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After years of turmoil and the resignation of longtime Executive Vice President Wayne LaPIerre, the NRA appears to be charting a new course after electing reform candidates to three of its top four leadership positions. During a board meeting on Monday, Doug Hamlin, who previously ran NRA publications, was elected Executive Vice President and CEO, succeeding LaPierre, who resigned amid corruption allegations.

Hamlin’s victory over Ronnie Barrett in a 35-to-31 vote signifies a shift towards greater transparency and improved financial stewardship.

“We want to welcome all of our members to the new NRA,” Hamlin told The Reload. “We want to welcome those that we’ve lost in the past five years to come back to us. And we want them to bring friends and family with them.”

Hamlin’s election was part of a broader sweep by reform candidates, with Bill Bachenberg and Mark Vaughn winning the first and second vice president positions, respectively. Their success comes as the NRA faces legal scrutiny for failing to safeguard its charitable assets, leading to millions being diverted for personal expenses by LaPierre and others.

The new leadership aims to provide more transparency and accountability.

“I think that we’re going to be more transparent, just like we were in this board meeting today,” Hamlin said. “And we’re going to be good stewards of their money. And we’re going to be responsible managers and regain their trust over time.”

In a win running counter to reform movement within the organization, former U.S. Congressman Bob Barr was elected NRA President, defeating longtime LaPierre critic Owen ‘Buz’ Mills in a close 37-to-30 vote. Barr, the only candidate endorsed by the board’s nominating committee, pledged to bolster NRA membership and advocate for Second Amendment rights.

“I have been a fighter my whole life and I commit to boldly fight for our Second Amendment rights on behalf of the millions of NRA members,” Barr stated.

The elections followed the NRA’s 153rd Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Dallas, where more than 72,000 members gathered this past weekend. President Donald J. Trump delivered the keynote address at the NRA Leadership Forum, receiving the NRA Political Victory Fund’s endorsement for his re-election bid.

Reform advocates view the leadership changes as an opportunity to steer the NRA away from scandal and toward a renewed focus on its core mission. Jeff Knox, a newly elected board member and longtime critic of LaPierre, expressed optimism.

“I think that Mr. Barr will do well as the president,” Knox said. “I think we’ve got two very good vice presidents and a very good executive vice president. And they’re all ready to work to move forward and bring the association back where it needs to be.”

Hamlin reassured members that the NRA’s commitment to Second Amendment advocacy remains unwavering.

“The NRA is going to continue to stand for the very best in Second Amendment advocacy,” he affirmed with The Reload, highlighting the organization’s success in achieving constitutional carry in 29 states, a success that in reality, has to be shared with other 2A organizations that have stepped in to fill the void left by an NRA weakened by the scandals and court battles of the past several years. But make no mistake, NRA is still at the center of the fight and the ones anti-gunners religiously invoke when their efforts are stymied in Congress. A stronger, refreshed organization will only serve to strengthen 2A rights in this country.  With the November elections approaching, Hamlin emphasized the NRA’s role in mobilizing voters.

The recent changes in leadership and operational strategy are aimed at rebuilding the NRA’s credibility and effectiveness.

“We’re coming off of a great annual meeting, and we’re delighted with our member turnout here,” Hamlin told The Reload, citing the event’s strong attendance as a positive sign for the future.

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  1. Time will tell. And in the meantime there is an election for POTUS and no time for snot nosed slackers whose Trump Bashing rhetoric caters to joe biden. After all no support joe biden miraculously received a record number of votes in 2020 even surpassing b.h. obama. And to keep 2020 not looking like the fraud it was the sneaky democRat Party cannot lose 2024 by much otherwise the 2020 election will stink more than it already does. In other words at this point if slackers cannot man up and fully support DJT then they need to stfu and get the hell out of the way. 2024 is no time for democRat Party lint lickers.

    • Not supporting any gun grabbers – which includes Trump AND Biden.

      No more compromise on gun rights. In any fashion.

