New York Governor Kathy Hochul
New York Governor Kathy Hochul (AP Photo/Jeenah Moon)
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New York’s clearly unconstitutional post-Bruen gun control temper tantrum took another hit yesterday. US District Court Judge Glenn Suddaby issued an injunction blocking major portions of the law including the subjective “good moral character” requirement, the mandate that applicants provide the names and contact information of other adults in the home, and the requirement for social media account information.

He also blocked enforcement of bans on carry in “sensitive location” like healthcare facilities, houses of worship, theaters, bars, public transportation and airports.

Significantly, Judge Suddaby also blocked enforcement of the parts of the law that make it a felony to possess a gun on private property without the owner’s express permission. That feature of the law converted most of the state into de facto no-go zones for those carrying firearms. Suddaby left carry bans in place for schools, courthouses, and polling places.

The judge denied the state’s request for a stay of his injunction pending appeal. You can read his ruling here.

Here’s GOA’s press release . . .

Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners Foundation secured a preliminary injunction in federal district court against most of New York’s poorly named “Concealed Carry Improvement Act.” This follows GOA and GOF securing a temporary restraining order against the law in October, which was frustratingly blocked by a federal appeals court.

The ruling from Judge Glenn Suddaby, who indicated this law has imposed “unprecedented constitutional violations,“ enjoins the following provisions:

    • Requiring good moral character
    • Requiring the names and contact info of spouses and other adults in the applicant’s home
    • Requiring applicants to disclose social media accounts for review
    • The restrictions on carrying in public parks, zoos, places of worship, locations where alcohol is served, theaters, banquet halls, conferences, airports and buses, lawful protests or assemblies, and the prohibition on carrying on private property without express consent from the owner

The injunction will take effect immediately, despite the State of New York’s attempt to delay the injunction.

Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, issued the following statement:

“Just like we warned politicians after the Bruen decision, fall in line, or we will force you to. We are excited to see Kathy Hochul finally served a plate of humble pie, and we are fully prepared to continue the fight should she again attempt to disarm the citizens of her state at a time when her party’s policies are only escalating the danger that everyday citizens face.”

Sam Paredes, on behalf of the Board of Directors for the Gun Owners Foundation, added:

“This is very exciting for the citizens of New York, as today liberty won and tyranny lost. GOF and our allies remain fully prepared to defend this ruling from the foolish appeals that the anti-gunners in Albany will inevitably bring.”

GOA spokesmen are available for interviews. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit grassroots lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over two million members and activists. For more information, visit GOA’s Press Center.


Luis Valdes is the State Director of Florida and Director of Outreach for Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands for Gun Owners of America



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    • The pre-printed “votes” are already boxed and ready for delivery tonight after the polls close. It’s what they do. Expect this sort of thing nationwide.

      • “The pre-printed “votes” are already boxed and ready for delivery tonight after the polls close.”

        Lo and behold, we have *this* :

        “Fetterman Predicts ‘Dramatic’ Overnight Comeback, Taps Clinton Lawyer To Fight PA Election Law”

        “Pennsylvania lieutenant governor and Democratic US Senate candidate John Fetterman predicted on Monday that his Republican challenger, Dr. Mehmet Oz, will take an early lead on election day, only for a “dramatic” change to happen overnight as more ballots are counted,…”

      • It’s why El Presidente said the results will take days to count. It takes time to “find” the winning votes.

      • Funny you say that and yet will refuse to accept any election that doesn’t go ‘your’ way.

        It doesn’t take secret conspiracies, dead voters or hacked voting machines to see NY vote for an incumbent democratic governor, no matter how useless they are.

        And the reality is that very few people are single issue voters on guns. In NY, people who vote on issues and not partisanship are just as likely (if not more so) to be pushed to the blue side this year because of the Roe decision.

