended, lay low for a time before striking again or be turned in by family or an associate.

          “Hope this doesn’t become another UniBomber.”

          Un(iversity)A(irport)bomber, interesting bit of trivia: Ted got his pseudonym from his early targets, those being airports and universities.

      • An IED? Wow. So are we talking about an immigrant or a veteran who has such knowledge? Or is this the kind of thing you can find on the interwebs?

        • You can find it on the webz. All three are possibilities, as is the concept of a homegrown lunatic with a copy of certain books or who learned it from someone else who didn’t realize they were teaching this to a dangerous nut.

        • IEDs in the USA?

          Surprised it took this long. Unfortunately, we will have to get used to the same realities that Iraqis live with every day.

        • It’s easier to make a bomb than a gun. The hard part is getting the explosive material. If you are not trying to make a huge explosion, it’s not very difficult.

        • “An IED? Wow. So are we talking about an immigrant or a veteran who has such knowledge? Or is this the kind of thing you can find on the interwebs?”

          Knowledge of explosive ordnances, mechanics and electrical wiring have always been prevalent amongst the American populace, especially in the more rural areas. In some places, making pyrotechnics is as common as firearms ownership. Granted, many urban dwellers are ignorant of this and those that aren’t would just as soon be.

          “IEDs in the USA?”

          Say it ain’t so.

          “Surprised it took this long.”

          More common than one would think. Aside from criminal use e.g. Kaczynski, McVeigh, Columbine killers, and the Tsarnaev Brothers, some landowners even use em’ for pest control. Seriously, tin cans filled with compressed 4F BP with BBs/lead shot/nuts packed on top and placed under a stand with food scraps on it, makes for a wicked magpie eradicant.

          “Unfortunately, we will have to get used to the same realities that Iraqis live with every day.”

          Time will tell.

          “It’s easier to make a bomb than a gun.”

          Yes and no. Primative/crude firearms are fairly simple to construct. Two pieces of pipe and a nail placed strategically in the center of an end cap, makes for a workable shotgun. Granted that one needs shells still. Rigging up a homemade muzzleloader isn’t much more difficult. Projectiles are easy enough to come by, and either matchheads, BP, or sucrose potassium nitrate can be used as a propellant.

          “The hard part is getting the explosive material.”

          For the lazy and ignorant that is likely true. However, fireworks and reloading powder provide an easy avenue for such a person hell bent on destruction.

          “If you are not trying to make a huge explosion, it’s not very difficult.”

          Define “huge explosion”. If by that, one means a 3-5 story building leveling blast, then yes. Not that the materials would be exceptionally difficult to procure, but rather costly and transporting such a large charge would prove to be potentially conspicuous. However, if by “huge explosion” one means a detonation capable of destroying a small-mid sized house, or obliterating a crowd of people, then it is within the average citizens capabilities if they have the required knowledge.

          KNO3 is easy enough to get ahold of. From that there are numerous routes that one can take to create various detonants and deflagrants. Everything from BP to dynamite and then some. NH4NO3 is another potential option, especially for the lazy. A little diesel and aluminum powder, and one has something comparable to TNT.

          The tricky part with deflagrants involves proper confinement as they won’t explode otherwise, i.e. pipe bombs. Detonants or high explosives have their own issues. Either they are too sensitive for practical use in moderate to large quantities, thus making them a primary explosive, or they are so insensitive that said primary is needed to set them off.

          Fortunately, most morons hell bent on destruction, lack the finesse to properly setup a means by which to detonate a bomb. They either end up with squibs(when using deflagrants) or blow themselves to hell when trying to synthesize compounds such as HMTD or god forbid TATP.

      • The first bomb went under the public radar. The government brushed it off. So the guy decided to plant two bombs on the same day. Then the public was aware of these package bombs. Now he has to switch to something else because he doesn’t want to get caught and he wants to keep getting causalities. Now you have to be more aware of everything that could be a bomb.

        For some time now, I stopped traveling on public transportation and being in large crowds due to how easy it is for a bomber…

        • Excellent analysis, it is also likely that the bomber’s activities will go cold soon. This will allow the panic to subside and people will eventually become complacent and make for unsuspecting targets once again. Not to mention that the puplic will be less likely to notice any incongruities related to said bomber’s activities if enough time has elapsed. That is, unless the culprit fucks up and either gets caught, turned in or has an “unfortunate” accident while testing new designs/explosives.

          As CZJay has stated, perceptive awareness and avoiding areas that could potentially be targets, are the best preventative measures.

      • Got some sauce to back that up?

        Edit: just saw this on KXAN.

        Great. Now I need to watch where I’m driving now and not just double checking any packages delivered.

