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According to The Hill, former Vice-President Joe Biden plans to run for the Democrat nomination in the race for President in 2020. Yes, Mr. “If you want to protect yourself, get a double-barrel shotgun” Biden believes that with his announcement, he will become the front-runner right away.

From The Hill:

Former Vice President Joe Biden will run for president in 2020, a senior Democratic lawmaker told The Hill on Tuesday, a move that will shake up the crowded Democratic primary field and make him the clear front-runner for his party’s nomination against President Trump.

“I’m giving it a shot,” Biden said matter-of-factly during a phone call with a House Democratic lawmaker within the past week — a conversation the congressman recounted to The Hill and interpreted as a sure sign that Biden will run in 2020.

In the brief phone call, the former vice president asked if he could bounce some campaign strategy ideas off the lawmaker and invited the lawmaker to sit down with him in person in the near future. Biden also said he hoped to have the lawmaker’s support

If true, this will become the best primary election season, ever. Right away, Biden will duke it out with Bernie Sanders for the front-runner spot in the Democrat primary. And Biden has plenty of issues dogging him.  Especially in this #MeToo time in America.

Biden Jumping Into 2020 Presidential Race
AP Photo/Kevin Lamarque


Biden Jumping Into 2020 Presidential Race
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin


Biden Jumping Into 2020 Presidential Race
AP Photo/Evan Vucci.

Among Creepy Uncle Joe’s other vulnerabilities: His relentless campaigning for gun control, which failed dramatically after Sandy Hook.

From Politico:

Biden’s misfire on gun control
His push for action after Sandy Hook ended in defeat

Six weeks after their reelection, the president put Joe Biden in charge of the most serious push for gun control in decades, sparked by the massacre of children at Sandy Hook Elementary. It seemed like the moment when national outrage might lead to congressional action.

Biden did not deliver.

And then, for gun owners, his naive, ill-informed firearm recommendations for effective self-defense strategies for women. “Buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun,” he said. And that cemented his “buy a shotgun” reputation. Where did he offer this lousy advice about buying a shotgun for women’s self-defense come from?

It came from a Facebook town hall meeting for Parents Magazine. Really. The all-knowing Vice-President shared his sage advice when the topic turned to guns.

Biden shocked many of the delicate snowflake parents listening with his full-throated support of gun ownership for self-defense. The foreign media were nonplussed as well. Here the UK Telegraph reports on Biden’s advice:

The US vice-president, who is spearheading the White House’s gun policy proposals, said he told his wife to reach for the family shotgun if there were an intruder at their secluded Delaware home.

“Jill, if there’s ever a problem here, just walk out on the balcony, here, walk out, put that double-barrel shotgun and just fire two blasts outside the house,” Mr Biden said.

The unusual advice came during an online forum with readers of Parents Magazine, where Mr Biden shocked some liberals with his enthusiastic endorsement of shotguns for self-defence.

“If you want to protect yourself buy a double-barrelled shotgun,” Mr Biden responded to a woman’s question about defending her house. “You don’t need an AR-15: it’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use and you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself.”

Lowering his voice, he added: “Buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun.”

At the same time, among gun owners who know better, Biden’s statements made him appear to be a fool.  And a subsequent YouTube mash-up of Biden’s advice intermingled with videos of women having bad experiences shooting shotguns made for entertaining viewing.

The video above has over 3.2 million views alone. Others have posted the same or similar videos and those have millions of additional views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, gun owners know how quickly beginners take to America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15. Yes, regular, everyday Americans. Including women.

Biden Jumping Into 2020 Presidential Race
TTAG/GSL photo by John Boch.

And even young teens can handle an AR very well while enjoying themselves.

Biden Jumping Into 2020 Presidential Race
TTAG/GSL Defense Training photo.

Yes, this promises to become an entertaining election season.

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  1. Oh this is going to be the best election season EVER. Watching Trump demolish a commie and a pedo will be priceless.

    • Slow Joe won’t make it past the primaries, he’s going to be demolished by other Democrats.

      I hear Kamala Harris has been recruiting former Clinton campaign people, she’s one to keep an eye on.

      • Kamala Harris would be the worst possible person to get elected president. She is very anti-gun….but luckily she is also a demogue and I think she will fall flat on her face when hard questions begin to be asked.

        • …this crap again? We just went over this with Obama.

          Where a child exits the birth canal only matters if neither parent is a US citizen. Harris is a natural-born citizen because her mother is a US citizen.

          Harris could have been born on the moon, it would not affect her eligibility to run for President.

        • Pwerserge isn’t a citizen, many people are saying he renounced his citizenship to get freebies in college.