      • bosshonkie…RE: “Not supporting any gun grabbers – which includes Trump AND Biden. No more compromise on gun rights. In any fashion.”

        boss you sound like a no compromise tough guy wannabe so perhaps you can tell this forum what you would have done had you been POTUS following Vegas?

        A) Held onto the football and thrown bump stock contraptions under the bus by an EO that can be reversed.

        B) Handed the entire football off to a knee jerk Congress with a laundry list of knee jerk items to ban including competition triggers and items advertised at the time on this forum and last but not least Risk a Congressional Override knowing an Act of Congress cannot be easily reversed.

        You now have an A or B choice just like Trump had.

        • Sorry, Debbie, but your choices ignore the facts: Both houses of congress were held by solid GOP majorities that showed no interest in taking action on bump stocks or any of the other liberal wish list of gun control, even after the Las Vegas shooting.

          You seem to be forgetting who was pushing for the ban on bump stocks. Yes, some liberal Democrats in congress did pick up the idea of a bump stock ban — but they didn’t originate the idea. Do you recall who was the first prominent figure who came out publicly pushing for congress to ban bump stocks?

          Hint: It was the same prominent figure who personally visited the White House to assure Trump that American Gun Owners wanted a ban on bump stocks.

          So, Debbie, who was this prominent public figure who could claim to speak for American gun owners?

          Second Hint: It was a prominent public figure well known for his expensive impeccably-tailored suits.

          Is it starting to ring any bells? Yes, Debbie, it was none other than Wayne LaPierre, EVP and CEO of the NRA.

        • @ Debbie W. You keep repeating the same lies over and over again, it gets old. Trump is and always will be a loud mouthed New York Liberal. He is ignorant on gun rights at best and extremely dangerous at the worst.

          Trump gives lip service but does the exact opposite, but then do most politicians.

          • Ok, I agree with you….so now what? As I recall not even the Libertarian candidates weren’t progun in 2020. Protest vote for someone else? Don’t vote? Pointing out the lousy candidates is easy, what to do about it is hard. We have 10’s of millions of foreign invaders in our midst. Millions more of welfare rats. Millions of budding communist aggitators on campuses across the nation…..
            Sometimes you only have bad choices and less bad choices.

    • What do you mean by “slackers” it seems donating money to Trumps campaign and voting for him is not enough.
      Is a slacker someone whom does not perpetuate violence against “joe biden” a slacker?
      What would you have me do dear DebbieW?
      The good Lord knows I do not want to be seen as a ” slacker” in your eyes.

      • The above democRat Party Gun Control lint lickers failed miserably to dig their way out…It’s election time and their lips are all over biden’s behind…possum you dirty Rat, it’s your anti Trump rhetoric that made you a slacker you finger pointing politically inept dumbfuk.

        Here something of interest you won’t ever see coming from the above Gun Talking blowbags…

        • have you ever heard of the mental condition called Seivlets?
          They will argue with anyone even if the person they are arguing with have the same opinion. Always right.
          Will not look a facts.
          Quick to put everyone in their (supposed) place.
          Extremely pushy.
          Constantly venting.
          And very LOUD.

  2. The NRA lost me in 1994, fckem.
    We the NRA are your only hope, send us money, we will give you NRA stickers and more pamphlets of propaganda. We are your only hope.
    and in the back with the doors closed the NRA make deals to negotiate rights away.

    • Leticia thanks you for your support.

      And your forgetful spite. civil immunity,SYG, CCW, reciprocity; the list is long, and spans many states. ..

      If not for the NRA, you’d be stuck with a singleshot, and your ammo would be stashed at the police station.

      But who needs ammo, right? Roundup done kilt all duh rabbits and quail, no need to shoot nuthing.

    • Try 2

      Yep, and don’t forget all the w0rthless made in China swag they would send you if you just would extend your membership or sign someone else up. So much money spent on fund rasing companies and the cr@p they gave away! All that cr@p and my suspicions about what the leadership was up to was why I never changed over to life member. At this point I am hopeful, but the rest of the LaPierre hangers on need to go. I would also like to see funds recovered from LAPierre and his c0rrupt buddies.

