Nerf Ultra One
Source: Hasbro
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Gun controllers just can’t help themselves. They have to lie. It’s like a reflex. Think “AR-15s are assault rifles” and all the other falsehoods they spew.

Even when it comes to toys.

The Empire State Consumer Project, a non-profit band of fun stuff stompers, are demanding that Hasbro stop making…

Machine guns.

As the holidays approach, we are reminded of our mission to protect the safety of children. As we watch holiday toy commercials, we see the Nerf Ultra One and other extreme Nerf machine guns for children and are reminded of mass shootings that have devastated American children and families for decades now.

As you can see, they specifically have it in for the Nerf Ultra One.

We probably don’t have to tell you that the foam dart launching Ultra One isn’t a machine gun. It’s semi-automatic only.

It’s odd that they use the Ultra One as their class example, since Hasbro really does make Nerf machine guns. I suppose, like AR-15s and M16/M4s, they simply can’t tell them apart. “Emblems of mass destruction” one and all.

We used to have cool toys like the Mattel TommyBurst Machine Gun, and somehow avoided a lot of mass shootings. I suppose back then we knew the difference between toys and firearms.

Now even colorful, unlikely appearing gadgets projecting chunks of foam are too much for the pantywaist peaceniks intent on eliminating anything resembling “gun culture” (or fun).

I hope that Hasbro will very publicly tell these people to fribble off. The publicity should do wonders for their sales. Heck, I’d never heard of the Ultra One until the ESCP brought to my attention. I thinks it’s pretty cool.

And while they’re wringing their hands over that, we can await more sales data for the real thing. I expect yet another busy month for firearm retailers.

Because, no, the “gun culture” is not dying out, despite the best efforts of the Empire State Consumer Project.

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  1. “Think “AR-15s are assault rifles” and all the other falsehoods they spew.”

    That kind of talk makes antis think POG are unstable snowflakes and worthy of a collective red flag.

    • How so?

      The AR-15 is not an “assault weapon”. The Anti side does spew falsehoods as a matter of course. Where is that quote inaccurate?


  2. I had very realistic cap guns when i was kid. I’m 26 now. Kids used to ask if they were real. Of course I said they were not.

    How ever now days for some reason when ever a friend sees one of my real guns I get the question “Is that an airsoft gun?” lol Not sure if it’s just because airsoft guns are some of the few realistic ones left? idk.

    • I have a friend, not much older than you, who is into airsoft. I was sitting around in my backyard with him, a couple mutual friends, and another friend of his who I had just met – this guy was also into airsoft. The conversation, at some point, was centered on this shared interest of theirs and, as I’ve no experience with airsoft guns, I was mostly silent. Eventually, the new guy asked me if I had any airsoft guns, I said no, and he went on to tell me for a minute or two why I should check them out because they are cool, look and handle just like real guns, and yadda yadda and, finally, because they are perfectly safe – unlike real guns and so you can obtain as many as you want and not worry about the danger. That’s when all my friends started laughing and I said, “You should come to the basement, I have a collection of stuff I’d like to show you.”

  3. Good. I can feel your idiocy. Take our Nerf weapons. Strike them down with all your hatred, and the journey of every red-blooded tween boy towards gun nuttery will be complete!

    • This!! I see it all the time here in Commiefirmia. I have a co-worker whose son is really wanting to shoot a gun! She won’t even let the child or his father near me!! I’m the token gun nut! I expect to be red flagged as soon as she can!

      • I have a sister-in-law who just can’t get the idea that I am a gun owner out of her head. She says she worries that her children are in danger whenever they are at my house. I point out that of the nearly dozen children in our family, between the ages of 4 and 18, none have ever been shot while in my home. (or anywhere else, for that matter)

        • Tell her that her children are in far more risk of being injured or killed while riding in her car. (Which is true.)
          Tell her that her doctor is even more likely than her car to injure or kill her children. (Which is also true.)