        • Miner49er isn’t a citizen, many people are saying he renounced his citizenship because he lacks a functioning brain.

  2. Slow Joe huh?!? Older & dumber than Donnie. With a BOATLOAD of creepy videos ASSaulting women young & old😄😊😏

    • The look on that woman’s face says it all. Crazy “Uncle” Joe puts Al Franken to shame where being a molester is concerned.

  3. He’s going to get eaten alive in the primary.

    It’s either going to be fun to watch or extremely sad. The only question is how he gets destroyed.

    • That might actually be fairly friendly compared to what I suspect is going to happen to the guy.

      Look at the way the ultra-Left has treated Bernie Sanders, who even the ultra-Left thinks of as an OG Leftist. What’s probably going to happen to Biden might make seppuku look like a good option.

      I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if they find a way to attack Biden over his son’s death.

    • Like an Ouroboros at that. With all of Biden’s gaffs, disingenuous stances and flip-flops, he will self-immolate like a hypergolic.

      • He is gaffe prone for sure but I’m thinking more the way the Left attacked Sanders who is, by the Left’s own admission, an OG Leftist. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if some of the other candidates find a way to attack Biden over his son’s death.

        Also, a gaff is a tool for fishing or, more humorously, a pair of “camel toe” panties for cross dressing.

        The latter might be applicable for a lot of people running for POTUS on the Democrat side of things this time around.

        (CAUTION… Link not exactly safe for work. ~JB)

        • I knew I’d get one. LOL.

          If you type in “gaff” on Google do AFTCO fishing gaffs come up first? Nope, that Ebay sale is the FIRST result.

          Not an SJW company my ass.

        • “He is gaffe prone for sure but I’m thinking more the way the Left attacked Sanders who is, by the Left’s own admission, an OG Leftist. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if some of the other candidates find a way to attack Biden over his son’s death.”

          A very cogent analysis, and Esoteric Inanity agrees that Biden will never make it through a Democrat primary without co-opting some “enlightened” new policies. However, to this one’s alluded point regarding political autophagous tendencies; Biden will consume himself every time he has to obsequiously beg for the forgiveness of the “enlightened” after having deviated from their sycophantic dogma. When Biden’s past comments on “violent thugs” and “putting them away for a long time” come into mass public awareness, he will be screaming for reparations shortly thereafter.

          “Also, a gaff is a tool for fishing or, more humorously, a pair of “camel toe” panties for cross dressing.”

          Ah yes, very good. First merkins, and now gaffs. It would seem that Esoteric Inanity has made his own gaffe regarding “gaffs”, and strangely enough learns more about these things of a bizarre nature than firearms here. An interesting bit of trivia nonetheless. Might this one ask as to how strych9 came by such esoteric knowledge?

          “The latter might be applicable for a lot of people running for POTUS on the Democrat side of things this time around.”

          Indeed, some wouldn’t even need the gaff. Joe has shown himself to be one plenty times of late.

        • “Might this one ask as to how strych9 came by such esoteric knowledge?”

          I was looking for a fishing gaff. Instead of typing in exactly what I wanted, because I figured it would only bring up super expensive gaffs from companies like Orvis and FishPond, I just typed in “gaff” thinking that Google Shopping would give me a zillion results to look through and I could pick one/comparison shop rather easily.

          Instead Google pushed fishing gaffs down the page and every single ad that Google Shopping pulled up were those special panties/insert. I LOLed, trolled through some of the ads (some of which are remarkably complete by the way, I mean, they SELL those things hard), LOLed some more and then returned to looking for an appropriately sized gaff for fly-fishing large fish.

        • Ah yes, the wonders of Google. Even the three wise monkeys could be corrupted with such a thing. Esoteric Inanity has also happened upon some rather unpleasant things with Google’s assistance.

      • Hypergolic… I had to look that word up, and that doesn’t happen very often. Great word. Biden plus the SJW base will definitely be a hypergolic mixture.

        My prediction: It’s going to be either Beto O’Rourke or Kamala Harris running for prez in the end. The DNC anoints its favorites, and these two can animate the base with their intersectional appeal. (People of Color! Wimmynz! Glass ceilings!)

        Dark horse could be some milquetoast prog like Inslee, who has some SJW cred without much baggage, and could squeak through if the rest eat each other alive.

        • “Hypergolic… I had to look that word up, and that doesn’t happen very often. Great word. Biden plus the SJW base will definitely be a hypergolic mixture.”

          Ing must be quite adept at the English language. Esoteric Inanity has to frequently look up words, and then can’t seem to recall the definition later lol.