      • LOL, Leticia thanks you as well.

        Seriously, can there be any doubt she enthusiastically supports not sending money to the NRA?

        Ever wonder why NOBODY is calling the wannabe gun rights organizations “domestic terrorists”? Hmmm?

    • possum…Here how it works azzhat…To criticize You need more than the hot air coming from your piehole. In other words you and the rest of the slackers on this forum need to exceed those that you sit on your behinds and critique…I.E. you and your pals who think you can throw the entire NRA under the bus over a few bad apples need to produce something bigger and better and more informative than those you critique like this video, my money says it would be a cold day in hell before you get off your behind to attempt it Ratfink…

      • Debbie, the problem comes when the “few bad apples” are the entire top management and board of directors. NRA also has a history of collaborating with the enemy going back almost a hundred years.

      • Debbie, re: trump and bump stock bans, he just could have said no. but he didn’t.

        PS – please tell me how/where you get the energy to spew so much energetic, verbose and anger? I’ve got it! you’re an AI chatbot!

  3. This is encouraging, but it is going to take a lot to win me back. Being gaslit and scammed does not sit well with me. And I hold grudges forever.

    They can start by dumping support for that would-be cult leader, con man and traitor Tr***

    • So your choice is Biden?
      Back to the same old same old, Rattlesnakes or Cottonmouth.
      As for me I’m not voting for a child molester, especially one who’d fck his own daughter.
      As a matter of fact if I had made out with a porn star I would be bragging about it.
      Not so much though if she looked like Monica though,,,oh whoops, oh well that was Bullshit Bill so that’s okay, he was a Democrat.
      Pizza for everyone, wheres my cigar?

    • TDS is strong in this one, Fortunately Obama care has a specific mental illness treatment program for snowflake such as this.

    • So who would you have us vote for? I live in what has become a swing state. The Republican choice is T m@n, the Dems have given us Se-nile An-gry 0ld Guy and his sidekick Wordsalad Goof Girl. I like the judges T man gave us, Sen-ile An-gry 0ld Guy has given us C0mmeys and L00ns. The T m@n is far from perfect on 2A, but Se-nile An-gry 0ld Guy is a c0mplet dis aster. I would take any R over any d for the rest, tho the R bunch is less than wonderful.

    • Personally, I think that the NRA should stay out of politics and stick to lobbying , which it did successfully for years before donations to election campaigns exceeded lobbying costs. Its other money should be devoted to its not insubstantial litigation budget for protecting 2A rights and to its longstanding training and education activities.

      • Leticia and Mom’s Demanding Action agree with your stance WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Give you pause? Oh wait, you live in KKKalifornia. Never mind.

        • Gun rights lobbyists and voters cannot hope to prevail politically in California, where the Dems have a 2-1 advantage over all other contenders combined. There is not gun law that went too far to be passed and enacted by our dopey governor. Our only remedies are in Court, and most of those only when the case finally makes it to the Supreme Court, since the Ninth always grants en banc review over any successes we have in trial court and finds that the challenged law passes constitutional muster, even under Bruen. The lengths the liberals will go to avoid Bruen are truly shocking. Nonetheless, there are no other avenues of attack available to us.

  4. A complete sweep of all the useless board members plus ouster of the new president is needed. Until this there is no ‘reform”.

    It’s that simple.

  5. Gotta love all the REAL 2A people who hang out on the internet: All those “not one dime until Wayne’s gone”, those political geniuses who’d claim they won’t vote for a person even if he/she/it is clearly the best choice but not ONE HUNDRED PERFRICKI’ CENT in line with said genius’s concepts, and those who claim they wouldn’t consider joining/returning to NRA until there’s a change in leadership, on and on.

    Well, WLP’s been gone now since September (it’s May, almost June now for those who never come out of their sealed bunker), the members of the NRA Board voted against the now outgoing leadership with the exception of Barr, who has only been in leadership for 1 year, and did so by having all of the debate, campaigning and actual voting happen in open, regular session with a room full of non-Board members, rather than in closed, executive session where only BOD members are allowed, despite warnings by some past presidents. And even Jeff Knox, the Devil Incarnate for many in past NRA leadership is optimistic.