      • It would be awesome if you could get your coworker’s husband and son to the range. Myself, not currently doing the best job of bringing in new shooters, but we have to keep trying.

        • Maybe if the dad would grow a pair, or take them back from his overbearing, hoplophobic shrew of a wife, he and his son could learn how to safely handle those dangerous guns and have a great father/son bonding time in the process.
          I’m sure that’s asking WAAAAY too much from a left coast ‘man’ though…

  4. you can only hope that bumberg gets nowhere near the whitehouse , CAN YOU IMAGIN THE STUPIDITY FROM HIM??

        • fondly remember my mattel burp gun…and the commercials for it on the mickey mouse club…the first ads aimed directly at kids…it was actually a full size accurate replica of a grease gun…and fired a whole 50 rds of caps after you wound it up…managed to find a replacement for it on ebay…and it works!….

    • those old flintlock guns were popular…especially after davy crockett…fired a single shot flat paper cap…you could make it really loud if you put two in the pan instead of one….

      • The one I had was either Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone, I forgot, but it was intended to shoot a cork… but you could load it with a rock and put something like 5 or 6 caps on it and I made a crude set of sights for it and after that, KA-BOOM, dead squirrel. I think ones sold not too long after that had a plug in the barrel to prevent that.

        • Ah, yes, I had one of those, too. It was my favorite toy. My father (an engineer) boosted the hammer spring so it would set off a whole stack ( 6 or 7) of those sticky caps. I got some pretty good distance out of those little cork balls, but they did little more than annoy the neighbor’s dog (who annoyed everyone in the neighborhood).

    • I find it ridiculous that anti-gun nuts are going after toys guns as well. It is proof that they are not after safety or any other falsely stated purpose. They want to remove all guns from every American pure and simple.

      I got my first air rifle at 6 or 7, my first .22 LR at 10 or so, and I bought my first pistol just about the time I was officially a teen with money I earned cutting firewood, raking leaves, and mowing lawns. I can not guess at the millions of rounds I have personally fired. Almost every member of my family was the same, until the laws were changed to where we had to keep our firearms in other family members names’ due to age restrictions. We set up targets and shoot as a recreational pass time at family reunions, Thanksgiving parties, etc. still to this day. We hunt for food animals regularly deer, turkey, wild hogs, etc. Shooting is as natural to my family as breathing. We start training our children young, generally by the age of 5 you have already fired both pistols and rifles in my family and shotguns as soon as you are big enough to handle the recoil of a 12 gauge. I say all this to make my point clear in it’s meaning, despite all this activity with firearms.

      The ONLY members of my very large family to ever die from being shot were as Casualties of Wars, since before World War One.

      • his wife is out with the kids and her boyfriend,Jamal, and she has all the credit cards. he has also used up all his allowance until after his vasectomy, after which Jamal will take them all out for Ice Cream!

    • My son has a Nerf assault rifle, as in auto fire, with a 25 round magazine. One time he had a freeway jam and I taught him the tap-rack-and-slap to clear the jam. Kids today really do have cool toys.

      • My 3 kids have a lot of nerf rifles and hand guns. They’ve developed good trigger finger discipline especially when doing mag changes. They use terms like FTF, range is hot, and call each other out for a safety issue like muzzle sweeping. Nerf guns have been great teaching tools for basics.

  5. The priorities the Liberals and the Left have for kids. Especially since they don’t have children of their own.
    Not to toy guns. But yes to sexually pornographic materials and marijuana and other drugs. All to children at as young an age as possible.
    They are dangerously sick MF’ers.

    • btw
      Since Liberals hate the 1st amendment so much I expect them to outlaw the showing of any type of Cowboy film or Western.
      You can’t have settlers or the Indians using firearms and be seen by children. Also It was illegal for an Indian to travel on federal land with a bow and arrow. Until Trump repealed that law.

    • Once they get the voting age lowered their next aim will be to reduce or remove the age of consent.