          The first time Esoteric Inanity encountered the word, was in a college chemistry class that he unceremoniously flunked out of (Funny how a pissed off ex and a bad performance on a test can do that). One doesn’t tend to encounter it in the average conversation. Hypergolic seems to be used in conversations of a more technical nature, kinda like nematocyst.

          Admittedly, Esoteric Inanity wasn’t initially going to use the word, but it was the only one he could think of that remotely fit the premise. Ing used hypergolic in a more appropriate context than this one. Excellent metaphor by the way, Ol’ Joe and the new age socialists will indeed make for “a hypergolic mixture”. Maybe Biden will come out as being queer to increase his odds.

          “My prediction: It’s going to be either Beto O’Rourke or Kamala Harris running for prez in the end. The DNC anoints its favorites, and these two can animate the base with their intersectional appeal. (People of Color! Wimmynz! Glass ceilings!)”

          This one would find it hard to believe that Beto would have mass appeal to the more radical on the left (He’s white). Then again, they already believe that Robert Francis, the white Irishman masquerading as a Latino, is a minority. Harris, as unhinged as she is, could certainly come out on top, if for no other reason than her skin colour and gender (The aforementioned glass ceiling and woman+black!!!). Indeed, “poor” Bernie will likely get the shaft again for a newer more aesthetically pleasing socialist.

          “Dark horse could be some milquetoast prog like Inslee, who has some SJW cred without much baggage, and could squeak through if the rest eat each other alive.”

          Very possible. Currently, this one believes that the likely nominee has yet to announce. Ing is spot on regarding the part on “no baggage”. Dems excel at running on little to no record while concocting shiny faerie tales of optimism and idiocy. Stacey Abrams comes to mind.

  4. I wonder how many democrats would place bets on a democrat winning in 2020? Sounds like I could make some easy cash.

  5. Maybe he wants to take the title of the “best gun salesman” from Obama? True story: I bought more guns, than originally planned, during the Obama years.

      • Last time I shot a shotgun it was in the late 80’s. I just never got them, but I don’t dismiss them. Those bullpup shotguns look very interesting, except the IWI ginormous shotgun.

  6. Kinda funny.

    With Bernie and Joe – two old guys – you see the break of demo party.

    Socialist-commies vs Old Guard, Big government Bureaucrat.

    They will now have the freak show in the early primaries and debates that the Republicans had last time.

    It will be entertaining if a bit sad.

    • The Demokkkommie party is circling the drain. They know it and are trying to shift further and further to the left to appease the vocal radicals. Unfortunately, what they are really doing is alienating everybody in the middle. An excellent example is the recent Omar debacle where they refused to condemn a rabid anti-semite and instead put out a milk toast “resolution” that’s basically more intersectional bullshit.

      • *milquetoast (sorry, words mean things)

        I’d argue both parties are immolating and at about the same pace, but whichever one wins musical chairs in a given election is by necessity a bit more stable than the other for a time. In 2016 the Dems were quite well organized (the party, not the electorate) behind Hillary, and the Republicans were the ones threatening to shatter into pieces. They won & no longer had that luxury, so they banded together more or less to form the squandering feckless idiocy we’ve been lamenting for the past two years…which is more or less where the DNC was at the end of Obama’s term. The Dems are much more ‘hungry’ and angry than they were in 2016, the RNC just about as self-assured as their opposition was (granted, with the obvious benefit of incumbency…but remember the sorts of advantages Hillary secretly had & still managed to lose to). Despite some very real and important changes on the ground in places like Florida and Colorado, many Republicans seem to take it on faith Trump will win the same swing states he did before and cruise to easy victory (also forgetting he won an EC victory but not the popular vote –which was all well & good, but it’s a sign you are very close to not winning unless everything lines up just right)

        As a society fails, it’s not uncommon for the leadership/electorate to increasingly ‘whipsaw’ back & forth between increasingly extreme & counterproductive solutions. Considering the orgasmic joy for radical Obama and then a similarly emotional shock upon the election of polar-radical Trump, followed by subsequent rapid disillusionment with the reality of both in the face of their promises, it sure looks like’s we’ve entered that unstable overcorrection phase right before the vehicle rolls.

        • It’s all about the economy. At the end of the day, say what you want about Trump.

          He delivered…
          1. No new wars
          2. Booming economy
          3. Record low unemployment

        • @John in Ohio

          Merriam-Webster adds garbage to its dictionary if enough fools misuse the language. They have all sorts of dumb, transitory slang like ‘twerk’ added in recent years. “Milquetoast” means timid, and referred to a cowardly character by that name. “Milk toast” (which is meaningless word-salad, by the way, not a southern prepper’s recipe) is used to mean “lame” in the bland sense (even though both milk & toast are delicious). Totally different, which adds to the uselessness of confusing the two.