        My money is on some pissed off white guy. And I say this as a white guy.

  4. Packing a gun because of bombings is like a doctor picking up a bone drill to treat a patient’s broken arm.

    “Well, he might ALSO develop intracranial hypertension while I’m setting his arm!”

    Come on guys. This presents zero additional threat that would require a firearm over background. In other words, if you weren’t carrying a gun, this isn’t a rational reason to do so over whatever other threats you have dismissed.

    • Really? There were two bombers responsible for the Boston Marathon attack. Then they went on a shooting spree as they attempted to flee.

      One died in a shootout with police, but the other armed terrorist sought shelter in some guy’s motorboat, trailered in the backyard. If I stumbled upon such a thing, I’d like to be tooled up. Knowing such a person was in the general area, I definitely would remain tooled up.

      The 1996 Atlanta Olympics (and other targets) bomber was on the run for years before being captured. He was arrested unarmed and without incident. Still, I wouldn’t want to be an unarmed individual who just happened to cross paths with such a desperate and dangerous bomber. I wouldn’t expect him to be unarmed, either.

    • Whoever this is is stringing trip wires in public areas. It’s only a matter of time before some citizen stumbles across this dirtbag. Want to bet that citizen had better be armed?

      I had a co worker murdered years ago. The 2 guys that killed her stated at their trial that they thought she saw something they were up to so to be safe they killed her.

      Always be armed. Period.

      • How about people start doing an armed neighborhood watch to patrol the area to keep that bomber from planting stuff on their street? The cops aren’t going to be looking out for everyone.

    • “Come on guys. This presents zero additional threat that would require a firearm over background. In other words, if you weren’t carrying a gun, this isn’t a rational reason to do so over whatever other threats you have dismissed.” – said every terrorist planning on doing a “secondary attack”.

  5. This is a rather odd question.

    1 – It’s *always* a good time to tool up for those who want and will accept the responsibility.

    2 – Just how will ‘tooling up’ have any impact on a package bomb left on your front porch?

    Make it a personal policy to ballistically ‘neutralize’ any unexpected packages you discover on your front stoop?

    • Pardon me, but did you mean to ask, “Just how will ‘tooling up’ have any impact on a bomb being set on the side of the street, by a bomber also setting a tripwire that crosses the street, who gets caught in the nefarious act by, oh, I don’t know, maybe a guy out jogging at night?”

      The bombing spree has evolved beyond just package bombs now. Keep up. You don’t know what the next stage is or how you might inadvertently come upon the bomber in the middle of something.

      Can you guarantee that won’t happen and that the bombetr won’t turn immediately violent if it does?

      Good grief. In the race to make snarky remarks and show how smart you are, it’s very easy to speak foolishly.

      • “Good grief. In the race to make snarky remarks and show how smart you are, it’s very easy to speak foolishly.”

        I was unaware of the change of tactics to a tripwire when I wrote that, Johnathan…

        • Doesn’t matter, even small, maiming / casualty, devices can be used to ‘funnel’ or [cattle] drive people into a secondary attack. Just because an exploding device doesn’t kill you doesn’t mean you’ll survive the subsequent shooting when 5-O or EMS gets there.

          What if some fing (D)head planted a small bomb in or near a crowd you were in, ‘glassed’ you, and called 911 and reported the bomber is you? You’ll need more than a gun to defend yourself then.

  6. All of these sneak bomber jagoffs have had scores to settle — from George Metesky to Oscar López Rivera to Bill Ayers to Ted Kaczynski. And they’re usually not shy about sharing their grudge, whether it’s political or personal.

    If the cops don’t know the Austin serial bomber’s grievance, they soon will. Of course, after too many years of “leadership” by Art Avocado — uh, I mean Acevedo — the department may have become so debased and incompetent that this bomber can have free range for many years to come.

    • Said bombers, while often quite intelligent, also typically harbor a superiority complex. This leads them to believe that they are far too clever to ever get caught. Once their guard is down, that is when they will inevitably make a mistake.

  7. Austin keeping it weird, like Olympic qual. weird.

    What’s the going rate on the betting? $0.25 a square?

    I want the Ted Kaczynski green-nik, and hoodie squares. All the F’d up POS MFn (D) perp squares should already be taken by now, but I’ll buy one POS (D)NC contributor square if there are any of those left.