      I think perverts would be a better description.

  6. I had a shooten shell six gun Actually it was a pair of them with holsters & a belt, when I was a young lad., my dad went through hell to find Them for me, Mattel Shooten Shell it was called. Much more deadly than a air soft bullet, mine were made of real plastic, deadly I tell you , just deadly.. the whole neighborhood was terrified of my presence. Then I lost all my bullet heads & became just another kid in the neighborhood.

    • I had one of those. They were grey plastic bullets with an actual shell casing. You could put a cap on the shell to give it a realistic sound. The holsters with the tie for the legs. Those Mattel pistols were very well made. Mine was a hand-me-down. I also had a Mattel snub-nose modeled after a S&W too. That fired the same plastic bullets. My dog hated me.

        • the hubley “cowboy” was the best of the bunch… full-size replica of an 1873 Colt complete with longhorn grips…managed to find a nice one ebay, as well…

    • Wow! I had the Double gun rig and a new kid moved in across the street a bit later, he had the snub nose version with a shoulder holster and a timer target. what fun we had with those. I believe i still have some of the Greenie Stickem Caps around here somewhere!!

  7. People tend to correlate causality with the things other people do that they don’t like. “Violent video games” don’t cause ordinary people to turn themselves into spree killers. Toy guns do not cause people to want “assault weapons”.

  8. Will they be having a Nerf machine gun buyback program as well? Wouldn’t want to have the streets filled with these instruments of terror.

  9. I was a kid during the Vietnam Era. We had some really cool war toys back then. One Christmas I got this toy rifle called the Screaming Mee Mee. It was magazine fed, and launched this really strange grenade thing. It was the only thing I really wanted. A couple of years later I was shooting a real rifle. That’s what the fear is, they don’t want kids developing an interest in real firearms.

  10. All this shows is just how cowardly and ignorant the left is. It used to be that the government not only provided arms and ammunition to our children in schools, but encouraged our children to learn how to shoot:

    “Washington, D. C. Dec. 6.–While making no mention of his retirement from the cabinet at the middle of February, Elihu Root, secretary of war, in his annual report, just made to the president, takes occasion to express his “keen and grateful appreciation of the kindness, generous loyalty and sincere effort which, with rare exceptions have characterized the chiefs of bureaus.” The “rare exception” was the attitude of former Lieutenant General Miles. He says: “A country is fortunate which has such officers to rely upon in the time of need.

    “The secretary makes a strong recommendation for a suitable appropriation with which to carry on target practice and says: “I know of nothing more important in preparing for war than teaching the young men of the country to shoot straight. It is especially important to the efficiency of our volunteer armies in the future. It is of no use to pay, equip, subsist, or transport a soldier to the battle field unless he can hit an enemy when he shoots at him. Two recent changes in conditions require that we should make continuous and active progress. One is the change of modern rifles which determines battles while the combatants are at great distances from each other, and which makes practice more necessary for good marksmanship than ever before. The other is the decline In the use of firearms among the greater part of our people. Formerly when our population was scattered and game was abundant in all parts of the country every house had its rifle or Its shotgun, and every boy learned to shoot them. Now it is probable that a majority of the young men in the thickly settled parts of the country have never fired a gun and would be quite harmless to an enemy until taught to shoot. The time to give that instruction is now. We ought not to wait until we are actually engaged in hostilities. When that times comes they will not wait for us to give the instructions.”

    [The Stark County Democrat, Canton, Ohio, Tuesday, December 08, 1903. Vol. 70 No. 53. Pg. 7. Excerpted from the article: Root Roasts Miles On Eve Of His Retirement Former Lieutenant General “Rare Exception.” But Public Likes Him]

    We must not continue to allow the ignorant left to destroy our nation. If we expect to survive as a nation then it is imperative that the left be destroyed.

