Hellfire Gen2: Mini-Bump Fire Stock Without the Stock

In an earlier post, a former ATF agent brought our attention to the $60 Hellfire Gen2 “trigger assist.” We reckon the mini-bump fire stock — without the stock — deserves its own article. The as-yet-unbanned YouTube promo video below reveals a device that does what the much-criticized bump fire stock does for less money and […]

Gun Review: Czech UK Vz.59 Machine Gun

The Czechs are pretty well known for their firearms designs. With the CZ-75 as the poster child for their firearms industry; it’s pretty safe to say they know what they’re doing over there in the land of the Slavs. After all these years of playing around with their various versions of firearm preeminence I oft […]

I Stand Corrected.

  One of the coolest things about having the opportunity to write for TTAG is that I have a chance to learn a lot. Since I began writing for our site, I’ve learned a lot – about guns, politics, writing, your name it. Most of the time, I try to do my learning BEFORE the […]

NC Congressional Candidate Holds “Machine Gun Social”

The unintentionally ironically named FayOberserver.com shares the mainstream media’s belief that the Tea Party movement and gun nuts make for regular bedfellows. And they want you to know it (as in see it their way). So when Republican North Carolina congressional candidate Tim D’Annunzio held a fundraiser at a gun rental range, the paper made […]