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Chrstn Ghl’s pocket dump hails from Bundesrepublik Deutschland. She’s a police officer, obviously. (You didn’t really expect an average German to be able to carry a handgun, did you?) As this is Ms. Ghl’s work EDC, no doubt her Walther P99 is department-issued. Here in the Land of the Free . . .

Americans who don’t live in states with a roster of state-approved handguns (e.g., California and Massachusetts) or states that won’t let you carry a handgun in public period (e.g., New Jersey and Hawaii) can choose from a wide variety of personal defense firearms, including Walther’s triggertastic polymer pistols. And yet most of them choose a GLOCK.

Walther PPQ M2 (courtesy

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a GLOCK. Except the stock trigger. And the grip angle. And the aesthetics (or lack thereof). All of which can be sorted or avoided PDQ by buying Walther’s PPQ.

I almost forgot to mention: Walthers are just as reliable as Gaston’s gats. So why not a Walther?

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  1. I hear nice things about the newer generation of Walthers, but I’d still prefer an all-metal PPK/S over the latest mock-Glock plastigun.

    • Pretty much any Walther is better than the corresponding Glock model, except I’d take a Glock 43 over the CCP.

  2. I like the Creed/PPX better than the PPQ….call me crazy.

    The new PPS is nice but I wish Walther would make their texturing more aggressive.

  3. I don’t care for the aesthetics, and I don’t have the money to buy new holsters/mag pouches. Until I hear a compelling reason to switch from M&P to Walther, I’m staying with what I have. Same goes if I was a Glock or CZ or XD guy.

    • And by compelling reason I don’t mean the trigger is awful. It’s bad, but I’m used to it.

      A compelling reason would be the M&P has huge safety concerns that can’t be fixed easily. Even if someone reinvented the pistol to be far superior in every way, I’d wait because it’ll become better and cheaper over time.

    • I think the PPS m1/m2 are German as well, and only the PPK/S is “made in the USA” due to the import point system, the same reason the Glock .380s were Euro only until recently, when they started making them here. Those .25, .32, and .380 Saturday night specials are scary guns! Unless made in the US, then they are friendly.

  4. actually the PPK/S was created to be able to be imported into the US. the PPK did not pass the point system. but they ended up with a gun that held one more round and has a longer grip to hang on to. mine has the Interams logo on it as well as ” made in w. Germany”. and yes I like the all metal construction too.

  5. About the CCP for my daughter because the slide is easy to rack and the general ergonomics and great trigger. Liked it well enough to get the PPQ for myself, though I had to move the magazine release to the other side because I was dropping it unintentionally while doing one hand drills.

    • When an interrogator says “We have ways of making you talk”….well….that device is what they mean. Best not to ask any more questions about it.

  6. Polymer frame,No… ,,,,, Zay are killing ze
    girl tonight, You can save her.,,,, just signz zee papers old man. ” I,,,. I,,, I can not sign zee paperss “. UND VIE CANNOT YOU SIGNZ ZE PAPERS!!! …” Because you have broken both of my hands”.

  7. I carry a P99c in 9mm and I love it. I’ve got a stock Glock 19, and have no plans to carry it unless I had absolutely no other choice. I don’t get why Walthers don’t get more love.

  8. Agree to disagree on the Glock trigger being bad… seriously, earlier generations must have been AWFUL for people to still be complaining about this.

    For me, the PPQ’s trigger is a little too good for carry. I love it at the range and I could train into it, but the Glock is there for me out of the box so I’ll keep my PPQ pristine. Holster rash doesn’t suit nice looking guns.


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