  11. “We used to have cool toys like the Mattel TommyBurst Machine Gun, and somehow avoided a lot of mass shootings. I suppose back then we knew the difference between toys and firearms.”

    Conservatives are noted for living in the past and fantasizing it still exists. This is the 21st Century not the 20th or the 19th. The world has changed much since then and all for the worst. Hasbro has really made a marketing blunder as the bad publicity then will undoubtedly affect their stock value as well.

    Children today are not the dumb asses that prior generations were. They have the internet and even if their school was not machine gunned and they did not personally see the rivers of blood and guts splattered all over the walls and floor they have indeed been traumatized and often fear going to school and who can really blame them because their panic is not without good reason. It used to be that only people in hazardous jobs left home in the morning and had the thoughts that maybe they would never live through the day and get to see their families again. Now life in the U.S. has become so bizarre and dangerous even the children are afraid to leave home in the morning.

    Life in the past in the U.S. did indeed have place for toy guns but even back then making toys look too much like the real thing often got kids killed that is why today toy guns often have bright colors on them. When I was a kid I found a toy 1911 that was so realistic that when my Dad who fought the Nazi’s in WWII came into the room he about had a heart attack as at first glance he thought I had found a real gun. As one can see toy guns have been problems not only today but in the past as well and cops even today often gun down kids with toy guns.

    Toy guns also send a very bad message to kids as if they point toy guns at other kids the next step is horsing around and pointing real guns at them with the juvenile statement, “do not worry its not loaded”. Plenty of kids got killed and crippled because of such horse play (a prime reason to have Draconian mandatory safe storage laws). I know many gun owners that have forbidden their kids to have toy guns or bb guns because of the above example stated. Those gun owners unfortunately are few and far between as they have a rare condition known as “intelligence”.

    • “Children today are not the dumb asses that prior generations were.” Is that why today’s kids go and shoot out their schools, unlike the prior generations?

      Your father did almost shit his pants when he saw you with a toy pistol, huh? That explains a lot about yourself.

      • ““Children today are not the dumb asses that prior generations were.” Is that why today’s kids go and shoot out their schools, unlike the prior generations?”

        Today’s society is a sick one and do not in your outhouse ignorance blame it on today’s children. Family life because of the Super Corrupt Rich destroying it by sending high paying jobs overseas has forced women into the workforce which has destroyed family life and the raising of children.

        “Your father did almost shit his pants when he saw you with a toy pistol, huh? That explains a lot about yourself.””

        No I will explain it to you on the 5th grade level so you can understand it. My father never lost a child to a loaded gun laying around the house. He had every right to panic when he thought I had somehow found a real one out on the street and brought it home. All guns were locked up in our home. We were not a bunch of ignorant hillbillies that hoped nothing tragic would happen rather we had the means to prevent it and used that means. Its called having some grey matter between your ears obviously an unknown concept to you.

        • My kids (now 10 and 12 y. o.) had experience with real guns from young age, they have seen what they are capable of and they know how to handle them. The NRA’s Eddie Eagle showed them even before that, what to do if they found a gun.

          My guns are locked up. Not for fear of punishment for breaking some stupid mandatory storage law, just to keep them out of sight of visitors.

          My kids also know, that if they want to handle a firearm, either their own 20ga shotguns or any of my guns, all they need to do is ask. They don’t ask much anymore, maybe they suspect it will be an opportunity for them to clean the gun in question. See, they are not complete morons.

          So, if I walk into a room where my son is playing with a real looking pistol, I would check if he has his eye protection on, remind him about mom’s policy on BBs on the floor and leave him to his game.

          Now Vlad, your old man probably knew how irresponsible, dumb or maybe even evil minded and dangerous you were at that young age already. He got scared that not only you have escaped from your upholstered cage, but you’ve even got a gun! I can’t blame him for losing control of his sphincter.
          Only for raising a dirty leftist.

        • Quote: “outhouse ignorance” What’s that? End quote

          He conflates people who had outhouses with being ignorant hillbillies.