  1. The ruling, while good overall, is a frustratingly mixed bag. Lots of CCIA was enjoined, but weird things were left alone. Mostly this was for standing. The judge was meticulous (in both good and bad ways) about how plaintiffs were impacted by every last element of each provision of the law. He only struck things that directly affected the plaintiffs, leaving a patchwork of “allowed” restrictions vs. enjoined ones. I’m not a lawyer, but in many cases, it seemed like Suddaby was going out of his way to leave parts of the law in place. Since he seems very negative toward the law in general, I suspect this is to make his ruling harder to overturn on appeal, and not because he wants CCIA to remain intact.

    I didn’t like how Suddaby treated colonial-era militia regulations as “history and tradition” that should bind modern civilian gun owners. He left provisions for training in place because in the past states mandated training for militia members. I don’t think these laws are especially relevant to modern CCW, but Suddaby went with NY state on those.

    I also wish he had been more forthright about how absolutely VILE it is that NY leans on racist laws that once disarmed Indians, Catholics, blacks, and other minority groups to show there is a colonial-era history and tradition of gun control in this country. Giving this argument any weight at all endorses the idea that the state is generally justified in denying rights to groups it doesn’t like, and judges should slap this notion down wherever it perniciously appears.

    All that said, the ruling overall is a big step in the right direction. More lawsuits to follow, I expect, as most of what is left in place remains extremely vulnerable. Not being a lawyer, I wonder if yesterday’s injunction is likely to be narrower than a final ruling/trial later on.

    • You touched on one bit that is the main crux this is immediate. The case is still in process and I think this exhaustive yet cautious ruling is tailored to stay in place until final decision and appeal to the 2nd circuit instead of being held up in indefinite delay for hearing as the previous restraining order was. And I can carry on the bus now but yes hoping more gets chipped away as this and other lawsuits progress.

      • Safe,
        My state of Colorado is a lost cause as far as govs go but praying you New Yorkers kick Hochul to the curb. Good luck!

        • Surprises pop up especially when people have enough, even if we lose we have seen every democratic candidate actually have to campaign this year in a democratic stronghold state and that included Schumer. I don’t think Colorado is as far lost as your fear but still need to fight.

      • Subway carry would have been nice, but at least New Yorkers can now carry in a bar…

        • That will probably be pressed for on the next stage of this lawsuit. Now just need to make sure they cant make things more complicated with another set of laws.

    • “I didn’t like how Suddaby treated colonial-era militia regulations as “history and tradition” that should bind modern civilian gun owners.”

      I like it a lot. firearms ownership should be a civic duty tied to participation in a well-regulated militia as per the original practice. if you cite the 2nd then you should practice it.

      • The 2nd amendment does not make militia membership a requirement of the right to keep and bear arms (this was decided in Heller). Like you, I view firearms ownership through a lens of civic responsibility (not duty) and tradition. I also recognize the importance of training and discipline. But these are not requirements of civilian firearms ownership and never have been. The 2A applies to ALL.

        We should not allow the RTKBA to be infringed upon based on a handful of irrelevant revolutionary-era militia regulations that dictated the drill and training of enlisted soldiers in the age of musketry and bayonet. This concedes one of the worst arguments of the left: that 2A rights only apply to specific kinds of military service. It is a trap, and Suddaby unfortunately allowed it to tighten around us more than I think he should have.

        • “The 2nd amendment does not make militia membership a requirement of the right to keep and bear arms”

          because it presumes it. the whole point of the 2nd was to prevent a federal congress from undermining the security of a free state maintained by the local militias by disarming individuals. the whole core of the 2nd is the presumption that individuals are participating in a militia.

        • That is not how SCOTUS has interpreted it. Militia membership is mentioned in the 2A as one possible reason the RTKBA exists. There are many others, but these are not explicitly mentioned. Relying on militia law to support gun control regs in non-militia circumstances is a stretch and a mistake.

  2. we have enhanced staffing for the elections. i saw two hour waits ~yesterday~.
    go do it. if the zombies don’t get slaughtered it will pull the mask the rest of the way off.

  3. Did the NRA throw in twenty bucks towards this injunction so they can brag about its defeat in the next junk mailer that comes in the mail? Sorry Wayne et al, that shit still goes straight outside to the garbage can so as not to smell up the house.