          Semantics & all, but these *are* the people trying to say a “trigger action” can only mean a “trigger pull,” and that “well-regulated” can only mean “subject to prohibitive laws.” MW has been complicit in the intentional distortion & misuse of language, by treating English as a ‘living language’ that changes over time as opposed to only having new terms added as needed while protecting the use of the existing ones (which is how the official French language academy treats that language)

        • Do we want to talk about how colorful variations in the English language colour our perspective? Americans don’t have a single leg to stand on in this regard. Nobody here has spoken the Queen’s English in centuries.

        • Milk toast is an actual food: Toast or crusty bread doused in warm, sweetened milk.

          “Milquetoast” originated as the surname of a timid comic character in the early 1900s. It’s a play on words, evoking the blandness of milk toast — and following that popular character, the adjective has been milquetoast ever since.

          Don’t mess with me on this, fools. I do words for a living. 🙂

          Otherwise, barnbwt is right on. This presidential election is going to be even weirder and uglier than the last one, and it could jump off the rails at any time. Take nothing for granted.

      • PWRSERG, I agree, the far leftist candidates are neglecting and/or pushing away the moderates thinking think they will confirm to thier Socialist views.

    • “Kinda funny.

      With Bernie and Joe – two old guys – you see the break of demo party.”

      Not only that, but one can also see the precious “diversity” of the party. They hate on whitey and yet they keep coming back to him. Also funny how the dems consider white women to be an oppressed minority. If either Biden or Sanders win, then the big bad white man is comin’ to get em’. lol

      • You’re right. Two old “white” guys……even funnier.

        I guess Occssional-Cortex is soiling her panties over this.

        She will whip it all back in line with the New National Socialist Green Party line.


        • Indeed, things are about to get very intriguing. Esoteric Inanity blames the Chinese for that curse of theirs. Of course, things could also get very bad…… Grab all the cows one can find and hold on tight.

    • I do always find it ironic and funny when a democrat calls the republican party that party of old white people. But I agree, the democrat party is becoming more fractured and I do not see how they win a national presidential election. The only thing they have to motivate voters and to bring party unity is their manufactured hatred of all things Trump.

      • Depends what generation you apply this to. I know many Asians and Hispanics (Baby boomers and Gen Xer’s) that are Roman Cathlolic, Conservative, very hard working, that still vote Republican.

    • The democrat party is a collection of diverse groups whose only common threads are a hatred of whitee and a strong dislike for anyone who actually does real work for a living.. White democrats are the worst self-flagellators in the universe.

    • What ever happened to “The GOP is the party of old white men”? The msm forgets that.

  7. As liberal and dopey as biden is, the party has moved even further to the left of him. It’s not enough to be a hard core liberal, you need to be a batshit crazy socialist now to cater to the dem base. biden will lose.

    Don’t underestimate bernie winning the dem primary. His supporters are crazy but rabidly enthusiastic about him. It’s also such a big primary group and they shortened the season. Most of the delegates are in the first month or two of primaries, so no one is going to runaway with it like obama or clinton.

  8. Let’s see. I keep saying shotguns are for shooting birds. Joe Biden says they are best for home defense. Especially if you don’t aim at the intruder. I keep recommending handguns. Rifles if you’re going long. Him. Imbecile. Me. Not the smartest guy on the planet, but the army did teach me to jump out of air planes and shoot machine guns. Okay, maybe the airplane thing wasn’t real smart. Busted up an ankle that gives me trouble today. 20+ years in law enforcement. Firearms instructor. Lots of armed confrontations. You like Uncle Joe? Buy a shotgun for home defense. One without a stock.

    • When you live in a fascist craphole like NY where it can take a year or more to get a handgun permit a Mossberg Shockwave with a light laser combo and the right ammo is good for home defense.

  9. Re:the video,

    Clearly my guns don’t work. I don’t have a single one that causes my pants to fall down when fired.

  10. Interesting hypothesis:
    (1) Democrats know that Biden will win the Democratic primary if he runs.
    (2) Democrats know that no Democrat candidate can possibly beat Trump in 2020.
    (3) Democrats privately assign Biden the sacrificial lamb to lose to Trump and preserve the viability of up-and-coming Democrats for 2024.

    Notice how this Biden announcement coincides with Pelosi stating that the U.S. House of Representatives will NOT draw up articles of impeachment — and how this coincides with Mueller’s finished report declaring unequivocally that Trump did not collude with the Russians? Couple all this with recent mistakes from Occasional Cortex and their two Muslim House members and I have to think that Democrats realize they overplayed their hands. So, they take their losses in 2020 and start preparing for 2024.