          That is an illustration of the attitude of “woke” people toward flyover country,….everyone is an ignorant hillbilly who needs to be educated on their imaginary utopia.

      • my old man always had a pistol back when few others did ..[union organizer]…when I was old enough he let me shoot it…turns out I was fair hand…just kept it in the nightstand…still have that gun today

    • Well if children today are not the dumbasses that prior generations were, they should be able to learn the difference in how to handle a toy and a real firearm. My father thought me to handle a BB gun as if it was a true firearm and I never confused that with a pop gun, even being the dumbass that I am, and my kids learned the difference also.

    • Hate to break it to you but human nature has not changed a bit in a long, long time. The kids are no more clever than they ever were. All of our drives and instincts and inhibitions remain unchanged from the vast period of time that we spent putting spears into beasts. Toys are not the problem. Culture is.
      Most of us are social creatures who get along for mutual benefit. Others are miscreant assholes who would have been exiled. With exile no longer a viable option, cages or death will have to suffice.

      • guns were always around…we knew not to touch them without permission…neighbor kid and I used to play with his dad’s jap rifle…don’t think he even had ammo for it…long heavy thing with that flower on the receiver…

    • “a prime reason to have Draconian mandatory…”

      A prime example of cut and paste out of a search engine.

      • With the repetitive use of a number of phrases I just keep thinking that the Vlad-machine has a textual library that is regularly assembled into posts and occasionally appended.

    • How in the world do get from your house to anywhere. Even the sidewalks have been known to kill. I bet even breathing causes you to have appolexy. Hope you don’t have any children, but if you do, please give them my sincere condolences.

    • “I know many gun owners that have forbidden their kids to have toy guns…”

      We are those parents, no toy guns allowed; guns are not toys. Our kids were only allowed to handle and practice with actual firearms. BB or pellet airguns were also fine as they were effective and had actual consequences if misused.

    • “Conservatives are noted for living in the past and fantasizing it still exists.”

      Leftist scum do the same damn thing when talking about the Roosevelt and Kennedy administration.

      “This is the 21st Century not the 20th or the 19th. The world has changed much since then and all for the worst.”

      All of it, huh? What a joke! 😉

      Thanks to advances in medicine, particularly trauma medicine, your chance of surviving a major vehicle crash is magnitudes better than it was 50 years ago, thanks to helicopter transport to the hospital.

      Thanks to seat belts, safety glass windows, crumple zones, and a whole lot of other developments, most vehicle crashes are now survivable.

      AIDS used to be a death sentence, now it is treatable and you can expect to survive into old age.

      Need more examples? I’ve got *tons*.

      “The world has changed much since then and all for the worst.”

      What a fucking joke, just like you are, son… *snicker* 😉

  12. Every time I think the lefties can get no dumber, they manage to turn it up a notch. These clowns think a child of seven is perfectly capable of deciding they want to be a different sex, but are completely incapable of understanding that a toy gun is nothing more than a toy and confusing it with the real thing. I am unsure if the left is plain evil, or just abmismally stupid; likely some of each, I suppose.

  13. I can’t think of any better way to mint new gun rights advocates than to go around snatching toy guns out of the hands of children. I know that’s exactly how I ended up a gun owner.

    • Long ago, back in the early ’80s as I was hefting a BB rifle through my neighborhood toward the outskirts to shoot targets and small game in the hills, an adult I didn’t know (perhaps a local parent) stopped me and told me I’m not allowed to have a gun. I explained it was only a BB gun, and she let me pass.

      But my interest was piqued, and the rest was history…

  14. When I had my 10th birthday party. I was given almost every toy gun Mattel made back then. From a Dick Tracy shooting shell 38spc. To a fully auto greeny stickum cap M4. It was a great time to be a kid.
    Cant leave out my Roy Rogers SA 45s.