  4. A Good Moral Character requirement demanded by democRats who wouldn’t know Good Moral Character if it slapped them in the face is preposterous. Unless ny boots hochul out today it’s over and done for nyc.

    • They despise people with good moral character, these people will not vote for the heathen that is trying to turn this country into a communist nation.

      • Well while that got thrown out you still need 3-5 character references that have known you for 3-7 years varying by county so people new to the area are still screwed for the around half of a decade for owning a pistol let alone carrying it (need a permit for either still and process is county dependent) But if not addressed in this round of lawsuits it is likely to come up next one.

        • “…if not addressed in this round of lawsuits it is likely to come up next one.”

          That’s the way it will have to be done, a protracted game of ‘Whack-a-Mole’.

          I’m looking at it this way, this is a *perfect* opportunity for young pro-2A lawyers to hone their chops by filing lawsuit after lawsuit, after lawsuit…

    • The ‘Good Moral Character’ would eliminate all of the demotators in control from being able to get a permit.

    • Politicians should be required to go through the “good moral character” exercises before they are placed on a ballot.

  5. I hope somebody is keeping track of how much this is costing NY taxpayers.
    It must be hundreds of thousands of dollars to move a case with all of the laywers and support staff up the chain like this. Maybe even millions. There’s every indication Hochul knows she’s in the wrong but just doesnt care. Should be a crime to waste time and money like this.

    • NY dems are known for “wasting” money (someone gets paid). They keep getting elected. Did they ever find out what de Blasio’s wife did with that 850 million that was spent with no record?

  6. If training is a requirement for exercising a civil right the government should be required to provide that training for free. It would be funny if NY got forced to open up their own front sight academy and provide its services and ammo at no charge to the attendees.

    • …………that is an excellent idea as it is essentially a poll tax as it stands and disparately impacts low income and minority communities……….. well suggestion boxes are a thing at NYSRPA and I am bound to be down their way sometime this week.

    • That is exactly how MS handles training, etc. of our State Militia when they are called up to support the MSNG. The State foots the bill for all of it by law.

    • No it wouldn’t. Were such a regime to exist, watch the shenanigans arise regarding such’s real-world availability.

      Strip the governments of all claims to such power.

  7. New York’s ‘Tyranny Improvement Act’ needs to be completely stuck down. Its an act of anarcho-tyranny and part of the overall Democrat scheme to bring about a complete Anarcho-tyranny.

    Anarcho-tyranny is a concept, where the state is more interested in controlling citizens so they do not or can not oppose the ruling elite (tyranny) rather than controlling real criminals (causing anarchy). Laws are enforced selectively (for example, a felony theft is no longer prosecuted or police forces are prevented by the ruling elite in some way from being able to enforce the law against certain classes of people (e.g. de-funding police), depending on what is perceived to be beneficial for the ruling elite (the democrat party in this case).

    In an anarcho-tyranny the ruling elite takes advantage of the citizens ’emotional reactions’ and liberalism and ignorance to drive a wave of popularity for ‘policies’ put forth by the ruling elite with such ‘policy’ usually relying on a facade of ‘facts’ which when exposed and examined are not really facts, or political rhetoric that is slanted to give an impression that isn’t true. For example, the key democrat false logic point that correlation=causation, e.g. “More law abiding people with gun carry permits means more murders.” (or similar) and the more recent false claim by Biden that he is responsible for the COLA adjustment to social security.

    The anarcho-tyranny ruling elite also relies on creating ‘divisions’ in society by racializing or polarizing issues so that another ‘society or political group’ is portrayed as the ‘enemy’ while the ruling elite work to undermine all rights and freedoms of the populace to seize control of them by laws they create and relegate them (eventually) to a ‘privilege status’ controlled by their government (the ruling elite) that is touted as rights and freedoms, and they downplay faith & spirituality & moral constraints in favor of their ‘laws’ to control the populace touted by the ruling class as for (basically) ‘security or safety’. The goal of these is to ‘train’ the populace that, overall, freedom and what the government says and provides are the same thing. The goal is that eventually the populace accepts it as inevitable and becomes comfortable with it and then its touted to be a ‘civilized democracy’ when in reality its a tyranny in which the populace has been deceived and controlled and conquered.)