    Guess you had to be there…

    There are a couple things that should be considered as NRA enters a new phase, and one which I feel will regain trust in both the American citizenry and the firearms industry. First, it would not have mattered whether NRA was led by WLP, Ollie North, or even Jeff Knox: NRA would still have been sued by the NY AG and would still be “in court”. Breaking NRA (and DJT) was one of Leticia Jane’s campaign promises.

    Second: Should James and her minions around the country succeed in closing NRA down- GOA, FPC, SAF, NAGR and all the rest won’t last five months.

    NRA may not be all things to/for all people, but it has a hell of a lot more to offer than all of the other groups together as a comprehensive firearms and civil rights organization. How affective NRA will be in getting the reform message out will have a lot to do with the speed in which it is rebuilt, but getting the message out in an absolute professional manner has been Diug Hamlin’s hallmark, and I can’t think of a better choice for the challenge.

    • Ahem. Wayne’s resignation was effective January 31, 2024. And the NRA is just now getting a new Executive VP.

      • I stand corrected, and I knew that first hand, sorry. Primary point is that his leaving was not yesterday, it was months ago.

        Wayne was (obviously) no where to be seen last week in Dallas, either, for those with the fantasy that NRA and WLP are still connected.

    • LOL – no.

      NRA has been Negotiating Rights Away since they helped write the NFA and every single major anti-gun law since. Booting WLP isn’t the answer. Picking this dumpster fire with a big forklift and dumping it into the Hudson River is the only solution. Maybe it’ll float to Haiti or somewhere else it will fit right into the background clown show.

      Bob Barr????


      • Heard of “Cincinnati 1977” Cpt Clueless.

        You don’t know who Bob Barr is? You’re demoted to Cpl Clueless.

        Buy a clue.

        • I know who Bob Grifter Barr is FUDD meister. He’s the same worthless RINO Grifter who hoodwinked the LP into nominating him for their presidential candidate. He was a zero grifter dud back then and he’s probably gotten even griftier with age.

          I am just shocked that the NRA actually was able to find someone WORSE than WLP to be his replacement.

          Bob freaking Barr? really???

  6. What reform? Really?

    Bob freaking Barr? Grifter of all RINO grifters? He singlehand killed what was left of the Libertarian National Party.

    Bob freaking Barr? What are they thinking? He’s just as bad as Wayne -maybe even worse. Negotiating Rights Away is dead. Dead, dead, dead.

    What a dumpster fire of a clown show.

  7. Teaching kids how to shoot straight was good.
    Hunter Saftey Course, I wonder how big of a kick back the NRA got out of that one?
    With enough money to be made few are honest.

    • Enough money to push back door gun control and use that money to Negotiate Rights Away and stab the 2a in the back while all the while grifting off of the folks who are dumb enough to support them. The NRA always had a good PR team to fool the rubes into supporting something that was actually against their own interests.

  8. I am going to support the NRA because I want all my gun rights whether from the ballot box, in court Bruen style or through education. I will reject Gates, Soros and Bloomberg and all their works. Do not fall for the deceptive call that if you don’t get what you want immediately you should go home with your ball and pout.

  9. This is so simple: If you cannot find a candidate who is 100%, perfectly, aligned with your politics…don’t vote!

    Or, If you cannot find a candidate who is 100%, perfectly, aligned with your politics….vote for the candidate of your opponents; teach your candidate (and political party) a harsh lesson.

    “ни шагу назад” (Not one step backward” – Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili)

  10. Several articles I’ve read recently site the “core mission” or the NRA without stating it. As a long time NRA member I’d like to know exactly what it is and whether it’s changed. I’ve looked and it’s not clear to me and I don’t trust what AI is telling me it is. Should it change to get back to the organization’s founding roots as America’s first civil rights organization?


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