hi-point carbine
Courtesy Hi-Point
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Hi-Point carbine
Courtesy Hi-Point

From Hi-Point . . .

The families and management of Hi-Point Firearms and MKS Supply have always been strong supporters of our Constitution’s Bill of Rights and Second Amendment.

We always look for opportunities to support the firearms community and are proud to assist with the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) in their great battle to raise funds for their important firearm freedom fight.
VCDL is running a support the Second Amendment raffle. VCDL will raffle off up to 50 custom Hi-Point 9mm carbines with VCDL badging and custom serial numbers from VA001 to VA050.

The odds of winning are one in forty! You may purchase as many tickets as you wish and the more you purchase the better your odds of winning one or even multiple carbines.

Proceeds of this raffle will go to VCDL to help them in this crucial time as they work to protect their state’s citizen’s rights and establish a precedent for our other states.

How to enter: Raffle runs from March 19 to April 30 or until all tickets are sold. During the raffle winners will be notified and given 72 hours to respond to claim their prize. Raffle tickets may be purchased through the following link  https://go.rallyup.com/support2A  For more information or to purchase tickets you may text Support2A to 855-202-2100.

For more information about Hi-Point carbines and handguns please go to their website www.Hi-Pointfirearms.com or Hi-Point’s official Facebook.

Eligibility and rules:

This raffle is NOT open to any individual who is prohibited by federal, state or local law from receiving or possessing the grand prize or where the grand prize is otherwise prohibited from being sold by or delivered to a federal firearms licensee in the state in which the individual resides. The raffle is subject to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Raffle is void wherever restricted or prohibited by law. This offer is NOT valid, anywhere where it is NOT permissible by law.

For more information or to enter please go to

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    • Yeah, first thing I noticed. The carbine has no AR-style buffet tube; would it have killed them to use a stock design like a Magpul Hunter? Insisting on that pistol grip automatically rules out sales in assault weapon ban states.

      • Come to think of it can we get away with a fin to fill in a Beretta carbine’s grip to get around the SAFE act? I think a fin grip is still a no go for the high point but I am seeing a lot of Hera stock’s on the AR’s lately.

      • Hi-Point got started in 1993. Right on the cusp of the Clinton-era “Assault Weapons” Ban. At the time, pistol grips were A-OK.

        It was only 20 years later when the New York SAFE Act decided pistol grips were an evil feature. Before that, they were fine.

  1. Kind of nice to see a company that is on our side. Unlike, say, cheaper than dirt. I gave money to the VCDL too, and I don’t even live in Virginia.

    • I have a 10mm High Point myself. Not pricey and always goes bang. Its clunky and kind of ugly but its tons of fun…

  2. Good for them! The only Hipoint I’d want is a 10mm carbine. Way down my want list…

  3. If Colt was half as smart about marketing themselves as YEET, Inc. seems to be maybe they wouldn’t be looking at insolvency. Unfortunately, Colt’s quality and production numbers aren’t up to snuff which is why FN has been given contracts for government rifles.
    Would love to get my paws on the LE6920 series but those are hard to come by on the secondary market. Given Colt’s management and 2A stance, though, I would go elsewhere. Seems they aren’t interested in making quality ARs which is why everyone else IS …

    • If you watch CDNN auctions every weekend they have them occasionally come up. Ive seen at least a half dozen or so in the past 6 months.
      Just go to CDNN SPORTS and sign up for ads and weekend auctions.

    • I’ve got two le6920 AR. They are good quality, the colt haters can cling to their PSA and dremel butchered lowers. (I have PSA and polymer 80 as well)

      However, it’s my opinion that you can do far better than a 6920 for $1000+. Just start with something complete and affordable like Ruger or S&W, add a Larue Tactical trigger for $100, and then decide if you want a better barrel like a Daniel Defense or something along those lines.

  4. A cool thing to do, a gun maker donating some hardware for a good cause.

    I’d enjoy owning a Hi-Point carbine for the fun of it. But. already own better and my money needs to be elsewhere.

  5. Well that didn’t last long.
    I imagine they could run another 50 gun raffle every week until the end of April and they would all sell out. If they ran one for each of the other calibers, 380ACP, 40S&W, 45ACP, and 10mm I buy tickets for each of them. MSRP varies so the odds could be adjusted accordingly maybe 1/40 for the 380, 1/45 for both the .40 & .45 and then 1/50 for the 10mm. And maybe a few day warning before tickets go one sale? Just a suggestion.

  6. Hi Points kill criminals. That’s All that is necessary. A gun company doing it’s civic duty. Thankyou.

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