    The U.K. and all European (and most all Asian) countries and governments are at this end stage goal of anacro-tyranny today. Their ruling elite were successful in conquering their populace. It varies from place to place, but for a small example, this the reason the U.K. loves having a monarch – because it was ‘trained’ into the populace to accept this is how it is, when in reality the people are still ‘subjects’ of the crown where the word ‘subject’ in their laws was changed to ‘citizen’ (to appease the populace as another form of control by changing perception in relation to the government).

    anarcho-tyranny is a term (one of a few others) for the modern day form of feudal tyranny. For example, the U.K. and all European (and most all Asian) countries and governments are all modern day forms of feudal tyranny or in other words anarcho-tyranny countries and governments.

    If an anacro-tyranny is not stopped and defeated (if allowed to continue long enough), eventually any remaining collective democracy/republic freedoms and rights are removed and the country devolves into totalitarianism.

  8. 184 pages, he really picked through it. Coulda done it in 3-4, saved some electrons and been done with it all in one swipe. But, point taken about appealing up the chain and getting the rest of it over time.

  9. Yea, here in AZ I stood and watched people try to insert ballots in the machine dozens of times and I gave up after several tries and put it into a “hand count” bin. Hopefully it didn’t direct it to the shredder. They said they “tested” the machines ahead of time and they assured us they would work! Hmmm. I’m not too impressed.

  10. Well, approaching 10:30 here Mountain Time, it seems the GOP better have some neat tricks up its sleeve to avoid an utter faceplant this cycle.

    Dems picked up of two governorships and flipped three house seats. On top of that real chances for Fetterman, Space Kadet, Hobbs and Whitmer to pull off wins. Frisch may knock of Boebert too.

    So much for that red wave. LOL! This country’s at least half NPCs. Circling the drain and they vote for MOAR bullshit. We deserve to go down in flames.

    • It used to be that, upon failure to achieve the voting results desired, a party would question how it should change its policy proposals and practices to fit the electorate. After all,

      Now, your comment included (but this certainly applied to the dems in 2016!), it seems that the losing side just decides that the voters are wrong. Okay, but that doesn’t win elections. Crime is rising, inflation is nuts, and biden isn’t even close to popular… and yet here we are.

      Maybe if the GOP had not allowed the ‘pro life’ and ‘pro trump’ cliques to utterly capture the party they could push back more effectively against the nonsense of the left.

      • There are several problems with this line of thinking, I’ll just point out one on the philosophical side.

        If we are to accept this line of thinking then we have no recourse to courts when there’s gun control. Consider NY. Who the fuck is a pissant judge to stand in the way of the will of the people? They just voted in Hochul by a wide margin. Clearly they want gun control. They want to be disarmed in the face of violent crime. They can’t be wrong, can they?

        If you’re going to turn the outcome of an election into a simple right/wrong binary then there is no room for “rights” when you lose. The rejection of this is why Republic is actually a thing and why “rights” are a thing that the Constitution is supposed to recognize and protect. But as we’re all well aware, an Amendment can strike the 2A and they can take your guns legally. Were that to happen, would those people be right? Would you admit to being wrong? Or would you argue that, perhaps, the people doing this know not what they do because they are confused?

        I mean, the Nazis were elected. Were they right about things like aggressive expansion and liquidating the *undesirables in society*? Under this argument, yes, they were right. They had an electoral mandate, after all.


        The simple fact here is that when you get past a simple binary you realize that this is like a math problem in the larger sense. 2+2=4 (in base 10). The set of alternative answers to this question is, literally, infinite. And you can make legit arguments about the basis of the question to force your preferred answer to be “correct” by changing the context. However, these not good choices if you want a beneficial outcome in the real world from a problem that derives it’s answer in whole, or in part, from answering 2+2 in base 10. All the games in the world will not change the fact that playing those games yields a suboptimal real world outcome. “But muh base eight!” won’t save you from those consequences.