  8. SIPDE. Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute.
    This is a wonderful acronym used by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). I find it quite applicable to all of life’s surprises. It breaks down situational awareness nicely so as one goes about their daily life one is more aware of ones surroundings. The most important safety and security tool is that thing betwixt your ears. Even though we don’t live near where these incidents are happening, it is not too far a stretch to think that someone will get the idea in their twisted head to one up this guy. My wife is an Amazon Prime maniac. Packages are put on our doorstep more days than not. Not to mention my monthly deliveries from Freedom or LAX. The UPS driver is scared shutless of our dog and just drops and runs. So we now scrutinize any packages. But sure, I guess we could just stand back a plink away at them to see if they blow up first…

  9. Not in your hood huh RF?!? Dude or dudette may never be caught. We had a rash of violent crime in our suburban Chicago neighborhood. And still retards were whining about guns…the po-leece will protect me😋😋😋😋

    • Actually the last one was in Travis Country, which actually is fairly close to RF, and in a similar socioeconomic neighborhood.
      The other two were on the other side of town and in poorer neighborhoods.

  10. If by tooling up you mean using good situational awareness, then yes. Not sure what good a gun is unless you have the misfortune of seeing the bad guy(s) actually planting a bomb.

    • Good point michael in AK;
      People that carry tend to maintain better situational awareness. So, yeah, tooling up may keep more eyes open and heads on a swivel.

  11. I’ve got three legitimate packages due here in the next few days. My son has ordered some things and let me know of their expected arrivals.

    Before last week, if an unexpected box showed up, I’d look at the label to see which neighbor it belonged to, then walked it to the neighbor’s home.

    Now it’s time to call the bomb squad, even though I’m not close to Austin.

    • Can’t you require a signature or do a local pick up? That way you don’t have to approach the box like it’s an IED.

  12. You can’t really shoot back at a bomb so in this case “tooling up” is a good idea if “tool up” means med gear and the skills to use it.

    • Gosh, maybe the asshole/assholes be Lord Cheeto boot lickers. I can guarantee that if they are dumpster supporters their political affiliation will never be mentioned on this site. That only happens if the perps are lefties.

    • When some fucktard is leaving explosives attached to tripwires across public streets their political affiliation is kind of a moot point unless you yourself are out to politicize the whole situation.

      Regardless of whom they decided to vote for/support the fact that they’re leaving IEDs out in public makes them an asshole.

      • …but I have to know their politics. How else will I know if I should be angry at this hate-mongering ammosexual terrorist NRA member, of if I should feel bad for the poor victim who feels so ‘othered’ by the hate mongering ammosexual terrorists at the NRA that they use IEDs to express their frustration with the white patriarchy, which I think we can all tolerate and learn to appreciate in a non-appropriation sort of way.

        ^^^ THATS SARCASM.

    • What if it turns out to be a pro 2nd Amendment person proving that he doesn’t need to use his AR-15 to terrorize and kill? Just a trip to the hardware store, the electronics store and some fireworks.

  13. Ban black ink. That’ll stop the bombings. For the tide children.

    These assault stamps are just too much. Or maybe just ban boxes and paper? But be careful of specifying a tree species though or the NAACP will somehow get involved.

    Actually, scratch that, these aren’t bombings. Because I’m sure they identify as “fireworks” or “gifts”…

      • “Clock Boy’s attorney wants a word with you.”

        There’s recent news about ‘Clock Boy’.

        His civil rights violation lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice by the judge…

  14. Quick!!! shoot the bomb.:..fuck me running, now I’ve got to watch for trip wires, booby traps and holes in the ground. I need a good point man

  15. Rather have to deal with guns than bombs. You can’t fight a bomb like you can fight a person with a gun.

    I have a feeling most people who carry don’t wear any body armor. Maybe people in Texas should start wearing some.

  16. So are we supposed to shoot the delivery cardboard box before opening?
    About the best thing to do is not mess with delivery boxes of which you are not expecting delivery of.
    Trip wires when moving, are going to be tough to spot.
    I suppose that you could shoot silly string if trip wired on your premises.
    Call Bomb Squad?

    • YMMV, however, usually never recommended to shoot any part of an I.E.D.

      if it was “armed” it can be disarmed, if you’re given enough time, and there’s no active / remote detonator activated.

  17. CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG ? ? ? No, F U.

    Can’t we all just agree that the first MF that suggests gun-control over this needs a near-lethal beat down?

  18. Y’all are missing the point in a lot of this by trying to bash one another. No one knows much at this point.
    Be safe, look for things out of place in case it branches out or has copycats. Think about having your armor/helmet handy, have your medical kit handy, vehicle placement and even role play what you and your family might or should do in the event of an odd package.
    The placement might not have to do with race as much as the lack of security and/or cameras as compared to different class places that have doorbell cameras, home security systems and good neighbors etc.
    Pay attention, stay outta the cell phone zombie mode, look out after one another and be safe.


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