  15. The goal is not only to take our guns from us now, but to ban ownership and one way they hope to support and ingrain this new way of life is to eradicate what they call the “gun culture” of America. They want to forever change something that many rural people and people we define as ranchers, cowboys, rednecks or country folk have taken for normal and is part of their everyday lives.

    They want to create fear of firearms and potential violence in order to have their followers (their bitches, sheep, puppets if you prefer) push their agendas and support their laws, no matter how unconstitutional they may be. They’ve been brainwashed and sold a pile of crap. They are being promised a non-violent utopia of free aide, a free education and free medical care. Never mind that it will all be substandard or paid by increased taxes. They’re don’t see oppression and a lower class of living because they believe that Shangri La is coming and not the liberal dictatorship and eradication of the Constitution.

    When the next war comes our way, we won’t have any people like Carlos Hathcock who had natural shooting ability from hunting as a child. Soldiers will pee their pants at the idea of using a knife or a pistol because the liberals power is writing laws and all Americans will know is to bend over and give their asses to the elitist. Maybe when criminals have all the weapons they can talk them into fighting the next war.

  16. I read thru the posts on this site and it brought back many memories. also cannot understand the controversy over owning a few guns. I was raised with guns in the house, locked up and off bounds until I began to exhibit gun safety to my fathers approval. I had two kids and have 7 grand kids of which I have taken the time to teach good gun safety habits, the eldest is 23 and the youngest is 17. My guns are still locked in the gun safe with the exception of my CC which is with me daily….exceptions are in schools and police stations. I am also a retired veteran from the Vietnam era with a strong 2nd amendment belief. In the military we were taught ” there is peace in power thru strength” I firmly believe this. If you look at other countries carefully you will see where their strength lies. Look closely at the Central American countries, where is the control? I dare say it is not in the hands of the governments but instead the “drug cartels”…..I got off base, apologies……..Kids and guns, they can be a good mix if the adults take strong control. Buy them the toys, allow them to be kids, and teach them daily. My generation got drivers licenses at 16 years old and rode around with rifles in the back windows, often loaded, no shootem up parties………we were taught better! The shootem ups are a by-product of what our current society has allowed. We started the whole thing by not teaching the value of life, respect for others and encouraging a belief in God……..that’s all I have to say about that……….

  17. I had a set of Hopalong Cassidy two gun cap shooters. This gonna make some leftovers faint if they read it. From the ages of ten to about 15, the neighbors kids and I, we all had bb gun fights. Girls and all, no, shooting above the waist, no eye protection, nobody lost an eye or went on to be a criminal. Btw, we all had .22’s and various gauge shotguns owned, cleaned and cared for by us juveniles. We had no problems knowing what to horse around with and what to be damned careful with, oh, and we were never tied on a leash, and could cross the street by ourselves. Dad used to holler at me “Watch the damned cars, them lights ain’t gonna kill you, less the winds blowing real hard. “

  18. Those were the days… when America was America & not a wannabe third world country like it seems to be heading…

  19. 45 + year aggressive collector.

    My sister hates guns. She NEVER allowed her children come to my house. Not ever. They had never been to our house until they were adults.

    All four of my children are university honor grads, married and / or self sufficient, no criminal records. Hers……..not so much.

    I remember them as toddlers in High chairs in the kitchen biting their pbj’s into pistols…….

  20. The left has complete control of the education system from bottom to top and they turn out well indoctrinated little socialists. They are uneducated even though they have been “schooled” for many years.

    I have a young (18) relative who told me she was terrified every day when she went to school that she would be killed there. The brain washing has worked. Parents are POG who have multiple guns and regularly shoot and the girl has also.

    Demographics are against us, the communists are winning.

    Be Prepared !

  21. I didn’t know there was a toy like this – thank you for the publicity.

    Now I am adding this for kids and nephews to my shopping list.

    You are probably one of those a-holes who would not allow kids play cowboys and indians anymore, right ?

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