        That’s, essentially, what you see here. Except that this is a bit more complicated because there are temporal issues at hand. Short term benefits and long term costs, for example. But the truth now is that this country is basically completely fucked at this point. The window to change that without massive disruption that probably kills tens of millions of US citizens is now closed and will not reopen. Ever. It’s done. You’re set on a course to be Venezuela or Zimbabwe.

        And now you will get there faster. For example: Next years projected Federal revenue is $4.9 Trillion. Biden’s proposed budget is $5.8 Trillion. But guess what happens with T-bill maturation over the next year? Just the interest on the debt jumps to $1.7 Trillion/year. That means that 34.69% of all federal revenue needs to be directed just at interest payments. Biden’s added $7.81 Trillion to the debt in the last two years and then argues he’s lowered the deficit by a record amount by placing his preferred baseline at the all-time high.

        And now, the Dems are going to crow that this election, which really was a chance to put the brakes on their policy preferences, was actually an affirmation that people want these policies and they’ll go balls to the wall.

        And when you talk “temporal horizons”, well I know several people who are very, very happy with their Social Security COLA. Cutting off their nose to spite their face… tomorrow, so why worry? Long term costs are enormous but they only see the short term bennies.

        The harsh truth is that a huge percentage of people really are, functionally, NPCs. Where they show any agency it’s emotional. So, are you ready to play that game? I’ve been asking this for years and still it seems that the answer is no.

        The conclusion I draw is not really that the voters are dumb. It’s that the GOP really is fuckin’ stupid and, honestly, so are most of its members. Their capacity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is jaw-dropping and they will keep punching themselves in the dick until they hurt the Democrats.

        Along the way, we’re all about to get reamed harder than most people can imagine.

      • If people are voting against Trump, as you suggest, then s9 is correct in his assessment of the electorate. Dems weren’t pushing any great ideas or solutions. They were running against the fictional authoritarian takeover of the Ultra Mega MAGA movement. Maybe they knew what they were doing.

        • You’re correct, but it’s worse than that. Since I have a few minutes, I’ll touch on a few of the many problems.

          The GOP has serious structural issues.

          It’s leadership is entirely out of touch. They think that when things go badly, as they are going now, they can just run on being “Not those guys over there”. That doesn’t work. You need to offer a viable alternative that you can explain.

          There’s wing of the GOP that is, as Newt Gingrich points out, entirely managerial. They don’t change ANYTHING. They get ahold of a system, or part of one, and they manage it. If the Left takes over that system and turns it into dogshit then the GOP gets power they just manage a shitty system. They don’t reform it.

          The GOP’s messaging is terrible. They have no articulable vision for a better future. Reagan, for all his faults, did have a vision and the capacity to articulate it. For all the MSM bullshit, this was Trump’s strength too. “MAGA” is a simple and easily communicated vision for the future that people can get behind. This was also a threat to the aforementioned “managerial” portion of the party, hence the Never Trumpers.

          The GOP’s leadership, again out of touch, has bought in to generational warfare on certain levels. It’s a huge turnoff for the <40's and they're big players at this point because they're angry as hell about the way things have gone since 2008. The Dems capitalize on this while the GOP just antagonizes these people more.

          The GOP is also unwilling to put their finger on real issues. Look, Social Security is broke, pensions are in, um, shall we say "a bad position", the country's in unimaginable debt and the US dollar is on the ropes. You're looking at complete and utter collapse Venezuela-style as a real possibility. Anyone who says otherwise can't arithmetic their way out of a paper bag. Pray tell, which GOP members are pointing this out in real, simple terms?

          Fuck getting into geopolitics, that's 10 pages of "We're in bad shape" all by itself. Where's the GOP's plan to deal with this?

          And on top of this, without going further which I could for many pages, look at how feckless the GOP has been for the past two years. They've basically managed to lose a big part of their own "Law & Order" base over the treatment of 1/6 suspects. I don't know anyone who thinks that 1/6 was a good thing but I also don't know anyone who's super hot on the GOP's handling of this which was basically to ignore the US taking political prisoners. How many people point out the 5/9 insurrection where the White House grounds were attacked, 150 cops were injured, a White House guard shack was burnt down (still not repaired btw) and a Church was victim of arson?