    • “(2) Democrats know that no Democrat candidate can possibly beat Trump in 2020.”

      Nope, they are *convinced* they will win in 2020, because ‘everybody they know is voting Democrat”. And they don’t know a single person who voted for Trump.

      Their biggest advantage is in voter enthusiasm. They will show up on election day, while a sizeable percentage of our voters may not, because we are satisfied with the status quo…

  11. Biden didn’t advise using a shotgun to shoot home invaders in self defense. He advised firing both barrels into the air off the back deck thus leaving the homeowner with an empty gun and unable to injure the invaders.

    • Kendall, that’s kind of what I said. Just a little more circumspect about it. Long gun? Rifle. Rifle. Rifle. Or, take your advice on defensive firearms from Biden. 😃 He definitely knows what he’s talking about.

  12. He’s a dirty old man, which is fine. But he’s a galactic sized hypocrite about it, that’s not ok.
    He also milked the death of a child (IMHO) for political value and I detest him for that. I don’t doubt for a moment that he genuinely grieves the loss of his son but he played it into his political game, for that, GFYS Joe.
    He’s got lots of skeletons that will pop up during a primary but the new breed of Socialist imbeciles pulling the strings in both Houses right now will eat him up and shit him out.

  13. While people are laughing at this, I remind everyone Biden has REPEATEDLY topped polls for the 2020 race (and, for that matter, 2016). He is actually the most likely Democrat pick to win by far.

    Granted, I’m sure non-stop ads of his creepy hands will greatly diminish his chance once the election gets underway.

  14. Creepy Feelie- Feelie Joe will have set interns age limit to about 14. Seems like the all are younger than that! Guess Jo has been pictured feeling up a couple of age women. But I feel they are old enough to protect themselves! At least Bill picked of aged women!

  15. Biden has always struck me as the type of person who would be distracted for hours by the prize in a box of cereal.

  16. A double barrul is a good home defense tool, but it’s just more gum infringing on the poor, have you priced a good double barrul shotgum lately?

  17. Hey there, I’m just a retired draftsman/designer. As already noted, I’m retired, which means I have lots of free time. How about me joining the happy throng?

  18. Biden came close to being correct about shotguns for home defense. A bit off here and there.

    For example, his direction of fire. The bad guys are not up in the air, they are kicking down the kitchen door. So shooting off two shells in the air from the balcony is not helping.

    Basic lesson Joe, point the boomstick at the bad people, always.

  19. Beto O’Rourke raised $79 million for his failed Texas Senate campaign. He’s declared his candidacy for President in 2020. How much do you think he’ll be able to raise this time? And who will be footing the bill for this formerly obscure congressman from El Paso?

    The a$$h0le from El Paso will be the one to beat.

  20. Well, I’m from Delaware, and I know where Jokin’ Joe lives. And where he lives, it’s illegal to discharge a firearm.

    Looks like Jill might have to do some time in the county lockup.

  21. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if the next president must be a Demoncrat I hope it’s Shotgun Joe.

    Meanwhile, here’s my official song for the Demoncrat primaries;

    • Come to think of it, that album is full of songs appropriate for the 2020 Demoncrat primaries besides The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging.

      Fly on a Windshield
      Cuckoo Cocoon
      Hairless Heart
      Counting Out Time
      Carpet Crawlers
      The Chamber of 32 Doors
      Lilywhite Lilith (for Elizabeth Warren)
      The Waiting Room
      The Supernatural Anaesthetist
      Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats
      The Colony of the Slippermen
      Riding the Scree
      In the Rapids
      and last but not least – It.

      • there’s a car around here with plates that read i’m rael. i asked him through his open window if he was the aerosol king. big crazy gesticulating nod smile was returned.

  22. When Uncle Joe said get a double barrel I did him one better and got a triple barrel. I understand “Plugs” is an expert on things like this.

  23. “‘Buy a Shotgun’ Biden Jumping Into 2020 Presidential Race”

    Another one bites the dust…may as well jump off a bridge for all that matters…

  24. Biden’s greatest all encompassing attribute is his mouth, of which his verbosity is often offered without though or foundation. Biden’s just Bidening his time.

  25. Joe was right, at least on buy a shotgun. I went out and bought two news ones. I even told the gun stores I was here because Shotgun Joe said buy a shotgun. Probably the only think he has been right on.

  26. Come on Joe, have you seen the prices for a decent over/under these days? Even a side by side is gonna set you back. Let’s be reasonable and compromise on a nice pump action.

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