Taylor’s and Company Expands “Tailor Tuned” Revolvers Line

Taylor’s and Company sells old school, Civil War through Wild West-style revolvers and long guns in both black powder and cartridge flavors. While most are manufactured by Uberti and Chiappa, Taylor’s creates some exclusive versions for their Deluxe, Short Stroke, and/or Taylor Tuned models complete with fine smithing, tuning, and even parts replacement. With the expansion […]

SHOT Show 2015: Chiappa X-Caliber Survival Rifle/Shotgun

Although the Chiappa X-Caliber was actually first shown at SHOT Show 2014, it only started shipping a few months ago. It’s a lightweight survival gun configured as a break-open over/under with a 12 gauge shotgun barrel on top and a .22 LR barrel on bottom and a dual extractor in between. What truly makes it […]

Gun Review: American Tactical Imports VK-22

It seems like every major gunmaker–and several dozen lesser ones– is now selling a .22lr version of their AR-15. The American Tactical Imports VK-22 gives you an M4-styled flattop .22lr upper mated to a fully equipped mil-spec AR lower at a list price ($480) that’s about the same as the Ruger SR-22 or the Smith […]

Chiappa Rhino Post of the Day: Shoot!

That would be Ron Norton, President of Chiappa Firearms. demonstrating the Rhino for our dining and dancing pleasure. “The ammo used was the hottest that I could find,” Ron tells TTAG. “125 grain JHP Classic Federal, 1450 fps. I shot the group in under 1.5 seconds at 21 ft. The grouping was 2″. Please note […]

First Look: Chiappa Arms Rhino Revolver Thingie

The guy in the Einstein getup is the lead engineer on the wheelgun. My first impression: I’m impressed. With the gun. Not the costume. The Rhino’s trigger felt really smooth, in both single and double-action. And I’m frankly fascinated (call me Frank) by the entire concept of the bottom of the cylinder barrel. The Chiappa […]

Preview of Coming Distractions: Chiappa Rhino

It’s not often that I come across a product that makes me think “Wow…these guys have broken the mold, gone back to the drawing board, and come up with something fresh, new and exciting.” Dyson did it with the vacuum cleaner. And again with his new room fan. (I wish Dyson would go into the […]