          Then there's the Covid bullshit. Even as every single fucking narrative from 2020 falls apart does the GOP pounce? No, they let Rand Paul do that and basically distance themselves from him. You don't suppose that maybe a few people would like a party that actually want to know how the fuck we destroyed the economy while blowing nearly $6 Trillion in debt spending, do ya?

          The GOP is trash. All of these things, and more, have been festering problems for my entire adult life and none have gotten better. All have gotten worse, not all at the same speed, but all have gotten worse. At this point I have to ask if there's even a point in voting in elections that go beyond my county.

          On top of all of this there's the issue that the Dems are willing to manipulate people to benefit the Dems and the GOP is entirely unwilling to pick up that sword to defend exactly the people in question. No, that would be unethical or some shit. They cannot wrap their head around the idea that altruistic manipulation is called "education".

        • People need to understand that it isn’t Democrat vs Republican. It’s elite establishment globalists vs populists. Look at the past. It doesn’t really matter who wins. The trajectory is always the same. Republican politicians only pretend to take a strong stance. It’s easy when they think their position will never really win. When it really comes down to making a difference, they’ll switch to voting with Democrats. An example would be McCain. We have a Republican senator that voted against a conservative SC Justice, but voted for a far left Justice who refused to define what a woman was. It’s all a facade.

          They never wanted to fix the border. They’ve known it was a problem for decades. Reagan could have made a deal to fix it when he granted amnesty. He said he regretted that, but why would we believe that? He knew exactly what he was doing. It’s all a joke.

          Republicans were never even pro-life. Bush made a big deal about being a Christian. Did he ever show up to the March for Life? No, he was too embarrassed to. Trump showed up. He was the first sitting president to do so. March for Life began in 1974. Trump was serious about issues that Republicans have been pretending to be interested in. That’s why they hate him. He’s a threat to the establishment.

          Like you said, Republicans aren’t pushing back hard enough on Covid Tyranny. Guess who did? DeSantis! He was rewarded for doing so. He won by about 30,000 votes in 2018. He was reelected in a complete blowout. Voters will reward real fighters. Unfortunately, we only have a handful of them. Those people don’t just have to fight off the Democrats. They have to fight off the Republican establishment as well.

        • “People need to understand that it isn’t Democrat vs Republican.”

          I’m quite well aware of the “uniparty”. I’m also quite well aware of why it exists, which is a pressure point if you care to push it.

          The point I’m making here is that there’s one half of it that you might be able to shift, the other half you have a 0.00% chance of moving in a rational direction.

          The problems in the GOP are not a result of “evil people” they’re a result of a supersystem made up of corrupt subsystems. Those systems are not evil either, they have incentive structures that run in the wrong direction.

          These things can be fixed by a public that cares to do so if, and only if, they understand the actual problem. It is painfully obvious that they do not. And this is not surprising since the education system was taken over before virtually anyone here was old enough to understand the difference.

          One of the reasons I beat on Nietzsche so much is not because he was right about so many things but because he’s a fascinating case study in how manipulated and brainwashed people are. Conservatives, especially Christians should read the guy since he’s a warning about how Christianity will be attacked. They fail to do this because they’ve been cleverly convinced that Nietzsche advocated for those attacks and is therefore “bad”.

          The education system has, at this point, successfully convinced quite a few generations of people that the warning label isn’t a warning label but rather the dangerous thing itself. It’s a damned impressive slight of hand. And one that is pretty fucking dangerous too because the people pulling it, mostly, don’t understand the seriousness of the games they’re playing. They simply, like politicians, see short term gains and think “Damn the longer term torpedos, full speed ahead!”.

          My big issue with “Conservatives” is that, mostly due to this kind of manipulation to which they are blind, they don’t GAF about what the real problems are. They claim all sorts of high morals and then act exactly like the Dems do. That will never fix anything, and it opens them up to being played by politicians because of the type of people politics naturally attracts. The competent and virtuous, which is rare, and far more often those good at playacting competent and virtuous.

          As I am wont to say: We are the problem. And that’s something that needs to change, preferably via education. Otherwise it’s going to be a lesson taught by a school of hard knocks that even the “wise” generations can’t begin to fathom. In that case, an absolute fuckload of people are going to find out that Hunter S. Thompson was right when he said “A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.”.

          The fact that you didn’t even know there was a choice to be made is irrelevant. Reality waits for no man, brooks no dissent and is a goddamn fearful master if you’re on the wrong side of it, which is exactly where we are.

          The GOP is the target for being rebuilt because trying to gut and rebuild the DNC is like trying to repurpose cancer before you can even treat it effectively. Insane and unworkable.

      • My original several comments looked different. I played “find the bad word” for a solid 20 minutes. Then I realized the stupid software here was just flagging me. I had to change devices. I don’t have time for this stupid software. TTAG, YOUR SITE PLATFORM BLOWS

  11. Voters have clearly lost their minds! That NY bitch fuking won. What a shithole state. I’m glad I live far far from their. Now AZ is in danger of turning shithole. Thank God we still have majority in state gumment.

        • The GOP controls both chambers so far as I remember.

          I’m not sure what that really has to do with Oz managing to lose to a guy who’s severely brain damaged to the point of being unable to spit out an intelligent sentence unless you want to say that PA should have gotten rid of early/mail-in voting, which undoubtedly helped Fetterman and, realistically, probably handed him the win.

    • No. Like leadership that believes it gets to dictate to the masses what they can and cannot do based, essentially, on the dictates of the NYT opinion page.

      Like a base that feels that they’ve been betrayed and kicked around for 30 years by exactly the people who are supposed to be representing them and the base is getting very, very, very sick of this with only two possible outcomes unless an intervention comes along. They also seem to intuit that the reason behind this is because GOP leadership views the base the way that Medieval nobility viewed the commoners, which means that they’ll sell the base out to the “enemy” just because of a sort of distain for the plebs.

      Look, IMHO, one of the reasons people on the Right have started to talk about “evil” and use other religious language so often is because they lack a better way of talking about something.

      That something is, for lack of a better explanation, a uniting vision of hope for the future rather than despair. This is what the Left doesn’t understand about Trump. He’s the first person in at least two generations to actually articulate a vision of a better tomorrow to exactly the people who feel that they’ve been shit on by the system for decades because, honestly, they have been.

      The fact that he’s also rich but seems to be able to connect with them forms a very strong bond with those people. Something that sorta defies words. It’s a feeling that people get and it is deep. This is why the Trump base will forgive him for nearly anything and the Left refers to him as the leader of a “cult of personality” because they cannot understand that sort of connection due to being dead inside.

      Combined with his abrasive and somewhat impulsive nature this is what makes him divisive and loved at the same time. A very odd duck in a political sense. Both Robbin Hood to some and the Sheriff of Nottingham to others.

      The thing that I, personally, find important about this is that that sort of feeling allows people to do things that would otherwise be improbable. To fight fights that they normally wouldn’t and to win while doing it. It makes the impossible somehow possible because the morale is there to keep going when a “rational” person would give up.

      You see this in sports and in combat. It’s something Americans have an absolute love affair with and which is enshrined in old movies. The improbable rally for the win that is entirely based on a difficult to describe feeling that if you just hold out a bit longer victory is possible.

      It is undoubtedly a real phenomenon. The march down the field for the comeback victory is rare but everyone’s seen it happen, at least in a highlight reel. IMHO, it’s a bit odd that Trump has this sort of gift because it’s pretty darn rare and he’s a damned strange person to be in that position.

      But something’s going to need to keep people going because shit’s not getting better any time soon. And if hope is lost this country goes to a very, very dark and violent place that no one in their right mind wants to see.

      I’ve made no secret that I highly suspect that things are rapidly going to degrade and soon. I see zero data going in the other direction at this point either. This is, as I’ve said before, something that if it happens will present both unbelievable opportunity and risk on a level most people can’t understand. It will be a case of “Who Dares Wins”, to steal from the SAS.

      And people who are entirely demoralized do not dare.

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